Mayflower Bookshop

Mayflower Bookshop


Mayflower Bookshop is a magical mystical learning experience centre. It is like the bookshop for the invisible university and the esoteric college. It is a philosophical and ‘occult’ (meaning esoteric and spiritual) supply shop for...
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Music at its best is an echo and spark of what in our deepest heart we know as a love, a home, a friend we’ve known forever that we just met. Good music glimpses something...
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Readings and Donations

Supporting the MayFlower Bookshop can also be done through purchasing spiritual readings or donations. Donating to the MayFlower can be done through PayPal Robert Thibodeau is an Interpretive and Predictive Astrologer and Student of all metaphysical...
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Welcome to the Mayflower Bookshop.

We have all the books to help you have more fun, be smarter, understand spirituality, the sense of Self, religion, philosophy, and science.