Mayflower Bookshop


Mayflower Bookshop is a magical mystical learning experience centre. It is like the bookshop for the invisible university and the esoteric college. It is a philosophical and ‘occult’ (meaning esoteric and spiritual) supply shop for those wishing to grow and learn higher ethical virtue mind training, and secrets of the Soul.

Mayflower Bookshop is a one-of-a-kind bookshop specializing in new, used, rare and out of print books on every magical spiritual subject. Along with metaphysical books, there are religious/pagan artifacts of every philosophy and esoteric science.

A visit to Mayflower Bookshop is a spiritual experience in itself. A great collection of crystals, tarot cards, art objects, statuary, jewelry, gemstone pendants and rings, and anything we can find to awaken higher vibrations, intelligence, beauty, and higher consciousness.

Astrology Readings, Psychic Intuitive Predictive, available, (as well as Tarot). By appointment only.

Contact Robert of Mayflower
(248) 547-8227

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