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Music at its best is an echo and spark of what in our deepest heart we know as a love, a home, a friend we’ve known forever that we just met.

Good music glimpses something more eternal in passing moments, an alchemical kiss of everything possible in openness sky sweet nothing, our listening intention rooted to rise with Persephone and fall with Byron, fly with hermes, and call with Artemis everything in nature alive; and it’s all alive, peopled with consciousness, Orpheus’s strum and Pan’s Krishna flute.

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The star’s melody, the heart’s harmony, the season’s rhythm section, what more do I need but a good friend, new morning, and an acoustic guitar.

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Rocking Chair

It’s always something!

Make the Enemy yr Friend

“Music is the expression of the will of nature while all other arts are expressions of the idea of nature.”

— Rudolf Steiner

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