The return of the Sunshine of the Heart (Jupiter/Uranus)
The return of the Sunshine of the Heart (Jupiter/Uranus)

The return of the Sunshine of the Heart (Jupiter/Uranus)

As stated in my book ‘Astrological Aspects, the Art’ and in ‘Hermetic Rosicrucian Grail Tarot’, there is a higher and lower octave to planetary geometry (aspects).

Here are my thoughts on the return of the Sunshine of the Heart (Jupiter/Uranus), the wisdom and compassion of the free thinker and spiritual hero.

Uranus is the higher octave of mercury (genius (the Comet coming at same time as Jupiter/Uranus is returning thank God!), along with a sense of common sense for social (Jupiter) good, true, beautiful in individual and collective endeavor. Perhaps also coming events are karmic necessity, perhaps it’s really engaging dharma, and a new timing for the ‘Aquarian Age’, a collective necessity at this time methinks.

Now comes a truly heart felt sense and need for higher virtue to renew our social cultural identity, planetary conscience, and holy spirit healing force (great Mother Neptune coming to talk with Mr Saturn in the Saturn/Neptune conjunction). We need a new language for real love and peace on this planet!

We need a renewed heart. The urge to freedom is resonating and initiating new grooves in the brain and heart, spirit soul is renewing us in this great task of peace making. Everyone is becoming clairvoyant but we need a common sense vision and feeling for it all. There is out of freedom, a higher or lower octave to planetary aspects. Let’s invoke the higher octaves, the higher virtues (Angels) to guide us.

Lets birth a higher and deeper truth and love, a higher and deeper intelligence and wisdom compassion to radiate from each of us. Let us together once again learn to sing for world peace, family, friends, gardens, clean air and water, the necessities of life. And, If we collectively or tyrannically decide to destroy this beautiful world, let us go with an enlightened mind and compassionate heart for all.

More talks are coming and i will address Rudolf Steiner’s Return of the Christ in the Etheric more, as well as my take on the return of the Great Mother, and the goddess ‘Wisdom Sophia’.

Too much to tell, so listen in.

Yours in a heart of golden rose blessings,

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