Spring Summer and more 2024
Spring Summer and more 2024

Spring Summer and more 2024

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Astrology for Spring Summer ~~~

May 30-31st Mercury conjunct Uranusbrings surprising shocks to light. For some a quickening forward motion, for others a setback and sudden change of plans. Reversals and sudden reassessment of situation at hand. Volatile markets and situations. Avoid risk, look for ever new insights to adjust future course of action. Surprises that jolt the mind.

June 2nd but influencing weeks before and after, Jupiter trine Pluto. June 4thMercury trine pluto and Sun conj Venus and Mercury conjunct Jupiter ~ Its a particularly good time to make amends, make friends, connect to higher octave higher octane connections for what you consider success. If there’s going to be a good time of year with positive aspects for peace, good will, joy, fun and friendship, family, luck and money, new growth and emergence……this is it. At minimum, pray and meditate, work on yourself, clean up and heal mend, plant seeds for a most positive future. Be kind not king, be quick to help not queen, be positive not prince or princess pamper. Be your Higher Buddha Christos Hermes Sophia ecstatic whole Self! Be patiently daring.

June 8th Venus square Saturn. Be compassionate, kind, patient with both enemy and with those you love. Be even more patient with those who give you hard time! Good time to make amends, catch up, clean up, kiss up, make up but not too much ‘make up cosmetics’, simplicity goes far here. Appreciate your unique life long learning healing and don’t feel rejected by outer circumstances. Work on inner self if outer doors closed. Think long term.With.  Sun square Saturn on June 9th its tough time for many stuck in rut or weighed down by too much struggle. Weird weather, extreme hot or cooling in parts. Eat more greens and juices to relax over hardening of Saturn. Greens good to tone down anger or impotent judgement of others. Work on self to change world.

“Do good and avoid evil.”

~Jesus the Mystic

June 11th Mars square Pluto is a tough tough aspect where one can lose their patience and control, taking things way to seriously and personally. Great compassion and love for self and other is needed. Give the freedom and love you want! Its a ‘bad aspect’ for misuse of guns, machines, anger, hate. Danger of taking things too personally and over reacting. Violence and danger aspect. wrong use of medications, drink, drugs, can cause serious harm. Need to eat less aggressive foods, No sugar and junk food aggravating frustration and anxiety. Good time for out door exercise and eating more vegetables, greens, grains, healthy foods. Mars Pluto aspects lack respect for others freedom and happiness, often depicting manipulative, oft unconscious, need to control. Here is a need to redirect energies and passion to the good true beautiful artistic. Journal. Good aspect for compassion and wisdom, jungian or spiritual psychology, research, healing, and transforming negative into positive, but if not careful this is tough aspect and very negative. Avoid unnecessary debate or contrariness. June 12th Mercury square Saturn delivers more bad news, or is it patient listening and learning? Cleaning and catching up to tomorrow coming at you?

June 14 Sun/Mercury brings some mental clearness, clarity, healthy conversation and sharing. Be awake to the news and subtle shifts, be smart, but breathe deep to the heart for listening wisdom.

June 16 Venus square Neptune is mystical dreamy soul connection and higher love. For some its a feeling somebody disappeared or is missing in action. escapism and strong imagination, Idealistic with feelings. Love goes big but be practical.

June 17 Mercury conjunct Venus, good healthy communications, plans, with loved ones. Mind and heart meet up in good way.

June 20th Summer Solstice, Sun square Moon. On 21st next day Full Moon in Capricorn, Everything is intensified. Karmic actions positive and negative multiply 3X in effect. So do good. Sun in Cancer Sign with mercury sextile mars adds to the quickening of events. For some its major escape days before, during, or after solstice time. Sun/Neptune wants to believe something is true even if not. Again, Neptune weirdly associated with the mystical, the spiritual, the weird other worldly Virgin Mary and UFO sightings, mysteries of space and ocean, mysteries of far past and future, can drift one away, put one in more of a dream than reality. Can be good for art, love, hugs, mystical experience. Can be anthroposophically ‘luciferic’ or highly imaginative feelings and haunts of past future, even ghosts. Try burning sage and avoiding sweets if dizzy. Avoid misuse of drugs and medications, especially all through June 8th through 24th. Some in escape mode or ill defined emotions feelings, while others hard hitting for materialistic advantage ~what’s new!? Good time to celebrate the Spirit in nature and each other, the higher love possible. To the pure , all is pure, and at higher levels, we are always friends and working toward peaceful joyful ends. Know yourself one with all, all one with your deeps.

   Full Moon Solstice June 20-21st is intense and can be very playfully idealistic and nourishing. Sun square Neptune then can vampirize or drain or make pretend, or go insane. Creative madness can be artistically good, but avoid cosmetic burial, fake feelings, and superficial mind chatter flap doodle numbskulls. Positively Neptune is the Great Mother energy of nourishing traditions and healing transforming. An attempt to heal the wasteland of this world into garden and farmland, into a family garden of friends. Consciously choose love and truth, wisdom and compassion, live it, be it, know it, share it. Dare to love deeply, true honestly.

June 26th mercury trine saturn brings practical bottom line and good work into play. Or is it play becoming work? Be practical and good at matters, but remember to smile from the heart and have lighter wisdom insight to share.

July 3rd Mercury oppose Pluto brings heavy bottom lines, ultimatums, drawing line in sand, and important decision making. Avoid unneeded mean debate and argumentative foreplay into july 4th which has moon in cancer (selfish or hiding desires). Need to lay back with good food, friends, family, good vibes environment.  Avoid tiring repeat arguments and bad going nowhere politics. Have a bottom line but keep your higher self on that star lights us all to better futures. It seems after all the talk and debate these last years, no one, NO ONE!, has changed their mind. Whew! Try changing your diet to healthier, see what happens!?

July 5th New Moon 14 degrees Cancer, new impulses for better home and garden, family and fiends. Moon conjunct venus on 6th. Who you love matters, so be sweet. Give more than you take to rebalance your world for good.

July 10th-11th Sun trine Saturn and Venus trine Neptune bring practical bottom line to both security and ideals, dreams. The present has a practical common sense view of the future and how to facilitate or fit into a better way. Good for settling up and making better plans future come. Don’t do it if it weighs you down too much. Look for the uplifting to invest your time and money in.

July 12 Venus oppose Pluto. Know what to cut out so to make space space for better to come. What’s good for one’s self may be at odds with what’s good for the whole planet, one’s whole life or many lives. Personal fret over big picture and how one’s ‘little self’ fits in. Avoid feeling rejected by not rejecting your Higher Self, your Christos Hermes Buddha big love eternal self. Negative emotions create more negativity. Have much compassion for striving and struggle so many feel, you are not alone. Every thing is possible, nothing is permitted. Love anyway, try anyway, rest in a deep heart connection weaves through all life. When love works, this is interestingly good aspect if not too kinky. Its an aspect where love goes off in wrong direction.