Friends of Mayflower Bookshop, Happy New Year, Holy Sacred Times to You!
Friends of Mayflower Bookshop, Happy New Year, Holy Sacred Times to You!

Friends of Mayflower Bookshop, Happy New Year, Holy Sacred Times to You!

Mayflower Bookshop has lots of new books, as well as old rare ones on every spiritual and metaphysical subject.

There is a new reproduction of First Edition made in Italy with think good paper and best pictures/color ever, of Manly Hall’s ‘Secret Teachings of All Ages’ going for $500. It comes with extra framable art work and a whole other hardcover book of information and pictures Manly Hall wanted in the first edition but it didn’t get in. That book alone is very valuable! And there’s lots more great new items!

Many items on sale! 10% off our great incense for instance.

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My book ‘Hermetic Rosicrucian Grail Tarot’ is still available either at mayflower bookshop or find it on Amazon. (‘Astrological Aspects, the Art’ too!).

January 29th, Monday, at 7 pm, at Mayflower bookshop, I’m giving a talk on ‘Astrology for the Future’ , Love, Lucky times, money/politics/spiritual and practical predictions for the signs, and the Good and Rough aspects 2024 to 2027. This talk is limited to 12 or 14 people in person attending and will cost $25 to &100 depending on what you can afford. Purchase now to save your seat!

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Thanks for tuning in, bless our hearts and minds that each of us is gift of virtue and joy to this crazy wild world, robert thibodeau  

Astrology news below!

AstroNews , from robert of

Mercury is now going direct! (As of january 1st). Now and for the next few weeks many of us are trying to figure out- ‘What the heck just happened these last months!?! Years!?

As Jupiter and Mercury went direct, a big quake in Japan! Crazy quirky news, latest dirt, and world chaos! Jesus keeps postponing his return and Buddha’s hiding on Mars!?! Is it time to deepen our meditation, or play chess, maybe ‘Go’?! It may be time to stop reading and just ‘do’ things, laundry and cleaning, better diet and exercise, yoga and walks!  Time to take a deep breath and let go of tensions, time to take a deep breath and ponder our future! When Jupiter joins Uranus in April, big quick changes either forced on us or joyfully received. Go for Joy! Big break throughs then for all of us. See below…

New moon time Jan.11-12 has good vibe Mars trine Jupiter intoning that whole weekend with a positive note of joyful actions and running around. Good time to exercise and play, celebrate, share, socialize, mingle, express yourself or take a break~ fun with friends. For some its a forward thrust for success, vocation, calling, new growth, expansion, connection. For others its beautifying the house or work place.

    Next crazy astrological time looks to be January 19-20th when sun enters, and  Pluto re-enters, Aquarius. Here inner and outer wishes, individual and collective desires and directions may face a sea change and shift of direction. Personal needs need work with collective needs, and few feel their needs are being met. Suffering is all too prevalent and a bigger view that holds us all is needed. Karma and Reincarnation as presented by HPB and Rudolf Steiner, the yogis and saints, can really help the inner view. Outwardly the action of compassion is called for!
   Selfless ideals clash with selfish wheeling and dealing. Ecological and collective concerns concern many. Time to imagine a three year plan while directly dealing with immediate here now concerns. Good time to selflessly consider all that one loves, loves to do, and wishes to gift, help, heal, fix, or move on from with compassion and determination for the good, true, beautiful.

This is a difficult time when it comes to interacting with selfish egotism or forces that lack wisdom humanity and sense of family, friendship, clarity. Take care that emotions don’t override common sense and moral ethical individualism, as well as future collective considerations and needs. During this time, power struggles, weird weather, births and deaths of ideas/concerns, sense and need for renewal, dead ends and new beginnings at hand. Here is time divine for higher insights as well as moody mystic melancholy and deep conversation with one’s Higher Self, or God, one’s deepest highest Holy Guardian Angel (Virtue) for good. ArchAngels here are at work but more on that at my talk.

Avoid depressing or negative situations unless you are the alchemist there to transform the situation. Be kind, not king; everyone suffers the world wound and labor of new, renewed, birth. Soul weaving is at hand, but ahrimanic materialism and separating energetics warp the time and place. Meditation in stillness and deep right motivation is called for with compassion wisdom action at right time.

Make space within and without for the new, the future, for the pure you, to arrive. (April is foreseen around full moon this January on). Emptiness practice and moving as well as stillness meditation good. See my youtube talks on meditation over self medicating. Ha! Be still and know that ‘I AM’, virtue great in the becoming. Breathe and know!

Full Moon time around Jan.25 has good aspects for fun play, social life, friends and family, love and luck, accomplishment, and just singing and shining with a sunshine heart to further self and happiness of others, world around. Good Aspects, maybe best of month this Jan.25 to Jan.29th! (but avoid over eating or indulging, over talking then! Let actions speak as well as heart thoughts).

2024 is a pivotal year rolling into 2026-27 wherein a new world is being born. Uranus/Neptune/Pluto is the AUM, the Lost Word of the spiritual rosy cross, its Light/Love/Life. Negatively its intellect without heart/compassion/wisdom, its erotics without higher Love, its Plutocrats and authoritative tyranny, economic servitude and stress, greed, selfish egotism and lack of what needed for the good of all, the truth and beauty of all nature and inner self freedom, learning. (Have you recently see any talks by Marianne Williamson run for President on democratic ticket?!! Check out her New Economic Plan, google her and be amazed).

A new freedom of art, culture, spirituality is called for. An Equality in heart is in the process of being found. A sense of one planet , one family, all is friend economics is called for. A new education of love and respect for all life as a ‘God given Right’ is called for. Lets together learn to reimagine peace and higher love for all, for our true Self and the world round us! This is a process of letting go sometimes, a process of composting the past in the garden of the Soul, a transformation of mind/heart/soul in light of the gestalt and Spirit of the times. A new world conception include us all is arising from within the hearts and mind of collective humanity starting strongly this April into 2026-27!.

Jupiter will conjunct Uranus in April sparking many positive uplifting happenings. This aspect is bringing for many, very quick change for the positive with may scientific and spiritual breakthroughs for world peace and fair economy This beautiful crazy wisdom aspect occurs once every 12 years and will trigger a thousand and one changes in the world all at once. Check out your chart for planets and significant points around 18-14 Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius. Bring your chart to my talk April 29th.

Jupiter trine Pluto in June is a boon to many and it will help many find a job and work they love. Will education return to being free? Will be good for making peace not war. Too much to say here, Come to my Talk.

For new thinks and things to come into our life, we need to make and create inner and outer space. Good time this month to make space and process our ‘stuff’ !

Perhaps this poetic will help you merit insight for the times we in!

Many things I sought, I could not find.
Many things I found, I could not bind.
Many things I bound, I could not free;
and, many things I freed, return to me!

Be blessed friends, and bless in return.

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