AstroNews July/Aug 2022
AstroNews July/Aug 2022

AstroNews July/Aug 2022

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July/Aug 2022
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My new book ‘Hermetic Rosicrucian Grail Tarot’ is out. It’s all about the tree of life, the descent, and re-ascent of the soul. The awakening to higher consciousness using the major arcana of the Tarot as a guide up and down the ladder of lights, kabala. NeoPlatonism, theosophy, Rudolf Steiner, Tibetan Buddhism, and magical thinking all part of the play. Heart and Mind come together here to open new doors of insight and spiritual experience here! Many spiritual wisdom insights revealing the secrets of every religion and spiritual practice.

The book is available on Amazon, but you can order it from my while supply lasts for $28 to $70 dollars, your choice! (includes postage)! Many places selling it for $99! Connect to my PayPal Here, or go direct using [email protected] to pay.

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Mayflower Bookshop is open Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday 1 pm to 6 pm or by appointment. Mayflower has acquired lots of new and used, rare, books on every metaphysical subject. We specialize in Steiner, Anthroposophy, Tibetan buddhism, Theosophy, H.P. Blavatsky, Manly Hall, Paganism, Esoteric Christianity, India, Poetry, Psychology, kabala, crystals and incense, Tarot, Gemstones and metaphysical artifacts and art, prayer flags, sage, native american, the Psychic and Spiritual, Metaphysical, Hermetics, Self Healing, Macrobiotics, Shiatsu, Women’s Studies, Men’s work, Positive thinking, alternative energies, Chakras and more.

Full astrological readings are available in person or by phone ($150). See my website for more info if you need it. Call or write for appointment (248) 547-8227 or email at [email protected]

As for what’s going on in the stars, what does astrology say is going on, its this~ 

*July 18-19th Mercury oppose pluto extremes in weather, politics, emotions, drama, markets, threats. Good for cleaning, weeding out what blocks one from progress, renewing and research.

*New Moon July 28th mercury square uranus may cue us in to what needs immediate response. Shocking good and bad news. New insights support better futures for some.

*July 30-31st Mercury oppose Saturn troubling can be wise and thoughtful, patient and kind. But, can be bad news,

into August 1st intense Mars conjunct Uranus notorious for explosive situations, emotions, guns, and violent drama; delays, blocks, inhibitions. Positive side is discipline and avoiding going to extremes; yoga, meditation, right diet and exercise; appreciation for what life offers and is teaching us. Hero energetics but dangerous time to take risks, gamble, move to fast and hasty, accidents. Patience and fearlessness with higher love compassion for all needed here.

*Aug. 14 Sun opp Saturn and Mars trine Pluto reveals how well we did in last month; whether some of the troubles alleviated or not. How we inwardly and outwardly live our life is our vote for the future. Life grades us, grinds us down, but also smooths the stone into a gem. Living life in time merits wisdom to all. Now a time of using wisdom as to what to say ‘no’ to, what to say ‘yes’ to, and what to prove by our very actions. Long term goals for some, now within view, possibility, reality.

*New Moon August 27 Sun/Moon squares Mars, Venus square Uranus trips us into more issues of anger, force, control vs out of control, emotional issues. Take care to breathe and not overreact, love in the moment but as if forever. Good for bravado and courage for truth and living one’s life authentically. Avoid anger or too hasty moves backfiring. Good aspect for creative freedom and expression if not attached to results, free and footloose but creative. A sudden stepping up of the creative urge for higher consciousness and connection.

Many folks on this planet still recovering from the last Jupiter/Saturn conjunct in Aquarius laying or not of sure foundations in work and play, home and friend. Still recovering from last Saturn/Pluto conjunctions and the need to pay off old karma before its wrecks one’s future. Still recovering from false illusions and delusions of last Jupiter/Neptune conjunction. Are you still chasing your dream and rainbow just out of reach? Or is the dream manifesting and becoming realized? By late Aug, October, and January especially……you’ll know if sure ground. Patience and daring, truth and higher love, study and meditation, throwing yourself into the work for fun. Live the life to truly know the doctrines and teachings.

And yes, reading HPB’s Isis Unveiled may for sure help!

Will Bitcoin have another big up bubble (to later melt away for good later in year into next) but now going up as Jupiter goes retrograde at 8 Aries back into Pisces to go forward November 23rd at 28 Pisces? Could be crazy reversals as we go into August. Oil decline for a bit as we transition away from fossil fuels? Will the world take a breath as Jupiter retrogrades into Pisces late July into October? Can we re-imagine peace and happiness for a good spell?! 

We may actually be waiting till 2024 when Jupiter conjuncts Uranus in earth sign Taurus, and Uranus draws closer to trine with Pluto to really find more World Harmony and Peace. Also that year pluto enters Aquarius! Economy do better as we near November elections? More later on this weirdly controlled out of control economy. 

Lots more on Astrology to share. I hope to publish little big talk on my youtube channel soon. 

A new old Comet just passed earth reminding our super conscious mind of original intentions and spiritual heart will, re-igniting ancient wisdom and universal love in those heart soul minds ready for it. Lots of new experience to be had as well as wisdom arising from the past. K2 Comet is heading for its trip around the Sun Dec. 19th new solstice time. Its believed to be the oldest comet, the oldest thing ever, in our solar system. Panstarrs 2017 Comet K2 its called. Its affecting Scorpio and other fixed signs the most at the moment but will mostly give an ‘in with the new, out with the old’ to your planets in Gemini/Sagittarius and Virgo/Pisces. Comets bring lots of endings and new beginnings, cleansing and purifying, new insights and breakthroughs, inventions, furthering. Social Cultural shift for sure as we head to 2024 for real lasting happenings that enrich the inner self to greater creative participation with the whole of life.

 All our suffering is the labor pain of a higher birth to come. Our souls, until totally enlightened and the whole world is at peace, will forever be learning, relearning, growing and rooting deeper. Peace and love, check out my new book,

Happy creative Summer,

Robert of mayflower

Here is new song called ‘Love On’

“Intellect without a heart is an old dusty book never truly opened. Heart without intelligence is a power drive without a map. Mindful awareness of breath weaving heard and heart into right action without attachment to result is dharma freeing karma. If you still don’t know what to do, be still and listen with your heart and in-breath to the coming forth by inner light.” -robert of mayflower 

and another- ‘Bring your Love with you tonight’

Check out my youtube channel for dozens of talks on spirituality, metaphysics, Steiner, Theosophy, and saving the world with a 3 minute a day meditation!!!

ps. i am still thinking of opening a new OM CAFE veggie food, music, higher consciousness mayflower center. 

Let me know if you want to be part of it. 

(re-connect if expressed past interest).

thanks for tuning in, happy days to you, Robert