AstroNews from robert of mayflower
AstroNews from robert of mayflower

AstroNews from robert of mayflower

Spiritual views, music and more! April on…2021.

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April 9th Mars square Neptune. This is a major weird aspect. On one hand one can reach and kiss the stars, magic can happen; on the other hand weird wrong turns, accidents, fears, ecology pollution/problems, guns going off stupid, bluffs lies and false dreams waste some away. Courage for real friendships and love can’t fail as golden friendship emerge. Mysterious partings and comings together almost make one believe in God, Karma, Destiny, genius, or on the other hand foolish devils of ignorance and delusion. This may be worst aspect of the month for lies and wrong turns wasting life, or does one rise with the angels to higher love and truth, gardening and mystical experience of oneness with God, Nature, the universal mind, art and healthy food and fun!?!

     Major aspect for toxins in body and earth and mind, avoid risk taking, gambling, blind belief, or getting too high or drunk. This aspect notorious for over dosing, wrong prescripts, weird reactions to things, substances, others. Don’t let your imagination run off without you. For some this is crazy good music or art time, love and adventure. For others, its getting lost and losing boundaries. For some, affairs of the mind and heart reveal higher truth and love, creative happenings, divine arts of the mystery schools are revealed in spirit and soul holding all futures here now. Neptune Mars can be fires, floods, crashes, weird deaths or endings new beginnings. Positively its creative ‘active imagination’ in Jungian sense. Hard to know what’s real with this aspect, what’s true or not. One needs imagination and inspiration, intuition in Rudolf Steiner meaning of it , here now.

Others may reject you, but never reject your own possibility of learning, growing, awakening, divining ultimate truth and love.

April 11 Venus square Pluto on New Moon 22 degrees Aries. A sense and need for a love heals the world! Deeply moving times. Interesting endings and new beginnings. Be happy for others if you wish them to ever be happy for you. Many interesting endings and new beginnings. A sense of plutocracy and insider controls, or a sense of renewal and new times before us. Good time to renew our sense of self and let go and let god.

   Time to cut out the ‘dumb stuff’, rid oneself of the chaotic animal people peeing on your party and parade. Time to quit being caught in psychodrama and petty life styles stuck in limitation, rejections, denials, estrangement, separatist values. Attachment to perishables brings fear, love and a touch of the eternal virtues banishes fear and brings luck and good destiny. Fearful of unknowns (the misunderstood self, lacking nature of mind and virtue) brings downfall. Love everyone, even if you don’t like em or need to part ways. Love anyway.

   Love all the earth, dispel illusion of separateness. Learn to see the love and truth screaming in everyone to come out. Let others take turn shining in the light. Envision many lives rolled into one heart mind stream. 

    For some this next few weeks is opportunity to learn to sing and love in new ways healing self and world round. For yet others; rejection brings quietude and reflection, conscience and hopefully, new wisdoms insights and future goings. This aspect carries into April 16th Sun square Pluto. Avoid jealousy and negative emotions, attachment. Love others for who they are. Love yourself enough to keep learning, not burning. This aspect can separate one from others, or more strongly unite one with others. Love and hate make us immortal, choose love!

Let go and let God is a good one, but so is ‘God helps those who help themselves”!

April 16th Sun square Pluto. New light on old problems? Good time to go on spiritual retreat? Awakening the heart of infinite compassion? Need to help mother nature help us? Partings of sweet sorrow? Need to dig in deeper or pull out? Pulling out old foundations or thinking and laying new foundations, inner realizations, to formulate better tomorrow’s today! Letting go and letting God? Some come to Completion, others just come good. Some feel bad and let down, others grow by learning from mistakes. Love anyway, you don’t have to like. Condemnation or forgiveness? Inevitable endings and/or new beginnings. Intensified unions or communions, or is it need again to be alone. Coming to power or losing power is the theme here. Loving anyway, every way, not losing self but gaining deep research and prospective. Making serious plans, but avoid attachment, jealous craziness.

Seeing is the first step, action the second. The third step is listening again to see.

April 22 Venus conjunct Uranus. Creative opportunity inner and outer to flower!? Sudden realizations that free, sudden realizations that make angels fall and rise again from the heart. Here genius joins heart and mind to create new circumstances and opportunities. Fast as it comes, fast as it goes; so take it easy and slow, enjoy.Sudden intensification of the love urge and/or creativity propels events. With Moon in Virgo avoid over criticalness which may make lucky times backfire. Good for body work and cleaning, rearranging and redreaming, rebooting, re-energizing.

Knowledge without love is crazy.

April 24 Mercury conjunct Uranus. Time to read the 7 best books at mayflower and get over yourself to find and save the world you know, maybe don’t know! Opportunities to free the mind obscured by attachment, projection, desire, fear, and lack of truth holds all of us. Sudden creative insights and thoughts, opportunities and connections.

    Love without knowledge, wisdom, is blind.

April 25th Venus square Saturn. Good for meditation, yoga, Steiner, HPB, NeoPlatonism, Manly Hall, tibetan buddhism all in one day. Here is an opportunity to grow with hard earned insights quietly attained with patient persistent perseverance. Here is an opportunity to realize how love lasts but forms change. Over awareness of problems weigh one down. A psychosis won’t let you go. Choose more eternal universal love honoring all life, not just immediate security and limited ego. Often this aspect makes one feel not loved or appreciated. Yet one can come to know a love or friendship that lasts through life times, and is good for all, not exclusive.

April 30th Sun conjunct Uranus. Time to break free to a higher knowledge heals us all whether they with us or not. A sense of trying something new. If one still enough, greater truth’s will come. Opportunity to be the free person you dream. Try not to rock the boat or over ride others freedom of learning. If such aspect connected to other aspects in your chart, big shocking or quick changes may occur. Sudden meetings or partings. Sudden shift in directions due to new insights, ideas, opportunities. Risky aspect if gambling but for some happy go luck attitude.Sudden growth, change, reform, or sudden setback or accident depending on individual potential and merit. Weird extremes in nature force, weather, storm. 

May 2 Mercury trine Pluto.  Sweet higher knowledge breathes into the heart of it all today. Steady sure as it goes may be perfect here in a give and take bringing harmony of mutual insight. Good aspect for practical thinking and attention to details, making grounded decisions.

May 3 Sun square Saturn. Lay back for others to shine. Compassion and wisdom patience can win the day. Procrastination or grounded decision making, bottom line, rooting, good workings. Holding the good true beautiful while leaving others free is key here to ‘slow but sure’ longevity and growth. The Past either fortifies or deny’s your presence and present. patience and perseverance can win, but avoid taking on too much that either you can’t accomplish or will short you on the long run. Good for meditation, yoga, house work, career moves that free and not weigh you down or bind you. Take care not to over do. Drinking can be a problem or getting to high. Troubles with authorities when wisdom not found. Delays or obstacles? Bring a good book with you. Extremes is weather possible in some places.

May 6 Venus trine Pluto. Make love work no matter. Plan for a love lasts forever. Find ‘forever friends’ to hold you into next life time. Those who feel alone with this aspect need to stop serving your little elf and other little self. Time to find big love, and to help those less fortunate. Good for flowers and flowering good times, friends, love.

May 11 New Moon 21 degree Taurus. Magic two weeks here where things start to root, ground, grow, flower. Time to garden soil and souls. Don’t just dream, put your hands into it. Days around this time, and coming weeks, good for flowers, gardens, friends, earthy endeavors of the body heart mind. Beautifying time, good for exercise, outdoors, touch and being touched, hugs and good will. Much practical planning, fixing up, renewing, rooting and growing with mercury trine saturn of 12th.

May 17-19th Sun trine Pluto and venus trine Saturn, with Sun square Jupiter on friday the 21st. Work 7 plans for the future today. Be sure to meditate in stillness for 7 minutes too. Great time to get lots work done, do good job, make money, secure oneself with others, lock into goals, grow and know more what to do. Take care not to party too much on coming weekend but good for good times then if one doesn’t over indulge. 

May 26th Full Moon eclipse 5 degree Sagittarius. Weed out things in your life that don’t really make you happy. Time to inwardly tune into the secrets of life. Read Osho’s ‘Book of Secrets’ yet?!! Its at Mayflower! Need forputting our mind in check, need to be still to know, to hold the eternal truths deeper in our soul and not just splash bout with desire and fears, projections and rude shut ups or over the top antics going nowhere. Now is the time to create a mind heart holds all of us into a future holds all of us, into a world heals and blesses, awakens, all of us. A great time to learn not burn with what life offers. This full moon opposes last Neptune/Pluto conjunction in late 1800’s in early Gemini. Thus this week coming up to full moon may be filled with huge spiritual insights and realizations. Great time to get the best mayflower bookshop has to offer for further enlightenment, freedom and good times. But also, such aspect reveals the huge shadows modern science and materialism has left us with. Anything and everything wrong with the world and this time in history is making itself known, calling upon each of us to offer our wisdom, love, and good will to correct and heal, to wizen and enlightenment, awaken good, true, beautiful in thought, word, and deed. 

May 27th Venus square Neptune. Love any way but only lock in to what lasts forever, forever friends and a theosophy of the seven fold soul. (see Steiner and HPB’s Isis Unveiled! beware though of Fake love, glamour and external rank and fortune, looks and appearance over inner lasting virtues and values. Good time for the arts and to follow what your deepest heart enlivens. Some feel lost and need to read Foundations of Esotericism by Steiner. Or perhaps Marion Woodman books, i.e.. ‘The Pregnant Virgin’. Difficulties with women or the mother. Need to mother and love the little ones as well as the lost one. Yet too, need to love in a way matters to the soul and spirit, as well as the body. High ideals hard to realize.

May 29th Mercury conjunct Venus. A mind for true love and communications with forever friends appears again. An appreciation of the arts, harmony of mind and heart, thinking and feeling. Higher ideals that find words to communicate well to others. Otherwise a stillness speaks what words can’t say. Connecting through love, awakening higher consciousness through feelings of joy. Making right connection, or suffering lack of such. being sweet in the face of bitter, transforming the beast into something beautiful, artistic.

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May 31 Mars trine Neptune. Strong ideals motivate to future you as well as make present unfold. Dreams move us into the future. For some, dashing into a foolish future, a mindless lazy projection, necessitating in the future a rude correction. For the others, the quest of the holy grail, what nourishes and is good for us all appears. The quest for the real inner gold. Intelligence and superior nobility, virtue, easy going ness that brings fruition. Danger of going unconscious or being too comfortable causing one to lose track or lose self foolishly, laziness or wrong imagination. Positive for virtuous deeds and brave love, ideals realized.

June 5 Mars oppose Pluto. Weed and cut out wrong habits of eating and thinking. Bad ‘shit happens’ and this may be one of those times. Negative emotions screw things up. Let not fear void you. This aspect brings out the need for good police and military to keep the law and support what is right, good, socially just. Otherwise this is an aspect where some feel abused, or abuse. Good aspect for research and representing truth. Need to support what is right, truth, lasting love, a sense of eternity and ever deep love wish for enlightenment as many levels,many life times. For some its a time to be really stupid about one’s own soul life and spiritual failures coming in the future, if not now. Avoid others who go overboard with negativity and projecting evil without giving inner work to transform self to change the world. Avoid crowds and travel with such aspect unless very well planned. Take care not to use force, but wisdom, to try for change. Weird tensions of opposites at this time. Stormy blistering fighting spirit. Sense of the enemy. Much wisdom and love needed here, as well as right action and defense. Weird weather and times for next few weeks.

June 10 New Moon Solar Eclipse 19 Gemini, Sun conjunct Mercury. Now a you that lives forever talks. Love and truth light reveals shadows of what needs work on, weeding, composting, and being patient for. Some need strong change. Demon Lovers are what we do that thwart and diminish us. Angel lovers are the virtues noble that make us big enough to handle anything with truth and love and creative interacting. For some its a time period coming that will cut them off from freedom. For others its a time to heal and pull themselves back into healing, re-uniting mind and heart, feeling deep spiritual soul weaving capable of creating family, friends, social life, and renewing the world mindfully. Hard facts emerge forcing tough quick decisions now and in coming weeks. Much good can happen when real TRUTH emerges and heart wisdom compassion, head smarts prevail. Sun Mercury makes for strong truth to emerge which enlightens and raises consciousness, or burns in a way because one wasn’t in the past listening well with one’s heart. None-the-less new beginnings which will better things is at hand.

June 13 Sun square Neptune. Some run and escape, others show up for the dream. Here fools rush in or  angels come at last moment to help. Can’t always trust angels to immediately appear so beware, be careful, be alert, be still with wisdom love peace and heart. Don’t fall apart, take heart and listen deep to what the whole of your life is teaching you. Here some plot and plan and project good or bad, others pull back and dream anew. Beware of lies to yourself which blind you to lies of others. Beware of not loving self which attracts others to not love you. For some , soul weaving and mating at higher level. For others, time to plan better futures. If inspired, this is good aspect. For some its draining and one has to not do things that vampirize nor drain energy of self or other.

June 14th Saturn square Uranus. Ex President Donald Trump’s Birthday… he’s part of this tough Sat/Uran struggle for what is perceived as security vs what is freedom. Truth holds all of us makes us free, an inner stillness and inbreathe to the heart holds all of us gives true security. May love and truth find us all not fool. 

   Tough real issues emerge. Sense of good and evil , right and wrong, black and white. Need to heal and reconcile past, but also need to move into a future includes us all.This is the second of three squares of saturn/uranus. Securing freedom, and freeing what is stuck. Grounding the wildest genius to matter, mattering to resound the highest genius. The past and future conflict. Freedom versus lack of.  Wisdom and genius combine for some to create a new self, a new world. In the news lots of quarreling without much wisdom and loving way. Saturn wants to control and Uranus in Taurus wants to create a new ground, a new space, and new currency or current of current affairs; a new conversation more pliant to future needs, future worlds, future heart. Need for security and freedom search for harmonious solutions. Old out worn structures cracking.

June 20th Summer Solstice, Sun enters Cancer; Jupiter goes retrograde. Here one can discern what Angels know, truth and love is now abundant. Yet many can’t handle the light and avoid being seen. Whew! May truth free, love conjoin deepen renew, may art renew and save the world. Some try to turn back the clock, attempting to find the wisdom of the past, the true insights rising from our past mistakes, trying to rediscover the true friend, as we move into the unsure future. The days now get shorter and yes, enjoy summer but fall is coming. If good fruition, seeds for future forming; no worry of falling,  back to ground of truth, love, emptiness practice, will hold you into fall. A sense of inner self whispering secrets of the ‘way to go’.

June 21st Venus trine Neptune. Imagine the future with you in it! Be the holy one you idealize ! High ideals of art, movies/pics, kisses and imaginations of melting into higher unity, spiritual love motivates one now to dream the impossible dream, scheme the incredible yet to be, free what you true believe to be you, true, divining self with others that co-creatively renew your sense of belonging, satisfying your longing. For some its feeling lost enough to look again, imagine again, what could be if only…..we could love ourselves rightly, be still long enough to grow in new ways.

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