Friday’s comet and Sunday’s full moon
Friday’s comet and Sunday’s full moon

Friday’s comet and Sunday’s full moon


This Friday night, the deep univers messenger, the rare Celtic tara green comet will be passing near Mars the planet of externalization of desire, assertive action, speech, argument and even war talk.

In a more esoteric expression, ZTF comet and Mars represents the revelation and activity of the Rosicrucian  Christian Rosencreutz (CRC) wherein spiritual knowledge dispels the Maya illusion of crass scientific and religious materialism, seeing and manipulating with no heart for universal love and truth so needed by humans all. Anthroposophy uniquely teaches that CRC sent Buddha on mission to Mars to stop dumb violence and wars. CRC and Buddha teach higher love compassion and truth of our true spiritual nature and gifts. Love and truth is actually a spiritual food that nourishes our higher immortality vehicles, body of supersensible life betwee death and rebirth, but also blesses all earth with cosmic renewal. The comet ZTF and mars also spark realizations of planetary evolution and soul evolution thru Manjushri (like ArcAngel Michael with sword of wisdom) both giving teachings of Buddha who CRC sent on mission to Mars to distill or transform war into Peace and Self Realization. Such ‘Self Initiation’ through proper teachings on the wisdom of emptiness or selfless learning along with the virtue bliss of compassionate understanding of God in all things, and all things being part of God’s creation, plan, future harmonies, is key to the enigma and puzzle ‘what is being Human, and what is our true task, dharma, art, love??!!!  

This Friday the comet will zoom Mars in real space and time, look to the west-southwestern sky. The rare tara green comet will reach its closest point to spiritual Warrior Mars very early Saturday morning. But we feel it now along with just past earth shaking sun/Uranus square near Sunday’s full moon!

News these days is wild chaotic and events in need of spiritual insight as to the challenge of our times in need of higher wisdom compassion for sure! Use the fiery red Mars as a reference point to view find green comet ztf (binoculars?) on Friday night.

It seems this comet both delivering strong spiritual messages and new beginnings as well as taking souls out, making endings and important turning points, bringing finality to many a process and cycle.

Selfless awareness in learning new, compassion for all life, a willingness to serve a higher purpose rather than self indulgence and personality cult, self purification, opens new doors to peace and higher perceptions, doings, opportunities in our times leading up to a new Aquarian Age of brother sisterhood and a planetization of consciousness.

Much on comets, Buddha, Mars, and earth’s sevenfold evolution in both HPB’s ‘Secret Doctrine’ and her ‘Isis Unveiled’. Rose Cross meditation and past and future of 7fold earth evolution in Steiner’s ‘Outline of Occult Science’ (at mayflower books, or at rudolf steiner archives!).

To be continued,
robert of mayflower (My talks and music on YouTube)