Full Moon (March 7 ‘23) energies now arriving-fun, freedom, and love are in the air!
Full Moon (March 7 ‘23) energies now arriving-fun, freedom, and love are in the air!

Full Moon (March 7 ‘23) energies now arriving-fun, freedom, and love are in the air!

Sudden happy turn of events these days around full moon.

Venus and Jupiter midpoint Sun/Uranus! For many, new impulses to rise higher, be happier. Includes new friendships flowering, a rediscovery of golden affairs of heart and mind, higher love be happening. Positive vibes for change or update in everything; future plans, calling, beautification, job, home, looks, right friends! Creative intelligent beautiful sudden realizations shift one into higher gears. Full Moon trines Uranus giving strong urge to make shift to higher consciousness now!!!

Now before more Saturn, Neptune, Pluto forces suck one down into negative karma, survival only mode, stuck ness, depressive mind set (Saturn); or into  hungry ghosts, false dreams and hopes (neptune blurr or lack of awareness of higher self, forgiveness and compassion); or Pluto hell realms of negative emotions, addictions, lack of purification. Rather than spiritual disciplines, divine Presence, conscience for Higher Self and future lives!

  Basically now is the time to invest in Higher Self, in self or other. Nourish that alone which enlivens your creative virtue and gift to healing and beautifying this world! This weeks the time to uplift your heart mind and give your best to what’s at hand and go one step beyond. Love On! Act for your highest ideal Now! At least do something beautifies your space, time, and self.

For come March 14-16 Gemini Mars squares Pisces Neptune/Sun, and Venus squares Pluto; one part is escaping mindlessly, the other part sticky attachment, estrangement, separative, taking things too personally, need to have more compassion and skillful wisdom. This mid March is precarious time, worth backing off escalating tensions, time to be extra cautious in actions and speech. Talk slow and clear to the point. Those abusing drugs/drink/meds or over indulging in ego controlling and negative emotions can now come unglued, many a mistaken view or action may occur. Rough emotions and weather. Space and ocean craziness?! Toxins or bad food? Health fears? Not good time for true facts for most.

In the news hard to figure fact from fiction. Although one can get lost with mistaken views and misdeeds, such aspects can be put to good use in any of the creative arts, garden planning, healing arts, spiritual adventure and mystic feelings.  Avoid over indulgence and foods too acidic or yin at this time. Play it straight and practical.

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