Full moon in Scorpio eclipse this Friday
Full moon in Scorpio eclipse this Friday

Full moon in Scorpio eclipse this Friday

Full moon in Scorpio eclipse this Friday affects Scorpio, Taurus, Leo, Aquarius, the fixed signs, planets, houses the most

A brutal sense of something or somebody being cut off, or it’s opposite of something or somebody too close for comfort? For some, a sober honest penetrating insight transforming one from the inside out.

A realization that something’s never die, then they do.

Heavy world drama and power plays in politics and money. Breaking point in  many a political hotspot, conflict, or money matter; gets played out into mid May’s Mercury going direct May 14, jupiter enters Taurus on 16th, Jupiter square Pluto 17th, and new moon May 20th. Huge conclusions, completions, drop outs, break ups, new beginnings and wake ups occur.

Spring into Summer should reveal itself clearly then, as well as some resolutions in war zones, banking, money and relations. Healthy diet, exercise, yoga, spiritual contemplation, study, nature, introspection, meditation all helpful. Keeping inner connections with everyone’s Higher Self is essential to right relationships.

Exclusivity, greed, selfishness is limiting the big love, the big view. If you can’t be the Sun shining light in the situation, be a planet circling a true a sun. If not a planet, be a Moon; reflect the highest truest brightest lights of love and truth. Be your future self now, compost the past into wisdom, knead like making bread the present to rise to the future in loving deeds, grace the place now.

May is major turning point carry’s us into 2024. If you get lost, read HPB’s book ‘key to theosophy’ (at mayflower bookshop in Berkley Mi.); she nails (reveals) what is immortal and what is not, what continues and what will not. Such spiritual workout unfolds and awakens our true power and intuitive faculty.

  -robert of mayflower bookshop

“ Artistic vision comes from a mind clear enough to fall in love with what we see.”