Co-creative Peace and harmony of feelings and virtue deeds arise!
Co-creative Peace and harmony of feelings and virtue deeds arise!

Co-creative Peace and harmony of feelings and virtue deeds arise!

Friends of mayflower bookshop and
a Spiritual World living on earth;,
Peace and Love!

Enclosed is an astrological talk done last week just released, i thought it might be too negative but in light of the world today, it’s right on with wishes and thoughts for world peace. My Steiner talk on Meditation and me is a work of art freeing the mind to awaken higher levels of consciousness and awareness capable of changing your and our world for the better. It’s in two parts!

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Mayflower more beautiful than ever. If you are looking for organic incense, bells, gemstone bracelets or more, quartz crystals, sarongs, colorful artifacts of spiritual and metaphysical import, or books deep on every spiritual esoteric metaphysical religious or occult topic, we got it.

Astrologically give an ear to my astrology talk done before recent crazy war breakout during Mars square Pluto Oct. 8th and Venus opposition to Saturn on Oct.10th.

Further difficult aspects when it’s important to be ‘wise’ where one goes and to ‘awaken higher powers’ through ‘compassion and loving kindness’, ‘wisdom and bravado’ is Oct 20th-21st Sun/Mercury square Pluto. Further warring elements? Will Smarts and Wisdom come into play? Or more sad difficult karma and lack of wisdom and higher calling?

Secondary strong aspects for October, both positive and/or negative, times to be transformed into something positive for our collective and individual social cultural future is Oct 27 to 29 with Full moon Lunar Eclipse mars/mercury opposing jupiter and mercury conjunct mars…..whew, solar eclipse on Oct 14 and this lunar eclipse on 28th may prove big transformational change for many! Good time to quicken your spirit towards the good true beautiful by improving your healthy diet and exercise plans; but especially good time to improve your deep meditations in compassion and new wisdom arising. What is needed is a radical stillness and divine Presence capable of turning this world around, transforming time and space with wisdom love rather than ever bigger bombs. We need the Love Bomb to enchant folks back to peace! The Wisdom shot to awaken freedom of thought!

Co-creative Peace and harmony of feelings and virtue deeds arise!

Nov. 18th ’23 (and few days around) is critically important time that the ArchAngel Michael will be working for overthrowing obstacles and blocks to pure seeing and higher wisdom compassion heart soul striving. Will to the good here and do what you can to raise the standards of ethics and conscious world co-creative peace making.

Full Moon Nov. 26-27th has Mercury square Neptune so beware of luciferic lies and perceptions and ahrimanic hardening of the heart. In other words strive for the high ideal but keep your common sense and down to earth practicality, limits, disciplines.

December’s craziness is on the 3rd with Venus square Pluto. Avoid petty little dumb squabbles, gossips, and impotent criticisms changing nobody’s mind. Be inwardly beautiful and avoid glam and flamboyant decadent endeavors.

Astrological and Psychic, predictive, readings are available with me, robert thibodeau, by appointment.

Awaken the spiritual meaning of the past and present into bettering your future with a good astrological reading! ( for more info or just stop by and chat!

Lots of new talks and songs on my YOUTUBE channel. Here’s one for Marianne

here is a song sweet and dreamy

Well friends, there’s too much to share so i will be signing off for the moment here.
If you benefit and can afford it, please consider donating in support of my time and research, my work of sharing spiritual and metaphysical knowledge, thank you so much again,
robert of mayflower
here is recent talk on developing your own clairvoyance and insight into Higher
Self via Rudolf Steiner and the New Theosophy of the Rosicrucian Michaelic impulse!

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