#astrology predictions for Feb. and March 2023
#astrology predictions for Feb. and March 2023

#astrology predictions for Feb. and March 2023

Moon/Mars tonight gives hints of conflicts to come, or resolutions and brave new futures in store as Sun squares Uranus of friday for quick surprises, break throughs or breakdowns, more tests of higher consciousness and conflict resolution or shame/blame games and infighting. If you think too much or have trouble sleeping, read Rudolf Steiner, it will put you right to sleep or awaken you spiritual soul solutions! Blavatsky and tibetan buddhism too!

    Full Moon on Sunday Feb 5th with Moon square uranus continues the urge to grow and know, or be shocked into growing. Do or don’t, but sitting on the fence can get depressing by feb 6th Mercuy sextile Neptune’s lost at sea mind; or is it a mind for the arts and heart, nature and healing foods. Wrong foods may bring weird emotional mental farting. Ha!

    Its all getting intense again as to escalation or de-escalation of personal and world conflicts. News on war machine money waster Ukraine, whether President B runs again or Guy Newstrom steps in (VP? or even Press run)! The Trumpeter is strong at it again. The news full of once famous people showing us what not to do. Where the virtue emulation models if not you and i?

   The blues of yours, or world situation, or money troubles, envy jealousy comparing, lack of vs too too much….. Feb 9-10 with Mercury conjunct Pluto. Serious is the word. Take care not to over play that weekend! Be humble, invoke compassion and mutual understanding. Happiness being more alone and private may work unless you with the ‘bad love’ or wrong habits. Avoid extremes. Make peace not war.

   Feb 15th false escapes and ideal dreams crash into reality, some come to hard knocks and arrive at a more practical earth working~ Sun conjunct Saturn on 16th. Here many may wish they had dry Feb. Watch out for hangovers of difficult karma avoided last few months. Peace isn’t passive ,  its an every day vigilance and work, striving. Do your best and let go. No perfection, just a sense of whole you shining through..

   New Moon feb 19-20 in Pisces sparks early spring renewal and love vibes in weeks to come right on into full moon March 6-7th.  

    In March Saturn enters Pisces for a couple of years bringing spiritual rebirth or divine melancholy. Be careful, it may also make very clear how one keeps oneself locked up from vital growth and   new learning. Fear may try to overwhelm your love and ideal future. Many over concretize or materialize what needs to be free. Try not to control all forms of spiritual and cultural, religions, freedoms. Control or redirect wrong thoughts or negativity into new learning. In time wisdom prevails and universal love of all earth returns in favor of heart over cold intellect – watch for jupiter entering Taurus for that in May. Love your mother, love the earth; garden souls, take care of your body like its way more important than your car, cat, or dog! What’s in that food anyway?

   Saturn in Pisces can bring major reform (good or bad) to hospitals, medical, prisons, schools, travel, food quality, water, air, and the way we see family and friends, spiritual brothers and sisters. Need for not day dreaming yet not ‘over materializing’ concretizing hardening everything so that its too ‘hard to  even imagine’ peace and love, one world family of friends. Imagine, spark, inspire, feel, intuit – live it to come to right understanding.

   Pluto going into Aquarius latter March adds to the amusing, shocking, and amazing changes taking place. Egotistical and selfish empowerment, exaggerated importance and outlandish filthy rich displays go out of fashion. Simple pure returns. Elitist selfishness, exclusivity, pompous psychic and emotional inflation starts to deflate or  blow up in the ‘big shots’ face. A heavy re-evaluation of what is happiness and freedom from dependency is activated. More control and education comes to legalized drugs. Why don’t they gift metaphysical and spiritual maps/books/teachings with every ‘drug’ or med purchase. Escaping alone destroys responsibility to this planet, this life. Working with others in larger sense of identity and community and with nature comes stronger into everyday workings come May 2023!

    Many new plans and hopes, striving to reform self and others comes into work and play in May, but we must star and start NOW!.

     Equinox March 20th and New Moon in Aries Mach 21st really kicks in this feeling of all thinks and things being equal, ‘take the new way’, be your future now. Get a life by getting a mediation and spiritual practice. Read Blavatsky’s Isis Unveiled and learn what’s up! These times urge mind heart feelings to re-create one’s whole life in a more holistic and spiritually alive vibe, rather than dead results and superficial culture. An Aquarian Spirituality of we are all in ther same boat, all one family and one earth is arising again. The culture of only getting one’s selfish desires satisfied is killing us all, there is no security other than a sense of inner wholeness and participation with all life. The lower astral kama rupee relationship to people and things, the fear and false control as well as false freedom is a burning sinking sun now.

Love all the little things around you if you get lost.

      By Solar Eclipse April 20th new moon 29 Aries square Pluto, we will find out how we did. War or Peace, cell mate or Soul mate? Creative aliveness in work and play, friends and family, or feeling stuck in one’s karma and world dread? Helping others less fortunate to help themselves to happiness is an easy way to go here if you not sure of your own sure upper steps. Imagining yours and others many lifetimes of struggle and striving to become spiritually self igniting, self illuminating, self realized may help with arousing compassion and a will to serve the highest ideals within each of us. Imagine everyone you see in one year all together at once. That is held all together in your mind, a good idea of who you are really. You are all those in one. Praying for better opportunities next life can help one get over subtle agenda  and selfish exclusive trip ups.

     Of course meditation, right diet, deeper than you spiritual books and learning helps. (Self Healing Cookbook by kristin turner still by healing foods bible in the kitchen! Got it at Mayflower for sure).

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