Astrology Predictions for August 2022
Astrology Predictions for August 2022

Astrology Predictions for August 2022

Seems these are the best and worst of times!
Lots of opportunity for creativity and more meaningful dialogue with such a strong sense of impermanence prevailing today.

Astrology wise it’s intense time both good and ‘challenging as we go into august first. Great time to try new things, raise oneself up to next higher level of consciousness and day to day operation. But it’s not a good time to take risks or gamble!

   With the transit of mars/node/Uranus conjunction aug 1st which affects us all, and having it square Pres. Biden prog sun; I’ve been thinking this is a critical moment with markets, health, stress, Ukraine thing and Putin. Whatever up, storms, fires, lack of good water, upsets in nature or man made; may carry on into full moon august and critical points in time near Venus ruler of Taurus opposing Pluto, as well as marts square Saturn in sky. Hopefully, a few positive turning points will take place and not the usual terroristic fearful gunplay, negative ego escalation,  inflation of food and necessities, fear and anxiety.

Certainly a higher state of consciousness and virtue valor rather than anger and knee jerk reaction is needed here. For many it’s a make it or break it time for money, job, relationships, goals, aims. At the least it’s a re-asserting and reassessing direction so to grow in new ways and co creative happiness.

    Perhaps the sun Jupiter aspect today on last of July will guide and protect us Artemis style as we enter august first! Or is it the calm before the storm. Certainly, a major social cultural and artistic shift in collective and thus individual consciousness is taking place. It started on a big level with last Jupiter Saturn conjunct for sure and will take a few years to more fully play out as to whether humanity chooses to heal or destroy the earth supporting our individual and collective life, love, and light for the future! Plenty of room to move for both the artist and spiritually hopeful.

~robert of mayflower 

#Mars, iUranus, Node conjunct in August 2022