Astrology News- dreamy Pisces new moon today!
Astrology News- dreamy Pisces new moon today!

Astrology News- dreamy Pisces new moon today!


New Moon in Pisces Feb 20; next 3 days dream into your future ideal. Use your heart more to talk and communicate. Dream into others that they are on their way to being fully awakened self realized human beings, angels of creative virtue and universal harmonies in the great song of planetary peace and love.

  With Venus and Jupiter in the western sky just after sunset,  higher Love, prosperity and fruitful new beginnings and social impulses very positive spark us to action. Over thinking, excessive talk, discursive mind, over critical attitudes, can thwart and warp this special opportunity to grow in new ways. Replace negative thoughts with fresh positives, bad habits with good. Try try again to make sacred time and space for something great to land in your heart’s earth landing port.

  Keep in mind too that come March 2nd, love and idiocy is in the air. Fire signs Aries/Sagittarius favored, fixed signs stuck with their own thinking, cardinal signs need complete past to make room for the new.

 March 13-16 is next crazy chaotic challenging astrological aspects for misbehavior, weird extreme weather and emotional delusion, misunderstandings, not well thought out antics and accidents, wrong aim, faulty directions, con artists, wrong dirt, Virgin Mary snd UFO sightings in the comfort of your bedroom or backyard- false imaginings and creative colorful artistry abound. More difficulties with AI and self driving. But hey, if we can pull off the higher octave, very beautiful happenings can arise from difficult times. Doors May close, but new doors open. Mutable signs, planets and houses are most affected. Not a good time for risk or travel or operations of repair, fix up, change.

  In May as Jupiter goes into Taurus, much practical honest down to earth thinking and doings arise to reawaken our trust in life and each other.
    Till then, Love On!

With Saturn conjunct midpoint of Venus Pluto many feel one of these-

  1. Fear that ‘over control’ of desires, love, intense feelings, money, is diminishing or contracting life force, fun, expanding horizons, and breath.
  2. The need to be patient for things one deeply desires.
    3, s need to get more control on one’s life, habits, mind.
  3. Wisdom slow but sure arising as to how to not ‘follow’ one’s bliss, but to lead the way !!
  4. A growing sense of wisdom that can only come through experience and sacred time, space, and right relation. Spiritual teachings and right view replacing suffering without reason.

With Uranus genius square Hermes Mercury and Venus genie love conjunct magnetic Neptune in Pisces – these next weeks many discover creative intelligence and feelings of love combined create eternal youth and ultimate ecstasy spirit soul adventure. The Elixir Vitale and the philosopher’s organic stone produce the Alkahest or universal  dissolver of worry fret. In other words; don’t follow, but lead yr bliss! Love On!

    ~robert of mayflower
Astrology news Néw Moon
in Pisces sparks many intuitive creative impulses.