Further Notes from my face book page.
Further Notes from my face book page.

Further Notes from my face book page.

Fake friends!?!? I’m hard pressed to remember a time like this, when so many people all in a few days, have told me how they discovered friends online and off, being not who they said they were. Also many critical of everything. In fact, unless truly spiritual and somewhat enlightened, the most positive uncritical are the nut cases and fakes! Yikes! Be who you really are, that’s the only way real people and God can find you! Too many scissors and paste, clickers and shallow quotes don’t truly empower true change nor better roots.
No shame or blame as Marianne says, just learning

Full Moon in mid Virgo where last Uranus/Pluto was conjunct in mid 1960’s adds to the highly charged surprising revelations and wish to be free, wish to be creative, wish to artistry your life, have someone help art and craft your Soul, the celestial Song of your life. Constructive art critic, bring it on!

  By mid March crazy mars Neptune Holy Ghost or hungry ghost psychology reveals who’s who; Virtue Angel or wounded animal!? More on mid March on my website mayflowerbookshop.com

   -robert of mayflower
author of Astrological Aspects, the Art.
A book for the wild of spirit.


Earth and fire signs favored  this month in luck, money, friends. Fire signs need act now, not getting lost in double think and myriad feelings.Mutable signs in for cosmic changes so to rearrange karmic learning lessons and to break attachments. Avoid repeat offenders and those too numb or escape artists. Be practical. Cardinal signs, follow what makes you feel alive, but honor what and how others need to rise and twinkle in their eyes!
Fixed signs need extra patience and simultaneously find a way to flow with ever changing conditions. Look for the long view and next mountain to climb.

In the spirit realm nothing is true that doesn’t serve the future. In the mind realm, does it help and serve your higher self, total self, your loved ones. In the physical realm, enjoy or not, this too will pass, it’s a chess game tween the conscious and unconscious pieces.

It’s not the bloodline, it’s the fire in the blood, the rosy golden prana in the breath, it’s the light in the mind rising, it’s the will to be present, divinely present- that matters. U look present!

With full moon in Virgo coming, it’s raining snow and ice water here…dark and cloudy.
Lots folks hitting critical mass. Good time for home made soup, grains and greens here, a good book, old wood guitar, and beeswax candle. If yr mind runs away, take 3 deep breaths to the heart of inner holy stillness space. Make yr highest wish and bless the world. Be still and know, the world’s spinning too fast. Slow it down within. Do yr best, let go and let heart breathe. If there is a house of God, that is the door! If there is a garden of the Great Mother, the great goddess, it’s the light and breath knocks on heart’s door!

On Mary Maggie and the gospels

Lynn Myra McElroythe authotative men’s club of Catholic Church kept woman and many gospels out. Manly Hall reports king James threw together thousands of diverse writings with the help of Francis Bacon, into four gospels. king James is quoted as saying it’s thanks to Lord Bacon that it now appears that God speaks English. Bacon was Rosicrucian, an astrologer, and bit of everything. King James Bible 1611 AD. The modern hundreds of versions play off King James Version.
It really comes down to this,

Does it or not decrease warrin elements, cut negativity, awaken higher virtues and goodness in you and others. By their actions you shall know them.
   No matter which way you go, ain’t no easy road. Love and truth guide you! Us!