ASTRO NEWS Nov/Dec/Jan 2022 into 2023
ASTRO NEWS Nov/Dec/Jan 2022 into 2023

ASTRO NEWS Nov/Dec/Jan 2022 into 2023

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  • Perihelion (Closest to Sun) ‘Comet Panstar 2017 K2’ near Mars orbit in Mid Gemini while sun will be at 28 Sagittarius close to Solstice. This is a divine messenger from the deepest far away space bringing messages of peace and hope to many of us. Higher spiritual learning and awakening is upon us if the world is not to continue down tragic chaotic times. Jupiter is going back into Aries at this time so many a sudden jolt or prod to progress at this time. Many anew enterprise and adventure is afoot in coming times. Its like a massive spiritual soul migration in search of a healing holistic life style and new world. The real Aquarian Age which astrally started in late 1800s with Blavatsky and ethically took off with the impulse of Rudolf Steiner and now arising in a new collective and individual search for religion and politics of the heart. 

******ASTROLOGY Aspects coming Soon!*****

November 23 New Moon in Sagittarius with Jupiter going direct (retrograde since last July!). Sudden change in dreams and ideals, future and past collide to make better footing and sureness to present. Fluctuations and changes in markets (Jupiter near Neptune shifts in Oil, Hollywood/Celebrity likes and dislikes, glamour and false dreams/ideals vs. reimagined goals and futures. Some dreams melt, some get reinvigorated. Strong shift in social identity and desired futures. Some escape, some hide, some take a deep breath and enjoy the ride. New Moon days will set pace for the turn of the year Winter Solstice and New Year. New Moon good time to start anew the task before you. There may be a big nature or man made event to signify the need for a more positive change in life style and culture, arts, TV and movies. Need for sure for Renewal and not death culture lifestyle. Revelation over apocalyptic happenings and insight needed methinks.

Nov. 27-28  Gemini retrograde Mars trine Saturn in Aquarius good for communications clear and straight with action to accompany worlds. Avoid words and promises with no action, and action without clear thinking and honest clear words. Avoid airheads or overly mechanistic materialists. Word and Action need meet! For some going back over and fixing things up is at hand. Danger of doing too many things, no one good. Try doing only one thing at a time to insure quality and progress.

Nov. 29 Sagittarius Mercury oppose Mars in Gemini. Don’t fight, there is no right unless things get fixed and better. Right thinking corrects actions. Avoid debates or arguments unable to better the situation. World view conflicts with personal view? Vice Versa? Purify and change self to effectively change external circumstances. Doing too many things unable to complete or make good? Do one think and thing at a time. Haste makes waste. Breathe deeper to unite head and heart in endeavor at hand. When love works its the best, but its kind of a cat and dog vibe now. Separate or unite, don’t fight.

Dec. 1st Sagittarius Venus oppose Mars in Gemini. Strong polarities highly creative or divisive. It makes for big view in conflict, higher self at odds with little self grasping view. An inability to see forest cus of a tree or two. (or vice versa). Feelings and actions at odds. Mercury square Neptune wants to escape and not deal with issues. On lower level opposites attract or create lots of energy to be properly directed to get work done or achieve goals. Too much talk no action, or action without thinking. At higher levels like attracts like but can be lazy or self indulgent missing opportunities to grow in new or bigger deeper ways. Reading Osho or Tibetan Buddhism here could help.

Dec 3-4 Venus square Neptune. Rose colored glasses or a view of the higher self, the beautific view, goo goo antics. Can be seeing and going the high road. Or is it getting too high, dreaming out of body, illusion/delusion, too much wrong food or numb out. Are you buying something very beautiful or is it decadent and wasteful? All aspects have a higher and lower octave possibility dependent on the individual. This aspect can be extravagant or falsely indulgent but good fun aspect for the arts, soul mating mindfully open hearted, music, play. Avoid just getting space out. Take cared around meds, drinks, smoke etc. A little goes a long way here. Some crash out, some creatively alive. Choose Love and Creatively Alive!

Dec.7th Full Moon Gemini, Moon occults (blocks) Mars and Sun opposes Mars next day Dec. 8th! Take extra care in aggressive assertive hard drive moves and actions. Some achieve hard earned success, some need to learn how to be beautiful losers and patiently await their better future.For many Emotions get out of hand and conflict arise along with the blame game, scape goat and negative projection. This is really a time for ArchAngelic Courage to keep working of bettering one’s self to better the world around one’s self. A time for patience and compassion for others feeling they suffer too much without growing from or learning from such. Strong willful energies. Good time for cleaning, walks, exercise. Tough time for most when it comes to travel or getting one’s way easily.

Dec.9th Venus square Jupiter. Over indulgent or expanding friendships? Good for socializing and taking a break from being too serious. Time to see the humor and perfect wisdom of the time. Good for networking and making new connections, bettering the ones you got. 

Dec.14th-16  Sun square Neptune to Moon oppose Neptune . A spiritual time perhaps, or just a drain? Can be a most psychic or intuitive time to see the future and past in clear light. Danger of trusting one’s feelings if not right artistic direction. Some get too high or lost in fantasy or illusions. Don’t trust the news or gossip until you prove it out. Good for positive future dream through. Beautify, and prep for future, avoid getting lost in nostalgia or ghostly past; be present in the hear hear heart now and view what really needs to get done to clear space for better future. Or is it relax and chill time to catch up to yourself? Good aspect for the arts, music, idealistic futures, planning. Avoid wrong foods making you lose your clear thinking. If confused by others, find time alone to quietly figure out way to go. This idealistic spiritual time, soul mate time; or its lost in space or lies, fantasy not real, make believe and bad investments, things can go sour.

Dec. 17th Mercury trine Uranus Act on your flashes of genius, take notes, keep a journal; better yet, but that down and go out and do something new to reveal the new you dying to be born again. It’s a time to get a thousand things done. Good communications and travel. And yes, a really good time for mental breakthroughs. accessing new knowledge and info, insight. Meditate in stillness to set the tone for the day and night.

Dec.21-22 Sun square Jupiter makes for strong inner connections. Watch out for over indulgence? Inflated egos or exaggerations, and fake make money quick scams. Some making Big Fun Plans and connections? Good for hooking up and making social and business connections. Danger of over spending. Venus trine Uranus (22nd) sudden love urgecanbring peace and harmony, joy, with intelligence and clear mindedness.

Dec. 23rd New Moon in Capricorn Take care to think positive thoughts here at solstice and this new moon, it sets the stage for the coming year. This time signifies real feel of birth of new times, better times, a new year.

Dec. 24th avoid hurting others feelings, keep your deeper thoughts non-judgmental and closer to the heart, use compassion and patience in sticky pressured moments. Be the Santa of good will and unconditional love. Be the sunshine from the heart, a mothering buddha of inner awakening and connection.

Dec. 29th Mercury conjunct Venus Love thought and beautiful messages and interactions bring harmony and friendly connection, bigger heart soul feeling, good will and heart soul minded friends.

New Year’s eve into New Year’s early 12:25 AM EST Venus conjunct Pluto Deep intimacy or lack of closeness.If in the blues do mantra, try being alone with ‘God’, universal love and trueness. Pluto makes for sticky negative emotions, jealousy, attachment, fixation and obsession,  over reacting,   or need to crash early and avoid the bummer experience. For some its deep intimate bonding and communion of spirit soul body, for many its a time for more privacy and peace than degenerative habits and wasteful extravagance. Good time to know the bottom line and stick to it.

Jan 5th Sun trine Uranus all ahead GO!

Jan 6th Full Moon in Cancer Is everything suddenly edible? Intimate and at home hearty? A good weekend to emotionally connect with love ones, good time to review in clarity one’s future plans together or individual. Try being open to share. If feeling beat, shelter yourself and take long epsom salt bath with lavender or something. Chew well and eat healthy. Hug more if you can. Look for a belly laugh tween the dead serious mood. Send love to your mother wherever she is for good luck and wisdom blessing.

Jan 9th Venus trine Mars. Inner feelings and outer actions harmonize to direct energies towards success, positive outcome, or just good time now rolling.

Jan 14 Venus square Uranus Sudden joy and brilliancy, arousal of creative urge, freedom and song. Can bring extravagant creative outbursts of play and musical artistic love fun. Or for some, a jolt of change and breaking news, new directions temporarily separate off in direction or aspiration. Sudden arrival or news awakens sense of participation and co-creative action and response..

Jan 17-18 Sun conjunct Pluto can funk you out or give you strong breakthrough, powerful connection or broken one. For some a good time to lay back and catch up, avoid doing too much, reserve one’s judgement, patience with idiots, avoid idiot compassion and waste of one’s time. Work on oneself rather than blame others or impotently judging others wasting one’s time. This works into new moon jan. 21st.

Jan 21st afternoon New Moon in Aquarius after morning Capricorn Moon conjunct Pluto. The novel and new clash with the past. New freedoms or daring rattle the cage in coming weeks. Keep the ground under your feet as the higher stars pull you upwards. Heart is middle way for a good reason tween head light and deep dark intimate feelings.Some need to shift gears to make Artemis right aim for sake of future years to come. Take deep breaths thinking about where you want to be in 3 years, 6 years, 12 years! Keep you mind and heart on big futures as you wend you way through  Jan 22nd-23rd Venus/Saturn/Moon aspects pulling you into dumb chit and past karma snaggle pushing you around little details demanding your attention or serving a lesser self within you.

Jan 25 Moon conjunct Jupiter uplifting day of positive notions towards good futures.

Jan. 29 Sun trine Mars and Mercury trine Uranus. Genius mind, bold action, heroics and transcendence. But haste makes waste and too much folly is folly. Forward motion, positive thoughts and actions, higher minded clear thinking, propel the days around this date to the good true beautiful in you and the world round.

Feb.3-4th sun square uranus and venus square mars makes for quick paced events either breaking through to the other side, creative and joyfully loving, or many a little needed adjustment and avoidance of argument tripping up flow of events flowering. Did that make sense? These days are like that, lots of pieces to make one peace with to carry you over to coming weeks.

Possible Tough Weather inwardly and outwardly days ~ Dec.7-8th, dec 14th, dec 31st., Jan 18th, Jan 22, 

Feb 15-16, and March 14-16.

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