What’s Up with your Sun Sign?! Predictions, Insights, Eclipses!

“… if Man does not appreciate the flowers … they will cease to exist.” ~ Rudolf Steiner

What’s Up with your Sun Sign?!
Predictions, Insights, Eclipses!
How the coming months and year look
~ robert of mayflower bookshop, author of ‘Astrological Aspects, the Art’

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“Every path into the spiritual world goes through the heart.”
– Rudolf Steiner
(All Steiner quotes here thanks to Rudolf Steiner Archive!).

“Materialism has cast man into such depths that a mighty concentration of forces is necessary to raise him again.” ~Steiner

“The relation between teacher and pupil is like that between reader and book.”~ Steiner

Since Uranus entered the sign Aries, the last 6 or 7 years has been an attempt to ride the whirlwind, harness the volcano, make peace with the typhoon, or go up to the higher level beyond separate self, beyond limitations and conditionings of past and future tense and tension. The door opens when Aries can fully become present in the present with naked mind. All spiritual swimmers and athletes start here, selfless learning. Discovering equality of self with other, each with infinite potential for root and wings, aids in finding the patience to be still and know, spark and grow, spirit soul in the flow and flowering. Pushing one’s own personal separate view on others’ worldview and personal karma may waylay true divine plans that the universe made for you. Take care to work on oneself, change oneself so to alter external situations. Beware of lure ‘it’s greener on the other side’. Helping others to help yourself can work, but charity begins at home. Attune like Socrates to one’s own Presiding Spirit or Angel of Presence, infinite wisdom space calmly abiding within then without. In 2018-and 2019, Uranus enters Taurus and Cardinal Signs Aries/Libra/Capricorn/Cancer can find greater peace and rest, repose and real true ground to hang on to, grow into, land and rise with. From 2018 on for 7 years, fixed signs of Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo get challenged to grow in new ways, reach for higher truth, quicken the pace, and find naked mind, or selfless learning, capable of finding new maps to self and other. Eclipse calls for a return to learning, new travels and adventures, new plans and aims, goals; as well as ‘everything is up for change’ but your indwelling unchanging stillness still here taking it all in. Keep that ground as your head spins round the world. Uranus in sky semi square Neptune 5 times till 2019 brings Aries (cardinal signs) urge to jump into changes without thinking. Pisces dreams a change coming but may wait for other to initiate.

“Wisdom is what Buddhism calls Emptiness, selflessness, freedom from self, clear seeing and hearing.” -rt

“I assert that before long it will be discovered and recognized by external science, that a superperceptual element underlies all physical phenomena, and that latent spirit exists in everything that comes within the limits of our sense perceptions.” -Rudolf Steiner

With Uranus in your solar 12th house, you have been inwardly (Taurus) accelerating your genius pace and novel insight, secretly transforming everything in your life. Outwardly the revelation of change will come with Uranus traveling through Taurus 2018 on for several years; that’s when your genius and naked clear awareness with totally reveal itself. Pluto in your solar 10th house indicates a real or symbolic death and rebirth of your world view, work, goal, or calling. Neptune now in your solar chart 11th house indicates much compassion for others, for friends; but also the face that not all your friends are true blue and may have hidden agendas. The old neoplatonic and tibetan wisdom says this: ‘to the true all is true; to the pure, all is pure. Dalai Lama says virtue is our ultimate dharma protector, security system, psychic protection. With Saturn in Solar 9th, keep studying, keep learning, keep holding your ground; but as all good gardeners know, the seed planted dies to its past and rises in completely renewed, new, form. Taurus (or houses and planets in Taurus, see your chart for such), is in the state of being buried in one’s life, transforming slowly from within, like a caterpillar in the chrysalis, to finding new wings to fly. August eclipse in 4th solar house depicts further changes concerning home and appetites. Keep to your true sound self and see who sticks, take care to not always please others at the expense of losing yourself. Grow your own wings now, it’s time. Eclipse in August sheds new light on your true aims in life, true goals. Eclipse may also cut out a few old aims in life for better view of future goals.

“Materialism and egoism bring disintegration to humanity, for the individual human being only regards his own interests. Wisdom must therefore reunite the human beings who have thus become separated. Wisdom brings them together in fullest freedom and exercises no coercion whatever.” -Rudolf Steiner

Gemini Sun (planets and houses) may be waiting for others to carry their own weight, or be more co-equal in affairs. Over-idealistic futures may inspire, that is good; but no expectations, no let downs may also be helpful in analysis of situations, job, calling, and others. Friends spark new insights and revelations but can’t be depended on for reliability and steadfast support, or predictable behaviour. A long process of letting go of fame or name or other’s being responsible for your happiness and psychological security is at play. Your own creative play and sociability, friendliness with all takes the heat and focus on depending on any one other then your self for happiness, success, attainment of goals. Helping others to help themselves is a good magic creating luck. Not taking thinks or things personally and allowing others the very freedom we want, frees one from unconscious reactions. Sharing oneself, not giving oneself, keeps your own future on track. For huge success to come, avoid aversions, avoid criticizing self or other. No shame or blame, just rigorous tough disciplined mind training for truth and universal love. Before criticizing, breath the whole, every situation, into your heart of universal love and peace. Pretend to be a Pisces, lose all your enemies or negative traits. Be the love you want to receive.
Many of the snakes you see are really old skins of yourself. Dig it, grow a garden in yourself, overflow to sharing it with others, be happy! The August eclipse shape shifts who is your friend or enemy. Key here is to be friend divine to all. Be the friend, don’t expect the friend. Be the friend you are expecting.

“Spiritual science does not merely signify the acquisition of knowledge; it signifies most preeminently an education, a self-education of our souls.”

Being the focus of a Grand Square of Jupiter/Pluto/Uranus can make you feel tremendously rich in wisdom and humor, or tremendously poor and in need of wisdom and humor. Either you are secretly plotting to build a new empire of spiritual castles, gardens, and genius learning institutions; or you have acquired the talents to see through everything and discover the crack and crackpot as cause of your , and everybody else’s, suffering and waylay. My advice is to keep preparing, keep working on yourself, aim for October/November 2017 on for a year to fully release your cosmic orgasm, your divine rights, your best creative achievement yet. Your ultimate true desire isn’t coming, you are about to birth it and give it! With Pluto opposing Cancer (see you chart for house and planets affected if not Cancer Sun Sign/Moon or Ascendent), stop seeing others as enemies, know they too can’t let go of their suffering. Once we let go of samsaric and false idea that we are the only ones suffering, clarity arrives as to true picture of environment and situation challenge to grow. Many new opportunities for world adventure and calling arrive but fell arrivals hold their structure and form for long. Learning to live with ever changing opportunities to grow, having compassion and an openness to grow in new ways, learn in new ways, in response to every suffering of self and other, is key to success. Continually beautifying the home, making it ever more sacred, spiritual and unworldly, is key to your own beauty of heart, mind body. Good healthy food and sacred home life gets you to an advanced form of happiness and success. From 2009 to 2023, Pluto traveled and travels through Capricorn affecting all cardinal signs including Libra, Capricorn, and Aries. These signs and houses/planets need continual vigilance of slipping into negative view, unproductive criticism and lack of compassion. Dharma mindfulness of the divine in each and all struggling for expression is key. Be well, be free, be watchful to divine all ye see. The August eclipses make you inwardly sensitive and a bit more psychic than you perhaps want or need; compassion compassion, compassion on how hard to try. Venus in Cancer August opposing pluto and square to Uranus is adding super sensuous earthly love possibilities for water signs, though all cardinal signs and houses, planets, may experience flip flop, off on, roller coaster speed ups and downs, reversals, during August Month on into September.

“Our task is to harvest from the mortal world fruits for the immortal.”

Your ability these last years to integrate new knowledge or ever changing circumstances into your every day and immediate needs and plans has been outstanding. This August eclipse and in coming months, you now really come to understand the importance of integrating new info and ever changing world situations into bettering others lives, future lives, all of the surrounding world’s life. Man is not an island, woman is not an ocean alone. Human beings can’t live on the Sun or Mars without abnormal huge change deformation reformation. We are the World, the World is us. This basic vital principle is key to Leo (signs/houses/planets) survival as human being of love, reality, truth, feelings, unique yet universal will. Leo needs to eclipse everything out of one’s life that is killing you, hurting you, violating one’s wholeness, togetherness, connection. Eclipse the ‘separate self’ and re-unite with all life as brother, sister. We are our brother’s keeper! Money power money sex can be a mouse, lower ego, trap; a golden cage entrapment. Stop gilding your cage, open the door to sharing, shining, giving, blessing, letting go and letting God (universal oneness and harmony of minds/hearts). With Mars in Leo there is a tendency to force rather than educate or free. Tendency to fight than patiently free. Keep to long term goals and ever progressive integrations. The impulses of freedom and security vie for your attention. Help others attain their own freedom and security, higher minded, deeper hearted, to keep and make friends. Be true to your heart, watch your mind. Be true to every heart, let go of your mind. Your true power now is in realizing your inseparability from all of life, the world. How you treat the world will be your future possessions or lack of. Look to late 2019 through 2020 to see who wins what, winning over or over winded and wound down? Take heart, share heart, search for every heart in every situation.

“For centuries the impulse towards music has been growing and expanding. Therefore the plastic arts have assumed a musical character to a greater or lesser extent. Music, which includes also the musical element in the arts of speech, is destined to be the art of the future.” ~Steiner

A year or so ago you had the world by the balls, some how this all metamorphosed into one minute having grasp of an angel’s halo and the next minute realizing you are holding the devil’s tail and horn. After contemplating the truth of this peculiar faustian situation, and how you somehow think it is all your fault, altering this with the feeling that it is never your fault; consider this. There is no God or devil unless we prove it by the way we live. There is no unity and wholeness, oneness, unless we discover and work it into our life, our flowering intelligence and heart. With Neptune opposing Virgo, you can’t always trust others to be there for you. See you own natal chart for where Virgo is, as to what area of life you may feel abandoned in, or affronted by overwhelming mothering or lack of. Don’t wait for others to trip you out, take you in, or inspire, or to deflate. You can do this all for yourself, but there may be better movies to play better parts in. Find work, job, friends, investments, you feel inspired by, re-imagined in and from. Now is the time to think for yourself as to what inspires you to new freedoms of happiness. Treat everyone as brother and sister and they will return the favor. Make connections and reconnections to better past, present, and future. Be patient with home situation, the time is not now. Have compassion for all those who suffer more and know less, care for the little ones, educate don’t adulterate. Make Soul Mates not cell mates. Trust that others are thinking of themselves and not you; so don’t be surprised. Free others to free yourself. Let karma and outer changes teach not preach and beat you. In your spirit, ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy;. In your Soul think for yourself, love anyway all ways, but keep learning. In the body and bodies of your life, train but let go; let God help you to let go of projections, see what is. Breathe strong to your heart, then look again.

“Hence, only by means of love can we give real help for Karma to work out in the right way.” ~Steiner

New happenings this year into next either whisk you off to new pleasure grounds, or whiskey you out, wish you out of the picture due to lack of concentration or lack of true goals able to hold your vast divine dream and spiritual soul beautiful self. Investing in the future rather than just spending yourself or letting others expend you is key. Serving the God, the Buddha or Christ, the eternal in the other is fine; serving the temporal need/desire, the animal appetite, not so divine and may cost you your sunshine. Trouble is, others keep changing the plan; so get your own divine plan and long term goals in order and always in heart/mind. Home should be a place of dying to the past, renewal and regeneration, healing, love, and hero support; not psycho drama and emotional tension. Get that and half the war is won. You may be playing your work, or face in the world, as escape and little ego stroke to hide your old wounds. Maybe though you are on to it and next year you can relax in the saddle a bit more so to tend your own garden of enlightenment in richer way. Gardening, home cooking, massage, yoga, meditation, spiritual study, can help heal restore, renew and make new doors to future growth, success, happiness. .Look for right inspirational friends and books to invoke new adventure, furtherance. Miracles of perception persist in invoking your wholeness self now, allowing new visions, goals, ideals, novel dreams, travel, new imaginations of futurity and in the hand joys. This is your year to find out what truly makes you happy. Libra’s tend to confuse their own with others happiness failing on both ends. Now you may succeed on both sides. (Otherwise need to distance stick in the muds.) If stuck, stick to one person or thing for awhile, self or other. Free that one to find the other, free the other to find self. Share but don’t give. Fore sure don’t give in, surrender to higher causes, love and truth. Eclipse affects more others, brothers and sisters, real or imagined, so your compassion and will to discover and learn anew in invoked. Invoke again your friendship to all life, not just to a few pulling and pushing you around. If nothing else, keep the harmony and sing along; but keep studying, you are on to it now.

“Matter is most spiritual in the perfume of the plant … When the spirit most closely approaches the physical earth, then we have the perception of fragrance.” ~Steiner

“As more and more precious woods and flowers that compose organic perfumes, colognes, and incenses go extinct, we will be left with the ultimate fragrance possible, the smell of a holy life.” ~robert of mayflower

The Eclipse calls on you to stay home more if you seem gone all the time. If home too much, the eclipse calls upon you to get out more and share yourself with the world. Your long-term or future plans seem to have you snaggle-pussed and locked in and stuck in many ways. Next year 2018, perhaps end of this year, your luck improves and you (or wherever Scorpio is in your chart) expand in all areas within and without. Then you learn to share and receive, give and take, with much equanimity and joyful harmony balance. For last 6 years and for next few, you have continually searched for deeper ground and more secure everything. Controlling self or other may have been over-done; or feeling others trying to control you. In the future you will lose control as the rose of your heart soul blooms into greater sense of social cultural life, love, happiness, relationship. No longer will you think happiness is escape from it all. Coming soon happiness will flower and awaken in the midst of it all. Much healing coming to repair mistakes or wounds experienced in ‘80s or 90’s. Trust that in time all things come true.

Escaping from a noisy prison to a more silent one, a trashy emotional chaotic binding to a quieter passive control or binding, a more secure binding, may not serve your higher or future possibility. One minute someone tries to give you it all, the next someone tries to take you all; try to make time for yourself to figure out, reconfigure, just who your really are when alone with yourself. You may fluctuate back and forth thinking that others or another is fooling you, lying to you versus you feeling you have to put on pretense, false face, to fool other, another, into satisfying your wishes. Perhaps a fear of being accepted for yourself? A demand to be accepted for yourself even though you haven’t yet done all the work to finding out exactly who and what your self is? Perhaps here now you need (or the area of the chart where Sagittarius planets or houses are) pull back and quiet down long enough to take much deeper look at exactly what your expectations and hope are!?! Need to truly take time for oneself, explore and play with yourself, search and re-educate oneself, recalibrating one’s world in light of higher truth, spiritual reality, even future life. Always worried about others cheating you, you may have accidentally cheated yourself out of yourself. Now is the time to get to know yourself. Stop looking at yourself through the lens of how others treat you. Treat yourself to your own stillness, creative urge, learning curve, calling. Others may offer opportunities to change, but its time for you to call your ships all back home and stop change. Be still and know thyself as a great virtue of love and truth rooting for you all this time and forever come.

“In earlier times, the elemental spirits of birth and death essentially served the divine spirits who guided the world; since our day — and this has been going on for some time now — the elemental spirits of birth and death are serving technology, industry and human commerce. It is important to let this disturbing truth enter into our souls with all its power and intensity.” -Steiner

With Pluto in Capricorn last several years and few to come, Capricorn has learned that everything comes at a cost and that wisdom and love is the only thing one can afford to give unceasingly. Wherever Capricorn is in your chart is where there is a call to die and be born again, give it your best effort but then let it all go, prepare the best you can then let it all flow, and don’t bite the hand that feeds you. You may feel bitten or taken advantage of by others but also that others know not what they do. The Christ is us, the Christos or Buddha or Divine in us is not at fault, it’s the outer personality and lack of inner attuning and atonement (at-one-ment) that betrays us. Seeing the more eternal and divine in self and other gives us bigger map to work with when little things or outer things go astray. To some extent, Capricorn (and all cardinal signs Aries, Libra, Cancer) are in over their head. The world is bigger than us and external events of collective karmic history and future necessity are whacking both our world and individual selves. For many it’s too late to do homework and the arm of karma and karmic necessity, karma nemesis, is forcing itself upon us. Pluto demands a selflessness so to learn to address or heal world wounds and sufferings. New ways of working, new callings, new home or renewing home/base is called for. Others/partners come and go, demand and tug on us. Deep inside a need to surrender and free, change or be changed, give the very things we desire, work to raise self to higher standard of operation. Money is as big or small as we can imagine it. Loving others as we want to be loved is key. Eclipse may see serious endings or loss in others calling for both compassion and spiritual insight wisdom to manoeuvre through times. Others affecting us both rise and fall and Capricorn ponders the impermanency of it all, all the more determined to align self with more eternal matters.

“We can train ourselves to be alert individuals. There are many things we can look out for. We can begin to be vigilant at this very moment, and discover that, actually, not a day passes without a miracle in our lives. We can also reverse the sentence I have just uttered and say: ‘If a day passes in which we cannot discover a miracle in our lives, well, this means that we have simple failed to notice it.’” -Steiner

Your personal freedom and caring for less fortunate ones, family, friends, kids may be a bit at odds or in need of a more dynamic life renewing or rewrite and you ponder future needs and goals one for all, all for one. Others more than ever either help or hinder your progress, lifestyle. If everyone could give more than they take, this world would be more than wonderful. Spiritual practice begins this on a subtle body level radiating love and peace from within outward. With Neptune and Pluto on each side respectively of Aquarius, the world either overwhelms and over condemns, or over indulges melting one away when one is most needed to show up. Positively it indicates wrestling with world problems, concerns over ecology, clean water and air, and wish that all beings find happiness and the causes of happiness. These times all preparation, cleansing, last wrangling of old world systems and unnecessary stuff. Either you clean it up or others come to help influence you, even pressure you, to clean it up. As we head into coming 5 years, everything is heading for completion, endings, and clearing of the way. New beginnings come forcing make it or break it scenarios come 2020 to 2024 when Jupiter enters Aquarius, the sign of the coming Aquarian Age. This will be a time for manifesting the ideals of universal brotherhood, peace and love. Especially affected our planets, houses, sun/moon/ascendents in the fixed sign of Aquarius.

“For centuries we have been arming our senses with laboratory apparatus, telescopes, and microscopes. The spiritual investigator arms his outer senses with what he develops in his soul. Spiritual investigation makes use of inner instruments evolved by the soul in steadfast activity of the inner life.”
-Rudolf Steiner
(“Karmic Relationships, Vol. IV” lecture series)

In a world where everyone wants to win, be happy, succeed, Pisces is the one sign that pretty much wants every one to win. Pisces is the feelings that feels what everyone feels. Others make take advantage, but not Pisces. Some Pisces overcompensate occasionally by secretly or privately seeking to attain goals, pleasures, needs. This happens for short outbursts followed by a more relaxed back seat posture of trying to drive by magnetic power, sensuous in breath and letting go of controls trusting in the heart of the universe to see one’s own pure nature. This might be one of those times Pisces starts a Don Quixote idealistic pure fool pursuit of far seeing and distant goals. Pisces wants now to complete, manifest, attain, or delete, drop out. A serious need here in Pisces houses or planets to manifest the long sought for dream, otherwise desire to jump ship and change course emerges for better or worse waters or ground. Pisces dreams of big change but may get fearful, lazy, or indecisive, falling into lapse of power, or idly wishing or awaiting another to make the change for them. In times to come Pisces attains a magic heart space for self and others drifting away from people and things not magic enough to hold heart. End of this year into next year begins a new cycle of luck for Pisces (houses/planets), but come end of August all through Sept.comes a facing up to what is real and what is not real, what holds water and ground, and what is sinking your boat or opposing your sleep or dream. Keep to the dream but also keep using your mind and hands. In other words, keep learning and applying what you have learned; stop waiting for the Sun to fall into your lap. Don’t repeat past experience. Learn from it, distill it into wisdom’s waters, flow and flower; but keep going, look for new views. Full Moon September in Pisces conjunct Neptune will tell the story. Many false fantasies and illusions/delusions will fall in, crash and burn. For some, dreams become capable of jumping into and the future is a mad rush into the present tense. Be real because reality comes crashing in at this time full moon onto middle of September. Practicality and ideal spirit may meet and agree, others (mutable signs in particular) fall back or grow back to real ground to work with.

“You cannot deal with man through logic alone, but through an understanding that can only be reached when intellect shall see the world as a work of art.” ~Rudolf Steiner

From H.P.Blavatsky on Evil
“Ignorance alone is the willing martyr, but knowledge is the master, of natural Pessimism. Gradually, and by the process of heredity or atavism, the latter became innate in man. It is always present in us, howsoever latent and silent its voice in the beginning. Amid the early joys of existence, when we are still full of the vital energies of youth, we are yet apt, each of us, at the first pang of sorrow, after a failure, or at the sudden appearance of a black cloud, to accuse life of it; to feel life a burden, and often curse our being. This shows pessimism in our blood, but at the same time the presence of the fruits of ignorance.

As mankind multiplies, and with it suffering–which is the natural result of an increasing number of units that generate it–sorrow and pain are intensified. We live in an atmosphere of gloom and despair, but this is because our eyes are downcast and riveted to the earth, with all its physical and grossly material manifestations. If, instead of that, man proceeding on his life-journey looked–not heavenward, which is but a figure of speech–but within himself and centered his point of observation on the inner man, he would soon escape from the coils of the great serpent of illusion. From the cradle to the grave, his life would then become supportable and worth living, even in its worst phases.

Pessimism–that chronic suspicion of lurking evil everywhere– is thus of a two-fold nature, and brings fruits of two kinds. It is a natural characteristic in physical man, and becomes a curse only to the ignorant. It is a boon to the spiritual, inasmuch as it makes the latter turn into the right path, and brings him to the discovery of another as fundamental a truth; namely, that all in this world is only preparatory because transitory. It is like a chink in the dark prison walls of earth-life, through which breaks in a ray of light from the eternal home, which, illuminating the inner senses, whispers to the prisoner in his shell of clay of the origin and the dual mystery of our being. At the same time, it is a tacit proof of the presence in man of that which knows, without being told, viz:–that there is another and a better life, once that the curse of earth-lives is lived through.
This explanation of the problem and origin of evil being, as already said, of an entirely metaphysical character, has nothing to do with physical laws. Belonging as it does altogether to the spiritual part of man, to dabble with it superficially is, therefore, far more dangerous than to remain ignorant of it. For, as it lies at the very root of Gautama Buddha’s ethics, and since it has now fallen into the hands of the modern Philistines of materialism, to confuse the two systems of “pessimistic” thought can lead but to mental suicide, if it does not lead to worse.

Eastern wisdom teaches that spirit has to pass through the ordeal of incarnation and life, and be baptised with matter before it can reach experience and knowledge. After which only it receives the baptism of soul, or self-consciousness, and may return to its original condition of a god, plus experience, ending with omniscience. In other words, it can return to the original state of the homogeneity of primordial essence only through the addition of the fruitage of Karma, which alone is able to create an absolute conscious deity, removed but one degree from the absolute ALL.
Even according to the letter of the Bible, evil must have existed before Adam and Eve, who, therefore, are innocent of the slander of the original sin. For, had there been no evil or sin before them, there could exist neither tempting Serpent nor a Tree of Knowledge of good and evil in Eden. The characteristics of that apple-tree are shown in the verse when the couple had tasted of its fruit: “The eyes of them both were opened, and they knew” many things besides knowing they were naked. Too much knowledge about things of matter is thus rightly shown an evil.

The basic argument of their representative has been given in the opening sentence of this article. The Universe and all on it appeared in consequence of the “breaking asunder of UNITY into Plurality.” This rather dim rendering of the Indian formula is not made to refer, as I have shown, in the mind of the Pessimist, to the one Unity, to the Vedantin abstraction–Parabrahm: otherwise, I should certainly not have used the words “breaking up.” Nor does it concern itself much with Mulaprakriti, or the “Veil” of Parabrahm; nor even with the first manifested primordial matter, except inferentially, as follows from Dr. Mainlander’s exposition, but chiefly with the terrestrial protoplasm. Spirit or deity is entirely ignored in this case; evidently because of the necessity for showing the whole as “the lawful domain of physical Science.”

The reasonableness of Conscious Existence can be proved only by the study of the primeval–now esoteric–philosophy. And it says “there is neither death nor life, for both are illusions; being (or beness) is the only reality.” This paradox was repeated thousands of ages later by one of the greatest physiologists that ever lived. “Life is Death,” said Claude Bernard. The organism lives because its parts are ever dying. The survival of the fittest is surely based on this truism. The life of the superior whole requires the death of the inferior, the death of the parts depending on and being subservient to it. And, as life is death, so death is life, and the whole great cycle of lives form but ONE EXISTENCE–the worst day of which is on our planet.
He who KNOWS will make the best of it. For there is a dawn for every being, when once freed from illusion and ignorance by Knowledge; and he will at last proclaim in truth and all Consciousness to Mahamaya:


H.P. Blavatsky
Theosophy Magazine, October, 1887

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