May 2015

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Bernie Sander’s is running for President. With Pluto in the sky in good aspect to his natal Sun, and again at Election time come November 2016 (due to retrograde motion), Bernie could take the light. Pluto indicating power and popularity, trines his natal Sun by degree. It seems from an astrological point of view, he has a successful chart for bottoms-up politics, money from low dollar donors online, and popularity with the common man and woman of the USA. We will be hearing lots more from this Vermont Senator about to challenge Hillary from the left. Jeb Bush has a very good chart though for President, so this looks to be an interesting race.


Joni Mitchell’s Sun is at 14 Scorpio where May 3rd (EST) Full Moon is. Is she ill? Will she pass into the spiritual worlds? Perhaps a difficult time for her this month with transiting Uranus square her ascendent and Neptune square her natal Uranus. Lots of changes and confusion or loss of consciousness. Uranus could be writing a new song though, and Neptune says… ‘Let’s make a movie’. No doubt, when she goes … there will be a movie.


What does President Obama and Russia’s President Putin have in common? Both have Moon in Gemini at about 3 degrees.  Could they have know each other in past lifetimes as lovers? Brother and sister? twins? contestants? Gemini is known for being smart and knowing a little bit about everything but not enough about any one thing. As they get older, they get wiser and know about everything deeply. Gemini needs to deepen self knowledge to know world and other. Gemini is also known for talk but no action. Hmmm, we will see. The last Pluto/Neptune conjunction in late 1891-92 at 8 Gemini triggering an outpouring of materialistic science revelations as well as spiritual revelations such as Theosophy, Bhagavad Gita coming to west in English, and more. 490 years earlier, Pluto/Neptune conjuncted at 3 degree’s Gemini in 1398-99 when Richard II was deposed, which lead up to the War of the Roses. We could learn from that time to pay more attention to what is going on at home in USA rather than always being too busy with far away troubles. Russia’s Putin under stress for change again this month as Full Moon May 3rd is at 13-14 degree Scorpio where Pluto was in perihelion during the fall of Russian Wall in Berlin in 1989. Some of that karma is still working out. Seems also it’s an intense chess game with USA and Russia need to agree to agree. Both need more wisdom and wit, smarts and action to resolve in peaceful manner conflicts concerning us all. In May look for another stressful attempt to resolve differences and bring economic stability to Ukraine as well as further tensions between all warring countries. Astrologically, the first week and last half of the month the more challenging in geo-political hotspots, extremes in nature, weather, and storms. Mother nature can be wild, and human behaviour outlandish. Danger of criminal behaviour by egoists bent on their selfish or crazy-minded agendas during May. Much room for patience and perseverance, and opportunity to train the mind in virtue, love and truth.Strong forward motion and good work times come May 15, 16, 18, 21 thru 25th. Otherwise, lay back those days if the world around you seems hostile, wild, or insane.


Floyd Mayweather’s astrological chart makes me think he will win, or is he just making lots of money no matter what? With Mars on his Jupiter, he is for sure making lots of money and may not care if he wins…Whew! Funny what some call entertainment. The Bhagavad Gita is the path of the spiritual warrior Arjuna. Buddhists have the bodhisattva warrior attaining noble virtues to overcome negatives.


Baltimore’s chart natally has Mars conjunct Midheaven making for assertive aggressive aims. Last days of riots had Mars in sky conjunct Baltimore’s natal Sun exact. Need for strong listening from the heart here, otherwise everyone is over assertive aggressive. Mars is war like, but can also be buddhist/christian type compassion.


May 3rd Full Moon at 13 Scorpio with Mercury opposing Saturn; Jupiter midpoints Sun/Moon opposition making a T-Square. Serious conversations at the least. Definitely a vibe of death and rebirth, endings and new beginnings, and strong ego thrusts for change. Strong sense of accounting for people and things. Tough news. All mutable signs, Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces, are either melancholy and feel at a loss, or deeply serious about getting things done, completed, finished. Intellectual sensuous time for some.


May 4th Sun square Jupiter creates mass stir or popular consensus as to direction to go concerning economy, politics, ego. Fixed signs, Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus, as well as Sagittarius and Aries in the midst of making big plans, fun times, and positive investments of self and time.


May 6th Sun trine Pluto gives control as to outcome, decision, stock market, politics, foundation. Earth signs Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo feel in power about present into future. Aligning self with larger interests.


May 7th Venus enters Cancer sign. From now into first week of June, great time to beautify self and home. Deep feelings of love, family, friends, home, art, music, clothes, food, and joining up with others who make one feel intimate and warm. Avoid over-indulging, but after last winter…that may be hard to do. Urge to feel life is strong now.


May 9th Mercury square Neptune. Funny feelings, lack of certainty, bewildering statements, untrustworthy news, precognition of the future. The desire to map things out and know everything conflicts with moods and feelings overwhelming the practical matters of life. Higher truths conflict with straight out illusions or lies.


May 11th Mars enters Gemini till June 24th making for more talk than action but some intense sudden knee jerk statements and sudden actions. Avoid scattering energies into too many things, doing no one good. Networking and mobility is at a high.


May 15th Mars oppose Saturn. Military stand-offs? Strong aggressive or assertive speech. Accidents and travel troubles, storms or sudden cooling of relations. Over-the-top victory march and ego inflation vs. feelings of inferiority and infertile or impotent actions. Patience and hard work pay off, using force and anger may cause many a problem. A feeling that others obstruct, and a need to work on oneself to change or correct others’ wrong behaviour. A need for authority to correct mischief.


May 16th Venus trine Neptune, putting on a happy face, soul relations, strong feelings of love and wanting to nourish or be nourished. Good day for food, flowers, friendship, love, gardens, music, family, and friends. Erotic imaginations, far-a-way dreams or scheme, plans and projections. Illusions but sensuous psychic feeling galore. Long voyages and big plans to jump over the moon, travel, create.


May 18th New Moon at 26 Taurus. Mercury goes retrograde 9:50 p.m. till June 11th making for difficult communications unless one can command or demand outcome, and that may have its own problems. Good time to rethink, renew, return, remark at the wonder of life. Bad time to make major investments unless one really knows what they are doing. Good time to turn things around that already went bad (next week or two).


May 21 Sun enters Gemini, Venus opposes Pluto. All talk and no action causes problems. Love difficulties, separations, jealousies, infighting, arguments. Venus/Pluto aspects make for much psycho drama around sex and love. When love can work, it’s deep, but many fall into rejection and mean hard behaviour, coldness and cruelty. Weird sex stuff. Positive side is helping the poor, the underdog, the less fortunate. Good for gardening, yard work, cooking good food, sensuality with a magic touch. Dangerous time to be in dangerous places. Strains and stresses with who and what you love. Strong inner compulsions to love someone that may not be that good for you. Or is it really deep love and passion totally transforming your life. A sense of gardening the Soul for some. Great for cleaning, renewing, outdoors, gardening, cooking, making love not war. Sad news in world or death or loss makes some ponder the future.


May 22 Sun oppose Saturn. Seeing inevitable consequences of past actions. Feeling stuck with situations or authoritative or deadened people. May 31st Sun square Neptune. Illusory feelings, Maya, naive thoughts and projections. Perhaps good for the arts, music, painting, poetics, but need to stay practical and grounded. May 29th Mercury square Neptune. A need for a simple life, diet, thoughts. Good for yoga and meditation. Good for simple decisions to stay grounded. Bad aspect for high flying plans that could crash land.


May 24th Moon conjunct Jupiter in Leo. Good hearted actions, happiness, feelings of religious ecstasy, sharing and caring for others. Avoid grandiose, inflated, over-the-top scams or schemes.


May 30 Sun conjunct Mercury. May trigger May 21st to 30th. Uptick possible in quakes, storms, volcanoes, winds, hurricanes, flooding, and god knows what. Good for smart clear thinking, making good plans positive and noble.


May 31st Sun square Neptune fog or sudden sunlight? Confused or sudden breakthrough. Psychic dreams and premonitions. Mystic or artistic perceptions possible.  Don’t trust all that you see. Seduced or inspired behaviours. Obsession with something. Possible meeting with an angel.


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May 2014

“Without Love this world is haunted,
Without Truth this world is alone.”
-robert of mayflower

Are we going to have a cold spring into summer as predicted in December 10th’s Om Cafe talk (see youtube mayflowerbookshop channel)? Then really hot late June into July? Will food and energy prices go up?!

For those making plans: tough aspect days are May 10th, 11th, Full Moon May 14th, 18th/19th, 28th. Good days for positive aspects include May 3rd, 4th Moon/Jupiter/Saturn give future insights, 12th, 15th for some, 18th for some, 24th especially good when Jupiter trines Saturn, 25th, and 31st for some. May 22nd to 24th Moon/Jupiter/Saturn grand trine melts minds and hearts into allegiances for lasting good true beautiful friendships, callings, and happiness.

“A billion stars go spinning through the night, glittering above your head, But in you is the presence that will be when all the stars are dead.”-Rilke

May 2nd evening, Mercury oppose Saturn creates obstacles to truth or fixed ideas, negative thinking, or opposition to such. War rhetoric and shaky markets? Or just cold shoulders and weird reality stares into space? Venus goes into Aries while Mars in Libra, both are in each other’s ruling sign. Men become sensitive and over-feeling? Women over-aggressive? Or is it time for women to take more leading roles? Is it just a time in next 3 weeks when (especially May 11th to 15th the worst) many relationships hit the wall. Intense feelings and passions may find cold or indifferent resistance. Extremes in behaviour, jealousy, envy, and just simply being at odds may cause many a split. On the other hand, the middle of the month could be a wild passionate free-for-all for some. Venus now triggers the grand cross, need to internalise outer events, digest experience, be patient to act. Internal feelings and passions now play into the configuration of work and play, politics and economics. Weather continues to go to extremes, but as predicted December 10th at OM Cafe talk, some areas experiencing cooler weather (eastern half of USA for sure).

“Love is the key, truth is the lock.” -robert of mayflower

May 3rd evening and into 4th, the Moon in Cancer Sign conjuncts Jupiter and trines Saturn. Good days here (Sat. May 3rd into the 4th) to make persuasive moves for long-term goals, commitments, friendships, business, future. Good for trying to make peace these next weeks, laying groundwork for long-term prosperity rather than short-lived.

“Because we want something beyond ourselves, we seek another.”
-robert of mayflower

May 5th to 10th Black Moon Lilith triggered by conjunction of Moon (night of 5th), inconjunct to Neptune (night/8th), and Venus trines Lilith (night/9th). Watch out for the wild woman in you to come out. Tendency to pull the rug out from under your own (or other’s) feet. Good if you’re falling to the floor to kiss, bad if undoing or tripping oneself or another. Tendency to want to make your own rules, bucking authority. Good to have passion, better to have compassion and wisdom to boot. Danger of booting the wrong one out. Danger of personal feelings getting the best of one’s rational judgement.

“Life is like a beautiful melody, only the lyrics are messed up.”
-Hans Christian Anderson

May 7th Mercury enters Gemini with Moon in Leo, Leadership communications, hearty connections. Two and half weeks of too much new news, breakthroughs in communications and networking with Mercury in Gemini.Climacteric weather, inner and outer, tensions increase as we near May 10th aspects.

“There are no classes in life for beginners;
right away you are always asked
to deal with what is most difficult.” -Rilke

May 10th and 11th, Sun oppose Saturn, Venus oppose Mars, Mercury square Neptune. Wisdom and patience called for here to avoid anger and hatred, mistaken views and erring imaginations. Warring energies and mistaken views? Conflict with authorities? Weird weather doesn’t help moods. Good and evil seem to conflict. Heavy reality check. Going to extremes dangerous here. Threats and counter threats. Difficult weather, inwardly or outwardly. Sad news, dog and cat fights, strange sightings, lipstick and lies, peculiar states of mind. Avoid misuse of meds, drugs, alcohol. Avoid negative states of mind and emotions if possible. Good day for yoga, disciplined diet and exercise, imaginative creative endeavours. Can be a rough 5 days coming for storm and change. Security needs fight with excitement stimulation needs.

May 12th Mercury trine Mars, breakthroughs in communications, relationships, partnerships, business connections, networking.

“Everything terrible is something that needs our love.” -Rilke

May 14th Full Moon in Scorpio, Venus square Pluto makes for intense passion and intimacy, spending oneself wildly, or feeling split between ideal and practical. Could be a need for more security measures and compassionate loving kindness, patience and unconditional love. Otherwise jealousy and obsession, negative emotions overrun with chaotic outcomes. A need to finalise something, take it in deeper or rid oneself of unwanted or unneeded restriction or weighty heavy situations. Reversals in weather, perhaps stocks, relations. Worries about money or security. Need for deeper love and commitment to oneself, one’s higher self and future goals. A sense of rejection or need to remove, cleanse. Ridding self of unnecessary baggage, repeat offenders, and negatives. A sense of knowing what to cut out to make room for what to let in. A sense of planting new seeds, freeing the past, or continuing to feel stuck or fixated. Need for renewal or one feels sunk by negativity or poor habits. A sense of death and rebirth. When love works with this aspect it can be quite healing. Jupiter trines Chiron on 14th but influences all month really; making for a wanting to mother others’ happiness, positive change for the better when it comes to diet, exercise, yoga, work out, body work. Good for healing family problems or troubles, but also good for making a magic garden and sacred centre away from the hustle and bustle and noise. Unusual meetings, healings, or re-woundings and strange affairs. Aim for the higher octave of these planets. Then even the Venus/Pluto becomes in depth love and commitment to renewing to spirit ennobling relationships.

“To love is so startling it leaves little time for anything else.”
-Emily Dickinson

May 15th evening, Venus conjunct Uranus; Wild colours, sudden urges, new forms of release and creativity, love urges. Sudden coming together or parting, wanting a change or a rearrange. Sudden change in plans or direction. A wild kiss. An either/or conundrum or ultimatum. Fast as it comes, fast as it goes. Lightening and windy storm aspects these last days. Mercury squares Chiron May 16th into 17th, expect wild minded ideas and talk, maverick new insights or crazy wild play or tricks. Sudden arousal of the creative urge, urge to do something new, expect the unexpected.

“For some, greater things defeat the ego that separates us from the wild greater spirit life of the wilderness, creativity and genius offer.”
-robert of mayflower

May 17th Saturday night here may play wildly into Sunday next day 18th. Need for long-term view on both play and promises.

May 18th, Moon in Capricorn, Venus square Jupiter. Do what you love but keep the fort down kind of aspect. Disciplined play? Or running out of bounds and crossing new thresholds. Some have disciplined sorrow, others unimaginable joys. Much wisdom arises now for those who listen with their heart and bone. Willingness to be alone, even in a crowd, opens the door to being alone with one’s higher self and other.

“If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow” -Rilke

May 19th Mars goes Direct to trigger off the Uranus/Pluto square mid June coming. Venus opposes Ceres. Shades of Grand Cross April! The return of the Mummy and Vampire? Just more geopolitical tempers flaring and bad weather. Around mid June Full Moon in Sagittarius Mars will hit the Uranus/Pluto square and more stressful craziness such as during April’s Grand Cross may return; also possible tough time for farming, money, and love life. None-the-less, around May 19th look for some strong shifts of weather and mood, windy zaniness, forward moving political outlook and economic zoom. Also the Venus/Ceres makes for the need to be mothered or mother, with many a big baby running around complaining over spilt or spoiled milk. Next few days rush forward into the future, ready or not here it comes.

“If we surrendered to earth’s intelligence we could rise up rooted, like trees.”

May 24th Jupiter trine Saturn for third time in last two years. Good for long-term investment, economic stability, emotional security, and friendship futurity. This aspect stabilises the crazy Uranus/Pluto volatility and high pressure weather, politics, eco and economy. Such aspect offers solutions to problems, not pollution, disillusion and dissolution of challenges. What started earlier in month reaches important turning point or continuance with long-lasting ramifications and results.

“The future enters into us, in order to transform itself in us, long before it happens.” -Rilke

May 28th New Moon in Gemini, Sun square Neptune. Lots of talk going nowhere these next few days, or is the future going off without us? People tend to want more peace and quiet and voters may be becoming annoyed with noisemakers and worry warts. Tendency to get lost, ramble on, lose oneself in words and thoughts. Possible genius creativity in the arts, music, imagination. Higher love vs. lost in the shuffle aspect.

‘Upon hearing true melody, one awakens the inevitability of something eternal within us, a song, dancing all along within us, awaiting to re-member, connect, bridge, remind us that we are part of everything, everyone, and the world.’
-robert of mayflower

“We need the Moon so we don’t perish in the Sun, we need dark so we don’t perish in the light, we need love so we don’t perish in truth, we need art so we don’t waste away from news.”
-robert of mayflower

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Further note from Steiner. Mayflower Bookshop began in my imagination when I saw ‘The Secret Doctrine’ glowing on a bookshelf in Circle Books, Ann Arbor, long ago. Blavatsky’s books are important to have for your expanding mind, imagination, and library. Start with ‘Isis Unveiled’ and enjoy.

“At the beginning of the Theosophical movement a woman stands, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. It is a strange circumstance that precisely here we have the unprecedented experience, that here we have a woman with the most all-embracing mind, with the most penetrating force and energy of mind who has written works compared to which all the spirituality which our culture (Geisteskultur) has otherwise produced is but a trifle.
Now, perhaps you believe nothing of the so-called occult teachings, the so-called insights into the spiritual world that are contained in Blavatsky’s ‘Isis Unveiled’ or the ‘Secret Doctrine’ — perhaps you believe nothing of this; but take a look at these books some time and ask yourself: ‘How many thinkers of today have known more penetratingly about so many things as Blavatsky?’
The two enormous volumes of The Secret Doctrine give information on almost all areas of spiritual life, ancient culture, ancient religion; on all possible branches of natural science, social life, astronomy and physiology.”
-Rudolf Steiner, ‘Women, Sexuality and Society’, Nov. 17, 1906, Ga54.

“Hence it seems clear that in every human being, if we wish to consider him as a totality, we have a phenomenon before us with two parts — one revealed and material, and one hidden and spiritual. And only a man who is capable of combining an external masculinity with a beautiful internal feminine character is a complete human being. And it is precisely this that the greatest spirits, namely, those of a mystical nature, have always felt in the spiritual life of the past.
This is an important point. Men have played a greater part because materialism impels itself towards an external culture. This external culture is a masculine culture because it was meant to be a material culture. But we must also be aware that in the development of world history one cultural epoch gives way to another, and that this one-sided masculine culture must find its completion through what lives in every human being. One senses this precisely in the age of this masculine culture. That is why, when the mystics spoke from the innermost depths of their souls, they defined this soul as something feminine. And it is from this that you find everywhere the comparison of the soul, receptive as it is to the world, with the feminine; and on this is based Goethe’s saying in the ‘Chorus mysticus’:
Everything transient
Is but illusion;
The inadequate —
Here becomes reality;
The indescribable —
Here is achieved;
The Eternal-feminine
Bears us aloft.”
…For this reason it should not surprise us that, in an age that has given birth to a masculine culture, the spiritual culture which has begun in the Theosophical movement had to be given birth by a woman. Thus this Theosophical or spiritual-scientific movement will prove itself to be eminently practical. It will lead humanity to overcome gender in and to rise to the level where Spirit-Man or Atman stands, which is beyond gender, beyond the personal — to rise to the purely human.”

-Rudolf Steiner, GA 54;


March 2014

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March 1st, crazy weather, war drums, quake and volcano uptick, and new impulses to realise yourself before more crazy weather appears. New Moon in Pisces, Mars goes retrograde from 27 Libra to 9 Libra mid May. Mars will trigger the grand cross in cardinal signs end of April; so these days critical to making peace not war. Stocks jittery this coming week? We may see shaky markets. War drums continue to bang into April? More crazy weather too? Yoga and meditation for peace, prayer, may be the most appropriately important thing to do these days. Taking a deep internal breath to reckon one’s heart as a compass to greater identity and destiny, better futures, is key. Here, the way out is the way in, retreat and muse on the eternal verities. Unless of course you are a heavyweight player jumping into one of the many vortexes of crisis opportunity to sway the vote, lay back and ponder the inner sun. Heavy karma being worked out for many these days into next few months. Good time to manifest one’s true self, destiny and purpose. Time to free oneself from ‘same old same old’ repeat offenders or psychic chains of wrong habit, friends, diet, or thinking. Patience and compassion for those in chaotic vortexes and negative experience welcome.

March 2nd, take stock in your inner self, your own heart/mind/soul in harmony with the Spirit of the world. Unstable times for world markets and sense of peace and security. Good time for yoga/meditation/reading and pondering the inevitable opportunities to change, grow, learn. Saturn retrograde is a reveal of what makes us feel grounded, secure, fathered. Venus in Capricorn squares Mars in Libra making for intense love/sex energy as well as wanting right relationship, partnership, meaningful dialogue. Love quarrels come from making demands on others rather than looking to oneself for change, growth, new learning. Saturn in Scorpio in mutual reception to Pluto in Capricorn has kept leadership intact and investments/markets controlled or sane. Saturn retrograde may question what is true security or investment. Spiritually speaking we need to invest in our own learning, in our own inner flowering, growing wiser, more loving. Yet, the outer need for security, food, water, air, shelter, good friends, is important too; and this outer world is getting a bit shaky and in need of new revelation, higher truths and love, and just plain out simple honesty and practicality. Saturn/Pluto mutual reception has kept the world somewhat sane and the economy controlled if not continuing to grow. As Saturn goes retrograde, those in authority or leadership may need to internally review the short and long-term plan. Taking a breather from intense conflict to reassess the long-term consequences may be good. April’s Grand Cross may force a play or action, but now is the time to slow things down. One’s personal desires or wishes may be frustrated with Saturn retrograde in Scorpio. Investments need play it safe. Last few days and next, many changes of gears or reversals, endings and new beginnings. See Youtube ASTROLOGY FOR 2014, Robert Thibodeau’s December 10, 2013 talk predicting weather, politics, Putin, and more.

March 4th, Moon opposes Mars retrograde triggering a forewarning of what is to come in the coming couple months. Avoid aggression, anger, hate. Bravery to be oneself, courage to tell the truth and protect the little ones, the earth too, is important here. Much rash negative speech and news, rowdy behaviour.

March 6th all ahead go for many, a shift of gears to higher octave. Jupiter bangs its way forward through Cancer and water signs to enter Leo in July when many a positive event takes place. Others might feel a need to purify or make preparations for renewed sense of self and inner worth heart shine. Sudden realisations, subtle earth changes felt in inner heart/soul, sudden shift in weather hopefully for the better, huge social upheavals, (this is a quake/volcano uptick week), weather and stock market shake ups or testings; yet somehow the future looks bright and one feels a positive jolt of inspiration to try again to make things better. Perhaps warring elements take a break till end of month into 8 days of April where higher angels need to work their miracles again. Maybe we will get lucky with co-creative peace making during this time and the coming weekend. Jupiter goes direct giving go ahead to buy, sell, proceed with individual immediate plans while attending and attaining long-awaited goals and status by the time Jupiter enters Leo in July/August. Then all fire signs begin to prosper. Till then WATER Signs favoured with good luck. Think July/August when making big plans, not March/April. Now is the time to catch up, clean up, fix up, heal, metamorph and inwardly grow outwards. A ‘more you get into it, the more you get out of it’ time. Things happening now, this last week or even last few months, now reaches peak and climactic eruption or turning point into April when the two lunar eclipses April 16th and 29th affecting cardinal and fixed signs the most, re-define reality and world endeavour once again.

March 10th-11th, Mercury squares Saturn: reality hits hard, so have patience learning how to interact, participate. Face the facts and be true to yourself yet patient in expression and delivery. Delays, blocks, obstructions, or are you just dealing with one horse jump after another. Fixed signs feel this the most. Those who plan for the future have more flexibility when the future hits them with surprises. Think deep and slow to find sureness in future actions. Good for long sure slow wise thinking. Good for catching up and doing paper work, or making honest simple acknowledgements to yourself, others. Avoid negatives, use only constructive criticism. Others moody or depressed. Humour and spiritual light heartedness could be helpful in some areas.

March 13th Sun trines Saturn: success in long-term ventures and adventures. The true blue, good, tried, come through. Good for making long-term plans and having honest conversations, decisions, contracts, work. Some shining hearts seem to last forever, those friends live in our innermost hearts and souls. Appreciation is key word today, along with blessing grace.
March 14th Mercury trine Mars: great for communication, networking, new ideas, innovations, breakthroughs in discovery and getting point across. Strong truths and voicings. Good for exercise and making new friends, making headway, sharing future views and making good negotiations, agreements.

March 16th Full Moon in Virgo: Avoid unnecessary criticism and sour notes. Good time to heal, catch up, clean, do home work, purify, exercise, eat healthy food, and work on the self to help others. There is no perfection, only wholeness. Complete thoughts before voyaging on the new. Constructive critique may work to further plans, especially if it’s a positive self critique.

March 18th Venus sextile Uranus: playful sexual aspect, take care not to go out of bounds or offend. Almost too much is happening at once, very busy time. Take a breath and stay in the flow, ride the wave to new ecstatic insights at play.

March 20th Sun into Aries, Moon in Scorpio occultation of Saturn. Cut out negative unneeded habits or repeat offenders, or friends who offend and take advantage. Don’t start wars or conflicts but lay out the event horizon and the consequences of misbehaviour. Listen to warning signs that you may need to slow down and take a breath, a break from stressful situations. Listen quietly for messages from dreams, intuitions, or higher worlds calling. Avoid fallback, backsliding, taking too cold of view or behaviour.

March 22nd Beware of false or broken promises. Be clear in speech and read the small print. Take care in purchases and accounting matters. Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces; Great for dreamers and spiritual believers, bad aspect if you think you can get something for nothing and get scammed. Beware of lies, deceit, or wishful thinking that has no real means of realisation. Good aspect for futurism and artistic progress. Good for creative artists, poets, and musicians but stay practical. Dream true, manifest your ideal higher self. Don’t believe all you hear and and half of what you see. Good for artistically attempting to please or satisfy others wishes or dreams. Very idealistic aspect, religious, spiritual, outer space or deep sea adventures and revelations. Can be an emotional aspect where one goes astray of reality. Breaking away from the routine might be just the key if one doesn’t go dumb or numb with foolish actions. Avoid ‘What was I thinking? aftermath’.

March 27th Moon conjuncts Venus in Aquarius: an ideal day (and lasts for awhile) to share your dreams, love, and future inclinations to greatness. Poetics and flowers work well here, as do kisses and hugs.

March 29th the love fest continues or is it sharp turns and sour grapes? Venus in Aquarius trine Mars in Libra, Venus square SATurn in Scorpio; what makes one person happy may make another sad. Love seems has no limits until imposed on you by another. Set healthy boundaries and enjoy. Magic is afoot if you live in such a way that redeems yesterday by holding on to tomorrow.

March 30th (into new month) More changes and rearranging? Change within to avoid outer change. New Moon in Aries conjunct Uranus (influence until April 3rd). Scary drums of war still rattling, or is it this crazy weather still putting many on the rocks and stirred up? Shaky quaking earth or storm? Volcanic or disruptive emotions? Scary start to spring? Extremes in weather? Or are new impulses for peace making, compassion to those less fortunate, bravery in face of difficult challenges. Mourning prominent deaths, a sense of rebirth, social renewal, and need to learn new ways of being true to ourselves, others. Many rediscovering or reviewing, renewing or questioning nature of work, home, relationship, personal identity; all Cardinal house and sign interests connected to Grand Cross in April. See Youtube Grand Cross talk.

Lunar Eclipse April 15th with Mercury square Pluto. Research, deep thinking, warning signs of impending necessities. Indications of fate and destiny abound.

April 10th to 23rd grand changes and world awakening as the Grand Cross of April triggers. The Templars’ Revenge? Make love not war? Mother Nature telling us something is wrong and needing fixing? The new age of a politics of wisdom and compassion? Breakthroughs in technology and energy; a vision of freedom form fossilised fuels? A need for ecology policing? A new emerging love of the earth. A new emergence of the Prosephine Mysteries and goddess mother religiousness movements. A new rise of the feminine, Sophia, wisdoms in politics and economics.

April 29th Solar Eclipse New Moon with Mercury trine Pluto. Mental realisations, conclusions, and future things to do. Making an agenda and setting realistic goals. A need to change one’s mind, renew one’s highest vows, and start anew.

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“I believe in the creative power of certain individuals who, because of this power or gift, must be allowed by society to be alone, work alone, and left alone to perfect their work.  Our education must be more lenient to these individuals and more understanding on that individual who does not conform to the average.”
-Norma Lorre Goodrich, ‘Her Statement’

“Friendship is an inner Sun makes light
the World. Love is a candle in the heart
illuminating, unfurling, the Soul flame Spirit;
the same name, every star,  burning in
every cell every living thing, thought, feeling
raising angelic voices bringing a grail
catching stars singing our names.”
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Record california wine grape harvest…good year for wine….comets told me.


Pine Forests good for healing climate change.

Building a library of brains from those who died; downloading memories

Scientists discover 715 planets but have yet to discover earth it seems. Grass greener on the other side?


February 2014

“One day a woman I know came face to face with heroic beauty, that highest beauty which Blake says changes least from youth to age, a beauty which has been fading out of the arts, since that decadence we call progress set voluptuous beauty in its place.” -William Butler Yeats, from the Celtic Twilight 1893

  • Jan. 25th into early February influenced by Ceres (Asteroid) conjuncting Transformation Point (i.e. Uranus, Neptune, Pluto midpoint). Issues around mothering, breastfeeding. Who to let in or not. Who to feed/nourish or not; who to love or not. Who to mother. How to redeem lost parts, one’s lost youth. What is nourishment to body and soul, spirit? What is wholeness? We have sex education but do we have love education? Spiritual education of the Soul? And should the government mandate breastfeeding? See: L.A. Times. Also see: BBC News
  • Near the end of February, Vesta – the goddess of hearth, flame and critic of perfection or righting things – brings clearer focus on true goals. Vesta conjuncts Transformation Point (T.P.) (Jan. 25th into Mercury direct time on 28th). In the same time frame, and in first few days of March, Mars and N.Node near conjunct T.P. Mars triggered T.P. during Boston bombing. Volatile financial markets, as well as ups and downs in emotions. Check critical days below. Good or ill happenings can occur to force us to grow in new ways. Not always fun. So end of month into March is a critical time to take extra caution and care to get things right. For one thing, Congress needs to raise debt limit or U.S. may default on debt by end of month. Jupiter square Uranus at end of month portends breakthrough techniques and energetics that truly stir inner and outer growth, but not all will be happy. More vissisitudes in world markets then. Feb. 3rd Moon triggers the coming Jupiter/Uranus, which always spins surprise, shocks, and reversals. And then does it again the other way. Volatile inner and outer weather for sure.
  • The still lingering influence of Jupiter opposing Pluto energizes serious thought on search for a more harmonious system of world government and economy allowing for greater peace to family and friend. Until the Grand Cross in April – market & stock fluctuations, extremes in weather and human relationships, and the pressure and stress to grow in new ways persist at an extraordinary speed and pace. The universe and world is changing and we must change with it or show the world new ways of virtue and wonder from within ourselves. If there was ever a time to spiritually and creatively awaken to both our sense of self destiny and world fate, it is now! Hey, its time to read a good book from Mayflower’s Spiritual collection!
  • Critical and Eventful Days for the month (extremes in weather, emotions, markets) include (give or take a day) Feb. 3rd, 6th, 11th, 14th, 18/19th, 21, 25th/26th, and 28th into a few days of March. These are days to be more cautious of taking risks, yet also days where great changes and progressive motion can take place if you know what you are doing, wise and skilful. Markets and emotions may go to extremes here. All heading for climacteric of positive change when April’s Grand Cross occurs affecting primarily Cardinal Signs, planets and houses (Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, Libra). Many feel like it’s the ‘Carrot or Stick’ time. Go (grow) for the carrot, the ideal visualized; or be hit by the stick, the reality of life, and be forced to grow. Plato said “if you are willing to learn, anything could happen”. Keep learning about the world and self. Read a book! Rudolf Steiner, Osho, Tibetan Buddhism, Yogananda, Manly Hall – all good places to start learning how to awaken your own gifts and talents, genius and greater capacities.
  • Feb. 1st, Moon conjunct Uranus kick starts new cycle new moon energetics. Lots of new plans in the making along with a sense of the ever-changing and challenging world situations. Wild weather and storms, uptick on quakes and volcano activity may continue to challenge many. Hopefully, we are not in for mini year or two ice age like in latter 1800’s and in 1600’s. Hard to grow food. Speaking of which … price rises in food and fuel? Backyard gardeners and home-brewers listen up: Your time is coming. Moon/Uranus known for upsets and turn-a-rounds, surprise twists and new insights, earthquake/volcano emotions. Sudden shifts again in weather.
  • Feb 4th, Moon oppose Mars – avoid aggressive moves causing angry response. Otherwise, all ahead … go!
    Feb. 6th, Mercury goes retrograde in Pisces. Take care in starting new things, signing contracts or making aggreements. Good for being psychic and intuitive perhaps, but Mercury retrograde is notorious for making wrong decisions or being confused, misled, not clear about facts, details, or bottom line realities. Rethink, redo, retroactive, reactive, retract, remember, renew, review, rewrite, religion, recall, all the ‘re’s’ for sure. Good side is to re-think and make better. Mercury retrograde until Feb. 28th when direct. The next day March 1st, New Moon occurs while Mars goes retrograde (huge event here). Then Saturn retrogrades while Venus squares Mars on March 2nd. This last portends of need for strong decisions and actions that have lasting value and merit. The need to secure the future of one’s sense of self and dignity, job and vocation. Concerns over quality of relationship and current events. Mercury retrogrades from Pisces returning to sign of Aquarius the night of Feb. 12th. Many wake up from false dreams, others really start to manifest and realize their dreams.
  • Feb 11th, Moon conjuncts Jupiter and Sun square Saturn. My hope is we have a good solar flare and most happy realistic day. Most likely we will see more extremes in the weather worldwide, hot and cold, wet and dry. Fun for some, others are dying for change. Day of decisions, who is in and who is out, what to do and what to not.
    Full Moon Feb. 14th on St. Valentine’s Day. Full Moon Opposition of Sun/Moon T-Squares into Saturn, Sun trine Mars too. All ahead, Go! Great 3-day weekend to strike new chords in the song of your life, make good points and bonus points with friends and future dreams, drive your imagination closer to your dreams of realization. Sun in Aquarius conjunct Mercury on 15th with Mercury trine Mars in Libra on Sunday the 16th, brings intellectual realization, clarity, to world events and happenings. Increased awareness and mindful networking/connectivity good. Good weekend for conversing, travel, meeting up with others, making plans, stategizing, getting ideas across, connecting, communicating creatively and clearly with others. In many parts, good weather and mood.
  • Feb. 18th to 20th, into 21st Moon occultation of Saturn may bring rough weather and more, ironing out flaws in relationships. North Node slips into Libra from Scorpio, as Moon in Libra conjuncts node and Mars, giving strong urge to make relationships work or change, re-arrange. Relations (business, fun, or love) need work to further transform or change. Many new plans made this month may take till July to fully unfold and be seen to manifest. July is when Mars conjuncts the North Node after a long retrograde motion. Mars is Libra’s lesson in working with others, not running over others. Learning patience and Tao in the flow to make things grow and go forwards. Love as a two-way street rather than one way. Striving for a new relationship, higher attuned and harmonious. Those who can’t find resonance of working in harmony with others may cause much conflict feeding back on self.
  • Feb. 19th Mercury square Saturn, good for catching up with paper work. Otherwise obstruction or slow going, difficult travel next few days. Hard to get ideas across. Bad karma, or is it attempting to make lemonade out of lemons? (always hard to do in winter). Avoid taking things too personally, keep a balanced view, long-term loving view.
    Feb. 21st Moon occults or eclipses Saturn. Cold shoulder or cold weather?Serious view of self and world? Good for getting work done, keeping oneself in check, discipline, and on the quest.
  • Feb. 23rd Sun conjunct Neptune. No matter how nutty the weather, it’s celtic beautiful. Weather foggy or mystical or dreamy or futuristic; it’s a good day to dream, be creative, write, paint, sing, escape into spiritual reality.
  • Feb. 25th to March 6th is a critical turning point for many. Need to finally deal with reality, make proper long-term decisions, finish projects or let them go. Many turns of events giving inevitable consequences to future. Much politics behind and out front making strong road ways to what is up in November elections. Perhaps too, major events and happenings indicating more clearly the nature of the coming April Grand Cross. See my video of Dec. 10th 2013 talk at Om Cafe for more details. These times are important when it comes to keeping one’s spiritual practice and virtuous disciplines, diet, and good friendships, support systems. Although these aspects can in parts create havoc and more extremes in the weather, quakes or volcano; it can also suddenly become clear and pleasant as to what to do or not to do. This could be a time of breakthroughs and inspirations, early romps of Spring, especially the days around Feb 26th Jupiter/Uranus and Moon occultation of Venus?!
  • Feb. 26, Moon eclipses Venus and Jupiter squares Uranus. Breakthroughs or breakdowns. Suddenly feeling cut off, or suddenly turned on?! Electrical sunny vibrant cathartic day to boldly go where you never been before. Lots of luck for many, others make dumb mistakes and accidents. Sudden good fortune or loss. Strong shifts in weather and investments, markets. New insights and news, sudden shifts and revelations, new inventions and breakthroughs but quirky and not to be fully trusted with Mercury still retrograde. Leaks and bold statements or challenges. Sudden upsets, turn-a-rounds, sudden victories, or loss. Highly charged day, affecting few days around this time before/after, to make proper adjustments and creative changes to upgrade or update your style, goals, home.
  • Feb. 28th Mercury goes direct and Sun trines Jupiter. Many shifts of gears empowering future. Many sudden insights or news allowing one to upgrade view. Healing the past and letting go of obsessions or fixations or addictions or past woundology psychology is good move at this time. Clear the ground for more positive times to come.

-Robert of Mayflower
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December 2013

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Astrology 2014 at OM Cafe this December 10th from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Sun Sign Predictions, good times and tough times of the year. money, love, politics, economy, real estate, higher calling and finding true meaning in life.
Music and meet and greet 7 p.m. Talk starts 7:30 p.m.
Yummy healthy food as well as OM home-made beer or wine if you want.
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“The universe is divinely right and just in time for each unique person’s divine rights and possibilities for happiness and inner wealth, we just need to tune our instruments to find our true voice.”
-robert of mayflower

  • December 1st Moon eclipses Saturn and Mercury, serious research/study/thinking/recovering/contemplating/moody or otherwise, grumpy ultimatums or ultimate sense of finality, seriousness along with feeling blocked a bit or unable to budge others. Good day to catch up to yourself. With Black Moon Lilith conjunct Jupiter on 1st into 2nd, and New Moon (Dec. 2nd) square to Chiron (Charon in my book Astrological Aspects). These coming weeks watch for 1) very blunt realities to slap many across the face; 2) women mavericks taking over the role of tired, atavistic, or stuck in old fixtures men, 3) a major memorial service, funeral, and/or wedding; 4) a new call for a politics of compassion and loving kindness; 5) new partnerships between unlikely bedfellows; 6) new peace agreements; and finally; 7) the discovery and revelation that SANTA all this time was really a WOMAN in disguise; 8) whether you are man or woman, you will notice both the good and bad witch is coming out in you… So beware, choose wisely witch one you really want to express and reap such world whirl wind results.
  • Dec. 2nd, New Moon at 10 degrees Sagittarius at 7:22 p.m. EST. A positive reinvigorating sense of the Spirit of the times weaving through these coming three weeks into December. Now til Full Moon time a more positive vibe. Sun in Sagittarius gives us a more expansive futuristic view. As Moon goes into Sagittarius 2nd-3rd and Mercury on the 4th… spirit of the times is lifted up on the wings of loving intelligence. Words tend to be straight from the heart, watch out for too much bluntness, keep to the heart of reality, self, and other. Times should feel vibrant and up more till end of month when storm alert and turbulent emotions may toss things out of balance. Take care when Uranus goes direct with Full Moon on the 17th into 18th. This aspect has a way of reversing wheels and turning things upside-down, or turning things round; possibly making for wild weather, chaotic times, havoc, storm, quake, angry moments, impatience, stress, more volcanoes, windstorms, cyclones, and shake ups. Good for working on one’s own negativities and searching for new ways of working, amending, healing, discovering, co-creating. If volcanoes keep activating, we may be in for colder bitter winter. Quake uptick by 4th may indicate bigger one middle of month or at end of month. Otherwise, good time to make progressive changes in oneself to avoid others making them for you. Carrot or stick progress seems inevitable these daze…
  • December 10th, ‘Astrology for 2014 Talk at OM CAFE’ – Sun Signs revelations, predictions, critical dates (good and challenging ones), insights and predictions. Robert of Mayflower shares his insights- at OM CAFE 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., music & ‘meet-and-greet’ 7:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Talk starts at 7:30 p.m. Om has good food and drinks (tea and even home-made beer and wine). $20 suggested donation.
  • December 10th Mercury trine Uranus, Moon conjunct Uranus. Quick mindedness for seeing trends and coming events. Mercury is mercurial, awake intellectual and present tense. Uranus is electrifying quick, sparks of genius, a wanting to go to the next higher level. Look in news and all around you for cues in worldly events portending of future investments, trends, changing tides of opportunity. Watch your own mind for psychic intuitive premonitions of coming times around this day. For all indications and tips of premonition or futurity, for all upticks in shaky events, or quakes and/or volcanoes, storms, watch for 17th, 18th, 29th and 30th for play out of event, manifestation of tendency, sudden reversals, shifts, changes, or chaotic challenges of inner (emotional) and outer (event) weather, difficult travel, storms, or new growth.
  • Jupiter trine Saturn on 12th, influencing the month, makes for patient progress and good social etiquette. Love and Truth have a good moment in the world here, so join in the opportunity to participate in making joy and intelligent peace an ingredient of the times. A particularly good time (all first half of December leading up to this aspect) for creating a healthy social life, solid family life, strengthening friendships. Seeing the whole of life in each moment, seeing how the moment blesses the whole of life making for magic times. Good for healing the past, planning a better future, meeting one’s inner connection for destiny. Good for making arrangements, contracts, agreements, business progress, healthy furthering of relationship, healing, renewing, finding harmony between spirit and practical material matters, harmonising the forces of heaven and earth, inner and outer peace making. Jupiter expands and is socially spirited and positive. Saturn is practical, matter of fact to the point (Jupiter expands the view). Saturn is securing, rooting, more materially grounded and founded, Jupiter flowers and opens up the moment. Both planets are in harmonious aspect making, for the moment, good economics and healthy housing and equity markets, good times. This time of renewed and new agreements, this peaceful creative harmonious time, may be tested or challenged, at full moon time, and especially challenged at end of December into early January. Jupiter/Saturn aspect energies work to harmonise world politics with simple everyday life, the vast spiritual potentials each of us has, with our everyday needs, wants, and responsibilities to self and other. As Plato said; if you are willing to learn, anything could happen. Let’s wish and work for the good in all to flower and manifest this month now.
  • December 16th – Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top) birthday right before the Full Moon portends of creative changes this coming year and, perhaps, another hit record.
  • December 17th Full Moon (Eve of 16th is actual Full Moon night but energies can be felt from the 10th on). On Full Moon the 17th, Uranus goes direct. Watch for sudden realizations and need to change direction or get to a higher level of affairs. Sudden shifts in weather, chaotic behaviour or nature; also sudden upsets or shifts or reversals in markets, sports, relationships. Sudden revelations or insights; fresh creativity and genius also possible. Some feel a sense of letting go of past, or need to restate agreements, or need to start afresh, anew. See Dec. 2nd for further comment on 16 to 18th.
  • December 19th Moon conjunct Jupiter. This is a good day to be happy, alone or with others. It’s kind of a peak-out of the good vibrations throughout first 21 days of December (other than 16th to 18th possibility of shake ups, storms, quake, or weird weather). Things start to shift toward more difficult astrological aspects in the sky come Christmas Day on the 25th. December 19th good time to restate one’s goals and aims, one’s positive ground and heart. Time to positively dig in for the good, true, and beautiful. Know thyself to know the other, the world. Be the unchanging good you want to see in others, the heart ground peace come whatever weather.
  • December 21st, Venus in Capricorn goes retrograde. Venus in Capricorn can be deep solid love in for the long run, the short run can at times be sacrificial or work. Rewards can come back to you during this retrograde; for many it’s hard work, little play, lack of hugs, and feelings unloved. Give a hug, heal a thug, clean under the rug, and don’t take drugs. Be love, nourish other’s rapture and peace. Saturn is ruler of Capricorn and Venus is love; times can be hot and holy if right intentions meet focused Spirit. Wrong attunement or spiritual focus, lack of discipline, can fall into disagreements. Agreements for security and status quo, cold and bottom-lined may make for survival but not fulfil deeper needs and longing. Noble long-term goals and a sense of deeper love for world, self and other, can reveal new ways of working, striving, achieving. Venus is capricorn demands sacrifice and offering, letting go of preconceived ideas seeking comfort or false security, as to see new ways of working and loving, achieving. With Venus retrograde and in Capricorn, last minute shoppers may be frustrated in achieving ideal goal; also gifts bought on retrograde Venus are more likely to be returned or not appreciated. Venus retrograde is good for yoga and gifts that turn one more inward for value or virtue, rather than outward. Gift cards may work to leave other more free of choice. Since Venus is retrograde at Christmas time, perhaps this is more the motif one should look for. Venus retrograde in Capricorn, gifts may succeed by having long lasting value, or increased in value over time possibility. For sure though, gifts that turn one inward, such as meditation, yoga, esoteric spiritual sciences. A quartz crystal, gemstones, gemstone jewellery, a Steiner or Osho or buddhist or positive thinking book could be just perfect. Venus retrograde also good for looking over one’s past loves and gaining spiritual insight and new realisations, wisdom.
  • December 25th, Mars in Libra oppose Uranus in Aries, with Moon conjunct Mars. Though Mars/Uranus aspects can bring about great courage, outrageous maverick success, high achievement and the call beyond duty, freedom fighters and high strung energetics, great daredevil feats, angelic courage and virgin possibility; such aspects can bring about many a negative spirits and tragic event too if not thwarted. Beware of anger, hastiness, accidents, storms, difficult travels, violence, protest, revolt, change of boss or regime, overthrow, radical upset, obstinate and severe extreme behaviour, reversals, turn-arounds, sudden emergencies, argument, and shock. The end of the month seems to carry this astrological seriousness or need to make strong changes in oneself, or concerning others, so to improve oneself and one’s world, future.
  • December 28th thru to New Moon January 1st and into January 2nd promises to be tough time when the tough are called to get going. Others may just feel beat up by the times. This time brings about events, inwardly and outwardly, that may coerce many minds and hearts to make strong new year’s promises to change, resolutions to reform, renew, change and update oneself. Tough aspects here. With Moon eclipsing Saturn on 28th (serious moon, shift to the chill side), Mercury square Uranus on 29th (sudden changing news or views), Sun square Uranus and Mars square Pluto on 30th (Shock/storm/sudden changes/violence/suffering, need to purify or make strong change), and more tough aspects right into January make this time, at the least, tough for travel and communications. Could be quite a cold spell or stormy time testing the Soul’s merit/virtue and depth of spiritual strength. Good time for reading sacred scripture and doing spiritual practice.
  • Last words. Late December’s rough aspects can make for rough weather and much toil to bring about positive results. From late December till April’s grand cross could be rough waters and rocky ups and downs for peace making, stock markets, weather, relations, politics and safe sound investments. With Jupiter in Cancer coming to conjunct the U.S.A.’s July 4th Sun, we may yet wake up to our higher angel of virtue and world calling for peace, joy, and the brotherhood/sisterhood of all humankind. Hopefully it won’t be crisis that throws us together, but a higher calling and spirit of love and truth allowing for a wise politics of compassion and skilful means of working with others, each other.

“Reading, dreaming, dancing and romancing, contemplating in stillness the eternal truths, the higher self, the divine in another; this is not only our divine inheritance, it is a way of life, a spiritual midwifery for the higher self, a path to a higher learning and better world. This is how artists are born; dance, sing, listen, root and flower.” -robert of mayflower

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Taylor Swift’s Astrology Chart and Marriage Prediction

What makes singer-songwriter Taylor Swift click the switch button on lovers so many times while simultaneously flying high in the charts?! With Moon conjunct Jupiter both in Sign of Cancer in her 11th house, she will always have new friends and new songs; ah, lovers, if she wants. Why doesn’t anyone last? Perhaps she is still hung up on one from the far past, so no new one can fully capture her imagination? Moon/Jupiter, along with being her highest planets in the chart, is near Chiron (Charon), making Swift both a unique maverick in the field, but also ‘otherworldly’, spiritual etheric dreamy at times. The stars say she is destined to succeed. Mercury/Neptune/Saturn unfortunately oppose this positive configuration making for many a wrong choice of lover, as well as hauntings from the past or childhood. This aspect can flip to always wanting something in the future (Neptune) so one does not really see the in the ‘present’ exactly who is there. Or is it that the other choses wrongly with Swift?! Others are either too dead (Saturn), or too high, spaced out, unable to perform, or come through in the right way, unable to manifest (Neptune) or deliver the goods, the promise. They may promise something they can’t deliver on. Neptune can be deceptively weird. At times intellect supersedes over the heart of higher, even divine, love. Other times higher lover ideals are impossible to materialize. She is complicated and at times caught between the worlds needing a place to run away and hide, rejuvenate. The wrong people around her, drain her.

Her Venus in Aquarius wishes for the magic that will heal and save the world, bring peace and love and good new order to the chaos. Jupiter will in 2014 conjunct her Leo rising (ascending sign) giving her another go at further heights of success, but it very well may be last call for drinks, success. As Pluto conjuncts her Neptune (death of the dream and rebirth of real earthy practical matters) and conjuncts her Saturn; the slow grind of reality and age may convince T.S. to stop while ahead. Or is it her having or wanting a baby?! All the planets have higher and lower octaves. Each individual out of freedom and smarts attunes to higher or lower octaves and event precipitating energies. At the moment now, Saturn transiting is about to conjunct her Pluto in Scorpio this December 2013. It’s a time to take care not to burn out. Might be good to hold back and take a break. It’s a time to rest or be arrested, settle down or be unsettled (again?!), and a grit and grind to pump out the new product. How long can this girl woman last? With Saturn transit in the sky conjuncting her natal Mars (end of 2014 into 2015) I predict that Miss Taylor Guitar Songwriter Singer Swift will settle down and marry then, or crash and burn with too much show and tell, work and grind, not enough play time for renewal spiritual soul adventure. Taylor Swift’s midheaven at 5 degree Taurus reveals a wish, a higher hope perhaps, to be the earth goddess, a mom, and have a garden. What happened Miss Swift? Moving too fast?

Another of Swift’s secrets of success is her bucket chart with Moon/Jupiter being the handle. She is a woman in love with both self and the world. As long as she can hold that and drive it (not let other’s drive her mad), she is princess in training for queen, higher adventure, and long-term goals. With Venus in the 6th house, her work is love, her love is work. With Sagittarius Sun in the 5th house of lovers, she looks for a man who has a brain and a will to travel, or who travels and can deeply think. Frank honesty in her man goes far, but without wisdom and deeper inner truths to hold her, relations fall apart. Anyone out there daring enough for this heart of Gold adventurer? With Mars conjunct Pluto in Scorpio (off by 11 degrees but within a separating harmonic conjunction, for you astrologers), Taylor Swift wants the deepest intensity and intimacy, yet her Uranus aspects demand freedom too. If the guy wants freedom she will chase. If the guy chases her and is too controlling, she runs. Taylor hangs on tight once she lets you in, but when she decides to go…she swallows hard and you will vanish. Her Black Moon Lilith conjunct her Pluto and close to Mars makes her in private, a wild woman, while outwardly shining clean perfection. Chiron conjunct her Moon/Jupiter impels her to be unafraid of being an outgoing lone ranger maverick one minute, and a magnet of shy in-breath and rose bush blush the next. She is unafraid of both gods and heavenly realms and underworld spirits, ghosts, and money gnomes of power. Hmm…One may want to think well before diving in too deep to this one. She is more cowboy than cowboys. Nor is she in shallow water. She is an ever-growing storm of song to be dealt with. With Leo rising she loves to shine; with Mercury/Neptune/Saturn in Capricorn, she wants depth; with Venus in Aquarius, she is sister to a novel future. – robert of mayflower

Robert Thibodeau
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November 2013

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Comet Ison is now in effect affecting all Mutable Signs Virgo, Pisces, Gemini, and Sagittarius primarily. The comet is at 16-17 Virgo Nov. 1st. Comet Ison is passing earth’s orbital plane Nov. 1st (and that’s where the earth will be Jan. 15, 2014). It will be interesting to see if we feel Comet energy now and into next couple months. Comet Ison goes by the Sun, perihelion, November 28th at 6-7 Sagittarius. Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sage Sagittarius primarily affected now till end of November. Usually one feels more alive or sparkling, intelligent and lively when a comet aspects your Sun, Ascendent, Moon. Comets bring sudden revelations, new insights, good wine making, sudden success or failure, sudden suprise rise or fall of leaders and those seeking great deeds or fame. Might be influence on intensifying weather patterns and stimulating lots of new ideas and plans, sudden shifts in relations, calling, directions. Should be a good sky show coming with comet visible to the naked eye. Mark Twain was born during visible comet and died when the same comet came back. He actually predicted he’d go with the comet!

“Imagination was given to man to compensate him
for what he is not; a sense of humour to console him
for what he is.” -Francis Bacon

  • November 1st. Uranus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn. This is the fourth of seven, indicating an ego wake-up to reality and spiritual thinking, holistic awareness, need to go to higher level or face crisis. Are we acting, individually and collectively, for the best outcome for all on the planet? Does our day-to-day life reflect our highest calling, our higher self? For some folks, this aspect steps up the vibrations, the beat, and raises one’s consciousness to new levels of awareness and capacity. For others it’s the shock of waking up from sleep or ignorant deluded behaviour. Realising one’s higher reality or its opposite, facing downfall or fall back. Feelings unlevelled, shook up, not on the level, or even bedevilled with trouble, difficult karma suddenly being thrown at one. All aspects have a dual nature, higher and lower octaves, that each of us must learn to balance, ascend, make the most of. Watch for stormy weather in many parts (listed below exact dates).
  • November 1st is also ‘All Souls Day’ or ‘All Saints Day’. To the early celt this indicated that all souls will eventually make it to heavenly bliss and awareness. For some this always comes as a shock. To deny the Buddha or Christ, the Christos or Divine Spiritual Spark, in any one of us, is to deny it in some part of one’s self; it will make one spiritually ill. Divining the divine is a work of art and spiritual science (see my new book ‘Astrological Aspects the Art,’ available on Amazon books or on the website listed above, or at Mayflower Bookshop).
  • Uranus squares Pluto the 4th time here (3 more to go) indicating a realisation of one’s own Reincarnating Ego, one’s spirit being, is possible. One becomes aware of one’s own higher purpose in life, or lack of it. Uranus wants freedom, Pluto wants commitment and sticking with the plan. Uranus can be shocks, electrical problems QUAKES, and solar activity, flares, sudden stormy weather. Pluto can be VOLCANOES, deep emotional eruptions. Much strange psychic emotional weather, weather extremes and storms possible Nov. 1st, 3rd, 6th, 7th, 10th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 18th, 21st 24th, 25th, 28th. (dark stronger aspected days, give or take a day from date at times). We very well may have pretty darn cold moments this winter, especially if more volcano activity; as well as weird warmings. The ancient philosophers thought the weather related to emotional and soul imbalances in humanity. Many now think it is do to pollution, hatred, and non-virtuous acts on a whole. Some others think it’s all part of the cycle of kali yuga. It is astrology’s idea that the planetary aspects have a higher and lower translation or expression and that each of us out of our own free will and thinking and actions make the world what it is. These last series of dates not a good time for those suffering uncontrollable emotions, jealousy, anger, hatred, delusions, illusions, and false fantasies. Good time to make new year’s resolutions early. Good time to let go of the past, forgive but don’t forget the learning lesson; so not to repeat the performance. If you know what you are doing, good time to plow ahead, all ahead go.
  • Uranus wants to start anew but Pluto keeps one stuck to karmic debt, attachments, insecurities, fears, old wounds and memories. Plato said “if you are willing to learn, anything can happen”. Learn new things! It’s time to come into Mayflower Bookshop and obtain Manly Hall’s wonderful book ‘The Secret Teachings of All Ages’. Mention this new quip and get this giant compendium of esoteric and metaphysical wisdom for just $17 while supplies last. Many a breakthrough or breakdown, a breaking up or a breaking down of walls that separate. It is wise not to take great risk during such aspect as this, as well as during weeks following the eclipse coming.
  • Uranus in Aries fire sign wants to start something new, travel, attain new heights, new education, new sense of self-respect. Pluto in Capricorn wants another step up the mountain of success, a step further on the path, another dig deeper into long-term security and not debt, a better job or quality lifestyle, healing and holistic. The square struggles between self needs and worldly concerns, work and calling, karma and destiny. Such aspects in the sky remind us of the exciting but turbulent 60’s as well as the Civil War times in America. There is a need for universal responsibility and compassionate understanding, now more than ever.
  • Uranus aspects are a good time to study astrology. Get started now by coming into Mayflower and purchasing the brand new 2014 Astrological Calendar. Study the aspects day-to-day to improve your odds of staying in tune with the cosmic mother!

“Whenever in doubt, always tell the truth; it will confuse the enemy.”
-Captain Bob and the lost paddle ship band.

  • November 3rd Solar Eclipse (Fixed Signs and houses affected most, Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius, Leo). This is second of two eclipses in a row, the first affecting cardinal signs mostly. Eclipses call for sacrifice, surrender, and service to our higher self, others. ‘Cut out the negative habits’ or have something ‘cut out’ of your day-to-day life is one motif of eclipses. Eclipse wrong habits and negative tendencies before they eclipse or cut off you. Eclipses often reveal secrets, bring to light dark realities. Eclipses can also put one into the dark about certain things or people. Check your own chart to see where 11-12 degrees Scorpio falls in your chart. Eclipses are known historically for sudden rise or fall from power, or suddenly being graced or falling from grace. Especially in effect this first two weeks of November. The eclipse on 3rd till Nov. 6th when Sun conjuncts Saturn, marks a possible history maker for events in the world. From severe weather in parts, strong political turmoil, downfalls, difficult break ups, pitfalls, and karmic justice and reprimands; to very strong political or military power moves, control freaking, need for conservative strengthening, strong corporate moves, take-overs, and marriages (or break ups) for new freedoms or long term security; this could be a very powerful week or two for business and the economy; lets hope a strengthening one, walling up the leaks and cracks in the system. Mercury goes direct from retrograde on the 10th, hopefully making the rest of the month more cheerful and sunny honey like. Many weird negative turns of events turn around again before month is over, or in summer of 2014 when Jupiter enters Leo.
  • November 6th into 7th Jupiter goes retrograde. Emotions shift up and down, questions about security in home and day-to-day life style. Often making for strong considerations of either moving or fixing up the living quarters, apartment, condo, or home. Beautify and fix up your place to be sacred and warm to the heart soul. Change of diet may be necessary for self improvement. Your body is home to the Spirit Soul! So clean up and beautify. This aspect may shed more light on the need for good ecology and healthy environment, air and water. Strong debates about economy and home security. Good aspect for yoga and meditation. A tendency these coming days to hook up with old friends and go down memory lane. A need for good soup and friends. OM Cafe anyone?
  • November 10th Mercury goes direct from retrograde while Mercury trines Neptune Nov. 11th. Many insights come to further future plans, far-a-way travels, creative love urges, a wanting of daydreams to come true, music and artistic experience and plans. Many want the future to change, some actually do something about it; others just dream on. Dylan said if you’re dreaming, you’re still sleeping. Some dreamers awaken new realities and hopes. Time to cut losses and move on, restore, renew.
  • Nov. 12 Moon/Sun trine Jupiter, many happy plans, experiences, sharings, joy, love. Avoid use of force, avoid anger and undue criticism. Be constructive. Good time to show your best side, reach out and make new friends, hug. Positive vibe and colorful day for success, dress the part.
  • Nov. 13th Neptune goes direct. Many awaken from false dreams, or awaken on how to manifest one’s dream or higher ideal. Strange psychic or spiritual experiences from beyond. Cosmic celestial occurrences or weather, sea changes, add wonder or amazement to the Spirit happening.
  • Nov. 14 Venus square Uranus, sudden shift of plans, sudden love urge or shift in direction, likes and dislikes, fashion, sudden change in weather or arrangements.
  • November 15th Venus conjunct Pluto. Ending of affair, love, commitment, decision, or arrangement. For some a deepening of love or commitment, for others a need to be committed, or an insane moment causing grief or pity. A call to universal and personal compassion. Death of a salesman. At higher level, a deepening of one’s commitment and a ripening of karma. A meaningful ending and new beginning. A need to be serious and considerate of others. A need for compassion. A need for deep love or union. Feelings of not being able to help another. If you chase they run; if they chase you, you run. Could be a weird day. Passionate and intense, intimate and sensual. The day could run diverse. Good to be kind and compassionate to other’s struggles and strivings; especially today.
  • Nov. 17th Full Moon at 25 Taurus. A very passionate and erotic Full Moon rivaling the one in May. Secret wishes for magic in one’s life, or for another.
  • Nov. 21st, Sun into Sagittarius, Moon in Cancer conjunct Jupiter. Good day for rendezvous meetings, joining up and sharing with a friend. Good day for social doing or planning. Good from honest frank to the point conversations.
  • Nov. 24th Sun square Neptune, Moon in Leo; beware of bad art, false news, boisterous bellows of huffy puffy nothings, and ego smartness sharp enough to cut your purse strings and shoe laces. Good day for escaping, doing nothing, donks, songs in the street, nature and high street wanderings, and going nowhere in particular.
  • November 25th Mercury conjunct Saturn brings us back to reality and common sense, hard facts, and need to know, do, and be silent.
  • Ison COMET Perihelion, close run by Sun on 28th. This whole little time period end of month should prove highly exciting and stimulating to all good endeavors, arts, music, making of wine and beer, social gatherings and fun loving times.
  • November 27th into 28th Mercury trine Jupiter, Venus oppose Jupiter, Moon opp Uranus. Good days for striking it rich by good stroke of karma. Joy in sharing, wealth in hugs and good friends. Comet Ison makes loop past Sun on 28th, Make a wish and blow out the lights, should be a bit a magic this night. Lasts into Saturday the 30th’s Sun trine Uranus. Luck and joy and good will go far here. Let go and let good golly miss molly good fortune work for you. Freedom is a four worded thing, “Love no matter what”. Bless and be blessed.

“Our stability is but balance, and wisdom lies
In masterful administration of the unforeseen.”
~Robert Bridges

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“Out of freedom the Ego was to unfold love; and out of love, freedom.”
-Rudolf Steiner, Deeper Secrets of Human History

“Out of freedom the Ego was to unfold love; and out of love, freedom.” -Rudolf Steiner, Deeper Secrets of Human History

“What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal.” Albert Pike

  • New Moon on August 6th triggers need to forgive and let go of the past so to make room for renewal and new opportunity to arise within and without.
  • August 6th New Moon in Leo along with Aug 7th Jupiter opposes Pluto (influence from 3rd to 11th esp). Earth changes and a re-orchestration of social cultural identity. Such aspect may portend of huge changes for some due to necessity or greater powers that be such as quake or volcano. But it could also be lots of new jobs opening up and a turning point definite in economy and future planning, what to do and what not to do.
    Difficult time for change for some, but much needed. Zooming over the top or a backward slip when it comes to friendships and the economy? Tendency to go to extremes in spiritual/mental or purely materialistic realms causing crisis or split in partnership or relationship. Decadence vs. poverty. Strong feelings appealing to others to improve situation. Wanting to rise or change one’s social position. Loss or gain of power. Idealistic feelings and practical realistic facts contrast or compete for attention. Sudden shift in how one thinks of love and relationships. Difficult travel in some places. A sense of a need to slow down.
    Jupiter nearing conjunction of USA Sun position making for possible strong shifts, mostly positive, in growing economy, new leadership, renewed enthusiasm for USA being positive beacon of love and truth, compassion and sharing to make World better place.
    Many exaggerations and inflated remarks, beliefs, show off boasting and posturing. Need for solid planning. Strong shifts in social life, sudden rise or fall in popularity. Good for play, socializing, acquiring land or possessions, finding union or re-union this month with loved ones, family, friends. Failures come in over doing, over eating, over indulging, too much partying or going to extremes. Strong tendencies to assert oneself and/or take the lead vs. loss through exploitation or corruption of ecology, land or body. Tendency to go big or go for broke. Positive for social compassion or helping others help themselves. Feelings that there is a need to do something new. Jupiter/Pluto aspects incline one to think big. Danger of gambling one’s life away vs. humble gardening right where one is. Yet many opportunities to grow or find new ways of working may now arise.
  • August 7th on plays into month of much meteor activity,”The sky is falling” and crashing on our heads, or is it just coming to the ground in practical working ways. Many begin to manifest or incarnate their higher ideals, their dreams. Others need take off the crown and pride and learn to dig in anew. Volcanoes, in macrobiotic view, cleanse the air and purify the sky, but also can bring cooler weather. Weather may be going to some extremes with cooler vibes; elsewhere the heat is on.
  • Aug 11th Mercury square Saturn and Aug 14th Mercury trine Uranus makes for some serious rethinking and redirecting of one’s mind and feelings. Pride and ego attachment need be ridden of for truth and common sense to come into play. Intellectual reckoning and hard cold facts followed by intellectual revelations and new insights, inspirations, and intuitions open positive vibe for bettering the future.
  • Aug 16th Venus goes into Libra asking for fair play and co-creative participation here and there. A sense of balance when it comes to work and play.
  • Aug. 20th Full Moon in Aquarius has some juggling family, work, and friends in such a way that everyone grows and pushes forward toward higher tasks at hand. Those caught up too much with the past now lose the future. Avoid gambling with the necessities of life. Good time to be creative. Too much going on so pick wisely how to use your time for the best to come. The Moon conjuncts Uranus and squares Jupiter on 24th Aug. , so this is one busy week for news, solar blasts, earth shaking changes, and a renewed positive spirit toward freedom and truth, joy and happiness. Many a break through and new discoveries, revelations and insights, rattle the imagination and brain to new heights. Unusual and exciting weather patterns, new social opportunities, and a new or renewed sense of love adventure. A wanting to move or fix up the face and place of situations. A sense of justice and love for one’s self and neighbour tend to overcome arrogance and pride, anger and injustice. A sense of self worth and creative intelligence abounds with these aspects.
  • Aug 22 Sun enters sign of Virgo. Simplicity is oft the most seriously beautiful. Opportunities for growth can be missed if one is too worrisome, fearful, negative, or critical. Take care in coming weeks to be constructively critical and not a negative sour puss. Good time to contract a bit, and take stock in oneself. Mercury enters Virgo on 23rd crossing the Sun on 24th to ride with Venus ahead of the Sun end of month. Stormy weather. Avoid negativity. Work to constructively further one’s goals.
  • With Venus square Pluto on 24th, opposing Uranus on 26th, and square to Jupiter on 27th, do everything out of higher love. A need to know what to cut out to make room for something more positive and endearing. Many positive changes take place concerning our relationships to loved ones, children, those we care for. A need to end certain things so to allow space for something new, better. Many partings and new coming together. Compassion to all rather than taking everything too personally or egotistically from point of view of self alone. Helping others to be happy and letting go of self interest is a powerful healing agent at this time. Being happy for others who are happy brings good luck. Helping and protecting the little ones important at this time. Venus/Uranus spark sudden love or creative artistic interests that can be quite playful with Jupiter in the picture.

There is no end to learning, only to ignorance. There is no end to true love, only to separateness. Don’t delay, listen to what is still beating within you to flower. Between striving to rise to our highest dreams and kneeling to the ground of our common sense and shared humanity, our humble work and ever learning………is a flowering god of sanity and virtue, peace and true joy. -robert of mayflower
Mayflower Bookshop 2645 W. 12 Mile rd.
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