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“Without the good heart, 

it is not possible to get enlightened.”

     – Lama Zopa Rinpoche

The Planets influence the vibrations and the space. We find the mind for it all in the heart, the true inner ground and human earth, the still point at the center of the astrology chart, the circumference and all the many passing connections, but stillness is chief. The head may be superior but the heart is supreme. The planets impel, not compel. There is a higher and lower octave to planetary aspects. The stillness transcends duality. Each of us out of freedom of virtue thinking, heart, and good will, may activate the higher octave to reach to the deepest and highest good, true, and beautiful (Plato’s experiencee of Deity) peace and joy to and from the heart of the world. With the heart we can hear the World Word (see Steiner), the smallest root or movement in the garden, and the enjoy the dance of opposites still!

Overview and bigger picture~

Pluto in Capricorn gives one a feeling of an untiring climb to the top, with fear of being buried with all that won’t stop. A feeling of being burdened by the mountain of work before one, or a feeling of needing more control over one’s life and fate; or still yet, a wanting to be free of all controls or unnecessary burdens. A wish to just be part of it all, not separate or alone, but ‘all one’. (Plato’s ‘At`One’ or in music a tone, or tuning).

    Pluto in Capricorn is caught between Sagittarius far seeing wisdom arrow and eye, and Aquarian ideals of ‘the most for the many’ and one for all, all for one. Otherwise the many distractions can eat your peace of mind!

     One can get big insights into individual and collective karma when pondering Pluto’s cycle of 240 or 250 years cycles as well as its approximately 500 year Phoenix cycles (a positive and negativa, electro-magnetic, double cycle of receptive reflective vs active energetic of pluto empowerment. A poor open empty heart will inherit the world, or is is ‘Plutocracy’ and ‘plutocrats’, brats running things). 

   In such cycles’ think of the time of the Declaration of Independence. Who and what creates or allows true freedom and independence? Think of the 12 and 13th into 14th century Gothic Cathedral building by the Templars and guardians of the Holy Grail (Steiner), the birth of the Consciousness Soul and the Tarot Cards including the Fool (the ZERO or selfless one) and the 21 (two plus one, equals 3 the trinity)!? Think ‘Troubadours’ and ‘Elenor of Aquitaine’ who was queen of both England and France and promoted the arts, troubadours, grail, and mystical christianity as well as the virtues of paganism (Platonic). Think 7th Century and Steiner view of 666 AD time of over concretization of spiritual principles, as well as a premature introduction of the ZERO in Math leading to lack of rhythm and a form of mechanical occultism and spiritual materialism. But also rediscovery of Plato and more! Think 2nd and 3rd century time of Roman Imperialism and church authority (not self evident truth) taking over the very spiritual teachings of Platonism, NeoPlatonism, Hermetics, India, the far East, Chaldean/Babylonian wisdom. Think Alexander the Great’s time and the planting of Plato, Aristotle, Greek Philosophy, Ancient Wisdom, in books all over know world to be rediscovered in late 14th into 15th Century and with the dawning of the Consciousness Soul. Obviously this is a future conversation too.

     Pluto is making its natal return since the USA Declaration of Independence and as in the Bosch painting, all hell is breaking out as heaven descends upon our true hearts and mind. (See Steiner’s Foundation Stone Meditation for how our hearts join in one mindful chorus for peace and compassion/love for this planet! And Voice of Silence HPB). None the less, Pluto opposes Cancer sign reflecting the endangering of the worlds water and food supply as well as wild life and mother nature, family and friends and quality of life for most all of us. Pluto in Cap relates too to Medusa like frozen brains stuck on electronics and electro magnetic fixations. The lack of the democratization of information while appearing medusa head like to give freedom while freezing the free thinking and natural life. Here Compassion and selfless learning is healing and repair of fried nervous system and atrophied breathing lung heart rhythms. (See Science of Breath by Yogi Ramacharacka). Simple exercise and food, chewing well and silent reflection, goes well with health and longevity. Take long walks if you don’t know what to do! Be still study and read deeper minded spiritual books!

   Neptune in Pisces liberates spiritual perceptions as well as deceptions on the mass social cultural level. Danger here of over indulgence of nearly everything; also legalization of drugs, over prescribing over medicating, over doing pleasures and unnatural urge to reach escape velocity in inner or outer spaces is a bit much, very ‘luciferic’ in Steiner’s view. Neptune in Pisces can be falling asleep or unconscious in externals, other, or group. Jung called this the tragedy of modern relationship. Ideally we awaken to the divine in each other and the world sparking virtuous activities. Neptune can facilitate this spiritual group and individual with world (the Word, the OM, or Christos identity).

    Uranus in Capricorn is urge to be independent with money and things. Free of weight or burden. Yet finding new ways to weave with earth and her monthly and yearly cycles is key. Having heart is inner earth and landing, rooting, grounding. ‘Heart’ spells ‘EARth. The heart is the inner ear. Many reconnecting to such hearty earth, others feel disconnected from wholeness and higher self.      Spiritual practice and weaving breath tween head and heart is helpful. In that light, read HPB’s ‘Voice of Silence’ and Steiner’s ‘Foundation Stone Meditation’. Yes! 

    Uranus wants to always say yes to new thinks and things. One needs Saturn’s ‘No’ or Not Now, be patient, to balance. Perhaps this is key to Uranus/Saturn triple square, the knowing and gnosis of ‘yes and no’, light and dark, the heart’s middle way and balance tween heaven and earth, self and other. The ‘Unknowing’ or spiritual retreat can be helpful. Its a question of balancing the scales between heaven and earth, ideal and practical.

   Saturn in Aquarius. Is it big plans with no practical foundation? Big block buster foundations and ‘matters’, but no higher awareness, higher consciousness, spiritual insight nor higher vision and virtue? Difficulty seeing what’s right in front of you as your artistic and spiritual opportunity and work, art? 

     Jupiter retrograde into Aquarius from Pisces is reawakening from the dream and trying to figure out what’s good for the planet this moment. Pisces can be love of solitude, private garden, cuddling and staying in safe secure or very nature oriented realms. Relating to plants and serene environs good, but can be lazy or lax, belittling or flowing with the sleepy over enjoying. Very kind though and compassionate. Jupiter in Aquarius now returning for a spell is strong social thinking, creative ideals, new friends, unique everything, busyness and spontaneousness, ever creative new arisings, new goings and comings, new connections, love of the new.

    In 2022 Jupiter will trine USA Venus and then for real, happier times come, free of much of today’s worry.

    The last quick ‘bigger view’ astrological aspect i want to mention is the next Election for President in 2024. As you may well know, i had used astrology to Predict Mr. Trump’s first victory and election to President, as well as his loss on second run. I now predict the distinct possibility of his victory in 2024. Whether he’s re-running, or more likely his ‘victory’ in supporting another running such as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis who also has very good aspects to possibly win, or be on the winning side. President Biden has very tough aspects for winning in 2024, and either he miraculously chooses to activate higher octaves of his planetary configurations to amaze us with success, or President Biden may drop out or choose not to run and leave it to a new contender. More on this possibility later. 

As stated in my book, Astrology is the science art of possibility, probability, and potential event, experience, and realization. The science is in the calculation of the chart, the art is in interpreting the possibilities of the chart. Each out of freedom and higher love can activate the virtues of the planets. The Hermetic NeoPlatonists thought this way.

    With Venus in Virgo/Libra/Scorpio next two months, sensitive feelings awaken higher and deeper values of the heart. Mahayana principles of helping others to make good karma is important. Virgo is unconscious friends, working fellows; Libra is more conscious friends. Scorpio is making choices and investment of time to get results. Working on self, sharing with others, finding deeper commitments to renewal and selfless workings to benefit greater sense of humanity. Here indecision is overcome by pulling weeds, not planting anew. Yet its also true; by creating the new, the old is composted.

    With Mars in Virgo and Libra next two months, over critiquing or deconstructive energetics work to undo oneself from true calling and positive futures. Mars in Libra wants to work more co-equally and cooperatively for better results for one and all. Tidiness and cleanliness so to create space for new arrivals or insights is good. Also good to create space for ever emerging creative renewal, no obsessiveness and crazy fixations, but a breath of fresh air is called for. Virgo can be too clinging to false security, Libra can give way to easy to what’s outside oneself. The key here is service to the higher self, higher virtue, and helping others to help themselves.

AstroNews for August into September 2021~

Aug 1st Sun conjunct Mercury in Leo , Mercury oppose Saturn. A sense of right mind on long term wisdom goals is called for here. A sense of spiritual presence in heart and mind. On the flip side possible obstacles, stormy parts of the world, extremes and intensification in weather or nature phenomena; or is it all saturnine quiet and thoughtful? Meditation and yoga?

     A Sense of ‘hard thinking’ needing play in the inner and outer sun to clear thinking and the heart’s way. Personal values work to meet world work demands/needs. A call for individual and collective wisdom. Positively, a wisdom that comes through time creating better times. Break throughs into new renewed thinking Aug. 3rd, 6th, and 9th.

Aug 2nd Sun oppose Saturn, Venus in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus Aug 3rd; with Aug 6th Sun square Uranus , New Moon on Aug. 8th; little big turning points for events setting up better end of the year into next year! Esoterically the Sun Spark Angel heart is working with karma to learn through time, the art of wisdom and loving kindness. Good aspects for inner work as well as outer arts, beautifying, making music. On simple level good for cleaning and fixing up things (Venus in Virgo). 

    Uranus is like a Uriel Angel attempting to make lemonade out of lemons, art out of refuse, With all these planetary energies in fixed signs, difficulties letting go, freeing one’s self from fixations and stuck points. Positive is slow steady growth, perseverance in the art of being human and angelic. Simple gardening, walks, yoga, gentle sports exercise. No expectations, no let downs. Aug 6 to 8th shifts in direction from new insights gives more positive direction to those needing it. The ‘Negative’ turns to ‘Creativa’ and ‘illumination’ in weeks to come.

Aug 8th New Moon 16 Leo.

Aug. 9th Venus oppose Neptune, Aug. 10 mercury oppose Jupiter, Aug. 11th Venus trine Pluto. 

Aug 18th Mercury conjunct Mars in Virgo, Aug 19 Sun oppose Jupiter, Aug. 20 Mercury trine Uranus

Aug 19th Uranus goes Retrograde in fixed sign of Taurus making, for some, sharp reversals. Uranus is progress and change and its 3 times square affects the thinking, feeling, and willing (oft in reverse order) during its 3 times square. With Uranus comes upgrades and transformation, with Saturn and fixed signs comes wanting things to continue the way it was, or a clinging to what gives one a sense of continuance or security. Together uranus/saturn (rulers of Aquarius/Capricorn) calls for positive change in home, work, social relationships, and personal appearance. Uranus calls for new or renewed friendships; more creativity, less possessiveness or clinging, higher love over loss or fear (overcoming Scorpio); a better relationship that frees one from being obsessed over possessions or money (overcoming Taurus), yet using such matters to free or make more intelligent; and new ways of being creative artistic and healthy in play, playing, having fun (overcoming Leo). In the Rites of Mithras (ancient persian mysteries), the to be initiated pilgrim soul had to (like Odyseus, Hercules, Ulysses, and more, had to go through the trials and ‘soul tortures’ , the shadow side of life (health, estrangement, lack of wise social life or healing good nature) of the 12 signs of the zodiac. The 12 fold dodecahedron of Steiner’s spiritualizing the world with what was once the 9 muses and the trinity of Zeus and company, now becomes the Dionysian 9 spiritual Hierarchies and the Holy Trinity of ‘Father (Oneness), Sun Christ (Universal right Mind) and the Holy Spirit (Holy Mother, Goddess Action Hero Divine Sophia wisdom love, and the Mary Madeline (the new Hecate/Istar/Inanna/Persephone). The 12 trials of Mithras through the 12 signs of the Zodiac is metaphor and myth reality of one’s  overcoming one’s animal nature and lower mind, to enter into a 7 fold planetary virtue ladder through mediation, or through death and rebirth soul traveling through the planetary spheres (See Steiner’s ‘From Death to Rebirth’ or HPB’s pamphlet ‘States after Death’, online or at The 7 virtues awakening the higher side of the theosophical rosicrucian 7 roses or planetary evolutions, is what was once called ‘Homer’s Ladder. Homer’s ladder of the gods’ connects heaven and earth by 7 virtue steps or rungs (See Rudolf Steiner’s book on virtues opening and protecting the chakras in his ‘Knowledge of the Higher Worlds, and its Attainment’, or H.P.Blavatsky little meditation manual delineating the 7 virtues ‘The Voice of the Silence’. I have several talks attempting to awaken such heart intelligence, such ‘heart sutra and mind mantra’ on my youtube channel.

Here’s one, check em all out and share with friends  ~ 

Astrology continues~

Aug. 22 Full Moon 29 Aquarius, with Mars in Virgo  trine Uranus in Taurus. Creative Change holds the wisdom of the past as impulses of will work toward a more creatively free future. Over critical or non constructive thinking is metamorph’d into positive futures. A sense of constructive continuance prevails with ‘right action’ (one of Buddha’s 8 fold path seeking octave over 7 

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virtues). Look to the good, true, beautiful, more eternal, in every situation and encounter.

Aug. 23 Venus in Libra trine Saturn in Aquarius, air signs. Here a sense of fairness and balance calm the mind and nourish the soul to transcend contesting opposites and dualities. Practicality and art meet.

Aug 24 Mercury in critical or healing virgo oppose Neptune in spacey but universally compassionate ‘Bodhi Mind’ Pisces. Critical discursive mind challenged by oceanic tides of social cultural necessity and change. Art and culture either help or hinder clear thinking or healing. Have you seen Dr. Tom Cowan’s take on present world health situation. Much to debate or share, think about, eh? Healing is to me made whole, at one, with inner and outer big world.

Aug 26 Mercury in virgo trine Pluto in capricorn works to make practical and good for everyone decisions. Details and pieces of the puzzle integrate with bigger picture or world conception holding all of us. 

“When there is no anger inside, there is no enemy outside.”

   ~Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Sept. 2 Mars Virgo oppose Neptune Pisces. Active imaginations sparks ideals to quest new experience, vaster spaces, and new art, culture, social life. Danger of wanting something for nothing, wanting without having to work or earn. Moodiness if energies can’t find right creative or healing activity. Good for long walks or gentle yoga, mediation. Danger of imbalance in biochemistry through wrong use of meds, drugs, drink, or diet. Good time to simplify to beautify, here less is more. Mars/Neptune is notorious for misuse, mis calculation, misfortune, lack of clarity, toxic envious or ingestion, wrong or difficult diagnosis. Simplifying, clarifying, purifying, called for. Positively, a heck of a lot of energy is invoked. Opposite is lack of energy or ‘what to do’. Good time, if feeling lost or down, to read and study various teachings available with Manly Hall, Tibetan Buddhism, NeoPlatonism and Hermetics (Kybalion anyone?), H.P. Blavatsky’s Isis Unveiled or her Key to Theosophy, Rudolf Steiner Archive and Audio!?! 

    On flip side mars/neptune is waste and decadent craziness lacking healthy garden and good earth values. Things find healthy mothering of inner heart baby spiritual self, or seem to get lost in fantasy or illusion, maya, delusion, and lack of simple earthy clarity. A need to understand ‘dharma’ as all teachings leading to freedom, insight, illumination, higher self, virtue and social cultural art and spiritual science, co-creative happiness in work and play.

“The circumstantial, temporary absence of war is not real peace. Real Peace comes only from the heart.”

      ~Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Sept 4th Mercury trine Saturn. Keeping to the true, tried, reliable, and what is in harmony with ‘the best for the rest, just enough for me’ mentality of what i call ‘YogaMind’ in my book ‘Astrological Aspects, the Art’.

“How do we fill up the emptiness of our heart?

The answer is meditation.”    ~Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Sept 5 Venus in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn. Here ‘patience over pressure’, ‘art over farts’, ‘balance in challenge’, and learning to ‘listen rather than blistering miserableness’ over happenings to self and world. A sense of reincarnation and karma balanced with personal view and needs can be very helpful to find one’s place in bigger World Conception and future holds all of us. See Rudolf Steiner’s ‘Outline of Occult Science’ for glimpses of what is a World Conception. Also see his Reincarnation and Karma talks, as well as HPB’s ‘Key to Theosophy’.

“If you don’t remember death, you don’t remember the Dharma.”

   ~Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Sept. 6th New Moon at 14 Virgo. This day, Mars in Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn, Venus in Libra trines Jupiter in Aquarius, Sun in Virgo trines Uranus in Taurus. Lots of practical forward motion here. Matters at hand seem practical and clear cut. The Virgo/Libra axis puts work and others in the light. Selfless service to the higher self in all furthers progress. 

Sept 14 Sun in Virgo oppose Neptune in Pisces, here again the light of clear thinking, dharma mindfulness, needs bridge active imagination and high ideals, projections, or quest. Urges to travel or escape feelings of being too little in one’s view or heart.

Sept 16 Sun trine Pluto in Capricorn. Right Work and livelihood frees the mind of worry and stress

Sept 17 Venus square Saturn. A sense of self worth willing to work on self, ever rebirthing a new day and another way to love and heal the world. Avoid all work and no play. Try stretching or doing bit of yoga, walking in nature, as well as sitting up still listening with one’s heart to one’s deeper stillness holding and beholding all.

Sept 20 Full Moon 28 Pisces, Mercury trine Jupiter in air signs. A sense of joy and camaraderie. mutual views of ideal worlds create working friendships and spiritual sharing. 

“Live with compassion, work with compassion, die with compassion, meditate with compassion, enjoy with compassion. When problems come, experience them with compassion.”

  `Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Sept 22 Equinox sun into Libra, mercury square pluto. A sense of World Destiny and higher calling vs a sense of stuck with a jack in the box, or fated circumstances needing higher ArchAngelic intelligence and humbler Christian Rosencruetz surrender to collective wisdom and karma to re-incarnate or renew the mystery of life. In the old egyptian hermetic myth reality, when one dies or does proper stillness meditation or YogaMind, one’s heart is weighed against a feather. The heart must be lighter than a feather to arise and ascend in higher consciousness. In Goethe’s Faust, at the end, Faust is redeemed by his good heart, the ‘devil’ or duality of the world can’t find him in his head nor belly. The higher angels and divine feminine Sophia save him from destruction through the Heart and its identification and alchemical (Chymical) wedding of Spiritual and Material ethics, virtues, awakening the mind stream continuum and resurrection body of the Spirit Self, the Spiritual Soul, in and from the altar of the Heart. See the story of ‘Psyche and Eros’ in my book ‘Astrological Aspects, the Art’.  

    Thus Libra configures and reflects the heart holding the balance between thinking and willing. The Heart awakening the YogiMind of mind stream continuum, being the key to the true rosicrucian hermetic alchemy of both the christian mystic and modern pagan materialist, whether Tibetan Buddhist, Om Mani, Platonic, Aristotle’d, Egyptian Hermetic, or even modern good witch.

“Everything depends on what you do with your mind.”

     ~Lama Zopa

    Mercury square to Pluto reflects the need for more research, compassion, and universal concern, right contemplation and mediation of the virtues. Here negativity is its old reward, it can make one sick. But so is higher spiritual revelation and workings, works’; it can make you well, star, and human again!

sept 23 venus oppose uranus. A tendency to reach beyond oneself, an over reach forcing one to return to start as to feelings and affections. Urge to art, love, knead, weave, garden, beautify. Urge to erratic thrusts of creativity with no lasting effect. On the other hand, need to find new intelligence to go with creative outbursts of feeling.

sept 25 Mars trine Saturn. Arousal of energies to overcome difficulties or obstructions. Working hard or hardly working? Making it one’s job to find what Buddha called right work. Finding one’s true inner and outer work to marry or meet and agree.

sept 29 venus trine neptune, sun trine saturn. A dreamy sensitivity as to artistic and practical futures before one. 

sept 30 venus square jupiter. Happiness making others happy vs. self indulgent laziness. Happiness with others, or working with others.

“In every second of this human life you have the freedom to choose between hell and enlightenment, samsara and liberation.”

   ~Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Dec. 24 Third Saturn square Uranus of Christmas Eve. A sense of willing and thinking derived from the outer structure and inner energetic of a world both in crisis opportunity and materialistic genius or even an idiot savant override coupled with a complex animal and vegetative appetite, as well as a mechanicalization and over concretizing of spiritual potentials and ideals as to what one thinks, makes one happy. Such aspects work and play for structural change of work and home, self and relationship. But also here one can react to changes and feelings forced into ill fitting structures and patterns of world and self, work and play, day to day.  Such aspect also indicate an ever changing view of what is ‘money’, currency, real current event. Its use, its reality, its sense of security or play is ever changing. What is currency or the experience of being present, current, alive to life. Is it not related to the greatest sense of cosmos as well as stillness listening heart? And how to find healthy spiritual rhythms between highest ideals and practical and physically real day to day, etheric month to month, astral 7 day periods or rhythms, and ego (self and/or other) yearly cycles!?! Spirit Soul has to do with the whole of one’s life, and lifetimes. (See Rudolf Steiner’s ‘Mystery of the Universe’ at mayflower or ‘Steiner Archives’.

    Here the question arises, do you drive or does it drive you? But also, can you let your higher self drive sometimes? Your Stillness land things?!

Stresses and pressures call for new ways to release creativity in both work and play. Silent reflective mediation and meditation may help!

   At one level, Saturn represents being 30 or 60 or 90 and having wisdom that can only prove itself in time. Christ as ‘Lord of Karma’, Steiner would say. Buddha as lord of dharma.

    Uranus then represents the energies of being 21 years old (Uranus square), 42 (Uranus opposition), 63 (Uranus waning square) and 84 (Uranus return) revealing new freedoms and genius (Angelic) insights into self, life, and world urging one to freedom, renewed thinking, and reaching for the stars of higher love/compassion and truth (Neptune Pluto); thus in anthroposophical terminology, the redemption of the fallen light, chemical, and life ether by way of higher truth, love, and selfless learning and compassion for ALL of LIFE! But beware, Uranus can be at lower octave a sense of going through changes but nothing really changes.

   Perhaps Sat/Uranus can be a few days of personal disappointment, karmically urging one to greater participation with those less fortunate as well as a gaining of a bigger picture, a bigger dream to aspire to. A love and respect for the collective urge for peace and compassion is golden key..

Thanks for tuning in. Share with friends. 

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No one is free who has not obtained the empire of himself.”Demophilus the Pythagorean

UK, Britain England under the gun, or knife, with rough extreme weather, politics, economy, and miserable complaint as Pluto for the second time in retrograde now opposes UK natal MOON!  Difficult Mars aspects add to the picture making for strong words and actions needing wisdom’s compassion and long term view as things there continue to heat up crazily.

These days with Eclipses we got heat and mean posturing, fires out west, in the east flooding, along with mars/uranus mercury mars retrograde making crazy explosive situations, sudden exposing or shocking revelations and realizations, ie. expose’s in church and state, famous and infamous, 3-D gun problems, more expensive toilet paper, less expensive Bitcoin, political collusion or collision, russia probe or russian grown politics? Sudden rise or fall for many in both ego, money, power, fame. Quickening times, ever changing events, who’s about to slip slips, falls, others suddenly rise to new position and height. Many experiencing a turning point in affairs. Many suffer from things gone to extremes or out of balance. Dangerous time to use force or force oneself and projections on others.

   Seems lots of things and events at a breaking point, a break down, or is it a ‘break through’, a sudden rising to new highs and depths of awareness, reality, truth and love.

    Intense times eve of August 1st with Mars square Uranus in sky, taking us right into August 11th Solar Eclipse; and on to August 19th Mercury retrograde going direct This timing should tell many a story as to what is really happening and what isn’t. Many fall apart, others suddenly come together! Some are stuck with highly idealistic fantasy Neptune dreaming the impossible dream For still others its waking up from illusion/delusion. Are you driving or being driven? You in control or someone else piloting or pirating the ship. False Inflation is followed by deflation for some. All depends if you have good aspects to these transits. See your natal chart. Cancer and Pisces planets lucky and dreamy, Taurus and Virgo locking into long term security.

      Signs and Planets in fixed signs of Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius, Leo feel this the most stress and energy for strong change/transformation/progress. We all have these signs somewhere in our chart. (see yr personal chart with all the planets and houses!) That is why i give higher and lower octave possibilities and event. Depends on your own natal chart how these transits either create ‘good or challenging influences and aspect.

    Some Aspects in sky tough, if hitting your personal points, have patience and avoid negative spats. Remember, we are after lasting happiness, truth and love for all. Onwards then.

    Some deepen with Pluto realization it may take some time to fix, heal, transform. Without compassion and a sense that everyone of us has a God Spark, a potential ultimate flowering of truth and love, grace, compassion, wit; there is no end to the torture of materialistic only view. We live in a spiritual and material world orchestrating an educational evolutionary progress of the heart mind Soul, an eternal quest. Selfishness and greed, acting out of separateness, and causing suffering with little or no learning or healing is hindering our happiness and enlightenment.

   Spirit and Matters of earth need meet and agree in mindful harmony. All the leaders of earth should meet regularly and publicly with Peace, Love, Harmony in mind for all! All the earth is a living being, a Gaia, a wholeness, seeking balance, harmony, community and song!

    Many, astrologically speaking, are stuck with moon reflections, no radiant virtue sunshine. Some can’t turn the noise and craziness of electronics and sense bound thinking off so to rest in the heart. Some on all the time and never learn to be still, ponder, contemplate, meditate, yoga. Some have the sun burning all the time, no stillness nor quiet down time to reflect.

Aug. 1st is the queen of diamonds in the card system, hard facts from mother earth and divine wisdom soul sophia presenting themselves to those with listening hearts.

Mars retrograde square Uranus is tough talk, blaming others, shaming, heavy gaming, explosive situations, sudden escalations and reversals in all affairs. Mars/Uranus creates lots of stress and tension.

   Such aspect Mars/Uranus here last May and again in September, but this may prove the roughest into mercury direct on Aug 19th. Need to retrace steps and see honestly how we got here so not to repeat mistakes, eh?

   Need for ArchAngelic courage for truth, honesty, compassion and protection of little ones (everyone who knows less and suffers more than you). Need true education how to love and respect all God’s creation and be co-creative not manipulative nor over controlling, but co-creative and in harmony with all. When we work on ourselves, we can change the world.

   ‘God’ is what Plato calls the ‘Oneness’. All things good, true, beautiful come from or go to this sense of unity, wholeness, Oneness. Oneness is permeating all the universe with creative diversity and spirit. Universal Mind to Hermes and Plato is the only begotten Son or light of the Oneness; the thinking in all things. The light of the world is connectivity, relationship, spirit to grow, love, learn, share.

   We don’t always know and realize how everything we do, no matter how secret, affects everything and everyone else, and they us.  When we are willing to learn, anything can happen, Plato said. Wisely Loving everyone isn’t an ideal, its karma, its dharma, its reality, we are not always conscious of it, that is the problem. This truth, Love, is what creates our future, our destiny or fate.

   Mars/Uranus intensifies and quickens what’s taking too long, but the danger is impatience and weird releases of force, tension, precipitating hasty actions, mistakes, hurtful speech, anger and negative actions/reactions causing disturbance, ill winds, test of nerves and danger. The positive side is Mars as hero, in justice, truth, compassion and love. Honest courage to act with infinite patience being attuned to the eternal in each other is the higher octave of mars and venus working together. Jesus said ‘Love your enemies’, you don’t have to “like” them, love em. Buddha taught desire and fear are the cause of all suffering, and to have compassion and selfless wisdom is to free self and other. When we learn from our mistakes , we don’t repeat them. Lets be spiritual peace makers and wisdom keepers shining with Mars/Uranus higher truth light, joy wit.

   There is never a time ‘God and Love’ is not with us. This is wisdom, infinite possibilities for the good true beautiful you. This is the real chance for winning, not the lotto loota. This NOW is always the time to learn, love, truth, be the sun/moon/earth, heart/mind/love for a real chance for renewal and positive change. Summer Blessings,

~robert of mayflower, (a quick note)

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“What’s past is prologue.”  ~the Tempest, Shakespeare

The economic view should be brotherhood of shared planetary existence, community family and universal heart, home. The religious view should be also the cultural artistic, deep inner flowering and ecological view. The political commonwealth should inculcate ethics (what is right to do) and the rights of all mankind, spiritual equality,  practical everyday justice, education, for all.

——Robert of Mayflower

August 1st to August 11th, Mars square Uranus, Solar Eclipse (11th). Avoid fights unless you have to defend, and maybe not even then. Defend the weak, be brave and true, virtue deed self and other, be free, strong in roots and honoring all life, rights for all, God and Goddess, Great Father and Mother, Highest Truth and Love, bless us all. Here the breaking point is reached and many go beyond their means to find freedom, intelligence and love. Some just break their stride and search research for new truths capable of holding their emerging Higher Self and Future Destiny in the World Big Time.

“The lyre of true philosophy is no less tuneful in the desert than in the city; and he who knows how to call forth its latent harmony in solitude, will not want the testimony of the multitude to convince him that its melody is ecstatic and divine.”   (Thomas Taylor, from his History of the Restoration of Platonic Theology)

Full Moon August 26 with Venus square Pluto, on 27th August Mars goes direct. Love no matter what but attend to those less fortunate, the most for the many. Don’t take things personal other than your highest dream to work into manifestation. To proceed, to grow further, sometimes you have to pull weeds, cut something out, get rid of bad habits, let go of what don’t work, find your own way with others who want to grow and know more beyond this and back again. Deep love now works, fake love causes negative emotions and insecurities to emerge. Good time to share your naked mind and fully flowering summer heart. It may be now too late to pull weeds in the garden, but never too late to pull weeds in the soul stripping oneself pure in the light of universal truth and love, a brotherliness and sisterly mind/heart for all life. Be well, be star, be mindful dharma heart. Blessings.

“By mutual confidence and mutual aid,

Great deeds are done, and great discoveries made;

The wise new prudence from the wise acquire,

And one brave hero fans another’s fire.”

                  (The Iliad, Book X, trans. Pope)

                                                                 ~robert of mayflower

When you’ve given your best flowers, and the World’s still not at peace; hold to the roots thru winter for spring’s sweet release.- rt

“The universe is always happy, and our soul will likewise be happy, when it is assimilated to the universe; for thus it will be led back to its cause.”   Proclus, Commentary on the Timaeus, 2D

Robert Thibodeau is a psychic intuitive reader, astrological consultant, speaker, author  of ‘Astrological Aspects, the Art’, and song writer, vegetarian and organic gardener, swimmer and student of Theosophy, Rudolf Steiner, Tibetan Buddhism, and NeoPlatonism, among other things like piano.

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There are divine dances: in the first place, that of the Gods; in the second place, that of divine souls: in the third place, the revolution of the celestial divinities, viz. of the seven planets, and the inerratic sphere, is called a dance: in the fourth place, those who are initiated in the mysteries perform a certain dance: and, in the last place, the whole life of a philosopher is a dance. Terpsichore, therefore, is the inspective guardian of all dancing. Who then are those that honour the goddess in the dance? Not those who dance well, but those who live well through the whole of the present existence, elegantly arranging their life, and dancing in symphony with the universe. Hermeas on the Phaedrus.

To what shall I compare 

The spectacles of a philosopher?
To a clear dream by Jupiter,
Circularly borne along in all directions;
In which, indeed, the body does not move,
But the soul travels round the whole earth,
From earth ascends to heaven,
Passes over every sea,
Flies through every region of the air,
Runs in conjunction with the sun,
Revolves with the moon,
Is carried round with the choir of the other stars,
And nearly governs and arranges the universe,
In conjunction with Jupiter!
O blessed journey, beautiful visions,
And true dreams!

Maximus of Tyre, Dissertation VI

Hope your days summery sweet 

and transcendental as the rose rose

above the thorns,

~~~robert of mayflower

Robert Thibodeau

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Error sinks into the abyss of forgetfulness, Truth alone swims over the vast extent of ages. 

Thomas Taylor

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Astrology for July 2018, Mayflower Bookshop

Astrological News and Spiritual Views, July 2018
Robert of Mayflower, astrological consultant, speaker.
author of ‘Astrological Aspects, the Art’
Laws of Hermetic Wisdom, The Hermetic Dream,
publisher of Hermes Press, Thrice Hermes Press.

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Without vision people perish, with heart they reappear. – ~Capt. Bob and the contagious truths

July 19th, Robert talks at Birmingham Community House
7 pm to 9 pm, $30
Food, Love, and Creative Mind
Learn secrets of vegetarian cooking, macrobiotics and Self-Healing, changing moods with food, and more. Robert Thibodeau, co-founder of Om Vegetarian Café will share his spirited ‘conscious cooking’ techniques for grains, greens, soups, veggies, along with many an insight into awakening both health and higher consciousness, love and happiness.

Major Astrological Moments in July,
Three in August 2018.

“There is no one or two party in spirituality and truth. There is Religion, Philosophy, Science; Art and Culture, truth seeking, and reliability or face; there is Spirit, Soul, Body, and all three need to show up to protect each other and flower each other in loving kindness, compassion and truth. There is no one party unless you’re the one having it. In that case, have compassion for yourself.”
~robert of mayflower

The Asteroid Juno conjunct Uranus in Taurus and thirty degrees from Chiron early July may precipitate minor stirs but not shaken moments in the modern psyche of wanting things secure and regulated yet free and open. Impulses to be unique, colorful, and maverick emerge by those usually tame and docile. Need for greater security of mind soul spirit rather than just externals perhaps. Sudden creative urges to restructure, update, beautify, and kiss the moment as it flies by.

Only a miserable mind thinks of the past, an escapist the future; without the present, being fully present, there is no real future to go nor past to become wise by. Being present in the present, being here now, awake, aware, one sees what the past has created and the future holds and foretells. Be here Now, start there. If you can’t see the problem, you can’t fix it. Show up for your self and world, start there. Stop dreaming, wake up! ~robert of mayflower

July 3rd-4th the Sun hits opposing midpoint of Saturn and Pluto, transformative encounters press for positive change. Such aspect possibly contributing cause of weather extremes around the world, our midwest (and elsewhere) heat wave with heavy flashes of stormy rain here and there. Fire and Water taking turns in the extremes around world. Positively its bringing the light of the Sun to real problems affecting us all. The Sun wants light and love, Saturn and Pluto represents the denial of truth and love, or the WORK NEEDED to implement and manifest love and truth. Its also indicative of the desperation of the poor or down trodden in search of true light, education, ascent of consciousness and life resources. Most challenged to root deeper and reach out to grow in new ways, the most affected now and in week to come are those Signs/Houses/Planets in Cancer, Capricorn, Libra, Aries born between June 25 to July 16, Sept. 26 to Oct. 16, Dec. 25 to Jan 15, and March 25th to April 14. Strong sense of bottom line and far reaching goals now. Avoid making ultimatums or dictating too narrow a view. Be sure to have your facts right, live the life as emulation model. Leaving others free to discover for themselves possibilities and alternatives will help oneself be free. Yet, now is a time one should be clear about one’s needs and goals and not force it on others, but work on it oneself! Such aspects can make for stress at work, or push for new decision making. Some just hide or patiently wait it out for better opportunities. Good for catching up with one’s personal life, health, exercise, cleaning, ridding oneself of unwanted burdens or things not going anywhere. Or is it renewed time of learning to educate or carry oneself to right result or outcome. Currents stresses or concerns reach either a breaking point or resolution and turning point now into July 12th Solar Eclipse and on to July 25-27 Lunar Eclipse. A crisis of power, a need to use right action not force, a call to deeper wisdom and compassion, patience and generosity in the face of limited resource to deal with situations. A need to work with others for common wealth goals and better futures.
July 2rd to 8th the Sun in Cancer makes Grand Trine to Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. July 3-4th Moon in Pisces adds to configuration. Truly this Sun/Moon in water adding to Jupiter/Neptune makes for some beautiful days and heart felt ways in many a place and space in time. Sun in this grand trine presently on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Jupiter while transit of Jupiter trine her natal Jupiter helping surprise victory in New York defeating ten term incumbent. Alexandria is a political activist bottom’s up for the poorer average person and may be sending a signal for what’s to come in some politics. Mexico’s new President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, a former leftist mayor of Mexico City also shares in this astrological mindset with his Scorpio sun trine his Uranus in Cancer. Jupiter will be constructively and positively stirring his future work and aims.
This watery grand trine great for weaving one’s dreams and deeper needs, goals, desires, into workings of every day little things. Now is the time to beautify and care for the little things of life, so to support the big things coming.

July 5th to 11th. Mercury oppose Mars, Sun trine Neptune, Jupiter goes Direct (on 10th). Intellect vs. instinct, intelligent ethics vs animal appetite, selfish motive and rights vs. what is right to do for achieving the ‘most for the many’; education and bottoms up. Or are you awaiting the trick? or trickle down? Or still, waiting to be shot up, go to mars, win the lottery, suddenly zen yourself awake without any real work or effort? With Jupiter in trine to USA natal Sun, look for strong moves by ‘powers that be’ affecting world economics and deep pocket world view. A struggle for what is fair, co-equal justice and opportunity to grow, learn, enrich may be at stake. A Fight of truth, ego over collective, or collective usurping individual? Hopefully honest dialogue or debate. Fixed Signs/planets/houses of Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio affected the most in trying to make everything matter for the good. Being too fixed or addicted to one’s ways no matter what can blind subtle changes in the subtle body and turn of events. Many water signs keep dreaming out and avoiding being present , thus impotent for real change. If one is dreaming, they are still asleep. I think Dylan said that long ago in his way. Selfishness kills the ideal and dream, or does it manifest the higher ideal. Dreams and ideal fight and work to be realized, manifested, incarnated. Discursive mind disrupts the wave and day, wandering mind fades fades away into dust and vapor. Few find lasting peace these daze. Yoga and research good at this time, as well as active listening and looking at what is going on, imagining source, presence, and where things going. For this last, one needs hold very still and look inward and out. In these hot days, fasting, lots water, chewing well, walks, taking things lightly, and fierce silence, listening from the heart to the heart, and back to the heart, very necessary..

“In politics, sex, money, and love; being fooled is no alibi for impatience, laziness, lack of presence and awareness, and lack of wisdom and willingness to learn. The lack of the willingness to learn is the worse dog crime. blessings….”
-robert of mayflower

July 12 Super Moon New Moon. Solar Eclipse with Sun oppose Pluto Magic, July 14th; Venus trine Saturn too. Some find their true Star, others fall off the wagon, lose their land marks and roots, some emotionally compost or let go of past, looking for renewal, better opportunity, re-imagining job, home, friends, family. Sense of death and rebirth, or turning point. A sense of a need for new leadership or higher intelligence to guide. Compassion without the wisdom of many years, many lives, gets too wet soggy emotional, or too dry hard and brittle. Here light in dark places may emerge, and truth be known of secret dirt behind doors, but also egomaniacs of power and taking the law into their own hands is danger. Here need for immense wisdom and ultimate compassion to protect the little ones and move on into brighter future than dark ego selfishness. None-the-less, heavy power plays and major karma for both individuals and parts of the world this second half of July it seems. Good time for attempts at renewing and updating, finding true root and ground.

Compassion isn’t an ideal, it is a universal law just as real as karma and reincarnation. Those who can’t see are short sighted. -robert of mayflower

July 24th to 26th, Venus oppose Neptune, Sun square Uranus, Mercury goes retrograde on July 25th at 23 degrees Leo back to 11 Leo on August 19th when Mercury goes direct. Fixed and Mutable Signs especially feel need for a love and truth, reliable facts, to base a future as well as day to day reality on. False imaginations come to stare some in the face. Highly idealistic escapades endanger themselves from limited or too selfish a view, emotional propensities to gamble love away. Or is it revelations of higher truth or immense feelings needing to taking a leap into bigger waters of possibility and potential? Luciferic impulses to escape may screw up practical realities and immediate needs at hand. On the other hand, some need to escape and now is the time for a zest for higher truths, real freedom, and a love carries us all. The way to the future is in the present tense. Be here Now!

“Whether man die in his bed
Or the rifle knock him dead,
A brief parting from those dear
Is the worst man has to fear.”
W.B. Yeats

July 27th Lunar eclipse, Sun oppose Mars, Moon conjunct Mars, Venus trine Pluto. High stress upset or anger vs strong need to change and hang on to deeper love or concerns for family/friends/loved ones. A deeper love prevails but not without a cost. Early degrees of fixed signs Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius the most affected (see your own chart for what planets and houses). War and crime, violence and anger, egotism and acting out of selfishness, rather then what good for all of us, each and all. Time to jettison negative vibrations in self and others. Time to have compassion for ignorance and delusion and move on. Danger of over aggressive assertiveness and shoot em up mentality. A real need to both control guns and educate animal instincts. Many now feel strong urge to make change for the better. If over confronted by externals, take long walks, exercise, yoga, healthier diet, chew well, eat slow, don’t react, reflect and study. Avoid stressful situations and places. Such aspect can be good for bold courageous heroics, but higher power and virtue, divine provocation need be present. Prayer and meditation, gardening and yoga, lighter diet good antidote to all July’s crazy aspects for chaos or accident, explosive change. Peace and joy start with inbreathe to the heart of hearts, love and truth.

August 1st to August 11th, Mars square Uranus, Solar Eclipse (11th). Avoid fights unless you have to defend, and maybe not even then. Defend the weak, be brave and true, virtue deed self and other, be free, strong in roots and honoring all life, rights for all, God and Goddess, Great Father and Mother, Highest Truth and Love, bless us all. Here the breaking point is reached and many go beyond their means to find freedom, intelligence and love. Some just break their stride and search research for new truths capable of holding their emerging Higher Self and Future Destiny in the World Big Time.

August 19th Jupiter trine Neptune, on 25th August Sun trine Uranus and Saturn, Grand Trine. Act as if redeeming the past, awakening the present, and creating far futures. You may be having a heavenly time, tell me after fall equinox lasting love you find. You may be deluded and dreaming again, yet hold your heart to each and every other heart as friend, what goes around comes round again. Many are so deluded now they won’t really wake up till next lifetime. Others see the big love and light and plow on to higher destiny and calling. Many prophetic dreams come around these times. Unfortunately many scoundrels and false dreams too. Be still and know, keep a journal, there is no religion higher than truth, no science deeper than love, no art or job bigger than becoming fully human, grace grit and onwards.

The economic view should be ther brotherhood of existence, family and home. The religious view should be also the cultural artistic and ecological view. The political commonwealth should inculcate with it the ethics (what is right to do) and the rights of all mankind, spiritual equality and practical everyday justice, education, for all.
Robert of Mayflower

Full Moon August 26 with Venus square Pluto, on 27th August Mars goes direct. Love no matter what but attend to those less fortunate, the most for the many. Don’t take things personal other than your highest dream to work into manifestation. To proceed, to grow further, sometimes you have to pull weeds, cut something out, get rid of bad habits, let go of what don’t work, find your own way with others who want to grow and know more beyond this and back again. Deep love now works, fake love causes negative emotions and insecurities to emerge. Good time to share your naked mind and fully flowering summer heart. It may be now too late to pull weeds in the garden, but never too late to pull weeds in the soul stripping oneself pure in the light of universal truth and love, a brotherliness and sisterly mind/heart for all life. Be well, be star, be mindful dharma heart. Blessings.
~robert of mayflower

When you’ve given your best flowers, and the World’s still not at peace; hold to the roots thru winter for spring’s sweet release.- rt

6/12/18, 11:35 PM

Robert Thibodeau is a psychic intuitive reader, astrological consultant, speaker, author and song writer, vegetarian and organic gardener, swimmer and student of Theosophy, Rudolf Steiner, Tibetan Buddhism, and NeoPlatonism, among other things like piano.

Find me on rudolf steiner archives blog mayflower bookshop, also Facebook, Youtube, and
in person at Mayflower Bookshop in Berkley Michigan USA.