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AstroNews June/July/August 2019

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Steiner’s Calendar of the Soul for June 23-30

a Robert of Mayflower translation ~

The light of the World’s loveliness

ties me to the mast of my innermost soul.

‘Set free your virtue gifts of gold god like

winging into the universal waves and ways,

your own narrow self let go and forego,

and trusting this, seek anew the self again

friend of universal life’s  light and warmth. 

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“What we need is not a political mechanic or a member of the club. What we need is a radical truth-teller and an inspirer of hearts.” 

     ~Marianne Williamson. She is running for President!

  The June 26-27th  Presidential debates are important to tune into. Friend to us all  Marianne Williamson  will be there debating Biden and Sanders on 27th! Should be good!.


‘In the deepest heart and soul there is one love and truth each of us is a unique expression of –             

            ~robert of mayflower

Real knowledge of Self and Other, of World and place is a revelation, a love story, an infinite journey of learning, growing, sharing. The heart lights the head with wisdom.         -robert of mayflower

The Seat of the Soul is in the listening heart, the seat of the Spirit is in the heart of others…              

     ~robert of mayflower

Marianne Williamson’s Astrology? One evening of June 27th Marianne is in Presidential democratic debate with Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and others. It is a critical moment. Does Marianne get the recognition she deserves or is she thrown from the horse. With transiting Pluto trine her progressed Sun, Marianne will be a positive creative honest voice for months to come. With Mars in sign of Cancer transiting in opposition to her natal Moon in Capricorn and Mars transit applying to square her natal Mars in July, Marianne is a calm teacup in a stormy tempest, as well as a strong voice and smart wisdom mind to be reckoned with! Such Mars aspects can bring daring leadership and dramatic evocative argument, debate, courage for truth into play, fearless bravado and repartee. Uranus opposing Mars can invoke strong reactions from Marianne if she senses unfair play or lies/deceptions at play. Such aspect can also be slip of the tongue or over reaction, but i’ve seen Marianne in action and she is one smart cookie that doesn’t crumble under stress and ‘hard headed debate guys’.Does Marianne get thrown from the bucking horse or does she start to tame the wild beast of ‘running for President of the United States of America’?  With north node conjuncting her Sun/Venus in Cancer, Marianne will get some love no matter what happens. More and more people are listening in to her message of a politics of truth, compassion, and more active awakened participation. With Pallas Athena Asteroid near square MARIANNE’S  Uranus/Sun on debate night, perhaps we will see glimpses of her goddess warrior spirit for truth and justice and the American way.

End of June into July may tell the story if this wonderful heart mind soul stays running for President. She very well could stay in the game. She should be if outed, a consultant or cabinet member! Adviser at least! She will never stop telling truths and sharing higher love! Please get on her mailing list and keep healthy eye on her. More on this on my Facebook page. At minimum Marianne Williamson is major force for a more intelligent loving future. Check out her new book ‘The Politics of Love’! When the going gets tough, the tough get going; she is a wonderful addition to honest creative alive politics.. Please consider sending her a donation even if one dollar, and look for a miracle for us all, the world! October into November 2019, Marianne has a number of good aspects portending possibilities of being still in the game of politics, and/or a serious possibility of marriage, new book better than ever, and lots of luck, success, and love.

    Marianne Williamson’s natal birth chart has a Cancer Sun conjunct Uranus, Gemini Rising, and Capricorn Moon. Venus transit conjunct USA Uranus  during debates very well could favor both Warren and Williamson. Now that would be interesting Pres/VP combination wouldn’t it?!! The Venus/Mars aspects also may indicate men from mars and women from venus; although if you look around, this is changing for many. Women are now from Mars, and Men need to be from Venus more! More on this later.

Rudolf Steiner’s Calendar of the Soul, June 30-July 6th.

a robert of mayflower translation~

In the heights of sense then AM I~

Kindled in my soul depths

truths of fiery spirit worlds

virtues Gods proclaim:

‘Seek through calm abiding

space equanimity spirit ground

the stone and universal solvent of kindred souls.

In USA Astrology Chart these dazed days lots happening. I use mostly Sagittarius Rising 8 degree chart. Here on June 26-27 Mars opposes the USA Pluto. Severe Stormy weather, continues drums of war, economic threats, bad news affecting Wall Street, possible drop in markets due to some event or bad news, critical debate, split ups, danger of mishap, over use of force, violence due to negative emotions, jealousy, obsession, madness, anger/hate, criminal activity, need for military or police intervention. The positive side of such aspect mars/pluto is deepening research, high performance, extra caution and security measures, catching mistakes or criminals. Hopefully no quakes nor big bad scenario of shoot em up gun stuff. Success through superior effort. Such aspect good for repair work, behind the scenes research and discovery, break throughs in science, good for cleaning, gardening, renewal, rejuvenation, yoga, inner science of enlightenment and spiritual science. For sure shaky moments on wall street and in power politics, big business makes big moves in the corporate plutocrat world. Intense world economic and political moves.  With Jupiter in USA first house opposing Mars most of the year there has be great exuberance for the rich getting richer.

Also indicates need to be happy, to share, to grow. With transit of Venus conjunct usa Mars end of June and conjunct usa natal venus in July, more Women rise to prominence and leadership; also indicates strong passion for mates both sexual and intellectual. Uranus on Mrs.Melania Trump’s Sun in Taurus could also indicate a few sharp changes and a bit of a roller coaster ride of concerns for long term stability/security/estate and place. Uranus soon trines her Moon indicating renewed popularity, book, speaking, breakthroughs, free speech or creative doings.

July 2nd Solar Eclipse at 10 Cancer affects cardinal signs, houses, planets. Eclipse on USA Sun and Mick Jagger’s ex Jerry Hall’s Sun Sign. Oops! Time for Mick Jagger to have another hit song? or leave the scene suddenly?!  Next two weeks dangerous time to overplay oneself or to provoke idiots, madmen, and premie pirates of genius but false futures. Temptation this week and next to make old dead self walk the plank into larger oceans of possibility and hope. Need for nourishment of the soul to enliven spirit these weeks. The eclipse near USA sun then full moon lunar eclipse near USA natal Pluto could indicate strong need for renewal or sense of rebirth of soul. Could also indicate sadness due to loss or death or ending. Positively need for new start, renewed efforts, regeneration. Challenging time for markets, weather, politics, food costs.

Saturn transit on Dow Jones Venus around July 9/10/11th indicates either strong measures of control to keep markets up, or strong downward correction or dip in markets. (Dow incorporation Nov. 22, 1949).

Rudolf Steiner Calendar of the Soul for July 7-13

a robert of mayflower translation~

Surrendering to revelations of sense

I lost my spirit’s virtue urge,

and felt in dreaming summer’s thinking muse

my sense of self astray,

but waking, seeing, presses and distills me still

World Word thinking in me sense’s glow.

July 7th Mercury in Leo goes retrograde back into Cancer , going direct July 31st new moon in Leo. Early Leo, Taurus, Aquarius, Scorpio signs planets houses feel pushed backwards or in need of review of aims, goals, pleasures and pains.  Mercury Mars conjunct on 8th makes for debate or contesting of mind over matter, body over mind, war of words and conflicting emotions. Need for patient wisdom and cool headedness, need to be real and not react to heated words or unconscious emotional display. Need to reflect true self goals vs. home/family, work and play contest a bit here; security needs conflicts with ego/pride/look/nook. Last two weeks in July reassessment of heart vs logic, big picture vs immediate needs/wants.

July 11th in sky Mars square Uranus. Anger and aggressive moves cause strong reactions, possible accidents, anger, and quick storms. Or, does higher bravado and courageous truth raise the inner standard of living a virtuous life? Avoid unnecessary travel, risk, investments, or gamble. Patience needed to avoid argument or storm. If procrastinating, now may be the time to act. Be gentle wise loving kind. No force. Sudden news jolts perspectives. Avoid negative emotions these last days and next. Genius and humor have timing, keep your inner spirit soul song in heart for wings to grow into good true futures. Take extra care around electricity, computers, travel, car, machines, travel, talk/words be sweet/peace. Easy to anger or make rough times with this aspect. Avoid strong reactions, think/breathe/love be patient.

Rudolf Steiner Calendar of the Soul for July 14-20

a robert of mayflower translation~

Feeling the I spirit’s weaving

slow spelling world’s re-arranging

in , but sleepy of sense

my selfhood is wrapped about

a widow’s share that self

with strength, caged or impotent

there is something now, here, i cannot give.

July 16th Lunar Eclipse also affecting USA Sun. Signs Cancer, Capricorn, Libra, Aries affected most. Some suddenly shift gears and get cut out of something, broke off, separations, endings new beginnings. Eclipses call for cutting out negativities or being cut out or separated. Challenges in home, occupation/job, day to day patterns shift, relationships change for better or worse (need to be more sensitive and patient caring in such areas of life). July could prove a very intense (good or tough) time for politics, stock market jitters, home relations, quick rise or fall,  from or to,  fame, fortune, power, well being, right relations, and name of one’s angel. Some feel ‘eclipsed’ or cut out of something, others feel they are finally connecting, hooking up, with destiny, futurity, healthier happier wiser heartier matters. Deep inner connections to others regenerate or degenerate situations at hand. Good for renewal, repairs, purification, and new research into the meaning and purpose of life, love, light, laughter. The July 16th Lunar Eclipse moon occults saturn and pluto making for sad state of mind, moodiness, gravity of remorse, compassion for suffering and difficult times. Extremes this month in heat and storm in many a place. Also more repressive or severe emotions (difficult psychic space weather). Extremely intense quick moving, hot or extremely blocked, weighed down, troubled, cold cold mean shoulder in parts. With Venus oppose Saturn, some don’t feel love, or need more patience, security, down time, or more play time. Intense time where one needs see big long term picture and secure one’s time, work, heart, soul body toward that, not getting caught up in small play or negative moments. Much common sense and love for greater hearted vision need play into this time. The cap cancer polarity plays out in finding right balance between work/calling/career/vocation/full personality flowering/future fruitions vs family/home/belly/play/food/bed/root/ground.

August 11th Jupiter goes direct making things, people events  look forward motion like. Many future plans enacted. Many have big plans, lots of excitement and positive feel for the future at hand, in hand, and beforehand past present future participle; that is a sense of eternity in many moments passing by.

August 15 Full Moon 22 Aquarius. Freedom and security controls both vie for attention. Freedom and necessity work to harmonize coming days. Here, for many, a good sense of belonging to a greater wholeness, a spiritual and culturally artistic heart felt family.

Rudolf Steiner Calendar of the Soul for July 21-27

a robert of mayflower translation~

Seriously my brewing heart re-quests

‘Cherish the Spirit’s Gift,

Soul shall the gifts of Universal Virtue Mind ripen

In Supreme Being, Soul’s Soil mature, Ma’cures,

selfhood’s fruit you shall know them.

Aug 26 to 29th Venus trine Uranus, Mars trine Uranus, Sun trine Uranus and New Moon on 30th. Major breakthoughs positive and healing, enlightening and brilliant. Love and truth attempt a marriage here, good time to make promises worth keeping. Working for peace and love, creativity and heavenly estate. Positive spirited time for most. Love and higher consciousness is in the air.

Rudolf Steiner Calendar of the Soul for July 28-Aug 3rd~

a robert of mayflower translation~

Now speaks the World Word

through the senses’ door

drawing deeps into deep my soul

‘fill full thy spirit’s depth

with my world vast wideness,

to now forever more find Me in thee.

“One has to be clearly conscious of the fact that in our time, although there is an influx of insights streaming in from the spiritual world, insights which are necessary for humankind today, it is very difficult nowadays to be uninhibited in taking these truths in. Most people who are not well prepared to receive it will experience the deeper spiritual-scientific truths as a shock, as something which appears as fantastic or as a dream”.

~Rudolf Steiner

The in breath to the listening stillness of the heart soul digests experience into the elixir of wisdom truth, compassion is the love for the world, wit is freedom.

         ~robert of mayflower

Blessings of Joyful Heart and good friends, enlightening times!

Robert Thibodeau, Author of ‘Astrological Aspects, the Art’

(248) 547-8227

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