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AstroNews for August 2019

robert of mayflower, (248) 547-8227

All times mentioned EST. (aspects have an aura or orb of influence days before and after)

Note: This does not replace a reading or consultation, but indicates whats in the air, the vibe. When in the sky aspects aspect your own personal chart events occur. All planets have a higher and lower octave as stated in my book ‘Astrological Aspects, the Art’ available at all good bookstores.

July 31st New Moon at 8 Leo, and Mercury goes direct in sign of Cancer (after 11pm).  Sudden shift into reality and priority needs. Strong impulse for something new to happen, or strong wish for home and deeper roots, better nourishment and intimacy, trustworthiness. A wish to remove oneself from ‘what doesn’t work’ for one’s present/future and align oneself with new event horizons. A wish to do something to enhance or beautify one’s life, next a next higher step.

Aug 1st to 2nd, Venus in Leo square Uranus in Pisces. Sudden creative love urge, or frustration. Sudden shifts in likes and dislikes, sudden stepping up of spirit, juiciness, aliveness, fiery intense alertness. Take care not to move too fast and make wrong moves causing quick reactions or emotional tension stress. Good for creative change, artistry, daring magic and creative arts. Short lived or passing fancies. Sudden love urges with little follow through or completion, or future. Stock Markets so very smartly controlled these days into all next week, not sure what up with this Venus/Uranus aspect. Could be bit of roller coaster with stocks, weather, politics, celebrities breaking up, or new starts. Creatively amped time for higher love and most noble knightly purpose and drive. Ego and pride need avoid hurting another’s feelings, feelings need head light but also higher love. One wants to shine, one wants to melt; take the high road to heaven and avoid hell’s negative emotions.

August 5-7th (into later in month) may be awkward time for Dow Jones with transit Neptune oppose Saturn. False inflation or depressed balloons?  Great time to make the deal, or bad move? This time, also August 11th-12th when Jupiter goes direct from retrograde, and Uranus goes retrograde, while Moon occults Saturn/Pluto, could be strong market correction, possible drop, in markets, but oft astrology works just the opposite thus indicating big rise in markets especially because one good or wrong word and bang, plus very controlled by smart people. Yet, quirky times. Tricky dangerous time to gamble. In the world, many experience a kind of ‘Check Mate’ or need to pass on. Possible significant individuals or celeb personalities take this time to cross over into the spiritual worlds. . The

    President has transit of Neptune square natal Uranus  which  may indicate a sensitive time feeling unsure but also intuitive, far seeing, and perhaps even spiritual experience. But its also time to keep practical and not get swindled nor freaked out by external events beyond one’s control. For sure can be confusing, but also visionary and highly idealistic. With Mars transit opposing Pres’ natal Mars, could be some heavy contesting and aggressive/reactive moves. Here there is danger of feeling threatening or being threatening, over reacting or being too assertive; need to avoid nasty remarks or reacting to such. Feisty aspects. Venus opposing natal Mars doesn’t help the love life much for Mr President, or does it? There is freedom in the stars. The planetary aspect impel, not compel; and one has freedom to rise above animal instinct to higher self, higher ethical universal freedom, truth, compassion, love. May we all learn to see that!

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    August 11th Jupiter goes direct making things, people events  look forward motion like. Many future plans enacted. Many have big plans, lots of excitement and positive feel for the future at hand, in hand, and beforehand past present future participle; that is a sense of eternity in many moments passing by. A strong sense for reaching out to manifest dreams. Many feel pressure on like in musical chairs to dance and have fun quickly because when Saturn and Pluto conjoin in Capricorn end of this year , exact January 2020, the music stops and everyone will need a good chair, bed, job, home, as things and thinks get a little rougher, tougher, and colder.

August 15 Full Moon 22 Aquarius. Freedom and security controls both vie for attention. Freedom and necessity work to harmonize in coming days. Here, for many, a good sense of belonging to a greater wholeness, a spiritual and culturally artistic heart felt family. Mayflower Bookshop works to create a community of heart minds working and studying for a better world and a better tomorrow for all of us, each and all. Its the bookshop for an invisible spiritual university, one may say.

August 16, Mercury square Uranus, need to quickly readjust oneself as new facts come in. Here one’s mind catches up to one’s emotions which may have been trying to run the show for last few weeks. Nervousness and stress need healthy good release. Avoid knee jerk reactions. Perhaps meditation, yoga, nature outdoors walk, simple foods, chewing well, need to slow it down and breathe deeper. Relax into a greater wisdom view and long term take. On the other hand, stay awake to immediate needs and opportunities. Practice stillness, pure heart awareness. Be Peace. Be present yet eternally minded, heart minded. These days could be profoundly creative. Avoid mind racing and too much velocity causing mishap. Loose tongues have sunk ships, projects, dreams. Wilder music times, zany and playful for some.

Aug. 18 Mars enters Virgo. Time to become sharp dressed. Here clean goes a long way. Help self and others bring new order and realignment more in tune with bigger and smaller picture. Need to harmonize macrocosmic big yearnings with the simple be here now. Aug. 21 venus into Virgo, Aug 23 Sun into Virgo, then 24th Mars conjunct Venus. Next six days high romance (or contesting or fighting peace, love, romance). Yet Love and attainment, event, is strongly in the air. A wanting to throw out the old and refurbish, redress,renew,  heal and fix up, clear up, clean up, or throw up and out. Whew! Good for fun if you keep it clean, upfront, honest, and light. Great for beautifying and making strong connection. Avoid negative un-constructive criticism.

Aug. 21 Venus into Virgo. Beautify by simplifying. Avoid over criticalness. Mercury trines Jupiter too, so over abundance of ideas, thought, plans positive. Eat light, keep tight, shine your heart light through words, tears, eyes and new sense of listening.

Aug. 23 Sun enters Virgo. Purify and neutralize negativity. Clarity and renewed spirit for right work, constructive productive work. New light on health issues. Its clear the days are getting shorter, take deeper breath within to find the spark.

Aug. 24 Venus conjunct Mars in Virgo. Notorious aspect for the purest part of you seeking adventure, the high and noble road of knighthood. Intense feelings of love. An electrical magnetic connection to another, a project, job, or adventure. A challenge to make more conscious instinctive thrusts or pulls to experience more unifying or creatively challenging project or relations. Take care to build up spiritual characters, not tear down, break down.

Aug 26 to 29th Venus trine Uranus, Mars trine Uranus, Sun trine Uranus and New Moon on 30th. Love and truth attempt a marriage here, good time to make promises worth keeping. Working for peace and love, creativity and heavenly estate. Positive spirited time for most. Strong feelings for the future, higher states of consciousness, mating, progressing, uplifting. Making good connections.

Major breakthroughs possible at this time. Both positive and healing, enlightening and brilliant. Love and truth attempt a marriage here, good time to make promises worth keeping. Working for peace and love, creativity and heavenly estate. Positive spirited time for most. Love and higher consciousness is in the air.

Aug 30 New Moon 6 Virgo with Moon conjunct Venus/Mars. A renewal of love contract or wish for new path, journey, goal and way to go. Next two weeks or more repair the past, and thruster rocket into better futures.  Avoid loose words or negativity unable to pull the weed or deliver the goods.

Sept. 1 Mercury trine Uranus, Venus trine Saturn. Freedom of thought hands on, yet strong feelings of need for securing feelings. Heart centered on universal love with an eye for a higher goal, star, to follow is good!

Sept 2nd Sun conjunct Mars, Venus square Jupiter. A new or renewed clarity at work and play. Strong awarenesss of other or emerging self as it plays into interactions at work. Meetings with extraordinary person or situation, new insights, new opportunity if one wisely and clearly clarifies situation and is willing to share, invest, play, work, and act. This is intense time with sharp strong moves in markets, investments, and the weather, emotions, relations.

Sept 3rd Mercury conjunct Mars. Sun conjunct Mercury. Too much news, yet pertinent facts and insights flow in as to how to act in coming time. Avoid fights, arguments, unnecessary display of force. Good for research, higher truths, putting ideals into action.

Sept 4th Venus oppose Neptune. Idealism and rose colored glasses may call for the need of more practical thinking, yet romancing the future is magical at this time. Avoid overdoing anything. Avoid dreaming your life away. Work out, eat simple foods, stay practical, yet follow your dream and highest star. Work to realize and manifest, not sleepy dreamy wishing. Eat more grains and greens for clarity, chew longer!

Sept 5th Mercury trine Saturn. Practical concerns, security, bills, necessities, demand your attention. Patience and generosity with yourself and thoughts goes far at this juncture in time.

Sept 6th Mercury square Jupiter, Saturn trine Sun, Venus trine Pluto. Artistic and feeling adventure and play balance serious bottom line concerns. A deeper love keeps calling you to keep learning and growing. Love, home, security, as well as creative play, both have their say these days. Many seek to root deeper and more vastly flower  Don’t just talk and watch, do something!

Sept 8th Sun square Jupiter, Mercury trine Pluto. Being really smart about everything is half the equation, being fun and playful, creatively interactive is the other two halves. Aha! Good for joyful good fortune but also serious research. Some paying bill for ill thought out investment of self, time, money. Others aligning and digging in for long run. Good for socializing with deeper minded, sure of heart, friends.

Sept 13-14 Full Moon in Pisces with Mars oppose Neptune ~

Lots of promises that can’t be kept? Dreams never to come true? Or many plans being activated? Take care to look before you leap, these are wild times with extremes in the weather. Fire and Water conflict. Enthusiasm with too much emotion can dampen the party. Too much fire either enkindles love or anger. Important to keep compassionate understanding for the hard times some struggle with. Hard to be wise these days, so love unconditionally. Mars/Neptune can be poisoning or illness due to bad or spoiled food. Need to eat lighter and avoid too rich of foods. Mars/Neptune can also indicate lies or crazy inflated statements. Weird weather and strange psychic phenomena. Mars is cars, guns, military….., so with Neptune its important not to be too cocky or off in perceptions, misfiring. Danger around machines, travel, car. On another note, the future is fighting for presence. Strange experiments and dreams. For some great sense of mothering, motherhood, and taking care of others, compassion. A need for better environment, water and air, love and peace, creativity.

   Democratic Debates take place on full moon. Crazy time. Fighters with too much energy and angst (if not anger), meet with idealists, peacemakers, and dreamers, futurists, and even levity and flotation devices. Many will like the unsureness or zany side of these times needing hearty keen wisdom insight, good humor but not insanity. A need for genius bringing together heaven and earth into heart and smile and awareness for real.

Sept 18th Saturn direct from retrograde. Reality and sure way to go kicks in now. Better facts and necessities now show their real face and crack a whip to continue on. Strong moves by higher ups and big corporations to solidify their move, gain, power, control. Here its the philosophy of the carrot or the stick; if urge for freedom makes an appearance, all the better.

Sept 19 Robert of Mayflower Talk in Birmingham Community House, ‘Meditation and the Mind of Yoga’. 7 to 9 pm.

Sept 21 Jupiter square Neptune finalizes and completes many a karma, fantasy, dream, deep feeling urge. Disappointment in speculative adventure. False dreams crash to reality in coming weeks as we head to Saturn Pluto conjunct Jan. 2020. For some crash course in reality, for others need to make it real or drop it, what isn’t growing into the future nor becoming more real, must fade away or fail. Fantasies or delusions/illusions of last year on last legs. Many ready now to put up or shut up. Time to manifest one’s higher self, destiny, or calling ~ or jump ship? Good time to practice stillness until clear light of wisdom and compassion emerge. Dream come true or Sink in the Blues time? Well that is up to you! Great time for deepening spiritual experience, research, adventure, love.

Sept 22 Mercury square Saturn. Reality sets in. Many face tough choices, and need to think things out more clearly, practically.Some patiently buy time. Avoid drinking or smoking things out more unclearly. If ready unfold your plan and act on it. Work things out or try to leave what has you depressed or squeeze boxed into too little of mind/heart/soul to grow wings. One can be enlightened anywhere, even in hell. Read/study Rudolf Steiner, Osho, Gelek Rinpoche’s Tibetan Buddhism, the Divine Pomander, Plotinus, Manly Hall, Yoga, all that. Live the Life, study the art, deepen your spiritual soul science. Get the right tools, right books! Mayflower Bookshop has em! Blessings.


Rudolf Steiner Calendar of the Soul for July 21-27

a robert of mayflower translation~

Seriously my brewing heart re-quests

‘Cherish Spirit’s Gift,

Soul shall you ripen Universal holy Virtue Mind

In Supreme Being, Soul’s Soil mature, Ma’cures,

selfhood’s fruit you shall know.


Rudolf Steiner Calendar of the Soul for July 28-Aug 3rd~

a robert of mayflower translation~

Now speaks the World Word

through the senses’ door

drawing deeps into deep my soul

‘fill full thy spirit’s depth

with my world vast wideness,

to now forever more find Me in thee.


“One has to be clearly conscious of the fact that in our time, although there is an influx of insights streaming in from the spiritual world, insights which are necessary for humankind today, it is very difficult nowadays to be uninhibited in taking these truths in. Most people who are not well prepared to receive it will experience the deeper spiritual-scientific truths as a shock, as something which appears as fantastic or as a dream”.

        ~Rudolf Steiner

In breath to heart listening, see stillness space core sacred soul.

Here, all experience, is digested into the elixir of wisdom,

truth, freedom, compassion,love for the world.

Wisdom wit universal love, then is. Quick now,

Listen with your heart!

         ~robert of mayflower

Blessings Joyful Heart and good friends,

may enlightening times shine upon and through us.


Robert Thibodeau, Author of ‘Astrological Aspects, the Art’

(248) 547-8227

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