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Friend’s Note: Get on my face book if you can. Recently posted lots of astrology notes, ie. how Pelosi day of impeachment had transit of Neptune on her natal Mercury squaring her natal ascendent. How she may not have all the facts right and it may be tough weary go. How Pres. Trump has Jupiter transit coming to conjunct his natal Moon (along with other aspects) portending of both rise in popularity and happiness with economy, family and friends. Now how’s that gonna happen?! Luck of the Stars? Mr. Trumps aspects do not indicate winning next election. Much more info there. I will be speaking of my predictions October 24th. Register for talk or purchase recording to be sent to your email now if you wish! Get on my facebook and email monthly! blessings, robert thibodeau

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AstroNews October-November-Dec 2019

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AstroNews for Oct-November-Dec

October 1st Venus in libra square Pluto in capricorn. First half of month has mostly challenging aspects. Some feel in over their head, others feel overwhelmed. Where there is Love, there is God; as Tolstoy and the Bible say. Where there is emptiness practice, stillness heart listening, there is room to move, grow, know more, participate, be part of it all. Acting out of separateness without true understanding of karma and re-incarnating learning circumstance; life is tough to say the least. Negative emotions and selfishness is killing the world. Ownership without enlightenment is killing the world.

Negative emotions is a mindless battleground. Jealousy is loving someone for who you want them to be rather than who they are. Avoid negative emotions and projections,  manipulations through guilt, shame, blame, anger. Guilt is what we pay ourselves to do it again. There is no real shame or blame, guilt, other than not living up to one’s highest ideal, virtue, holy dream, inspiration, intuition; one’s sense of ONENESS, universal connection, Eros. Venus/Pluto wants to deepen love but needs to act out of freedom, love, compassion, higher truth.

   Such pluto aspects makes some feel squeezed and pinched, compelled to behavior rather than inspired to make holy, peaceful, more enlightened, awake.

    Lots of mud throwing in news. Judgement without healing and upliftment of all involved is lame, short sighted, and often inhumane. Dirt’ on others we see often our next life circumstance if not properly dealt with.

    Secrets smothered and hid now revealed? Or shamefully hid better? Good time to selflessly take a look at what works for the best of all, the most for the many. Need for healing and working more together rather than rogue. Yet individuals oft lead the change for better or worse.

     Venus in last of cycle third quarter coming to join Pluto indicates a wanting to go home, back to the heart and soul, back to renewal of original primal instincts driving one onward, upward, and forward with a sense of passion, love, creative art. The art of being truly human is at stake, learning to breathe to the heart is critical for one’s sanity and health.

     Animal appetites and mechanistic behaviour, fear and anger, attachment or ‘cling ons’ are tripping many. Selfless love, compassion, learning, feeling, making all friend and hugging hearts and earth is big plus these days of daze and explosive situations. Pluto tends to get wrapped up in sticky fights needing to flow to find light. Ultimatums and dirty play, sneaky behind the scenes undermining of others (self in long run) are at hand first half of month.

      Positive approach is to purify, renew, selflessly seek truth, and act, with universal love, truth, and personal touch.

October 3rd Pluto goes direct from retrograde. Since last April when it went retrograde, plans made end of 2018 into Spring, have taken a back step, but now about to go forward for positive change and self renewal, deepening, connection. It may take a few weeks of finding right steps and right other workings. Such aspect reveals need for big outer and inner change, moves, rearranging, rethink, and radical meditation/yoga so to open opportunity, miracle, surprise and wonder, making future more viable and friendly. 

    Finding right commitment to self realization and world learning is key. This powerful inner awakening energetic runs into Oct. 14th Sun square Pluto and may then tell more of the story heading as we approach january 2020 saturn/pluto conjunct. (a 31 to 37 yr cycle indicating midlife crisis, crux ifiction or crucifixion resurrection, journey to the under world, or unconsciousnes and back. The descent of the soul and its turning point in time as Rudolf Steiner likes to say, is a question in our hearts of timing, awareness, higher love. its a question of who’s got it right enough to ‘stay in forward’ and not have to keep slipping backwards into same old same old, reliving old movies and mistakes, one’s own and others. Its a quest and question of radical stillness and listening heart, YogaMind i call it in my book. Repeat offenders can be a problem, working on oneself and letting others go for a moment may be a good part of the resolution and solution to well being and spiritually becoming.

Oct. 6th Moon occults (conjuncts) Pluto, another progressive or digressive step, regeneration and making whole, or degenerating, deactivating, ill at ease,  (activating oct 3rd and 14th). Try not to take anything personally and over react inwardly or outwardly. No shame or blame, just learning; as Marianne Williamson use to tell me.

     Take it personal to invoke your own higher self, your own intuition of ‘God’, virtue, Higher Self, Buddha Mind, Christ Consciousness, call it what you will, but call it into your personal life!

    Pluto aspects good for clearing space for the new to enter, or for renewing the good true beautiful in self and others. Good for cleaning, fixing up, home work, renewing. Otherwise pluto can be degenerative with slow breakdown and sense of inevitability. Pluto demands selfless honestly and pure heartedness, otherwise secret selfishness limits the great possibility of infinite good. Mantra and Prayer good for centering and breathing into source, center, I AM, or Christ Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness. Prayer is talking to God, Meditation is listening to God; God is Love, not an ‘ego’ projection.

Oct. 7th Mercury oppose Uranus & Sun square Saturn makes for a serious day weighing the consequences of one’s actions, or lack of free will and compassionate for everyone actions. Often such aspect first half of October make for world events pushing many into immediate action or response. Extremes in the weather and emotions have some places and spaces too hot to handle, or too cold to warm up with enough love. Truth sets you free, love commits you to deeper passage and passion. Follow your highest ideal, work to make manifest; live the life to share the teachings.

October 8-9th Mars oppose Chiron in Aries. Tendency to act out of woundedness and estrangement rather than higher self calling. Or is it a passage, a doorway, a time to move through something rather than get stopped by something. In my book i see Chiron more like Chiron the boatsman in old Greek Myth reality, the one who carries you in and out of the underworld or worldly affairs. Its Hermes and Athena who connect heaven and earth, higher and lower self. Hermes is ArcAngel Michael to Steiner, Artemis/Athena is divinizing Sophia Wisdom. (See the Mission of Michael, and Isis, Mary, Sophia by Steiner at Mayflower)

     Opportunities to rise to the higher calling, rise to the occasion with great nobility of spirit and virtue soul is at hand. Avoid letting others trigger your fears and needy littleness, be big, put wings on your heart, Breathe! Wish and Bless! Feelings of crossing the river styx attempting to get to more light, higher ground, greater insight, and feelings of unity prevail midst the stormy times. Sound intelligence over unruly emotions rule. Passion for Truth, higher Truth, is king here (or at least worthy knight, Parzival).


Oct. 12 Venus in Libra oppose Uranus in Aries. What’s good for everybody concerned, a greater social cultural collective, family and friends may be strongly contested by either a whacky materialistic genius or egoist. None-the-less, creative free loving people are at odds with each other. too. Hasty rash forceful actions may backfire. Seek a love more inclusive of others, truth, freedom, creative social abilities and arts. Avoid rash action leaving others out of the decision making. This wildly creative or opposing energetic runs into Oct. 14th when Sun conjuncts Pluto and Moon conjuncts Uranus. This aspect good for free play, arts, making amends, or starting new healthy trends!

Oct. 13 Full Moon in Aries on the heels of yesterday’s Venus/Uranus urges one to make something new happen, rise to the next higher level, initiate change, be done with what doesn’t work for one’s higher self, for world at hand nor future.

     A sense of get over it already, or sense of wanting to quicken what nature is taking too long to do. Be patient and think long term, but make changes positive to oneself and one’s environment if you can. Highly creative and free loving time. Yet its important to know this ~ its fall and we are heading toward the BIG SATURN conjunct PLUTO this coming January 2020! Early warnings end of Sept into first half Oct. Will January be the finality, the final act of much of the psycho drama and pollution the world is in. Tough time for good food, clean air and water. It all starts with each and every one of us. The real change begins here in the heart and mind and what at hand.

     Outward fall into winter, but inwardly its the opposite (see Steiner’s ‘Four Seasons and the ArchAngels’, as well as his ‘Cycle of the Year’. So now, feel spring inside blooming your heart and soul. Outwardly fall, inwardly a rise of awareness, consciousness. Outwardly be patient as Buddha’s Mother awaiting birth of Buddha, of Higher Consciousness, real freedom and truth inside out. Be the patient compassion mother for lost wounded souls. Be patient with your own fears and desires, see through it. Avoid knee jerk reactions and hasty ill thought out actions. Full Moons push everyone to the limit and stir up things, strongly shift gears up or down. .

    If one is too outgoing then perhaps an ‘in-turning’ needed in days to come. If too inward, outer pulls and longings occur. breathe into the tension of opposites, breathe into the middle way, avoid extremes but enjoy the show.

     Here its wise to play but keep rooted to one’s spiritual mindfulness, one’s spiritual practice, one’s stillness at the eye of the storm. Full Moon is when the Sun and Moon , the inner and outer , tug at each other often finding opposing points of view. With Pluto ’T-Squaring’ Sun and Moon opposition, there is serious sense of foreboding, death, need to rise higher, and need to renew, rebirth, reactivate higher notions, angels, virtues. Its in the air.

     Strong sense of unfairness and need for justice in news again. Pluto impels one to look to deeper issues at cause of outer effects. A sense of either birthing higher self in oneself, or sense of need to purify and make proper changes for higher calling, work, and play.

   Strong sense thru to mid October of wanting to lose oneself to find oneself. Also of wanting to more deeply discover oneself to lose the crazy outer things bugging and eating at you. avoid ‘Creature Comforts’ of feeding astral entities. Fear is where lack of love. Anger takes away other’s freedom and its lack of honest need to keep learning for oneself better way to go rather than force or manipulation for results. For some a very amazing time of spiritual connection, artistic creative adventure, and new found inner freedoms. Its all about the training of the mind and the capacity to cognize and creatively interact. See tibetan lama Gelek Rimpoche book Odyssey to Freedom for lam rin gradual path. See Outline of Occult Science for Grail ‘gradual path’ of wisdom enlightenment.

October 14th Sun square Pluto and Moon conjunct Uranus. Negative emotions, using forceful tactics, projecting anger, guilt, blame, shame, jealousy, create more negativity and trouble. Have an opinion or personal facts but leave others free to get it on their own.  Things can happen really fast here. Many seem to be losing it. Panic and feelings of being overwhelmed need to be balanced by nature walks, slowing things down, chewing food better, yoga and exercise, getting enough sleep, and consciously striving and working one’s mind into working for higher attainment, study, learning, growing. Its a question of balancing work and play, balancing others with self willed learning and spiritual growth.

   For some its a question of taking good break from the come around go around repeat offenders and crazies, zombies, aliens, vampires, and negatives. Taking a break from what you can fix and retreat, retreat to heal, repair, renew, review, study, reflect, to re-emerge later.

    Second half of month influenced by Jupiter conjunct Ceres the Mother Astroid. Many feel like mothering or feel need to be mothered. Hearty oatmeals, soups, grains and greens, squash go far here to nourish, but we also need to nourish the soul with greater spirit truth and love. Yoga, reading, meditation, renewed vigor for self improvement rather than always trying to improve others and having results that ‘nothing is good enough’.

    Also second part in particular but all month, a sense of Demeter the Great Mother attempting to redeem that fallen part of us, that Persephone fallen or on an important mission in the underworld, earth, to redeem lost souls and parts to return to wholeness, being co-creative agency for positive change, gardening both earthy and spiritual awakening soul, higher angelic proclivity, virtue minded Spirit for the World, in a Word, ‘LOVE, higher Love. SparkSunshine to weave yr wings back on. (my song on youtube, ‘Weave your Wings” Weave love through every heart and mind, feeling at one with every other. There is One Light and Love, each is unique lampshade, cover and mask, art, over the oneness. Here there is no enemy, only temporary ignorance and illusion, lack of seeing truth holding us all. Be the love heals one and all. Unity in diversity. We are all born equal in our opportunity and chance of enlightenment, higher flowering of consciousness, love and truth. ‘We the People, for the People, by the People’  our Constitution and Bill of Rights, Declaration of Principles idealizes. Its not wee on the people, make fortunes off people, and buy the peoples. Its time to respect and honor all living. This takes education and love.Be the change you’re looking for. Share but make time for yourself.

Oct 15th Mercury in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces. Escapism or is it spiritual idealism inspiriting greater adventure? Take care not to be too busy that you miss your own subtle mind whispers of divine intent, fate, destiny, opportunity knocking.

Oct. 21st Venus trine Neptune. Ideals of love overtake one’s day to day mind. Good for planning the future, trips, adventures, music and the arts. Avoid too many sweet or burdening dead foods, this is a time to feel life, respond to a greater call of the wild. Primal instincts and dreams over ride mundane matters.

Oct. 23rd Sun enters Scorpio. Passion and selfishness struggle with necessity and inevitability. Fate and destiny clink glasses. Coming four weeks like a game of Truth or Consequences, bad karma or divine destiny. Watch and learn, pick a curtain and walk on through. Some more passionately throw themselves into the game, some turn cold. Remember to treat others how you would like to be treated. Have a strong opinion but leave others free to discover for themselves. Avoid making judgements and critique of others that serves no one good. Change what can be changed, otherwise keep to being a student of life long learning. Pick your battles maybe, but face honestly what is right before you. Sneaks get tweeted in coming times. The honest secret is great virtues sleep to awaken from within. Making others cause of your happiness or sadness doesn’t work in long run. Just cus you don’t show it, don’t mean you don’t need to own it. Negativity is its own result, more negativity to come. Be positive.

Oct 24-26th Dark Moon Lilith conjunct Venus (influence starts oct 17th with mercury/Lilith conjoined). A very sensuous time (or severe lack of gravity) attempting to find union with greater possibilities and notions. Subtle airs of soul mating or seeking higher power, knowing. Important to worry more of one’s own proclivities and subtle mind, one’s own subtle mind, right motive, action, with more self love and truth, the more sharing.

October 27th New Moon in Scorpio, Mars in Libra square Saturn in Capricorn. Lots of pressure on for truth in facts. Strong sense of need for renewal, cleansing, purifying, completing things and moving on.

Mars/Saturn has things at stand off, or standing still, feeling need for use of force or higher authority to get things done. Mars can be angelic or virtuous help/aid. Saturn can be wisdom come through time, elder assistance, karma straightening things out and teaching lessons. Many a line now drawn in the sand. Very serious and foreboding, yet come monday october 24th Sun oppose Uranus, may make many a surprise turn, reversal, sudden change of plans, surprise, or shock. Sudden change or new information redirecting things. Upsets, shifts, surprises, novelty, wit at play. Sun is light on uranus changes.

Oct. 29th Moon conjunct Venus and Mercury with Mercury conjunct Venus on  Oct 30th makes for smooth sailing and clear skies, luck, out of nowhere. Also sudden sense of truth, love, new sane reality, appearance of what may work tor creative progress or good for most of us.

Oct 31st Halloween has Moon conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius, but also Mercury goes retrograde at the end of Scorpio until November 20th., trine Neptune along the way. Good for parties and catching up on biographies and stories. Many want to dream out, space out, let go of tough reality. Possible severe weather and winter coming, but now frolic night before all saints, all virtues day.

     in coming weeks mercury retro; Many dream on or fall back. Perhaps many too high? Meds not working right? False imagination? Desires and fears having trouble with reality and hard cold facts? Good time to prepare oneself for better futures to come, or a need to step back from some situation your are not ready for, or not well thought out enough with details. With Mercury retrograde its best not to make heavy agreements you may not want to follow through on later. Avoid major decisions. On the other hand, astrology works in opposites and higher and lower octaves of event possibility depending on the individual~ how smart, how good the karma, capacity, talent. So Mercury retrograde can be a time to really get to know what you want, desire, and aim for, Good time to overcome fear with greater love and truth. Good time to dream real and plan good futures. Good time to fall back and fix a few things, making right on some mistakes not flight to further mistakes and hard learning. Some feel trapped or stuck and fume or boil over; but working on new learning always helpful for new views, greater perspective. Avoiding hiding under the mask or being fooled by someone who is. Good time to find right direction for higher love calling vocation work play.

November 2nd Moon occulting Saturn/Pluto subtly triggers impending troubles, problems, hurts needing solutions and healing.

Nov. 5th Mars square Pluto is a sad affair, some sorry they didn’t dare a higher highway truth and love. Such aspect usually brings out the upset, anger, hate, gun play, violence, threats and counter threats. Such aspect spiritually is meant to fight of truth, goodness, justice, repair everywhere. Deep compassion and passion for truth and love needs banish fear, hate, crookedness.

Nov.. 8th Sun sextile Saturn, Sun tine Neptune, Such aspect works to bring a more peace and harmony to warring sides. An attempt at compromise and agreement is at work everywhere. The ideal and workable compromise is struck for many. Peace and Love have a day or two here, perhaps a month.

Nov. 12th Full Moon in sensuous and honestly practical down to earth sign of Taurus. Happy week to come making things work for self and other.

Nov 14th Venus square Neptune is silly idealistic or otherworldly, Beware of false dreams or signs and dreams misinterpreted. Good for poetics, lovers, artists, musicians, heavenly bodies and spiritual wanderings, journeys.

Nov 20th mercury goes direct. Much insight into past pushes us positively into future.

‘the Motto of the Social Ethic’:

“The healing social life is found

when in the mirror of the human soul

the whole community finds its reflection

and when in the community

the strength of each one is living.”

-Rudolf Steiner

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