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Talk coming up with Robert of Mayflower

Astrology 2020, the major positive and challenging aspects, predictions and insights into.
November 20th,  7 to 9 pm.  Astrological Aspects for 2020; signs, planets, USA, Elections, famous people, weather, more.
Call Mayflower Bookshop to reserve your seat.
Oct 31st Halloween has Moon conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius, but also Mercury goes retrograde at the end of Scorpio until November 20th., trine Neptune along the way. Good for indoor parties and catching up on biographies and stories. Many want to dream out, space out, let go of tough reality. Possible severe weather and winter coming, but now frolic night before all saints, all virtues day.
NOVEMBER in coming weeks mercury retrograde reeks havoc, many plans (impeachment) get complicated and confusing and mistakes mistakes made. Many dream on or fall back. Perhaps many too high? Meds not working right? False imagination? Desires and fears having trouble with reality and hard cold facts? Good time to prepare oneself for better futures to come, or a need to step back from some situation your are not ready for, or not well thought out enough with details. With Mercury retrograde its best not to make heavy important agreements (contracts etc). You or they may not follow through later on. Avoid major decisions. On the other hand, astrology works in opposites and higher and lower octaves of event possibility depending on the individual~ how smart, how good the karma, capacity, talent. So Mercury retrograde can be a time to really get to know what you want, desire, and aim for, Good time to overcome fear with greater love and truth. Good time to dream real and plan good futures. Good time to fall back and fix a few things, making right on some mistakes not flight to further mistakes and hard learning. Some feel trapped or stuck and fume or boil over; but working on new learning always helpful for new views, greater perspective. Avoiding hiding under the mask or being fooled by someone who is. Good time to find right direction for higher love calling vocation work play. November 11th Mercury transits the face of the Sun making for many getting clear quick on the facts, others shocked by the facts, some feel burned by the facts, and some cut right through right to the point to score big, accomplish the deed, or perfect the work.

Could be roller coaster of vicissitudes and fear,
perhaps heavy down turn, drop. Avoid Risk or gamble or use of force.
Or is it just really tough political weather in the White House!?!
With mars/uranus in sky thinks and things can reverse quickly from what you thought was occurring. Stormy weather inwardly and out. Turbulent moments. Around Dec. 10th-11th nutty disturbing time too.

Michelle Obama has great aspects in her chart to run for President. She could win from the astrological point of view, but so could Oprah! Late December into January she may well jump in! Or are her good aspects other successful adventures.

Unless someone else jumps into political race, Elizabeth Warren still looks the best bet to win astrologically. President Trump’s chart rough at election time indicating tough time then. More on this next talk.

November 2nd Moon occulting Saturn/Pluto subtly triggers impending troubles, problems, hurts needing solutions and healing.
Nov. 5th Mars square Pluto is a sad affair, some sorry they didn’t dare a higher highway truth and love. Such aspect usually brings out the upset, anger, hate, gun play, violence, threats and counter threats. Such aspect spiritually is meant to fight of truth, goodness, justice, repair everywhere. Deep compassion and passion for truth and love needs banish fear, hate, crookedness. Avoid harmful speech, negative emotions, fixation on a point, selfishly not allowing others their free speech. Avoid unneeded criticism or harmful words, actions. Good for cleaning and ridding self of burdensome, going nowhere matter. Here negativity is its own reward, and honey catches the honey bee and flower.
Nov.. 8th Sun sextile Saturn, Sun tine Neptune, Such aspect works to bring a more peace and harmony to warring sides. An attempt at compromise and agreement is at work everywhere. The ideal and workable compromise is struck for many. Peace and Love have a day or two here, perhaps a month.
*Nov. 11th Transit of Mercury Retrograde across the face of the sun. Things go backwards, need redoing, recalibrating, rethinking, renewing, rewriting, reviewing, rewinding, and more rethinking. One needs check and recheck the little details and perhaps avoid big decision making. Mercury retrograde from Oct. 31st to November 27th, but November 11th combust Sun a time of increased tension and facts necessitating action or reaction. Scorpio, Taurus, Leo, Aquarius get hardest hit by this Mercury retrograde time. Desire and fear tend to sidetrack one’s bigger picture and higher self. Weird power plays and taking things too seriously a problem.Electromagnetic tensions run high, so get good exercise and workout, sauna or yoga or massage; eat more healthy. Good for research and discovery for some.
Is this a time when danger of unconscious or egotistic actions wreck the day. The pimple detracts from the whole, the little things bug and annoy and can trigger strong reaction. Negative thought/feeling/action wrecks what could have been sweet day? The gold orb’d day sours?
A day when the speck of separatism, ‘egotism’ acting out of separateness rather than One World View, is divisive and disturbing in effect? Or is it a time when one’s astral body or animal appetite gets burned or over cooked, over indulged, biligerantly verbose or over done, over flowing indulgent and ill willed, sick? Or is it a time one is purified and brought closer to the light/ love/truth/compassion, right workings and creative sunny play, realization and enlightenment? Many a reavealing fact or ruth may suddenly or shockingly appear around this time (two weeks either side).
More on Nov. 11th Mercury crossing face of the Sun~~~~
Mercury/Sun is sextile Saturn/Pluto and oppose by Moon giving a very serious mood and serious play for heavy bottom lines, accusations, attack and defense. The Mercury combust Sun makes many feel burned or ripped off, or needing to rid self of burdens and ‘what’s burning or burdening’ them.
Four planets desposit to Saturn, 5 to Jupiter, one to Neptune. Popular vote, democratic urge, is toward change in regime, but when did popular vote win recently?! Plutocratic Corporatocracy on the defense and offense. Another French Revolution collectivism at hand? A kind of psychic or emotional ‘civil war’ in ways? A minority equally strong in event and outcome as collective mass vote? Indecisive unsure actions. Still business as usual? Need for better ground rules and clear future outcomes? Neptune is indecisive or confused or escapees from such decision making. With Saturn/Pluto in first house of mercury transit, authoritative forceful hand at play. With Venus/Jupiter in 12th, many feel oversensitive and misunderstood. It seems a stand off between liberal and conservative bent as well as spiritual vs materialistic world view. Moon/Uranus opposing Sun/Mercury/Mars indicates high emotions, being at odds with others, split decisions and oppressive tensions, upsetting news, argument, disagreement, popular collective reaction to events seemingly hostile. Selfish, plutocratic, or forceful means to control. Persistent riots and complaints in many places. Upsets. Mars within square of Pluto portends of strong hostility or mean cruel behaviour necessitating police or well thought out action/reaction. China/Hong Kong rough time for free choice. Many protests in world go unheard in media. Good for breakthroughs in research, revelation, intimacy. Touchy situations though taking extra caution and wisdom compassion to maneuver through.
November 12th Full Moon in sensuous and honestly practical down to earth sign of Taurus. Happy week to come making things work for self and other.
Nov 14th Venus square Neptune is silly idealistic or otherworldly, Beware of false dreams or signs and dreams misinterpreted. Good for poetics, lovers, artists, musicians, heavenly bodies and spiritual wanderings, journeys. For some wild fantasy and love come true for a spell. For others at the lower octave, reality and truth bump fantasy and illusion to wake up and smell the coffee of truth both freeing and holding us to go on. Believe in what you can touch now, not forever awaiting tomorrow. Venus here wants to know for sure, not sleep and dream forever.

Nov 20th mercury goes direct. Many get a wake up call that now is the time to be real. Much insight into past pushes us positively into future. coming months full of forward moving actions. Avoid impotent criticism which not only doesn’t help other, but side tracks oneself into deadened avenues of thought, word, deed. Positive time to work on oneself to renew negotiations with others. Compromise and solutions arise to persistent past problems.

Nov. 22nd Sun enters Sagittarius. Wings of inspirational wisdom includes us all arises in hearts and minds for a month. A sense of seeing wholeness, but pay attention to the details!
Nov. 24th Venus conjunct Jupiter, and Mars oppose Uranus.
Fluctuations and sudden shifts in Stock Markets?! Good aspect for fun and love, adventure, but take care to avoid overdoing or accident. Avoid risk or gamble. Dare devils meet angels? Angels blink and wrong turn ensues. Doing what one loves may create unwanted reactions. Negative critique on others may backfire. Every encounter must be out of freedom. Collective consensus to contest lies, insults, contraband, and selfish intentions.

Nov 25th Venus enters capricorn brings a pracitcal serious note or deeper need, security, predictability to love and money matters. A wish for deeper or longer lasting values, relationships. Long term values and wisdom now gleam and shine. Practical matters at hand supersede far away plans and promises, imaginations and fantasies. Next weeks reveal what really matters bottom line.
November 25th to 29th particularly crazy with Stock Markets, weather, politics. So is December 10th to 16th! More on this at my talk. Avoid risk.
Nov 26th New Moon in Sage Sagittarius is a call for seeing further than one’s own nose, seeing what challenges all of us. A sense of collective striving. Many plans and seeds planted, few the real oak trees arise. Don’t be fooled by far away promises. If feeling stuck, now may be the time to fly or take first real steps to learning anew what freedom and love may mean inside out.

Nov 28th Thanksgiving Mercury trine Neptune, Venus trine Uranus, Moon conjunct Jupiter and Venus. Lots of love going around. Try to join in and pile it on, the love and attention, the bravado and creative urge to awaken, unite, share, and care for each other’s inner striving and aspirations.

Nov. 29th Moon occult saturn/pluto Hangover or hard realty wake up call. Very serious day concerning lots of serious heavy matters. Good for keeping an eye on the long term, or is it need for freedom from restriction?

Dec 2nd Jupiter enters Capricorn for a year and earth signs get a break and new renewed breath of positive change coming. Shift from many a trouble and struggle to enable greater play and good work, luck, money, romance. Look for what house and planets you have in earth signs. Fire signs work into actuality last years ideals and dreams, some profiting while others reviewing missed learning lessons.
December 12th full Moon in Gemini followed by Dec. 13th friday, Mars trine Neptune and Venus conjunct Pluto
December 15th Jupiter rine Uranus in earth signs. Yea, somebody is winning and we are enjoying it!!? Hope soul.

December 26th Solar Eclipse at 4 degrees Capricorn with Sun conjunct Jupiter on 27th giving way to popularist values and pep rallies that things are going to get better. Good time to network, extend your grace and good will out to the world. Good for meeting others these coming weeks and making positive plans for present into future. A strong desire to ditch trouble and look for more fun times.

The Dreaded possible really tough winter and more coming with Saturn/Pluto conjunction in January.

More on that coming and at talk.


‘the Motto of the Social Ethic’:
“The healing social life is found
when in the mirror of the human soul
the whole community finds its reflection
and when in the community
the strength of each one is living.”
-Rudolf Steiner

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Astrology as a crisis opportunity for growth, peace, creativity, and social participation.

“Freedom is the sense of being capable of actions motivated solely by love.” ~misquote of Rudolf Steiner, 1894, The Philosophy of Freedom

There is no lasting freedom without truth. No lasting love without true understanding of freedom in Spirit and Soul! A World Conception of a common humanity as one family, all friends, is needed. The experience of thinking, feeling, doing in its proper transformation by virtue and honest common sense is called for. A modesty and pureness of heart and mind to transform the anger, pride, ill will, honor, false humility and over sensitivity selfishly indulging in the animal ignorance delusion is far from home at the moment. Where the wisdom removes pity revenge, false piety? Where the higher angel, the gratitude, loyalty, duty and love? Immanent and Transcendent, the highest love and most earthy common sense is called for now. We need work together to find solutions to the world’s challenges.
The ethical individualist activates and actualizes the principles of freedom, ethics, and pure conceptual thinking. In spiritual thinking heart is there renewed hope for a raising of consciousness needed in these challenging times. A temporal retreat from incessant worldly noise and motion may be necessary good start to research pure heart thought engendering a will towards the good, true, beautiful. Theory (sense free thinking and virtue mind training) and Practice, putting ideas ideals to work is in that order.

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“The happiness of the individual
is inseparably connected
with the happiness of all.”
~Rudolf Steiner, Apocalypse lectures chapter 10

“We are continually overflowing toward those who preceded us, toward our origin, and toward those who seemingly come after us. … It is our task to imprint this temporary, perishable earth into ourselves so deeply, so painfully and passionately, that its essence can rise again “invisibly,” inside us. We are the bees of the invisible. We wildly collect the honey of the visible, to store it in the great golden hive of the invisible.”
― Rainer Maria Rilke

“It is our task to imprint this temporary, perishable earth into ourselves so deeply, so painfully and passionately, that its essence can rise again ‘invisibly’, inside us. We are the bees of the invisible. We wildly collect the honey of the visible, to store it in the great golden hive of the invisible.”
Rilke wrote in a letter to his Polish translator in 1925, “