October 2014

“May Mercy and Compassion our Holy Mother be, may all life be sister and brother, may truth and love forever be, what our spirit soul is made of.”

-robert of mayflower


“A Woman’s heart is the garden of the world …There is no feminist revolution without a simultaneous ecological and spiritual revolution awakening a love and respect for all God’s children, land and space.” -Trebore Tau Bodhi


  • Oct. 3rd into 4th Sun in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn giving strong sense of purpose or lack thereof; strong sense of leadership and assertiveness, or lack thereof. A turning point or tipping point for some. Danger of feeling attacked or rudely confronted this month into December. Positive side is need for more compassionate wisdom and understanding. Mars squaring Chiron makes for many a healing, for others re-experiencing the wound in hopes of healing. Many a maverick for freedom and truth. Avoid rash action or harsh words. (Chiron is Charon the boatman connecting the underworld to this higher world of possibility, spiritual awakening…see my book ‘Astrological Aspects, the Art’) Wisdom seems hard to come by these days. A very difficult time for Hong Kong protesters. Ebola scares, war craziness, stock markets up and down, quakes/volcanoes, war craziness in the Middle East, Ukraine, possible new spots, higher levels of radioactivity hitting California seaweed, troubling times right into Oct. 8th Full Moon. On the positive side, great time to make positive changes inside out, updating, getting rid of stuff you don’t use or need, learning to learn in new ways. Time to renew our sense of a holy planetary consciousness, a common world humanity linked together by the higher angel of truth and love, wisdom and compassion. A strong striving for renewal and power. Some feel the opposite of rising up, they feel like going down. A need to submit or surrender. Ego trips need be curbed, laying low to mend or renew. A need to turn inward and consider long-term ramifications and commitments, as well as need to plow onwards in showing up, working, working on oneself, striving for the mission, goal, aspiration, or aim. Difficulty traveling? Life and death, taxes, money concerns? Doing deep research? Re-thinking past and future? Mercury turns retrograde on 4th in Scorpio going back into Libra till the 25th giving many a sense of having to return to something, having to rethink goals, workings, aims, values, to include others, or to work better with others. Many tire of struggling alone and look for special others to team up with, work with, align with. Past relationships gone astray or wrong, may heal now, but avoid further conflict, struggle, breaking away in rough way. With Lunar eclipse on Oct. 8th in Aries and Solar eclipse at 0 degree Scorpio on 23rd, Scorpio and Libra planets most affected with re-think of money and friends/family; but all fixed signs of Taurus, Aquarius, Leo; and the cardinal signs of Capricorn, Cancer, Aries also strongly feeling this need for renewal, re-think, renew, review, restore, revamp, re-work, and re-evaluate. Cardinal signs may feel at breaking point, or that something has to give. Some are quickening and ascending to the higher level, others are cracking up or breaking down when breakthroughs don’t appear fast enough. Many surprises and sudden events, shocks, reversals and turn-a-rounds round Full Moon on Oct 8th. December 15th Uranus square Pluto and December 21st Uranus direct, now till then lots of changes for cardinal planets and houses – see your chart. See note at end. (Mayflower sells good astrological software for your computer if you want to dive in to understanding your and others’ charts better.) At any rate, take care of starting new ventures or signing papers with Mercury retrograde from Oct 4th to Oct 25th. Many miscommunications and lack of accurate information, unless of course, Mercury and other transits make good aspect to rest of your chart.Seems like the world is going through a spiritual climacteric, awakening, realization.
  • Oct 5th Mars trine Uranus with Moon conjunct Neptune, many shoot for the stars with most high ideals, not all of which may be practical. Lots of strong speech and many a new idea to jump start or restart, reboot, projects. Start with truth if you want love to last. Wisdom comes first before compassion or compassion endangers itself to be idiot compassion, impotent to really help. Start with love and one may end up with bitter truths. Start with Truth, the big truth holds us all, and love will be protected, nourished, safe guarded.
  • Oct. 5th at noon – a memorial bench dedication to Gail Schmidt by the work of Kathy Kosins and friends will be installed. Mary Kay Davis Park in Huntington Woods, come join some of Gail’s friends for the event.
  • Oct. 7th into 8th, Quake and shake, radical upsets, alarm, change of direction, hazardous conditions, sudden rearrangements, sudden rise or fall from power, danger of violence, protest craziness, upsets, reversals, overthrow of power. Strong actions and reactions in markets, geopolitical hotspots. Technology breakthroughs and breakdowns. Freedom and truth fight for rights, call for compassion, wisdom to sail through tough waters. Explosive volcanic activities and emotions. Strong shifts and changes in political economic strategies. Big shake ups or changes in geopolitical hotspots. Much tension around Putin in Russia. Does he rise up and peacefully find solutions in harmony with rest of world, or is this a major crisis and possible loss of power? Financial markets can be testy and crazy for a moment here. Sun in Libra oppose Uranus, Full Moon Eclipse in Aries on 8th. Some relationships go bonkers. With Venus square Pluto on 8th, much reason to feel compassion for suffering and repressed. Need to protect little ones, nature, children. Mars in Sagittarius trine Jupiter in Leo rouses much straight talk, honest reckoning, bold and courageous acts and initiatives, selfless deeds of heroism, generosity, good will.
  • Oct 10th-11th, Venus oppose Uranus, sudden change of plans, sudden tensions or release of tensions, sudden arousal of artistic spirit, wild abandon and adventure. Sudden coming together or breaking apart. Short outbursts of emotions or artistic creativity.
  • Oct 15th Sun conjuncts North Node, Venus conjuncts node on Oct17th. Strong unions and love affairs of the heart. (for some dis-union, disillusion or break offs). But for many, strong attractiveness and holy bonds of friendship, love and higher truth. This is heavy month for artists, creative genius, lovers, high romance, the Grail, social cultural highs. Although many a relationship may be short lived, many strong bonds and alliances of love, friendship, business, community, being formed. Eris and Sun opposing on 15th giving more strength to both love and war. Need for higher reason, angel, and peace to prevail. May it start within every heart, a revolution of peace and love, harmony upon all the earth.
  • Oct 16th Sun conjunct Mercury, Intense clear thinking, speaking, actings, awakening, knowing, sense of presence. A sense of knowing and understanding empowers right action. Good time to ponder, contemplate, meditate, figure out, re-configure. A sense of proportion and beautific vision.
  • Oct. 17th Mercury conjunct Venus, Moon conjunct Jupiter, good sense of sunshine heart and mind, meeting of heart and mind, feelings and thinking in harmony with the world, others. A gathering of angels, insights, friends.
  • Oct 19 comet goes by Mars. Interesting possible syncronicity and connections, breakthrough, avoid over-asserting oneself.
  • Oct. 20th Venus sextile Mars, Mercury sextile Jupiter, Moon in Virgo; let love and loving kindness, compassion for others struggle, for one’s own striving, win. Don’t let critical mind see fault in everything bringing self and others down. Express, don’t repress, but be positive. Divine the divine in self and other. Let someone love you.
  • Oct. 22nd Moon occult Mercury, into 23rd Solar Eclipse in Scorpio with Moon eclipsing (occulting) Venus and Sun. Big changes for some, now into Election time Nov. 4th. What we love and appreciate is changing. Deeper feelings and universal inklings strengthen many a resolve to do something good for the world. Many awaken to higher ideals, ethics, imagination, inspiration, intuitions the next couple weeks. Strong sense of the arts, movies, music, and shifting sands of politics. Is it time to read HP Blavatsky yet? The most amazing women spirit soul of the last 500 years! Read Osho? Steiner? Gelek Rinpoche or Gyatso? Mayflower Bookshop is ready for your spiritual research quest and questions. Many new Malas and bells in!
  • Things get weird Oct 23-24th as Venus leaves Libra going into Scorpio along with Sun and Moon in Scorpio… and emotions get very serious and intensely metamorphic.  Or is it that suddenly everything is sensuous and disturbingly feeling wise, internally transformative. Saturn and Pluto in mutual reception is a little bit protective of long term goals and laying long term foundations for the good, true, and beautiful.
  • Oct. 24th into 25th Sun conjunct Venus in Scorpio makes for strong persuasive magnetic charm and the love vibration. Strong feelings of love or strong feelings of being burned by love. Flying too close to the Sun? Good time to love others, help others, share with others. Oct 25th Mercury goes direct and the brain get clearer. Oct 23rd to 28th Love is in the air, water, lips and kisses, good food and friends. With Mercury going direct in Libra, many activating their love ideals into actions, their long-term plans and far reaching goals into action. Many a mystic happy happening.
  • Oct 26th Mars goes into Capricorn until Dec. 4th initiating a very aggressive and assertive goal reaching effort for many. Mars in Capricorn can really beat the horse to victory. Avoid over doing it. Being too aggressive, angry, or assertive can lead to accident, defeat, or breakdown. Strong leadership impulses prevail. A need to lay down the law, the rules, the goals, define the work. Good for disciplining oneself to success.
  • Oct 27th into 28th Venus and Sun trine Neptune, strong ideals of love, romance, travel, future planning. Spiritual and psychic happenings, comings and goings, births, conceptions, interesting deaths this month into end of year. Symbolically at least. ‘Die Daily’ -St. Paul. Native American Indians would say ‘Today is a good day to die’. Kind of a men’s club wisdom. The Goddess Great says ‘Be born again daily’.
  • Nov. 4th aspects make for assertive aggressive tactics, sudden reactions and reversals, surprises, and leaps for change.
  • Nov. 10th Mars conjunct Pluto and on Nov. 12 Mars squares Uranus, Mars is opposing USA Sun and Uranus is squaring the USA Sun. Scary stuff. A real need to make peace with the world, stop all wars, create a world economy that allows for peace, education, food and shelter, the necessities of life for all human beings. The world wildlife and honey bees, oceans are dying. We suffer from lack of love and wisdom to be emulation models for a new world of peace and love. December 2014 into January 2015, Pluto is squaring USA Sun. The good ol’ USA is being challenged to awaken the Higher Self, the United States of Ananda, Bliss, Happiness and Higher Consciousness, Compassion, Peace, Wisdom and Loving Kindness. Otherwise there is a morbid sense of dis-aster, missing one’s star, one’s destiny and higher purpose. The danger is that the world is changing faster than we are growing spiritually and morally. We are challenged by war, poverty, disease, climate change, greed, ignorance and delusion. We are going through a challenging time to awaken anew our spiritual genius. Such aspects make for a coming into power for some, loss of power for others. November 10th when Mars conjuncts Pluto to Nov.18th when Sun conjunct Saturn, we may get heads up forewarning of what is to come … tough weather, storms, politics, economics, quake/volcano, or whatever … a strong wake up time to get serious about what matters. A need for good strong leaders. Strong weather and storm time possible. Also Nov. 25th-26th stormy or strange weather and psychic vibe. The last Uranus square Pluto signifying ever changing weather, politics, mass discontent, freedom urges vs. long-term security needs, constant need to emerge from emergencies, general unrest and critical thinking is March 16, 2015. The Jupiter trine Uranus recently, and another come early March, gives many of us a creative spirit to try new things and new waysof thinking, feeling, willing enabling a more noble spirit and ethic to emerge for peace and love, joy. May all beings find happiness and enlightenment, and the causes of happiness and enlightenment.

Must books to read to strengthen and empower your journey: Anything by Manly Hall, H.P.Blavatsky, Rudolf Steiner, Osho, Gelek Rinpoche, Kelsing Gyatso, Ohsawa, Michio Kushi, Kristen Turner. See my talk on Meditation and love and relationships on Youtube.


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June 2014

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“Mayflower Bookshop isn’t where you find the honey, it’s where you learn to make the honey.” -Captain Bob and the Wordsmiths of Avalon

  • Challenging or difficult days that try the soul and temper the spirit, days one may need to call upon a higher power or dive deeper into stillness, silence, and retreat, days calling upon a higher octave of music, angel, spiritual self; days of mystery and magic, alchemical change and need to stir it up, pull weeds, make bread, soup, and new friends … most likely to occur: June 7th, 9th, 10th, 13th, 14th, 19th, 20th, and 26th. There are no good days in June, unless you make ‘em. Ha, aha!
  • June 6th. Mercury goes retrograde in sign of Cancer making many re-think, re-view, redo and perhaps renew connections, contacts and contracts. Others opt to get out for higher ground or deeper restocking in self. Thoughts and plans, actions and events, having to do with repairing or fixing up house, but also fixing up feelings and emotions, family, parents, office, land. Water at issue, quantity and quality. Previous plans shaky, perhaps affecting how international vs. national concerns are at odds. Securities re-secured and travel plans may alter especially mid June. Mercury retrograde conjuncts Sun on 19th allowing then for burning realisations and clear insights on what to do and what not to do.
  • All summer, starting June, Saturn near trine to Chiron in influence for weeks. Attempts at world and personal healing occurring. Patience allows sureness, action, and wisdom to arise. A new sense of harmony, peace, healing comes from walking the middle way. Tension or new harmony between opposites of security/freedom, straight practicality bottom line/high ideals, rules of authoritative law/social liberty and justice, maverick genius/conservative wisdom tradition, straight medicine/alternative healing, yoga, health food diet/hard core work out. New integrations or conflict? Seek to reconcile opposites finding a new balance and harmony allowing yourself to move forward or at least pause to rest, heal, restore. Saturn finds happiness working alone, Chiron needs others but needs not to be dependent. Science and mysticism merge, rational logic and genius join hands, less shock and awe but more wonder and learning, rooting and flowering find expression here.
  • June 13th into 14th. Full Moon in Sagittarius, Venus oppose Saturn. Theosophists and old India celebrate Wesak Festival, as well as Buddha’s Birthday, Enlightenment, and Death, all on May Full Moon. Tibetan’s say it’s this Full Moon. Mayflower Bookshop had two official openings when first opening — one in May and the other in June. So Happy Birthday Mayflower Bookshop and Buddha! Virtuous merit or non virtuous merit multiplies in power on such days, so take care to think, feel, and do your highest deepest ideal true you, virtue you. Take care to act appropriately and moderately, ideally and virtuously; wrong moves here could raise havoc and cause severe complex reactions and in days to come. Compassion for others’ struggle as well as inner work, love for the ideal, infinite patience to keep in the learning sharing process, is what is positively called for here. World news and higher views conflict with the personal little picture, or local view. Too big a picture conflicts with too small a vision. Big views and big personalities conflict with little ones and the ‘be here now’ immediate needs and view. Doing little things in clear clean virtuous ways may conflict with big overboard plans to conquer the world or climb that next mountain. Greater needs conflict with personal needs. Finding a balance between the higher self and the everyday self, the macrocosm and the microcosm is key. Yet small is beautiful, and yet again there is an ‘Out damn spot, out I say!’. Larger spirited enterprise and adventure is good but be sure to honour your inner needs, sleep/exercise/diet. Full Moon with Venus/Saturn shows us how much further we have yet to go, how big the gap between the ideal visualised and the practical here now. How to love the little things and moments while keeping on track for the long run big plans is key. Behaviour and weather here can go to extremes … cooler in some places, hotter in others. A feeling that ‘things can’t go on this way’ may present itself. A forced wait-and-see attitude. Yet yoga or meditation, fasting or healthier diet, seeking spiritual counsel can quicken things up. Stormy weather comes for some. Some feel lack of love, others are smothered by it and need a break. Personal values and needs need to re-align with bottom-line practicality as well as higher virtue authority and experience. Sad partings, separations, or death of something for some. Others experience deepening of commitment and connection. Where love works, it’s either dependent and co-dependent, or incredibly free and wisely harmonised, perhaps due to many life-times experience and connections. This aspect is in influence a few days before and after June 13th. Austere or disciplined actions, and true love, wins in time. Immediate desires or wants could be frustrated these daze. Wanting others to be happy is finely balanced with not feeling stepped on if one wisely manoeuvres through this time.

“Art can never exist without truth’s naked beauty.” – Captain Bob and the Woodward Egyptian Crocodiles.

  • June 14th (This whole passage includes June 10th – 14th as well as other contributing suspect days such as days around June 25th and 26th). Mars in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn and Moon squares Mars in Libra and Uranus in Aries triggering repercussions and further events unfolding or influenced from last January 2014 and last April’s Grand Cross. (See Youtube for my December 10th talk ‘The Astrology for 2014’, as well as April’s Grand Cross, the effects of which run into June/July). Opposition to authority, need for compromise and mutual agreement or strivings, work. Struggle to attain equality, inwardly or outwardly with someone seen as either an authority or a despot, plutocrat, or leader (good or bad). Deep need for change pushes many to press too hard, making for much possible stress and worry, anger and frustration, even possible violence. Hasty nasty actions and reactions. Positive need for inner work, renewing vows to higher self or ideals, and for rejuvenation, vs. degenerative episodes and negative backsliding. Need for updating, strengthening and deepening roots and foundations in what is good, true, beautiful, loving and wise. Also a wish to adventure beyond boundaries and test limits, experiment, with danger of going too far and causing unnecessary suffering to self or other. Possible difficulties communicating and traveling. Extremes in weather, politics, business, markets. Volatility in markets. Tensions and inner conflict arise leading into explosive remarks and situations, especially now around June 14th and right into time when Mars opposes Uranus, June 25th, when actions speak louder than words. Danger of premature hasty actions causing much troublesome or dangerous events. Tendency for geopolitical hotspots to ignite or seek immediate serious solution. This aspect affects week before and after exact aspect. As mentioned in the ‘Astrology for 2014’ talk on Youtube given last December 10th 2014, this aspect triggers transiting Pluto opposing the USA Sun(influencing the whole year). Russia and China, the USA, and others are in new power plays and economic intrigue. Often such dangerous aspects challenge various markets, gold and silver, and peace in the world. This is for sure a good time to have a spiritual practice and good prayer for peace in the world. In the USA Chart with Gemini Rising Pluto opposes USA Sun mid June. With Rudhyar’s Sagittarius Rising, the Pluto opposition Sun occurs next year and came very close in April, being within orb of influence since late last December when cold and snow appeared with intensity here in North America. In David Solte’s Chart for USA, Mars transiting squares the USA Mars in Leo around June 12 to 14th bringing both stormy weather and politics, aggressive economics and strong reactions to anybody or anything threatening to our security and economic prosperity. Although very assertive, this is good aspect for pushing agendas forward, making strong peace and economic partnerships (or losing such). More debate about gun violence and climate change, change of super powers? Need for more compassion and learning to grow, not destroy, for sure. Upticks in quakes and volcanoes adding to quirky times. As mentioned in last December’s ‘OM Cafe’ talk, we are collectively awakening to planetary environmental problems, the need to purify air and water, and the need to create such an intelligent ‘peace making’ that the severe top heavy military industrial complex can relax a bit and not be so heavy handed. We need more gardeners and cooks.

“As Robert Graves said, ‘There’s no money in poetry, but then there’s no poetry in money, either.’ That is, unless you are Allen Ginsberg, Robert Bly, Eminem, or Kid Rock, or a very creatively smart artist.” -Captain Bob and the Woodard Aviators.

“Mayflower Bookshop is not a place where you can get lost, it’s a place where you can be found.” – Captain Bob and the Woodward Crack in the Open Book.

  • June 19th into 20th. Mercury conjuncts Sun giving burning insights and clear vision as to what to do and what not to do. Good clear articulation. Try to be patient and kind in all communications, haste makes waste and rudeness/harshness may cause over reactions, arguments, anger. Tendency to fall back into true and tried mental ruts rather than take the leap forward and upwards with bigger hearted feelings. A sense of being a caterpillar crawling or even stuck in the cocoon vs. opposite sense of arising out of past conditionings, ready to fly like the butterfly to the many colourful flowers of experience life offers.
  • June 20th, 7 p.m. Robert Thibodeau’s Talk at the Theosophical Society on Woodward in Berkley(between 11 and 12 mile roads a few blocks south of Catalpa) —
    “The Sophia Mystery and the Secret of the Soul”
    Learn how the word ‘Theosophy’ is derived from ‘Theo-Sophia’, or Anthroposophy from ‘Anthro-Sophia’. Sophia meaning ‘wisdom’ but also divine goddess feminine. Learn of the holy spirit, kundalini, spiritual forces awakening higher intelligence, the secret of the Chalice and Sword, the Grail, and more. Voyage with us in the descent and re-ascent of the Soul seeking spiritual unfoldment, enlightenment, immortality. Experience the stories of Psyche and Cupid, Persephone & Demeter, and the initiatory story of Inanna.
    Robert Thibodeau is author of ‘Astrological Aspects, the Art’ published in 2013 and containing astrological interpretations and techniques as well as insights into the spiritual relationship of Theosophy, Steiner, Psyche and Eros, Sacred Geometry, Platonic Solids and Chakras. Robert is a practicing astrologer and musician. Find him on the web at and on YouTube on the ‘mayflowerbookshop’ channel.
  • June 27th. New Moon semi-sextile Venus and trines Neptune. New Moons oft begin new adventures, Full Moons try to complete or fulfil things. This aspect good for many a love adventure, travel plan, and future dream come true. Emotional sensitivities and psychic perceptions can rock the dream boat, so be sure to be rock solid practical when wishing upon a star. On the other hand, if sinking in all the things that matter to you, it’s good to tie yourself to a star, hitch your wagon to the highest star; and yes, wish upon a star, call on the higher self and higher power within to re-invoke your God ‘I AM’ Presence. In other words, now is the time to pray, meditate, and call upon higher virtuous powers and intelligences to assist you on your most noble adventure or journey of experience yet to come! Keep a journal, write down dreams, make peace with your self and make a plan to ascend to your highest goals. The New Moon sets the tone for the next 4 weeks but especially the next 2 weeks. Tendency to need more down time to find your inner place of peace and harmony. Keep an ecology of balance when it comes to work and play, money and health/exercise/diet, personal needs and those of others. Haunting memories of unfinished karma may gently collide with what is right before you. Future callings compete with what is not complete and may need being done with. Future visions and premonitions meet past expectations and karma, creating unusual gatherings of spirit and matter, thoughts and feelings. Ideals and dreams. Dare to voyage beyond the boundaries of what makes you secure but not fulfilled or complete, happy. To find deeper or higher meaning and purpose, try reading Osho, or tibetan arts of meditation, Rudolf Steiner or H.P.Blavatsky. Manly Hall’s books are easy and high-minded, try ‘Secret Teachings of All Ages’. Definitely a good time to set the wheels in motion for a more healthy, happy, holy, holistic good and true future.
    June 29th. Sun trine Neptune, Venus square Neptune. This is the best good day in June, but then again you could be fooling yourself or they are fooling you. Good day for art, dreaming, music, and letting go. Maintain your practical long-term view.

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Robert is author of ‘Astrological Aspects, the Art’ available on our Website and on Amazon. He has music available on CD and much on Youtube, including talks on meditation, relationships, and more.

May all beings find happiness and the causes of their destiny, rather than fate. – Robert of Mayflower

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October 2013

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“Trying to understand the economy these days is a lot like trying to quench one’s thirst for water by drinking beer. By the time you get somewhere, you’re gone.” -Captain Bob and the Fall docks.
“Some fly away, some harden in their ways; the true Grail seekers weave their hearts to the world, the world to their heart, in love and compassion, truth and art.” -RT

*October 1st (in effect for few days), Sun square Pluto, Mercury trine Neptune. Government shutdown? Will it be resolved by end of week New Moon? Or end of Month after Sun conjunct Transformation Point October 20th-21st? Or will it ride into November? Student loan defaults highest ever, hard to get a job even with a degree, good water harder to get, everyone blames someone else, new radioactive leak in Japan, big ecology problems looming, earth shaking times?! This weeks aspects stormy with change. Uranus can even be earthquakes, crazy storms, or shocking news; but also new revelations and new truths, reality facts, being disclosed. With Uranus coming to square the USA Sun, and Pluto coming to oppose USA Sun, 2015 seems to be the tipping point for deep-rooted transformation and renewal of how we think and work and do world business. America needs keep their universal love and quest for truth, freedom, friendship, world community, garden. Till then, lots of ups and downs on the roller coaster. Power struggles and Puer Eternis wobbles, set in one’s way crystallizations while others fly aimlessly or neurotically, seems times are tough to find a true middle way flowering in grace.
Pluto aspects can make one feel depressed or compassionately engaged, Neptune wants to escape or find greater oneness, wholeness. Major deep decisions being thought out at high and low levels. No where to hide from one’s self can be good when one is spiritually questing for love and truth. Political and Ego Power struggles wrestle for the future. Tendency to procrastinate or postpone inevitables of future. Danger of projecting unconscious fears or desires onto others. Pluto has a way of making ultimatums and drawing lines in the sand not to be crossed over. Double crossed lovers? Needing to renew friendships wishing each other happiness and growing awareness? Need to keep to long-term good habits and higher aims. Avoid using force or aggression if possible. Pluto known for psycho-drama, jealousy, attachment, fear and oppression. Can be good for social and personal renewal. A seeming ‘war of the gods’, ‘good guys vs. bad guys’. Possible separation by force majeur or something seemingly beyond one’s control. Possible stormy weather and emotional disturbances in certain parts of world around New Moon as well as 8th to 10th and late in month. Need to curb needless and unwanted negative habits, thinking/feeling, anger. Call for, and need for, compassion and wise understanding concerning world problems, poverty, education. Need for purification. See my book ‘Astrological Aspects, the Art’ for more ideas on this. Or see books by Steiner, Osho, Gelek Rimpoche, Blavatsky for spiritual ways of conducting one’s personal journey.
*October 3rd, Sun oppose Uranus. Last 3 days and next many quick changes, abrupt turn arounds, sudden upsets and reversals in the markets, emotions, relationships, job. Sudden shifts, revelations, new insights, lightening jolts, and possible quakes, cosmic storms. Uranus can just as well, suddenly clear the air. Moon triggers Uranus on New Moon October 4th.
*October 4th, New Moon. Next three days many new beginnings and plans for new beginnings. Next 3 days, in many ways, set the course for the year. Ancients considered New Moon after Fall equinox beginning of the new year. Mercury conjunct north node adds to picture. What one thinks, one becomes in time. Train the mind. Good time for a good read and mind attunement. New cheap edition of ‘The Secret Teachings of All Ages,’ $17 plus postage/tax, now available at Mayflower Bookshop. Read that along with a good Rudolf Steiner and H.P.Blavatsky book, and come to understand the deep Metaphysical reality of the times. Check out YouTube for my little talk on Meditation. October 4th to 7th set your heart and mind on your highest dream and star …, hurry up, the future is coming! October 4th to 7th, new free impulses and creative fresh innovations or relations clash with the past or need to control and have security.
*October 7th Black Moon Lilith in Cancer square sun in Libra brings breakthroughs or breakdowns in relationships. Kindness and compassion, patience and listening capacity goes far here.
*October 8th, Mercury conjunct Saturn, Moon in Sagittarius conjunct Venus. Depressing day and weather or it is just deeply thoughtful and reflective? A desire to manifest one’s highest ideals and dreams. Good day to read, or send to a friend, a good Rumi or Rilke poem; or even write your own poem. Good day to think practically and catch up with past bills or things needing to be done, finished, completed. A reality check day. Avoid negativity. Replace negative thoughts with positive affirmations.
*October 9th , Mercury, an evening star after sunset, is at greatest east elongation. This day, before and after, much nostalgia of the past, wisdom of the past rising, and long hard looks at whole of one’s life pondering the mystery for new revelation and for more meaningfulness life may offer. Good time to write or communicate one’s view or needs. Even better time to ponder alone one’s being, truth and love.
*October 10th (and surrounding days), Venus square Neptune. Only fools fall in love, here few rise. Venus is Love, Neptune illusions or dreams, possible futures. Sensitivity or receptiveness to art, beauty, music, and hugs. Romantic revelling or love confusion.
*October 12th Sun square Jupiter. Tendency to have lots of fun, but perhaps tendency to overdo, exaggerate, spend too much. Desire to attain goals now Happiness with others, sharing, joy with friends, family. Possible spiritual or material growth and advancement.
*October 15th Mars enters Virgo. Perfectionism, fixing things up, critique and adjustment. Need for more constructive, rather than destructive, criticism. Have you seen the book ‘Beginner’s Guide to Constructing the Universe’? A great book on the sacred geometry of the human body and mother nature. A must book for your library and research. Helps one feel connected to the earth and heavenly rhythms. My friend Carolyn Striho on WDET radio 7:30 pm today!
*October 16th into 17th, Venus trine Uranus, quick realisations, flirting with love and higher octaves, higher self. Sudden birth of new ideas, rapport, love urge, friendships.
“These aren’t ties, these are golden memories in the making….” -Captain Bob and the Paddle Boat Wing On.
*October 18th Full Moon Eclipse (New Moon Eclipse November 3rd). Cut out negative habits or have stuff cut out of your life? Eclipses can suddenly cut something out of your life. Need to sacrifice or work for greater need or want. Next two weeks, if not four; brings adjustments and changes to those with planets in Cardinal Signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn (esp. 22 to 29 degrees).
Full Moon October 18th into Sunday October 20th has Sun/Moon conjunct Transformation Point (midpoint of 3 trans-Saturnian planets Uranus/Neptune/Mars). During Boston bombing Mars in hard aspect to Transformation Point. T.P. brings powerful energies and emotions into play for planetary growth but often negative emotions thwart such positive growth. With Mars oppose Neptune during this time, we may find more reasons to rid ourselves of big guns in small mind’s hands. These three days may bring out the best and worst in some people. Take care to avoid any area or people too big to handle. Good time for the arts, music, creativity, romantic escape, spiritual pursuit. Bad time for creating negative vibe or doing dangerous antics. Mars/Neptune can bring uncanny accidents, crashes, psycho drama. May be difficult time for travel or discerning reality from truth. Good for working for the future if one is practical and down to earth. Avoid spoiled food, may be danger of food poisoning or eating wrong combination of food or spoiled food. Take no unnecessary risk. Take extra time if you have to travel. Strange mystical experiences.
*October 21st Mercury goes Retrograde in Scorpio until November 10th. Fixed Signs of Scorpio, Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius (especially early degrees of fixed signs born late July, April, October, January) need take extra care in communications with loved ones or dealings with real estate and money. Mercury retrograde is infamous for communications going astray. Good time to work on strategies of renewal and saving up for future needs. Take care not to do or say something that turns someone into an enemy. Good time for constructive values, words, and deeds.
*October 23rd, Sun into Scorpio. Month of renewal or destructive habits? Good time to cut out unneeded expenses or negative habits. Scorpio is the eagle of higher vision or the snake/scorpion of secret agendas and back biting. Good for intimate rapport and intensifying relations.
*October 25th Sun trine Neptune and Moon conjunct Jupiter augment a beautiful weekend of fun, friends, entertainment, travel, going beyond one’s limits, attempting to manifest one’s higher self, higher dreams and ideals, reaching for one’s higher star.
*October 28th, 29th, 30th Pluto sextile Chiron, Venus trine Juno. Fixing up the house? Congress? Improving one’s health and vitality, exercise, yoga? Good time to mend fences, improve roads and communications, love the one you’re with, or reach out and touch someone. A very good time to go out and eat some good healthy food at OM Cafe in Ferndale or the one in Traverse City. Yum! Good time to go deep with a book from the Mayflower hand tailored to your spiritual needs for growth and personal richness.
*Chiron sextiles Pluto on 28th while on October 31st Mars trine Pluto and oppose Chiron (Charon). Expect strong decisions of change made from self or others affecting work, health, and long-term goals as well as day to day life. Many big changes in store for earth signs and cardinal signs. One’s deep feelings may be challenged by external world situations. Chiron (or Charon) is associated with feeling or being stuck between two situations, or struggling between feeling stuck or secure vs. feeling free or liberated. Challenged between higher mindedness, calling and world view vs. need to secure or manifest, realise, one’s practical needs, stay grounded. Important time to research anew one’s sense of self and other relying on freedom and compassion as guiding light.
*October 31st, Halloween tonight!
Halloween is an interesting festival unconsciously revealing after death states of inner virtue or non-virtue being lavishly over-expressed. Souls disembodied out in the night time looking for entry into home or re-embodiment. Parents come to the door to trick the excarnated soul away or to let ‘em in and have a baby, the big pumpkin stomach with the light within. Thus the old English celts would give the candy away at the cemetery. All Souls Day November 1st, All Saints Day too it’s called, revealing that one day all souls reach heavenly state of enlightenment.
“Fear & hatred are one & the same thing essentially. He who fears nothing will never hate, & he who hates nothing will never fear.” H. P. Blavatsky , The Inner Group Teachings of H.P.B., Sept. 1890
*November 1st Uranus Squares Pluto. New ideas struggle against the true and tried. Big changes in the world are afoot. Breakthroughs in Science, Space, Oceanic understanding, and growing vegetables in the back yard of America. Intellect and emotions struggle for supremacy while

“I am a part of all that I have met;
Yet all experience is an arch wherethrough
Gleams that untravelled world, whose margin fades
For ever and for ever when I move.
How dull it is to pause, to make an end,
To rust unburnished, not to shine in use!
As though to breathe were life. Life piled on life
Were all too little, and of one to me
Little remains: but every hour is saved
From that eternal silence, something more,
A bringer of new things; and vile it were
For some three suns to store and hoard myself,
And this grey spirit yearning in desire
To follow knowledge like a sinking star,
Beyond the utmost bound of human thought….
…Tho’ much is taken, much abides; and though
We are not now that strength which in old days
Moved earth and heaven; that which we are, we are;
One equal temper of heroic hearts,
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.”

-Tennyson, from his Ulysses, first appearing in Morte D’Arthur and other Idyls.

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