October 2014

“May Mercy and Compassion our Holy Mother be, may all life be sister and brother, may truth and love forever be, what our spirit soul is made of.” -robert of mayflower   “A Woman’s heart is the garden of the world …There is no feminist revolution without a simultaneous ecological and spiritual revolution awakening a […]

June 2014

Robert talks at TS June 20th … see below! Come and celebrate Mayflower’s birthday anytime in June! New incense, tarot cards, salt lamps, bracelets, Steiner and Osho books. Astrological Calendars 50% off! Find us at www.mayflowerbookshop.com on the web. “Mayflower Bookshop isn’t where you find the honey, it’s where you learn to make the honey.” […]

October 2013

Mayflower Bookshop (248) 547-8227 on the Web at www.mayflowerbookshop.com email mayflowerbooksh[email protected] See Robert Thibodeau’s new book ‘Astrological Aspects’ on Amazon or website. “Trying to understand the economy these days is a lot like trying to quench one’s thirst for water by drinking beer. By the time you get somewhere, you’re gone.” -Captain Bob and the […]