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   ASTRO DECEMBER Current events and insights~

Comet from outside our system, rare to enter our space, our solar system, will make its closest ride by our Sun, Perihelion, Dec. 8th! In ancient myth reality, such comets come to give us significant messages from the greater Cosmos. The universal mind steps in to make certain things we consider good and/or bad to occur, karmic lessons and further insights, teachings, uplifting experiences or burn out. Comets can be ‘comet cleansers’ purifying and ridding us of forms as they are, highly energizing or awakening higher truths in us individually or collectively. People can rise or fall during eclipses and comet activity. Marc Twain was born on a Comet and predicted accurately his leaving the planet on the comet’s return. This comet coming is from outside our stellar system and could have come from times past in Atlantis! No one knows yet. We feel its closeness now into full moon Dec 12th. Will major transitions (deaths/births) take place. Some arriving, others leaving, risings and fallings. England’s Queen? ‘Prince’ Andrew? President Carter? So many in news on the edge of sharp turns and transitions in life. Almost apocalyptic times we in, eh?

     Are our designer futures in trouble?

   Yet, the apocalypse ‘now’ has a way of perpetually being postponed, as many little ‘death and rebirth scenarios’ run through our friends, neighbors, news and our own lives. Various storms storm our place in life and rumble through our hearts and minds in hope of new growth and weeding out the old. The next rumble tumble of the dice of karma nemesis and fate is dated to be triggered come December 7-8th on with moon squaring Saturn/Pluto midpoint and Sun square Neptune. Important then to stay grounded, practical, and sane. Possible future stock market quirks, shocks and rattles in days to come, as well as challenges to our ‘taking stock in our self’, outer realities being bot stirred and shaken.

    is this a time for ‘The Turn of the Screw’? or the ‘Scrooge’? Feeling screwed? Or is it ‘the three little pigs’ learning to fight off the wolf?.Virgin of the World, ‘Snow White’, the image of the purified soul/astral body regaining wisdom truth!?!  Once again the metaphor of the birth of ‘the baby’ jesus, the higher self, Christos or Buddha nature renewed in the womb of the heart. Its is the hermetic old Greek wisdom of the raised consciousness’ or Higher Self reborn at turn of the year. A birthday of 26 Solar Heroes and suns of the virgin. Krishna, Odin, Jesus, Apollo, Hermes, Saturnalia, Mithras, to name a few. Yet this end time of year also feels like a ‘funeral’ dazed with shadowy realities and betrayal of a vision of wholeness, unity, peace. At funerals and such times its impolite to be critical, yet we must learn to see higher truths and love to wend and weave our way in Spirit and Soul, Body. Whew!

*December (into January) is tough month for Bernie Sanders with (Jan) transit of Pluto square his natal Mars, and (Dec) transit of Saturn square his Moon, he may for health and more, drop out, or fall back, from the ‘run’ for President.

*Marianne Williamson, still in the running but not in DNC debates at the moment, has tough aspect mid december of Saturn oppose Venus, indicating possible need to take a breath and step back, switch horses or a few confidants, re-think, not take things personally, taking good care of her more sensitive side. She is soul determined its hard to predict exactly what may happen in her personal life to stir possible laying back from front lines. She may yet continue. For Marianne, December 28th, she will find her place and inner solid space when Saturn transit trines her progressed Sun/Jupiter, strengthening her determined courage to speak the truth, creatively sharing a greater view of what we can do to enliven and heal the collective voice and action the good, true, beautiful in the USA.

   Dec. 8th Venus conjoins Saturn foreboding difficult times and weather right into Dec. 13th-14th when Venus is conjunct Pluto. Here the screw’s set loose and Love deepens or weakens! Good time to focus on what’s right to do, avoiding negativities from others. Dangerous time for overdose, suicide, accidents, negative behaviour, sickness. Good for disciplined art of being human, yoga, meditation, healthier life style. Need for ethics and morality in high and low places. Time for compassion with teeth, wisdom smarts, capacity to really help, take action to better. Is it a time for gothic tortuous fiction and ghost hauntings of history repeated in the ‘fall’? Perhaps a renewed inquiry into secrets behind the ‘invisible hand’ manipulating the puppets and temporary fall of the curtain or facade of the ‘little man’ of external rank and fortune without inner vision and wisdom?

   Saturn is cold and contractive, hard mean lean; and Pluto is associated with death, degeneration or regeneration, extremism and taking things too personally. SuperSensitive or not sensitive at all. Thinks and things go to extremes. At higher octave level its a big sense of common collective destiny. A larger sense of spiritual reality, fate, reality check, and/or world conception, wisdom, compassion. Big view often needed here as well as strong sense of common sense, long term practicality. Its all possible foreplay and preview of January’s Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. Its the opening act.

              [Aspects influence days before and after, when directly hitting on the planets in your own natal chart, major events can take place. It is out of our own genius, wisdom, smarts, to aim for the higher octave of planetary influences and impelling energetic.]

More December ASTRO ASPECTS ~ (see below for more days before and in-between these.)

  Dec. 11th Venus/Saturn. Venus is love and with Saturn its denial or overly strong focus, perhaps deep connection or feeling stuck imprisoned. It is deep connection and wisdom love arising through time.

            Why don’t Billionaires love all the land?

             And why can’t money buy long lasting happiness? Does happiness buy money? How does true love transcend anger, hatred, jealousy, negative emotions, and selfish separatist, this shore only view.

With Venus conjunct Pluto (dec.13) its a sticky wicky witchy feeling stuck deep and driven hard down to the bone in hard facts and tougher realities. The limits of growth and need for contraction configures into everyday reality. December may be a hard riddle to solve. It is for some, a house of false mirrors, unreal light and direction. For others hard realities and wake up calls. Need for higher truths and love to emerge from self, other or not. Time to pick one’s self up and join others in good works focusing what’s good for one and all. Its a deep need for renewal, humility and/or selfless learning, compassion, avoiding obsession, fixation, inflated sense of self importance or ‘woundology psychology’; victimization stigma. This is done by invoking one’s Christ Self, Divine Self, the God within, the Higher octave of one’s heart and mind. Times alchemically transformative for some. Possible life transformative experience/love, higher predilection, spiritual calling recognition, a raising from dead thinking/feeling. From higher karmic/dharma sense of ‘thinks and things’, our more universal ‘higher self’ precipitates events, brings everything upon us for learning lessons and enlightenment process. To see and experience this takes inner work on SELF. Eventual freedom and higher love/compassion/creativity/joy will emerge.

   Astrology always has a higher and lower octave at work in each and every aspect and time.

    At higher end its divine intervention and angelic inspiration, good luck and destiny. At the lower end its fate and necessity, feeling ripped off and/or vampirized, drained, things ‘eat at you’. From the lower end, things look more tragic, desperate, and ill willed for the soul. Thus Shakespeare wrote comedies and tragedies, a glimpse of higher and lower seemingly un-repressible realities, an inner battle for the soul, a struggle of light and dark, conscious and unconsciousness.

    All initiation myths have this sense of leaving the known, going into the wilds of the unknown, discovery and loss, rediscovery and finding of gold, inner direction and virtue, a sense of ending and new beginning, death and rebirth, communion with higher values, love, joy, truth, and futurity. See Steiner’s From Death to Rebirth, and his Fall of the Spirits of Darkness.

    Human beings individually and collectively will eventually transcend good and evil, and like the chess pieces that move above the dualistic black and white squares, higher consciousness will allow us to act in a more transcendental way with each other. Each action becomes aware of all the other pieces and actors in the world game process reality on the road to Self Realization and true Knowledge.

   Also during this time period of Dec. 11th to 19th, transiting Saturn will oppose the Moon in the United Kingdom (England) Chart. This will make for strong debate, argument, contesting, consolidation, attempt to go right wing conservative, nationalistic. Also makes for severe weather or circumstances. Possible very cold weather and cold shoulders. Extremes in weather pendulum like, some places in world on fire, others freeze. Food prices up, quality down. Some land no good no more. May take till dec. 2020 when jupiter/saturn trines UK Uranus/Ascendent for peace and love, social justice and mutual collective consensus to re-emerge, in heart solidifying then England’s better future, economy and honest estate. If the few didn’t own so much, others could have a shot at home and land. One wonders with december’s aspects about health and well being of the upper crust as well. Rich outside often is poor or sick inside it seems. May be big turning point and interesting conclusion of a cycle for the UK. For USA its December 2020 when reality of peace and harmony, intelligence and loving kindness return us from this weird psychic polarizing civil war like division.

    December 8th to 14th may show many an event and world or social cultural turn of events, change. Presidents present and pass under heavy stress tests, ‘do or die’ sort a speak, or hide and seek, or something. World Stock Markets stressed.

  Robots and Artificial Intelligence taking half the job market in coming years. China/Russia/middle east/USA in continuous hot cold war with divisive tactics to take advantage of each other rather than to enhance each others quality of life. A sense of separateness and divison rather than communication and working together is prevalent. Lots of paranoia and mistrust pervasive. Fear kills love. Love vanishes fear but must be wise for spiritual future, not just materialistic. Spiritual and material values begin to purify and harmonize co-creatively with each other end of 2020.

    With Saturn/Pluto opposing Cancer Sign for past years and couple years to come, problems with purity and quality of food, water, air. Family and friends need mending not fencing, honest communications not fabrications and nefarious exploitations. Pluto square to Libra and Aries has challenged our ideas of marriage, relationships to include all, individuality to not trespass on other individuals. Pluto demands a sense of belonging to greater whole while trying to protect uniqueness of each and every person and thing. Negatively it destroys things making a wasteland of land and relationships. We must learn to invoke and evoke the higher virtue in each moment and time.

   Venus is love, art, culture, friends and loved ones. With saturn and pluto venus must be private and secret, to the point and protective of one’s sacred Stillness, holy space. cleanliness and virtue here go far to protect and stay open for the best.

    Dec. 8th to 14th not best time to purchase gifts unless out of creative artistic imagination or out of intuitive understanding of long run future. Gifts should be way out spiritual or dirt practical to harmonize creatively with the times. I suggest checking out manly hall’s ‘Secret Teachings of AllAges’ at mayflower bookshop. Or Osho’s ZEN TAROT, good for doing intuitive readings with positive results!

    Dec. 8-14 or more is wrong time to gamble or take risk in money or love, unless creative free and/or many lives to prove. With so many castings and roles to play, always be aware of the ‘mask’ people wear, and to what future is fed, and who behind mask, trickster or fool, wise one or holy space, will, heart.

     Certainly this time challenging, possibly inwardly rewarding and warming at least. Recent,now, and till Jupiter/Uranus trines (around dec. 15th). Then new emerging of truth/love/clarity/ till then quite challenging. During now till them, lots of crazy interesting news and dark revelations, challenges ~ such as Stock Market and investments roller coasting.

       Impeachment zaniness cross fires, cannabis blues and highs, cannabliss inscapes vs poor results. Tensions round Brexit, nation state disagreements/wranglings, health and well being of self and our collective natural resources and common wealth, 5G phone health risks, weird tortuous scientific breakthroughs but toxic fallout or shadow play. Dangerous unlimited or wasteful military industrial growth seems unavoidable and unaccountable around the world. No Peace Dept. nor wisdom enough for true lasting peace making. Seems the world caught in big short term profits at cost of long term prosperity and health. Our future is at stake.

    Need a new wisdom, an aquarian spirit smart enough for lasting peace plans manifesting everywhere one looks!

     During this december time more nasty nasties with Epstein murder and aftermath, more big name scandals, Prince Andrews underwear revelations, more Weinstein dirt and funny weird connections, more pedophile priests and decadent funsters and cosmos monster inflated entertainment personalities distracting us from the reality right in front of us and in failing polluted nature around us. More ‘Idiot Wind’ as Dylan called it. More violence and power over rather than through. More violence and gun gangster gunster’s misuse and false power plays. More power and energy troubles, weather and emotional storms, sudden downpours, snow, or release of dirty secrets and repressed emotions. Wild Spirits in need of wisdom intelligence. In all areas of life there is too many sharks in the water, and a lack of responsibility for our common wealth, that which we all need to survive and thrive on this planet! And then there is the Solar Eclipse on Christmas day. Many an awakening to come. Can be holy, can be ahrimanic.

     December transit of Pluto oppose USA par fortune and transit of Jupiter oppose Venus/Jupiter makes for many shifts in buyers likes and dislikes, many sales or lack of, for some. Things go to extremes ‘good’ or ‘bad’, beautiful or ugly. Deep new discoveries, but shadow toxins, weird storms and lightening quick experiences with long lasting effects good or ill. Also strange electronic mishaps, and over play, over doing, over spending, and for some going broke. Things are going to weird extremes before true change arrives. Challenges continue in both up and down for emotions and markets. It would help so much if happiness wasn’t dependent on external thinks alone!

    Approaching mid december, intense rallies, collective voice or protest, for and against. Unusual rhythms, breaks and breakthroughs, or break downs. Quirky turn arounds, reversals or upsets. With transit of Neptune square USA Mar/Neptune and midpoint, its been hard to figure out divine inspiration from out and out lies and deceit. High ideals and possibilities for some, for others lost in space or deception, conspiracies impotent for virtuous deed,good work, self realization, mutual agreement. Look for actions to speak and manifest ideals. One’s daily life to become ideal.

     The Solar Eclipse on Christmas day with moon eclipsing Pluto and Venus 26-27th following, will prove to be both apocalyptic in hindsight and foresight; as well as giving us a sense that more than a few pages of history are getting turned at this time. A need to discover a way of loving that will never let you down. Here its more what you give, shine, share, be; than what others do.

     Need more good news?!? Well, number one; if you are reading this, you are still in the game Watson! Be still and know. Also Jupiter will conjoin Saturn in Aquarius come December 2020. Then we will get a good taste of the Aquarian ideal of universal love, truth, collectively creative mutual understanding and belonging soul wise, grounded in peaceful intelligence and wisdom of the world rather than ‘Wiiz Dumb’.

December Critical Astrological Days (influences felt before and after exact days of aspect)

Dec 2nd Jupiter enters Capricorn for a year and earth signs get a break and new renewed breath of positive change coming. Shift from many a trouble and struggle to enable greater play and good work, luck, money, romance. Look for what house and planets you have in earth signs. Fire signs worked into actuality last year their ideals and dreams, some profiting while others reviewing missed learning lessons. Cardinal and earth signs, houses and planets activated for new growth. Mutable and water signs dreamy artistic, living in past and future, missing parts of present, be here now.

Dec. 11 Venus conjunct Saturn. Love what gives you wisdom and lasting virtue mind/heart.

December 12th full Moon in Gemini followed by Dec. 13th friday, Mars trine Neptune and Venus conjunct Pluto. Some miss the turn, others divinely inspired to take new leaps, adventure.

Also dec. 13 time period ~ Venus conjunct Pluto with the Mars trine Neptune. Some escape stress and troubles, others in the thick of it. Avoid being obsessed with externals, work on self, share self with others. Avoid expecting others to do what you want. Celebrate good things, times, people, but don’t possess the moment. Kiss the joy as it flies by, don’t kill the time, kill the TV and distractive thinking. Share and dare, don’t mare and flair or crazy care. Dare to let go and flow, no attachment to results, just be your best. Trust your future Spirit Soul in the becoming.

  December 15th Jupiter trine Uranus in earth signs. Down to earth fun, practical and touchy. Yes, somebody is always winning. Are we happy for others, working on self to be clear, real, authentic, genuine but not clutching, clinging, attached, externally fixated. Accept things the way they are for now, keep working on self. Be thank full for still learning. Jupiter/Uranus is surprise shock for some, others fun surprises and originality, humor, fun, creativity, music/arts.

For some a leap of freedom and intellectual love of life, sociability, big breaks, most lucky for a moment inwardly or outwardly. Avoid risk and gamble, yet mildly good wild times. For some advancement and gain without much effort. Sense of luck and money. Some go overboard and lose their shirt.

Dec. 21 Sun in Capricorn, longest night, shortest day, serious long term and inner commitment. A time to make a wish for new year to come. Time to attune to one’s deep inner oneness, wholeness, quiet rooted self.

Dec. 22 Venus square Uranus. Sudden realizations, surprises, joys; or sudden little mishaps or obstructions, miscommunications, missing pieces. Good for creativity and spontaneous behavior.

December 26th Solar Eclipse at 4 degrees Capricorn with Sun conjunct Jupiter on 27th giving way to popularist values and pep rallies in hope things are going to get better. Good time to network, extend your grace and good will out to the world. Good for meeting others these coming weeks and making positive plans for present into future. A strong desire to ditch trouble and look for more fun times. For some strong turning point in time. Sense of being cut off, or suddenly connected. Deep sensitivity to one’s whole of life. Avoid little things bugging you, troubling you, not to see all the good in world.

“Together we can save this country.” ~Marianne Williamson

Dec 27th Sun conjunct Jupiter after moon conjunct Saturn/Pluto. Expansive time for good or ill.

Dec 28th moon occults venus. Look deeper into self and other for what matters most to heart and soul.

Dec 30 mercury trine uranus. Look for sparks of genius to light the way. Sudden connections, insights, spurts of growth, creativity, soul touch.

Jan 10 full moon lunar eclipse 20 Cancer, Sun conjunct Mercury, Uranus goes Direct from retrograde. A sense of letting go and letting God, our nobler side, to intuit direction. Letting go of distractions and activating higher OM or Holy within one’s self and world.

~robert of mayflower dec, 2019.

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