A new comet is coming! Comet Leonard, the astrology and metaphysica of it!

here is my sharing, my talk, on the new comet Leonard (Leo n’ART ‘D’) coming now mid nov.2021 and visible december, close to VENUS higher love Dec. 17-18th, reaching its perihelion jan. 3, 2022 when it will disappear forever (80,000 year cycle on a rare hypo paraboiic curve traveling really fast from Ursa Major , the Great Mother Bear. the spiritual vibration is going down our crown chakra from high self above into our ever renewing heart of wisdom flowering love and compassion. Should prove a wondrous time with many a miracle and amazing grace. For some a completion and new beginning, endings and new dream ideals to come. Join me here! ~~~~

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heart garden blessings of wisdom and compassion, friends and good work,
robert of mayflower