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Astrology Predictions Update March 2019

AstroNews ~ All Signs Affected strongly this month!
March 5th Mercury goes retrograde in late Pisces Impelling some to cling on to their dreams, imaginative possibilities, ideal futures; and for others….projections of fantasy and let down. Stay practical with long term goals in mind. Inflation, escapism, fantasies are afoot! Don’t trust UFO sightings nor appearances of the Virgin Mary. Lots of revelations of love gone bad and sour investments. Some make dreams come true, others awash in winter blues and cold reality. A sense of pending events and wild chaotic dreams or reflections. Keep a journal. Poets go mad with wonder and awe with such aspects, as do romantics and musicians.
Some feel immediate need for renewed action, escape, vs more practical workings getting down to earthy results.
Lots of Pisces/Neptune energy can bring snow and rain, tears and pain, fake news and bad investments/gambles, feeling helpless or lost. WEIRD Weather, space news, psychic phenomena, ghosts in the White House, and more.
Some make music and song to make the time wise go by, good food and friends, hugs and love. Some need to find new ways to love along. Some thrown into the unconscious, others into higher creative arts, music, compassionate spiritual activities, yoga and meditation; contemplative reflective modes. Spiritual Compassionate moods prevail. Take care to believe in your own higher self attuned to universal good/true/beautiful……enlightenment, cosmic consciousness, Christ Consciousness, Buddha Dharma, call it what you will ~ Virtue Mind Training in the Invisible University of the Heart (A Mayflower Adventure)! Time willing to manifest and make real ones stillness inner listening and world word endeavor.
Others may let you down this week, but don’t let yourself down; stay heart centered, listening, learning, shining, listening more.
With early March aspects, then Mercury retrograde conjunct Neptune March 24th not going direct till march 28th ~ Look for a very idealistic month of shooting for the moon, crashing on a dream, lies and lipstick, fake news to the max, danger of not looking at the small print, feelings and emotions overriding common sense and rational practical reasoning. For some a quiet retreat from the storm of separate self. For some its time to beautify and learn to develop one’s own psychic intuitive capacities. Mayflower Bookshop of course is the invisible college of the heart soul bookshop for perfect spiritual learning books, incense, crystals, statues, and artifacts to help you on your way. Rudolf Steiner books, Osho, Theosophy, Buddhism, Magic, Witchy Wit and more available to open that spirit soul door!

March 6th New Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune ~wow! Look for dreamy creamy melting times here. Many go unconscious and its all too much the world and individual situation. Others know big time karma and world destiny, past and future lives are afoot! With Neptune be sure to look before you leap. Many plans for the future in the works here. Also could be a wet or emotional time in coming weeks. Tears and letting go? Or good rid of rubbish? Psychic premonitions and meaningful (or crazy) dreams. Marriage plans or love melting away, leaving? Good for soul mating but wrong turns may be soul meltings and left abandoned or lost at sea. Dreams and ideals, future plans either melt away or take steps in coming true. Mutable signs and houses melting or aspiring, lost or newly found ~ Pisces, Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius.
Uranus goes into Taurus on March 6th till 2025 shaking up fixed ideas and signs Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo. Fixed signs want to get aggressive but fear past mistakes coming back again. Go for long term is safe but not fast enough in results? Karma at play here and deeper meditation needed perhaps with both fixed and cardinal signs Capricorn, Libra, Cancer, Aries. What once was secure needs now go to the higher level yet root deeper in both wisdom and learning from experience and world coming at you, future coming at you. See your chart for what houses and areas of life need to rise to higher level rather than just get pushed out of position and nest egg. Stock markets may be shook up or up and down a bit for next weeks. (see individual chart for unique situation).
Full Moon Equinox has Mars trine Pluto for very strong persuasive moves by power brokers and corporate plutocrats. Can be good for world peace and economics but the lot of Neptune aspects make you wonder what’s real or not. Big love month, or big mouth month and a sense of losing the dream or falling out of love. Some finally fall in. All astrological aspects have a higher octave and lower octave that can be invoked and worked. My book mentioned below goes way into that as well as esoteric descent and ascent of soul in any particular situation.
Look to Full Moon and day after with venus square mars for the fire works good or bad, tough or rough, or intensely pleasing able to spark and sparkle one’s trust and lust for life.
March 28th-29th with Mercury going direct will give us cold reality both in feelings, emotions, politics, economics, and weather. Pluto conjuncts Moon’s South Node which makes for the best or worse love making at every level. We need a completely new conversation about what is love, sex, marriage, family, tribe, community, life, and responsible sustainable life style for healthy earth, future, life.
Hopefully warm by mid April with Sun trine Jupiter?
Spiritual awakening to the virtue mind stream of heart soul compassion to everything in the world can make miracles happen. Its about listening to the stillness within and the crazy world without with compassionate willingness to learn anew again and again till we are all friends! There is no ‘God’ unless we prove it by the way we live.
Its a great time to be musically sound, listen to your breath in throat weaving heart and head. Wish for peace for the world and creative heart mind awakening gently, energetically, wisely, in time and rhythm with all in all. Meditative, attune, be One in the many, many in the One. May the Great Goddess Sophia Wisdom, May the World Work, Word, World Soul, Higher Self (call it what you will), be the miracle, co-creative with you. May love be your humble listening stillness learning, being, seeing, believing, living. May happiness find us …
Blessings this winter into spring,
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