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September 30th, 7pm to 10pm at the Theosophical Society in Berkley:

Music Concert Benefit for the Theosophical Society Building — Singer Songwriters! Carolyn Striho, Mary McGuire, Robert of Mayflower, Holly Bernt, Kira Blue and Anton, Matt Darling, Richie and the New Wild Mountain Thyme, more. All at the Theosophical Society in Berkley. Advanced Tickets will hold best seats $20, if not sold out $10 at door. Purchase your seats now at Mayflower Bookshop (248) 547-8227.

Oct. 3rd Talk on Tarot! — See below.

First week of September brings many a new dream of the future and a redemption of the past as we hit into Full Moon in Pisces

September 2nd to 5th and 6th

Mercury retrograde going forward on 5th conjunct Mars and both in tight trine to Uranus and loose trine to Saturn making grand trine. Good time for making practical yet creative judgements, decisions, plans, networking. Breakthroughs for many, for some quarrels and parting of ways. Letting go of the past to plunge into the future. Important to stay on the practical thinking side rather than emotionally impulsive irrational. Thinking without heart here may be too hard, egotistical, rough tough. Feelings without thinking can lead to mistaken actions, dead-end streets, and crashed dreams. Here Mercury the thinking walks into Full Moon/Neptune where creativity and imagination can win over sense-bound thinking, love over facts. Wild time for romantics and creative artists. Many trips or plans for future unfold or crash, get lost now.

September 5th, Sun oppose Neptune, Moon conjunct Neptune, Mars enters Virgo, Mercury goes direct. Suddenly everything makes sense and then goes awry again. One person is idealistic and far away seeing not here, the other is painfully here now and actively critical. All of a sudden in the midst of dispute a completely different answer and solution than the two combatants proposed appears. Ascendency and higher consciousness is now possible. Danger of gossip, news lies, misleading promises, going astray. Good for disciplined imagination, the arts, music, higher love, travel and future planning. This aspect trips into September 6th Full Moon. Neptune is associated with ocean, waters, sky, fog, illusion and delusion, but also the mystical union of higher levels of consciousness. The question is, are there more storms, hurricanes, extremes in the weather, ecological problems, war fears, strange weather and happenings, weird news/fake news/scary news? With Neptune transit in the sky conjunct Florida’s Sun at 13 Pisces, certainly Florida is candidate for uncertain weather and times. Again, Neptune is archetype King of the Seas, storms and peace, but also mystical spiritual virtuous and grand mother type experience.

September 6th Full Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune. Fantasy and play, creativity and delusion/illusion are confusing some, others get inspired to mother the spiritual soul in self and other. Liars or big dreamers? Spiritual or let astray in the astral. See September 5th. Volcanoes, weird weather, space and oceanic strange happenings, ecological concerns, plastic experiences. At higher level, the arts and magical performance, far away imaginations needing rooting and practicality. Past and future try to become meaningful to the present situation. Strange dream time needing spiritual discernment. Prophetic dreams or psychic perceptions vs. false notions and delusion and illusions.

Sun trine Pluto September 9th, good ground to plan, land, make amends, complete. With Moon conjunct Uranus, things still up in the air or prone to revision or change. Nonetheless, good time to realize things and plan to better, upgrade, raise the level of consciousness.

Venus trine Saturn September 12th brings sure footing and long-term security in view and at hand. Water signs, planets and houses are what parts of life love and security both hide and reveal themselves now.

Sept. 13th Sun square Saturn. Get good rest, right healthy diet, don’t burn the candle at both ends, have patience, perseverance, persistence. Otherwise, lay back with good book, meditation, nature, yoga, and chew well. Sun/Sat either brings light to situations once in the shadows, unconscious, blocked; or it forces one to be patient and keep tune into the long run big picture, patience and laid back attitude, non aggressive. Compassion for self and others goes far here.

Sept. 16th, Mercury conjuncts Mars, constructive criticism good, negative criticism or projection on others bad. Avoid over talk, negativity or anger, impatience or force, if possible. Take a few breaths and slow down if things get heated up and over-amped with velocity and acceleration. Good day to clean, get a thousand things done, network and connect, share, heal, mend, fix up.

Sept. 17th Moon ‘occults’ Venus. Make love not war, appreciate don’t depreciate, internalize and digest/integrate not contest/deteriorate. Good time to be patient and love no matter what. Happiness when alone otherwise.

Sept 18 Venus trine Uranus with Moon conjunct and ‘occulting’ Mars/Mercury and opposing Neptune. This could be further trigger day and/or event aftermath of whatever took place first week of Sept. Be clear with your intention and message, avoid hasty responses or aggressive attacks or projections. Good day to analyze carefully last month or more as to wise future directions, adjustments, corrections.

Sept. 19th Venus enters Virgo, the feeling side takes restock and re-think. Mercury oppose Neptune makes it important to stay practical and to not fly off in the imagination or reaction to perceived trouble. New Moon tomorrow on 20th with begin a new cycle of clarity.

Sept. 22 Moon conjuncts Jupiter and Sun enters Libra giving grace and harmony to finding co creative solutions, resolutions, and contributions to family, friends, future.

Sept 24th Mars oppose Neptune. Futuristic plans animate present. Past haunts present. Higher truths outweigh lies or fears or paranoia. Miscues, false criticisms, impotent perceptions, waylaid plans, rejection, denial, infection, plague the day. Ok, pick and choose which of these you want to happen and avoid the others! It’s a weirdly psychic moody day where what you think and feel can affect the world around you. So be mindful, beatific, artistic, musical, holy, creative, imaginative, and virtuous all the way; a better future is coming, let go of the past, stay present, watch your mind.

Sept. 25th Mercury square Saturn. Pay attention to all the little details, but don’t let the pressure blow your patience and long-term view. Look to gain the big picture, work the details, then let go and let God.

Sept 26th Moon square Mars and conjunct Saturn imply a need to stay focused on work and deadlines or generously and genius like make your escape plan.

Sept 28th Jupiter oppose Uranus, Pluto goes direct from retrograde, and Moon conjuncts Pluto. Sudden Luck or Misfortune, material success or loss prominent here. Strong shift in social identity, need to rid self of woundology psychology and negative shame/blame games or processes. Social freedom, love of life, willing to sacrifice for better future, renewed learning, all prosper this time with luck and grace. Compassion for inner struggle of soul-seeking wholeness, or lack of understanding and loving kindness, compassion, mark this time. Here one can make friends or lose friends forever, so be wise, reflective, genuine, and honest.

Sept. 29th Venus oppose Neptune. The best of plans go astray. Better things happen. Everything melts or disappears. Temptation to escape rather than face the music.

Sept 30th Acoustic Music Benefit with singer songwriters Carolyn Striho, Mary McGuire, Robert Thibodeau of Mayflower, Holly Bernt and more, see above; perform live music at the Theosophical Society in Berkley on Woodward ave next to Vinsetta Garage; 7 to 10 pm.

Tickets in Advance 20 dollars benefits the TS fixing up building. Call Mayflower Bookshop (248) 547-8227

October 1st Mars trine Saturn, October 3rd Venus trine Pluto, all leading into Harvest Full Moon October 5th with Venus conjunct Mars tends toward a month of renewed love, new love, rejected love, crazy love, and over-controlled love. Not a lot of freedom to pick here, it seems like it’s just happening on unconscious stream dream, or oppositely on an over-controlled kill the creativity weird serene keep. Up to Full Moon, much is at play and played out to the tilt. Up till the Full Moon in November (the 4th) it’s up for grabs what will last or what will crash. Here creativity and freedom go far in keeping the earth attuned to the stars and heart of it all. Peace and Love, Joy and awakened mind heart soul!

October 3rd ‘Psychic Tarot’ class, with Robert Thibodeau, at the Birmingham Community House, 7pm to 9pm. $29. Live readings to demonstrate techniques to those present in audience!

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