September 2015

Make a note on your calendar! Oct. 2nd A Robert of Mayflower Talk at the Theosophical Society in Berkley on west side of Woodward south of Catalpa. Oct 2nd 7pm donation. Talk subject, ‘An Esoteric Metaphysical approach to Love and Death, and the secret of success and happiness’. Please feel free to come!


“Real Friendship lasts through lifetimes, act that way today.”

-robert of mayflower


  1. Sept. 1st Venus conjunct Mars in Leo, here love is the best or worst. Need to love others, appreciate others, for who they are, not who we want them to be. For some, ships passing in the night of unconsciousness. For others, a meeting of angels. Some clash with inner feelings with outer realities. A conflict between inner and outer values, or between hard thinking and sensitive feelings, or vice versa. Male/female tensions. Holding the tension of opposites to birth more noble futures is key to tension of heavenly ideals and earthly concerns. Respect of others also key. Remember, everyone has a right to their experience and opinion, even if they are wrong!
  2. Sept. 5th Sun trine Pluto empowers practical earthly matters.
  3. Sept. 6th Venus goes direct calling for more love and less show off, more showing up and less throwing off, more light of love and less love of being in the light and throwing mud at others. More letting others shine, and standing in the dark yet to come to better light. The spiritual darkness is divine pondering, a waiting room for God.
  4. Sept. 8th Mars trine Uranus good time to push to further goals, good time to take action. A sense of ‘just do it, stop talking about it’.
  5. Sept. 9th Mercury square Pluto, avoid negative over-critical words and endless negative critical thinking. Good for going deeper into pondering, contemplating, researching, and having compassionate awareness and sensitivity to what others suffer and struggle with.
  6. Sept. 13th Solar Eclipse 20 degree Virgo, Next few weeks good for cleaning, clearing, getting rid of unwanted or burdensome situations, things, qualities.
  7. Sept. 17th Jupiter oppose Neptune, Mercury goes retrograde, Saturn enters Sagittarius. A sense of homelessness, lost in space or at sea, need to migrate or move. For others, divine intervention transforming the inner and/or outer, landscape. A sense of homelessness in the Soul life. For others a new inspiration of Spiritual Soul forces, intelligence. For some, a turning point of coming back to oneself. For others a need to travel afar and seek new horizons. For some a sense of loss or disappearance. A sense of going as far as one can in one particular direction, and a need to discover new paths of knowing, sharing, identifying. Others suddenly find themselves in new circumstances and futures. Ecological problems or challenges for some. Avoid pie-in-the-sky false dreams and gambles. Upsets due to falsely projecting on others. Avoid all falsehoods or deceptive tactics. Keep to the clear honest open road. Avoid scams and instant profits. Bad time to gamble or invest for many. Danger of false inflation followed by deflation. Bad timing to go overboard, party too hard, or to take risks. A time to curb overly expansive projections and plans. Time to work on what is right before one. Saturn in Sagittarius brings wisdom concerning boundaries and justice, higher knowledge and right education. Some difficulties in traveling. extremes in the weather. Strange circumstances difficult to ascertain. For some, extraordinary spiritual perceptions and dreams. Jupiter and Neptune associated with strong nature phenomena (such as unusual quakes, volcanoes, UFO sightings, virgin mary sightings, psychic spooky or entertaining happenings; danger of a sense of confusion or getting too out of it). Saturn leaving Scorpio calls for clear common sense and intellectual smarts, not feelings clouding issues. A call for practical needs and disciplined approaches to the future.
  8. Sept. 22 Venus trines Uranus, creative breakthroughs and renewed sense of loving intelligence. A need to love in new ways. Creative outbursts, sudden turn of events. Venus in Leo wants to lead Uranus wildness and blunt forwardness into regal and more sophisticated ways of life, behaviour. Uranus in Aries wants to shoot first, think later. Together can make for new creative peace and love making. A sense of wanting to be free, the heart of the artist, poetics and music, the arts, the artistic mind and heart flowing.
  9. Sept. 23 Sun enters Libra, the search for balance in self and others, world and self, job and relationships. A need to listen better to what others are saying. A need to balance self with other, other with self this month.
  10. Sept. 24th Mercury square Pluto good for research and fixing things, constructive criticism. Bad for negative over-critical bitter thinking and speech. Good aspect for catching up wisely to the past. A sense of what’s wrong with the world or self/other. A need for critical assessment of what to do to make things better. End of month dynamic calls for need to work on self, change self to realign or heal relationship to others.
  11. Sept. 25th Pluto direct, Mars square Saturn. Strong decisions to end or complete projects. Strong clear decision to proceed or stop a project or projection. Strong inner and outer initiatives to work on, go forward, work hard for goals and aims. A sense of running into obstacles or working through obstacles. Mars is the war god, at least the tough stance and muscling others, forcing or aggressing. Saturn is the authority, the long-term needs or laws, or even walls. When Mars works with Saturn, good work toward long-term goals occurs. When Mars and Saturn don’t work together, there is a need for a new aristocrat, a new authority of power and wisdom; a need perhaps to ‘police’ certain actions. Possible separations, interruptions, end of work or strike. Difficult time for those who are over assertive. Good aspect for cleaning up and catching up to work needs. Good for yoga, meditation, healthy eating and exercise, patience and persistence.
  12. Sept. 27th Lunar Eclipse in early Aries (7 degrees). From Sept. 27th here to October 11th urge to free oneself from all that holds one back from growing in new ways, individuating of coming to one’s sense of destiny, dharma, truth, right work. Finding one’s sense of belonging, community, tribe or family, and job or right work.  The search to find one’s right working relationship to self and other, world and self.


Make a note on your calendar! Oct. 2nd A Robert of Mayflower Talk at the Theosophical Society in Berkley on west side of Woodward south of Catalpa. Oct 2nd 7pm donation. Talk subject, ‘An Esoteric Metaphysical approach to Love and Death, and the secret of success and happiness’. Please feel free to come!


  1. October 11th Jupiter trine Pluto and Sun oppose Uranus brings many to major turning point in life. For some it’s a ‘take 3 steps forward’. For some others its a turning point of just letting go and letting God, learning to trust fate and destiny.  Good aspect for new job, new directions, new ways of getting healthy, new forms of learning, new long-term goals worthy of one’s inner deep soul needs and aspirations.


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“Love is the way truth arrives in the heart mind.

The spirituality of love is compassion with a willingness to learn

how to make friends with all life in every life.”

-robert of mayflower

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