Robert Thibodeau is an Interpretive and Predictive Astrologer and Student of all metaphysical and spiritual studies, as well as owner of the Mayflower Bookshop. Robert of Mayflower will also answer any questions you have about the past, present or future. All readings are private. Questions about love, money, health, vocation, calling, travel, and moves are welcome.

Robert is available for astrological readings by appointment only.

Concise and Complete Readings can be done in person or by telephone, and you will receive a recording of the reading by email.

Mini-readings are by typed email only (no recording).

For all readings, please email your birth month, day, year (time and place if you have it). For in-person or telephone readings, please email to arrange an appointment.

Use Paypal to pay for Robert’s time. All readings are enlightening, entertaining, edifying, educational … and zenifyingly fun. Spiritually insightful, intuitively posturing for better futures; if you are not ready for a full reading, this is a quick way to find answers that intelligently reflect the wisdom of the stars and the insights only metaphysical learning can bring.

Mini-reading — one or two questions by email $50
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Concise reading — in person or telephone $150
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Complete reading — in person or telephone
(includes natal, directions, progressions, transits for past, present and future)
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Yearly Subscription — Robert on call for you (for up to 10 or 12 sessions) — in person or telephone. Robert offers this subscription to a limited amount of clients who need immediate advice on ever-changing situations, business negotiations, handling relationships, family and friends. $1200
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