June 2013

Weather and wild extremes in behaviour continue as we just passed another Uranus square Pluto. We are discovering a planetary mind, a more universal holistic thinking able to work with, and be co-creative with, the whole of humanity and all living things. Perhaps we will yet discover a politics of wisdom and compassion. Uranus’s impulse for freedom and higher intelligence struggles with Pluto’s shadow side of ignorance, delusion, greed, attachment, insecurity, limitation, fear, terror. Pluto’s higher octave of selfless compassion and an understanding of a true nature of self as truth and love, an angel in the becoming, a participant co-creative with all life struggles with Uranus’s shadow side of noise, change without real change, and meaningless contest, conflict, and senseless one-up-manship and war. The ancient wisdom thought that cataclysmic weather was related to collective humanity’s negative emotions of anger and hate. Our modern dilemma includes pollution and violence, numbness and escapism. Our hearts close up and what will awaken the heart soul again with wonder, joy, compassion, and social participation? Uranus will square the USA Sun sign as Pluto opposes it in the coming months into next year. Uranus is like Hermes, or Prometheus, an awakener of higher mindedness. Pluto is negativia, a being dragged into the underworld, the unconscious, and a forcible facing of consequences of past history, karmic mistakes (mis-takes). Pluto is also a letting go of the past, a dying in becoming, a shedding of old skins, a rebirth, a renewal, a turning point allowing renewed awareness and participation with deeper love, compassion, truth of inner being in relationship. There are a few big turning points in history upon us. May the change be positive. A huge cycle is ending and a new one beginning. Many people are rediscovering themselves and the world round, which is a good thing to do at this time. The Mayflower bookshop carries books on every sacred religion and spiritual teachings available. Ben Franklin once had a bookshop like Mayflower. There has never been a time when so many spiritual teachings were available for us to make use of. Each of us is called to awaken anew, to rise to a higher calling, to be and become the art and artist of divinity. May each of us learn to divine the divine in all moments, things, and each other. May every heart flower, every mind awaken, every soul shine. May all beings awaken to their true calling, work, love and truth nature. OM! The book ‘Astrological Aspects the Art,’ is not just an astrology book, it’s a treatise on modern spirituality revealing a keen relationship of Steiner’s teachings with buddhism, hermetics with self-initiation and spiritual awakening, mythology and the descent and re-ascent of the goddess, the chakras and sacred geometry. Blessings.

June 2nd into 3rd Mercury entering sign of Cancer plays into a grand trine with Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio. Good day for getting keen insights into the next few months. Jupiter will trine Saturn and Neptune in July triggering (hopefully) a creative new views, an urge for world peace and prosperity, good year for farmers and gardeners, many a pleasing social and spiritual experience, and many a good time. Many plans being made now for the better futures. Premonitions and dreams open possibilities. Venus peeks north declination of 5th, love ideals high-minded find a star to follow.
June 7th Venus trines Neptune and Saturn triggering grand trine embracing love and good friendship, family, financial, and social affairs. If you know who you are and what is your right working relationship to the world, proceed. Otherwise, Unfortunately, the same day here on the 7th, Neptune goes retrograde, Moon conjuncts Mars, Mercury opposes Pluto, and Mars squares Neptune; this could prove to be a really crazy day leading to a week of mixed messages and strangely beautiful weather. A mixed bag of fortunate and good aspects along with some very challenging aspects of frustrations, anger, struggle to reach ideals, sense of injustice and need to rectify, correct. Possible rough week coming of weird weather and behaviour. Avoid craziness, pathological states of mind. It’s a bad hair and drug/medication week of lies and bad lipstick (faҫades and illusion, delusion and projection of fear/desire) for many parts of the world. Bad day to have bad company or to be or be with someone who is hostile, fraudulent, angry, vexed, or projecting falsities and negativity. Strange comings together and stranger partings of the way, weird dreams. A heavy news day at the least. Extra caution needed to avoid acting up or over-reacting. Mars/Neptune aspect for food poisoning or illness, strange weather, UFO or Virgin Mary sightings, weird cosmic phenomena, pollution, and sci-fi. Many a spiritual vision or dream at this time. Good aspect at times for creative imagination, music and the arts, high ideals and the most spiritual strivings. Bad time to take high risk. The weekend into next Tuesday full of happy/sad, sweet/bitter experience. Sudden loss or death, sudden birth, the world seriously goes round with many a rise and fall in the process. Stocks may be shaky here till 12th with many a vicissitude up or down.
June 8th New Moon in Gemini with Mercury square Uranus. Lots of sudden insights and quick turns of event and mind. Vigorous debate and tension of words and thoughts. Keen insights and new discoveries could be upon us. The mind has wings for some, for others the winds of change blow fiesty.
June 11th-12th Venus oppose Pluto and then square Uranus. A sudden sense of what is necessary to do and what not to do. An appearance of a beautiful witch fortells hints of the future. Good time to tidy up affairs and be happy for what one has. Happiness for others who are happy goes far to strengthen one’s own good luck. Possible sudden change in love urges, feelings of rejection or needing to reject or eject out of a situation turned sour. Clinging to what doesn’t work precipitates further stress and change. Negativity here is its own reward. Knowing what is right to do to create better future furthers. Avoid fighting for rights out of pride and taking things personally. This is an in depth love aspect at times but one needs to avoid attachment and manipulative emotions. Saturn trine Neptune occurs now giving water signs and feeling/emotions a more long-term view and solution to difficult problems or challenges; as well as a wanting to lay back and not have to over work or fight so much. Also a tendency here for solid emotional relationships. Avoid jealousy, or using forceful persuasion. Avoid risk or gamble in love or money matters, large purchases or investments, playing it safe. Long-term view and investments may be the way to go here unless you are an expert at quick manoeuvring. Mercury at greatest elongation (24.3 E.) makes for minds reaching out far to know and find right thinking about things.
June 19th Sun conjunct Jupiter with Mercury conjunct Venus on 20th makes for good lovin’ and sweet times, a lock in on the beautific and joyful. Good for fixing up the home or making plans to. Good time to connect, communicate, plan, study, read, make the call or take the call. (Avoid overenthusiastic salesmen.)
June 21st Sun enters Cancer, the longest day and shortest night of the year. After this day, the days get shorter till winter solstice. Good time to make a wish and shart good company and future dreams. It’s Full Moon SuperMoon weekend so the energy is high no matter what the weather. SuperMoon is closest full moon to earth for the year.
June 23rd morning Full Moon in Capricorn with evening Moon occulting (eclipsing) Pluto. Evening (after 8:36 EST) good time to lay back with loved ones, have down time or rest, and to catch up to yourself for the week ahead. This SuperMoon at its most southern declination peek. Ruddy good summertime fun, but can bring about some heavy stormy weather in parts. Good time for a Moon Bath.
June 25th Jupiter enters Cancer for a year benefiting all water signs and perhaps Cardinal Signs too with growth and expansion, more social life and friends/family. Jupiter in Cancer, home life and food, should make for a good year coming for improving home life, friends and family life, and a good year for real estate and food farming.
June 26th Mercury in late Cancer goes retrograde with Sun trine Saturn and Neptune. Small but sure successes and little steps of growth prosper long-term future now. Humility and willingness to learn open doors.
June 27th Venus enters Leo, Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces; love shines, sentimental gifts work wonders, good time to wine and dine, avoid ill humor or lack of imagination, slap stick or anger/thunder. Good time for get away or planning for one.
June 29th Carolyn Striho Band at Bachelor’s Tavern in Keego Harbor. A great band she has so it is sheer summer solstice time fun. She’s invited me to come up and play a few songs so I will add to the mix. Looks to be a hot fun event! Jupiter is peeking in its northern climb up sky making for good social scene! Good time to meet up anew!
July 1st Venus square Saturn, Sun oppose Pluto, good day to retreat, rethink it out, realize that you are love and are not outwardly dependent on love’s ever-changing forms. Good for formulating long-term in depth plans, relationships, goals. Weather can go to extremes and so can unruly people. Tendency to threat but usually this aspect attempts to keep control or lid on things. Tough aspect for those on the wrong side of the fence. Good for cleaning up messes, gardening, caring for others, serving higher goals and aims than limited personal self. Never act out of fear or anger. Love works when we work.
July 4th Sun square Uranus, sudden breakthroughs, crack ups, or shifts in direction. Revelation and sudden insight, sudden coming together or partings.
July 8th New Moon in Cancer, Saturn goes direct, Moon occults Mercury. Cardinal signs (and houses) feel they are beginning again in some aspect of inner or outer self.
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-Robert Thibodeau

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“Study what thou art,
Whereof thou art a part,
What thou knowest of this art,
This is really what thou art.
All that is without thee,
Also is within,
Thus wrote Trismosin.”
-Aureum vellus, 1598.
Splendor Solis, Alchemical Wanderings and Adventures in Search of the Philosopher’s Stone.

“I sprang in wonder frozen with the truth still within me screaming new springs wherever whenever I looked or felt in wonder the awe of eternal creation, or your primordial face, echo of my own still darkness yet rising this day with the sun dawning in our hearts meeting eternity once. Friends are angels still growing wings.”
-songs of inner sense, the backyard farmer robert

“Since ancient times, the left side has stood for the side of the unconscious or the unknown; the right side, by contrast, has represented the side of consciousness or wakefulness. Through the late twentieth century, the movement of the Left limited themselves to a materialist understanding of reality- exemplified by Marxism- demanding social justice and economic equality but not the restoration of intuition and the recognition of the hidden, qualitative dimensions of being suppressed by the mental-rational consciousness, narrowly focused on the quantifiable.”
-Jean Gebser


May 2013

Robert’s new Astrology and Spirituality book is now available (see below). Robert will be speaking at Great Lakes Astrology Conference!

“Take away love and our earth is a tomb.” -Robert Browning

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” -Einstein

“Nowadays most people die of a sort of creeping common sense, and discover when it is too late that the only things one never regrets are one’s mistakes.”
-Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

“Truth is what holds us all, Love is what wakens the ‘all’ in us. If you want others to be happy, share your love and truth. In the long run it is the same bell ringing, we are not separate from the world, or the world from us. True Love means Truth and Love. Truth protects love, love softens and flowers truth. This is going to be a summer of love and truth. Dig it, grow a garden! The garden inside makes us rich enough to love the whole earth and all in it.” -robert of mayflower

May 1st Mars in detrimental Taurus oppose Saturn in Scorpio makes for hard work breaking down the walls of separation and estrangement. Good for working patiently toward long-term goals. Fixed Signs grinding away, slow progress. Saturn and Pluto in mutual reception, each other’s ruling sign, indicate power changes for long-term growth behind the scenes in government and corporate economic policy and planning. The Uranus square Pluto this month (exact on the 20th) will further show success (or not) in many areas of striving and innovation, investment and new direction. We have no friends nor enemies, just teachers showing us what to do or what not to do by their behaviour, experience, and life. Words all vanish along with form, what we hold is the teaching striving for ascendency; an ever learning and growing. Mars Saturn aspects good for learning to work with others, patience and perseverance.

May 5th to 7th Mars/Mercury trine Pluto makes for intelligent power strides and some forward motion when it comes to big plans, innovations, building, economic progress. May 6th Venus becomes visible in the western sky after sunset (until January 5th ’14). Romance and future goals are in the evening airs.

May 5th-6th also are the Eta Aquarids Meteor Showers portending of coming to our practical senses about things, coming to earth.

New Moon Eclipse on 9th of May. Moon occults or blocks Mars, Mercury, and Sun. Ascension Day, Europe day, and Billy Joel’s and Mike Wallace’s Birthday. Possible sad world news along with many a breakthrough and progressive forward motion leaving the past behind. Hopefully this is a good earth day and not a trash and spoil the earth day. Such eclipse aspects may portend of death or loss of major celebrity or potent figure, leader. It could just as well energize the quick rise of someone to fame, as well as quick fall from such. Uranus/Pluto square this month adds to the challenging changing world picture for some. Eclipses make for touchy over-sensitiveness reactions, as well as its converse energetic of taking a deep breath and plunging into a new affair or business direction. The Venus square Neptune on the 13th adds to the Romeo and Juliet drama, or is it Psyche and Cupid? (See my new Astrology book for a detailed analysis of this great love story and initiation mythos.)

May 12th Mother’s Day Moon in Gemini conjunct Jupiter signifies a really fun lively talkative friendly day to get out and move around, meet with friends, shop, connect, network, and play. If in the mood of the moon, you can get a thousand things done today; otherwise good day to think, create, plan, feel good, love with the mind and heart.

May 13th Venus square Neptune, wild ideal highly motivated love or illusions and delusions, projections and masquerades? The future and past collide, imagination and love wins so be careful what you imagine and keep loving the world into peace and joy. This aspect is notorious for body fetish craziness. It’s the imagination! Use your creative imagination. Divine the divine in self and other and save your money spent on cosmetic surgery, tattoos, cosmetics, and worry. Intelligence is the ultimate aphrodisiac; love is the ultimate pain killer, mood changer, healer, and anti-gravity levity device.

May 15th Mercury goes into Gemini; ah, now we can truly think freely! Or is it that someone is finally listening? Good time to think, ponder, do.

May 17th into 18th Mercury squares Neptune. Don’t let your thoughts trick you, you are love and truth and the world calls you to prove it to yourself. Others come and go, get it or forget it or just don’t. Stick to well thought out plans and avoid risk these days.

May 20th Uranus squares Pluto for the 3rd time of 7. With Sun going into Gemini the same day and Mercury sextile Uranus in Aries, expect lots of news, quick shifts and adjustments to make things work, and a highly energized enthusiastic intelligence riding the air waves. With Mercury in its ruling sign, this may prove a good few days of good solid breath-through and reliable information. The Uranus/Pluto has so far been very indicative of restlessness and severe struggle for growth, reform, modifications, or renewal with much protest and aggravation. Such aspect can bring about a crisis in growth and a forced change for some. Force Majeure or intense occurrences bring swift reaction. Such aspect calls for higher truths and spiritual insights, new ways of working or striving to help lift souls feeling stressed and over-burdened with troubles out of their immediate suffering. Pluto is power and inner or outer poverty and debasement. Uranus is call for innovative new approaches to the world’s problems. The series of 7 squares signify a kind of ‘times up, lets do something’ and the frustration when one feels stuck or incapable of progressive action. Mass changes or re-arrangement of direction or day-to-day habits and routines for many. Cardinal Signs of Capricorn, Cancer, Libra, and Aries primarily concerned. Where such signs are in your astrology chart indicate what department of life is challenged. All major issues of the news are stressed. Good time to challenge oneself (gently and not forcibly) to grow in new ways. A breakthrough or breakdown aspect. Good for forming new thinking and psychology. Much patience and thoughtfulness, compassionate kindness and wisdom called for with such aspect. Listening with one’s heart, rather than pushing agenda, wise move at this time. Patience is a virtue, understanding a god-like quality.

May 24th Mercury conjunct Venus makes for much fun and playful friendly interactions. Good day to write a poem and send flowers. Good day for friendly encounters and working out tough problems.

May 25th Lunar Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius squaring Neptune the next day on 26th. Much love and truth, spiritually uplifting message/medium/massage, and possible breath-taking break-throughs everywhere when within these 4 days.

Mercury conjuncts Venus on 24th, Mercury conjuncts Jupiter on 27th, Venus conjuncts Jupiter on 28th (in other words, Mercury/Venus/Jupiter conjunct and have a heavenly conference for truth and love these days 24th to 28th during Full Moon eclipse).
This should really be the strong start to a healthy good summer, good year for crops and gardening, and a summer of love and wisdom truth! Watch for weirdness and drunken dumb numbness or violation late on 27th when Moon eclipses Pluto (an occultation). It may just prove a good time to go to bed early and rest up renew. This whole time period may prove a very inspirational moving loving good time.

May 31st Mars goes into Gemini making for an egregious month and a half June into July of outstandingly brash balderdashery, shock jockeying rigmarole twaddle, and flummery partying, politicking, and outlandishly wild consorting and convorting without serious practical result. It could also for some be a remarkably good time had by all. Mars in Gemini can be all talk, no action. Good for communication and going places, learning, networking, connecting. Danger of being too busy for oneself or one’s closest friends. Good aspect for carrying a good book along each journey.


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