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Dig this next statement !

I have come to the frightening conclusion that I am 

the decisive element.

It is my personal approach that

 creates the climate.

It is my daily mood that 

makes the weather.

I possess tremendous power 

to make life miserable or joyous.

I can be a tool of torture or 

an instrument of inspiration, 

I can humiliate or humor, hurt or heal. 

In all situations, it is my response 

that decides whether a crisis is escalated 

or de-escalated, 


a person is humanized or de-humanized.

If we treat people as they are, we make them worse.

If we treat people as they ought to be, we 

help them become 

what they are capable of becoming. 

Goethe, Goethe nailing it here. Profound higher calling!

(Happy ever renewable you

new year!!

from robert of mayflower“)

Love is higher than opinion. If people love one another 

the most varied opinions can be reconciled – 

thus one of the most important tasks for humankind today 

and in the future 

is that we should learn to live together 

and understand one another. 

If this human fellowship is not achieved, 

all talk of development is empty.”   —Rudolf Steiner

The Universe is worked and guided, from within outwards. As above so it is below, as in heaven so on earth; and man, the microcosm and miniature copy or the macroosm, is the living witness to this Universal Law and to the mode of its action.” 

        HPB, the Secret Doctrine, 1, pg 295 (Original edition)

(See Isis Unveiled by HPB for ‘The Divine Pymander’ and her take on the ‘Emerald Tablet’ of Hermes Trismegistus. 

AstroNews with Robert of Mayflower

Every astrological aspect has a higher and lower possible manifestation, impression or expression. It is up to each individual out their own unique conditionings, karma and dharma potentials, to find out of freedom, the higher octave or ascending virtue in any and every situation or happening at hand. Astrological Aspects impel not compel, influence not force, inspire with greater spirit, not diminish higher possibility, potential, creative evolutionary awakening. 

HPBlavatsky on the Golgotha Experience of descent into ascent, the turning point where ascent of higher consciousness plays into one’s life! Steiner studied HPB and tried to take it further. Now its our turn, eh?!

Starting upon the long journey immaculate, descending more and more into sinful matter(activating ‘matters’ out of ‘separateness’ or divisiveness. -rt), and having connected himself with every atom in manifested space— the Pilgrim, having struggled through, and suffered in every form of Life and Being, is only at the bottom of the valley of Matter, and half through his cycle, when he has identified himself with collective Humanity (the whole, the ONE Spirit permeates all!-rt) . This, he has made in his own image. In order to progress upwards and homewards, the ‘God’ has now to ascend the wary up-hill path of the Golgotha of Life. It is the martyrdom of self-consciousness existence (and the birth of non duality, wholeness, ‘at-one-ment’ in Spirit and Soul with core of all in all!-rt).”

            -H.P. Blavatsky (with my notes), from the Secret Doctrine, 1, pg 288

(perhaps the ‘martyrdom’  is acting out of separateness rather than ‘Oneness’. Healing comes from reuniting or becoming at one with higher ethic and angel, the virtue, compassion, creativity, higher truth.—robert t)

The planets in astrology are the time keepers, what precipitates events or insights. The planets are the ‘astral’ likes and dislikes. sympathies and antipathies, dualities we get caught in. The highs and lows, but in time the wisdom and urge to know love and freedom. With ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ or ‘Christ Consciousness’, Hermes Sophia, Christos awareness, ‘Budhi Manas’, Wisdom Compassion mind can transform negativities to positivities. We can reconcile opposites and transcend duality into a greater sense of participation and at-one (atone, a tone, tonic in music perhaps but here with spirit soul body) with all Life, destiny and co-creative purpose. Astrology and Metaphysics is a artistic language of the soul aspiring to spiritual awakening, compassion, and higher truths good for each and all.

‘The 19 major Astrological moments in January 2022 on into feb/march/april !

Jan.2nd, 1:30 pm set, New Moon at 12 Capricorn, Mercury enters Aquarius. Last 3 days and next 3 days set the inner stage, the vibrations, for few weeks to come! Contemplate, meditate, concentrate, on what to do and not do. Be still, listen with your heart, yet follow your star, higher self, as to guide in future go.

Jan. 3rd Earth closet to the Sun in course of year, 13 nights after solstice, 12 days, Comet makes closest pass around the  Sun, Solstice to Jan 3, even to Jan. 6th (Adam and Eve day, Jesus baptized into the Christ, 3 Magi (physical/emtional/mental find the baby jesus or Higher Self in virgin purified astral body of Heart, in esoteric myth reality). I know this is too much information, but words are difficult to clearly share higher spiritual truths trying to emerge from every religion, philosophy, science, experience and life style. I am trying to share insights into finding the heart’s Hero of a thousand and one nights, the light emerging in every experience really. Its spiritual science, but its often art, poetic, myth reality, and comparative religion. Each must find right thinking, feeling, willing out of freedom, truth, and compassionate love for self and other. Here, ‘Foregiving’ is digesting the past with meaningfulness and learning, and voyaging into greater futures of learning. Till all the world is in co-creative peace, may we travel on!

Jan.8th Sun conjunct Venus, 7:48pm eastern time.

Either a burning sense of love, burning insights, attachments, recognitions of what needs fixing; or a most positive sense of what love is, how to mediate/facilitate/compassionately and lovingly harmonize or creatively lead the positive happening.

“Fear and hatred are essentially one and the same. 

He who fears nothing will never hate, and 

he who hates nothing will never fear.”        

-HPB, Secret Doctrine, III, pg 541

Jan. 11th Mars square Neptune..

Courage and Bravado, daring to reach the highest ideal, mystical perceptions and doings, creative artistry or musings, music, museum travels in the mind? Negatives to avoid are misuse of drugs, medications, foods (eat simple and chew well), avoid spoilage or spoiling), such aspects can indicate wrong foods, upsets, even poisoning. Unreal emotions overriding logic, rationality, common sense. Ill views or feelings causing sickness or lost hurt feelings with no higher star to follow. Lost at sea, in space, or astray with illusion/delusion/misgivings. Need to be still and on the ground till simple common sense returns. Yet this can be for some highly active imagination for the arts of good, true, beautiful givings and receptivities. Here Knights of the Grail may appear to save the day, or a pure fool may nearly wreck the good moment. Days around this date influenced too. It is important to drive and travel with more defensive alertness and simplicity. Honest simple direct upfront above board, goes far here to properly progress and not have fall back. Real spirituality and growth has no fall back. .With this aspect one tends to ‘over do’, or get over sensitive, falling in on oneself; or falling out, having a falling out, with little or no notice. Tendency of over doing of external obsessions and expressions causing inharmony, upset, inflation, unnecessary swelling, or confusion, chaos. Extra care around flammables, or emotionally upset ones. Fire and water elements in conflict. Positively a need for ArcAngelic Soul urges coupled with Sophia Wisdom and loving kindness.

Good aspect for the arts, music, playing, and not making major decisions or strong action for a few days. Can be over inspired big plans or promises without ability to complete or manifest dreams or ideals. Weird dreams and premonitions may be off. So be patient, compassionate, open to learning.

“As one of the greatest reformers, an inveterate enemy of every theological dogmatism, a persecutor of bigotry, a teacher of one of the most sublime codes of ethics, Jesus is one of the grandest and most clearly defined figures on the panorama of human history….the grand figure….will reign supreme and universal only on the day when the whole of humanity recognizes but one father—-the UNKNOWN ONE above—-and one brother, the whole of mankind below.”                 -H.P. Blavatsky, on Jesus the Christ (or is it Hermes, or Mithras, or Odin, or Christna?) as mentioned in Isis Unveiled book II, pg 150.

Jan. 14th Mercury 10 Aquarius goes retrograde till evening of Feb. 3rd at 24 Capricorn going direct. This strongly affects those born mid to end of January, April, July, October! Expect going back over things from the past to fix, repair, review, renew, refresh, regenerate, return, rewrite, ‘re’ everything. Or that’s how many view mercury retrograde. For sure its a time of reflection and mentally slowing down acting to fast. Take more time pondering anything important such as agreements, paper work, accounting, and more. The Aquarius to Capricorn indicates a mental struggle or striving for what makes you feel secure, what frees you, what makes you happy, and what roots you. Friendship and play contests with work and home needs perhaps.  With Venus in Capricorn also retrograde all January 29th at 3:36 am, there is a strong sense of ‘why go out, the world’s crazy’, or a sense of wanting needing more positive sense of job, calling, career, destiny, higher calling, higher self or ideal spiritual self in relationship to others. Conflicts trying to find good authorities of wisdom and longevity, lasting peace and sure ground, heart.

“There is no God unless you prove it by the way you live. Jesus said you’ll know em by their actions, by their deeds, even better, by their fruits.”  ~Trebore Tau Bodhi

Jan 16th Sun conjunct Pluto, influencing into next day full moon! 

“Christ has given you one prayer of which you have made a lip-prayer and a boast, and which none but the true Occultist understands.”  -HPB, Key to Theosophy, pg. 47

(To HPB, the term ‘Occultist’ means person of inner virtue development, selfless truth and compassion as indicated in both her ‘Key to Theosophy’ and her ‘Voice of the Silence’. For further gleanings on Blavatsky’s true teachings on real Christianity, see her ‘Esoteric Character of the Gospels’ or her writings on John’s Gospel and the Word. I assume this quote by HPB is direct comment about the ‘Our Father’ or ‘The Lord’s prayer’. Elsewhere HPB mentions how spiritually true, and real, christians follow the teachings taught in ‘the Sermon on the Mount’. Both Steiner and Manly Hall have similar yet uniquely different but complimentary statements about the ‘Sermon on the Mount’ and its higher conscience and ethic revealings.

Sun Pluto reveals crass egotism and selfishness and/or selfless orientation to higher truths, compassion for all, and dealing with collective issues, values, planetary concerns, pollution both physical and psychic or emotional. Pluto can empower or disempower depending on one’s own heart ethic attainment. Compassion here is the key word for proceeding in Miracle and higher ethic. Pluto often reflects the clash between extremes in spiritual and material values. Jupiter Saturn aspects look for more a balance and long term solution. Thus the last year Jupiter/Saturn in Aquarius aspect promotes this universal search for higher peace and love and what is good for all the world, not just a few (Leo opposed to Aquarius is the separate self resisting a higher call, or its higher octave is Leo the Lion of Sunshine and good will, respect for every individual as a ‘child of God’ or Universal Good, True, Beautiful. Again, these are just words hoping to spark or supplement your own spiritual research and insight.

“Nobody can take the Full Moon!!!” -Trungpa on how difficult it is to embody your own higher self or Buddha Nature. (my take on it).

Jan 17th  full moon 27 Cancer opposing Pluto. Need to heal, purify, address worldly ills, but with patience, wisdom compassion,  not force or authority without transparency, clearness, wisdom. Good days to hide out and renew or to attend and help others less fortunate and in greater need than yourself. A sense of endings and new beginnings, death and rebirth, and constructive critique, not negative dead end, but sense of stirring new beginnings out of the ashes or troubles of the past. A good day to renew, regenerate, stay personal and small, avoid over externalizing oneself, or falling into negativity. This is a strong aspect calling for compassion and action to help others less fortunate. Here the light of higher consciousness attempts to step in to save the day.

Jan. 18th Uranus goes direct at 10 Taurus (Uranus went retrograde last Aug 19th at 14 Taurus opposing 14 degree Sscorpio Pluto perihelion in 1989). Uranus rules over thrusts of lightning bolt quick changes, or bolts of instant insight and uplifting creativity and higher consciousness.  Older folks may experience a total realization of major events in self and world in late 80’s and early 1990’s. And no, i’m not talking just about music life and dislikes. Like the fall of then Berlin Wall and structure of Russia, now we and the whole world need take down the walls of misinformation, miscommunication, duality and warring parts. Time to find a new honesty and higher truth love compassion will hold and heal us all, the planet and all life forms, communities, in it! The USA Pluto return has lots to say about our ethics and morality concerning money, possessions, deep feelings of love and need, military industrial complex, high tech, power struggles, and need for loving kindness and wisdom compassion, non threatening high tech, and more natural bio tech, so much trapped in profit making and power trips rather than humanitarian concern for health, education, good water and air for all, healthy land, food and home..

Many experience sharp changes of directions or reversals depending on what planets and houses are in personal astrology chart involved. Get your chart erected online free, or get yourself astrology program. Call mayflower for more on that if you wish.

Uranus quickens positive changes always but if one is in wrong thinking or strategy, ‘chit happens’ so to speak. Events take place that impel change in one’s thinking, feeling, or actions. Affected the most are those born the end of January to beginning of February, born first week or so of May, born first week or so of August, and those born first week or so of November. Planets and Houses at 9 to 15 Fixed Signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius are feeling it the most. Fixed signs don’t like change not preorchestrated and thought out. ’Change or be Changed’ is the vibe. Uranus want something new or higher up vibe to happen. With Uranus near square to Saturn (off by 3 degrees), there is a real perceivable tension between security and freedom, tradition and what worked in the past versus a strong urge to try something new. Having too much energy one moment, and feeling drained in another moment may be a problem. Again, balance in breath and mind, stillness and doings is called for. Try eating a simpler diet with plenty of grains and greens, vegetables, along with your other foods may help. See Self Healing Cookbook at Mayflower. Also try more exercise and walks, less talk and noise. Although with this aspect there is danger of accident, separations, sudden need to compromise or re-harmonize, avoiding conflict. 

    Stormy chaotic weather in many parts, or is there a strong renewed sense of adapting innovative and new, alive and kicking with electrical energy, the true and tried security wise and sure wending around and through difficulties. Use more common sense and practicality at work and play. Compromise and harmony, working with others rather than lording over others or blaming others is most helpful. Perhaps taking silent thoughtful contemplative break is needed? 

   For the most part, Uranus going direct will help things move forward that were previously stuck, or reviewing, or going through changes without anything really changing. Clarity of mind quick comes here and in coming weeks. Uranus is known for upsets and reversals of patterns, attempting to make new things happen to upgrade or better situations.

‘Change your inner self to help midwife external changes.’

         -trebore taus bodhi

January 24-25 Mars (for a month) and then Mercury (for half month) enter Capricorn. A sense of plowing forward no matter what? Avoid force if you can. Wisdom timing is everything. Spiritual control or wisdom over chaotic circumstances? Or a sense of just ‘’banging’ through life. 

A settling down to facts and practical solutions benefiting one and all, not just elite? Practical solutions may not arise to  resolve or address long term problems? Yes, all that. A need to avoid aggressive one way streets and authoritative demands. Need to stick to practical common sense matter of fact. 

“Negativity is its own reward.’ -my (robert t) first spiritual teacher said that. Philip Knight was his name.

January 28th Mercury conjunct Pluto Compassion versus discursive mind. Hard nuts to crack. Patience and to the point helps. Compassion for problems good start, then penetrating problems with good long term solutions. Avoid projections and negative alone perceptions lacking higher transcendent view, long term vision for whole of community and earth.

Love is the answer, but suffering and compassionately wise response sparked the quest and right question at the right time. Higher truths protect love. -robert of mayflower

Jan. 29th Venus goes direct at 11 degrees Capricorn, Venus went retrograde at  26 Capricorn on Dec. 19th. Now we make sense of last month and ten daze in matters of love and money, appreciation and reception of what life offers. One develops a sense of love that heals, sustains, lasts, gains wisdom and secure connection, furthers futures and insures growth, rooting and ascension of Consciousness and spiritual awareness.

In the case of ordinary people, only insignificant portions of the astral body, the etheric body and the physical body are transformed into Manas, Buddhi and Atma, or into Spirit Self, Life-Spirit and Spirit-Man. Jesus of Nazareth was a Chela of the third degree, and his bodies were therefore in a state of high purification.  ~Rudolf Steiner, dec 2, 1906

Jan. 30th Sun square Uranus, quick changes, cures, adjustments to aims, goals, directions, job or calling. Important that worldly aims and work don’t conflict too much with home and inner life, sanity, and virtue values for common wealth, goodness, health. New light and insight pushes us forward to grow, progress. Again, Uranus often associated with sense of urgency, quick change, reversals, upsets, winds and electricity, or lack of , for change.

Change for its own sake is not real change. Real meaningful and lasting change takes place when one’s mind is at rest in the heart, when one silently listens fully to what all of life is teaching. Here the real student of the mysteries appears, out of nothing and everything, right mind arises.

       -trebore tau bodhi, wisdom gold.

February 1st New Moon 12 Aquarius is degree where Comet Leonard cruised in around Christmas into january 3rd several degrees more. A sense of purification and cleansing takes place in next weeks. Also sense of composting or getting rid of unnecessary clutter inwardly and out. With Saturn close to the Moon, extremes in the weather; some places really cold, other world places may go extreme in other direction, hot. Same with emotions and thoughts. Good time to imagine to come the best for self and world round.

A concern to be and have real friends, hopes and dreams without a sense of attachment or clinging, but a sense of renewal and freeing.

“Human perfection consists in the falling away of the lower soul-forces, so that only the higher forces remain behind; in future, man will no longer have the lower forces; he will, for example, no longer have the forces of procreation. John’s (teachings of the WORLD WORD in Gospel of John/Revelations, Lazurus etc) soul-power above all will raise those lower forces to the loving heart. It will send out streams of spiritual radiance,love, and spirit good. The heart is the most powerful organ, out of freedom and truth the mind directs. Here a call for Christos Sophia, the divine heart and mind to lives in humankind. The lower soul-forces are then raised from the abdominal regions to the heart.”

   ~An RT Adaption of Rudolf Steiner quote from, ‘The Mystery of Golgotha, Dec.2, 1906 talk (thank you Rudolf Steiner Archive!)

Don’t you love later in life Sergei O. Prokofieff’s injunction to share Steiner’s Anthroposophy win only non-anthroposophists!? Hmmm. For that matter, Spiritual thinking, science, politics, money, religion, all of it, needs to be all pervasive, honestly transparent, and for the good true beautiful to flower within us all! Or so i see and understand it.  

Feb. 16th Full Moon 27 Leo , at 11:56 am. also Venus conjunct Mars. Jupiter sextiles Uranus next day Feb 17th! Major moment here where wisdom love and compassion attempt to get the upper hand over greed and power over, rather than power through, warring parts seeking new harmonies. A new sense of harmony empowers peace and love, good will and happy workings.  Such aspect intensifies love matters and passion for the arts or progressive deeds.

March 2nd new moon is at 12 Pisces, also mercury conjunct Saturn. March 3rd has mars and venus conjunct pluto!!! This is a real reconciliation and time need for peace making, not warring or intensifying negative emotion or storm. and On March 5th, Sun conjunct Jupiter in Pisces, Venus and Mars entering Aquarius and then on March 6th 2:12 am Venus and Mars will conjunct! This is intense time for conflicts or making peace and higher accord, resolution, reconciliation, forgiveness and going on. Important to find lasting solutions good for one and all at this time. Avoiding escalation of negatives important. Avoid going to extremes in what you deem good or bad. On the up side this aspect can be very good for striking up new friendships and agreements. Great for fun and play if not overdone.

Is it Peace making or just more conflict ? Harmony or struggling with divisive opposition? Warring parts demanding attention to non workable solutions? Will World Peace really knock on the door, or authoritative dictates of necessity due to chaos make strong assertive moves to bring peace to the table? Such aspects may bring strong shift to who is ‘in or out’ of our personal life, who is in the true making of community and spiritual connection, who really for a real Aquarian Age of spiritual community, co-creative intelligence and freedom for all out of freedom, love, truth!

“You may say i’m a dreamer, but i’m not the only one.” 

           John Lennon, Imagine Song

March 18 Full Moon 27 Virgo and 19th Venus square Uranus. Some tire of the argument and seek escape. For many, a strong urgent passion emerges, or is it Spring Fever. No matter what the ever changing inner and outer stormy windy sunnyweather, there is a sense for the new, the great wild, and a want to be ‘re-wilded’ by creative higher freedom and love means. Avoid criticism that isn’t constructive, true, kind, helpful. Free others to be free one’s self!

March 20th Sun goes into Aries Spring Equinox with Moon going into Scorpio, along with Mercury conjunct Jupiter on Sunday March 21st . Some experience a more private moment of illumination and connection, free giving and opening. For others, a crazy party crash and burn if one doesn’t find right true harmony with surroundings. Here one needs listen to the virtuous creative muse and leading music of the spirit soul world urge. The March 22nd aspect of Mars in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus is critical for mishaps, hastiness, mistakes, sudden accident or need to turn, return, slow it down, and avoid conflict, or speaking/acting without really  thinking of consequences. 

Here is a real sense of needing positive change, not change just for itself. Avoid danger, taking high risk, gambling, high velocity or speed, anger and force March 21-22nd. Possible reversals and upsets then too. Good for discovering new ways of progressing and avoiding dead ends or crunching contracting after over expanding too quickly. Sudden reversals in affairs may be at hand. Avoid Anger and over hyped out situations, demands, force. Patience and wisdom taking one’s time is wise here. For some, sudden breakthroughs and creative uprisings, bravado, courage, and great deeds, novel new news and attainment, at hand. Avoid going to extremes to be safe.

Christ’s deeds on earth gave man the capacity to absorb into his Manas (higher mind. -rt) what we designate as Buddhi (deeper awakened heart. -rt).   Rudolf Steiner

April 12 Jupiter conjuncts Neptune in Pisces at 23-24 degrees.  I could talk hours on this. Last time this aspect in Pisces occurred was 1856 when U.S. powers that be were wiping out, exterminating, killing, Buffalo (and Native American ways of life). Such time was full of mediumism, spiritualism, and over materialistic  research deprived of sky and earth breath, balance, harmony. Too many attempts at controlling rather than educating soul for freedom, compassion, loving kindness. That conquering and fighting ill spirit went on into  precipitating the Civil War in the USA; Yuk! At the moment it seems like a psychic civil war, eh? We need the ‘peace maker’ not to be a gun, but a ‘wisdom love, We need to take the profit making out of war and what all humanity needs to survive. Um, what do you think?We need in my mind, a compassion smarts for re-educatng the spiritual soul to inner work, ethics, higher love compasiion, and of the healing arts harmony with nature, staring with purifying healing the water earth air fire elements! 

Necessity rather than free will seems to rule. Perhaps not the best, fun,  or wisest thing, but life seems to drag and push us, result us; rather that true cause us, spark us, heal us, make us whole. We really need to be at cause, each of us, for peace making and individual and world peace making and healing. Ok, that was a bit much, hard not to wax poetical in musing for the better. These days, good ain’t good enough. We each and all need to invoke our higher angel and muse!

Jupiter/Neptune, especially in Pisces is also the death and birth of prominent, or even Great Souls. Many Aquarian Age souls are coming in this last and next year. Many souls are going out into the spiritual worlds to help from the other side, and/or to awaken to higher further spiritual work. 

Many a spiritual agent, angel, sage or virtue intelligence of the good true beautiful, God for lack of better word, is trying to communicate positive message and energetic to each and all of us on the planet these days. Its a question of attunement and reception of higher calling.

Jupter Neptune is also on downside, associated with mass psychic unconsciousness or feeling overwhelmed. For some a lack of healthy etheric body is overrun by astral or subjective emotional energetics or override. Need to find peace and nature, rest and renewal, inner listening for a greater sense of things. Danger of mass hypnosis, escape, wrong use of drugs, drink, medications. Also crazy good and bad partying, celebrating, mystical experience, space and ocean weirdness and new event. For some the reappearance of right mind and heart in the sun wise etheric may go un-noticed. This can well be a time for the reappearance of ‘the Christ in the Etheric’ as Steiner and Alice Bailey suggested. Surely it is an inspirational magical time on the planet for reconnecting to our highest source and resource within and without. 

According to Tim Leary who came to mayflower bookshop a couple times to share; he said that drugs or prayer/meditation don’t work right without the maps to the astral and spiritual worlds, ie. metaphysical and spiritual, art, books and knowledge. 

Such Jupiter/Neptune aspect can be good (or ill) for spiritual and mystical intuitive growth, gain, fame, magnetic connection to destiny and others, spiritual correction, higher calling prod or spark, mystical travel, big plans. Often spiritual experience gets misconstrued or wrongly concretized, thus expect a myriad of hopeless (some positive sparks, but..) spiritual and psychic, astral etheric, events; such as UFO and alien sightings, encounters, as well as Virgin Mary and Elvis sightings. Many may suffer apocalyptic fever with no new or true revelation or insight able to better, heal, or grow situations, self and folks round. Some may feel the disappearance, others the re-appearance, of divine and natural order. Many may seek advance or success, money, without having to work or honesty earn such. Thus danger of falling for get rich schemes. A sense of wanting something for nothing, versus creatively manifesting out of ‘nothing’, out of stillness or ‘emptiness’, divine inspirational arisings. Does that make sense? Jupiter Neptune in its 13 year cycle can be pre-teenager angst and rebel me me desires and feelings irrrational or disconnected from time and space, placement and right timing for true appearance and manifestation of virtuous right action, deed (in Pisces its way longer cycle as previously mentioned.) Astrological Aspects always have a higher and lower octave influence according to one’s conscious abilities, karma, dharma, higher or lower self so to speak. There is both freedom and necessity, attraction and repulsion, electric and magnetic influences in planetary aspects. The ideal is the virtues of the planets as exemplified in HPB ‘Voice of the Silence’, and Steiner’s ‘Knowledge of the Higher Worlds’. 

 Negatively vain hopes and false dreams, speculative or gambling failures, lure of something for nothing. One’s false hopes or schemes dissipate or disappear, or may cause havoc so beware. As Ben Franklin, an all american transcendentalist and common sense politician and astrologer said, ‘Forewarned is forearmed.” Meaning, we can overcome negative tendencies.

   Sheer meaningless escapism, numbing entertainment or crazy obsession vs real edification of soul life, education, garden, home and greater community, family and friends is astrologically here at stake. For many its a time of spiritual soul learning and growth, a time for spiritual purification, illumination, higher connection or union. Time for renewed peace and creativity, freedom and warmth of positive sharing and feeling,  For many may be a more enlightening time, as to both cause and effect, of happenings, thinking, feeling. Positive goals or aims, become more evident, i’d think, at this time. 

“The spirit is eternal; the body is subject to life and death in accordance with the laws of the physical world; the soul-life which is subject to destiny mediates between these two (body and spirit) during life on Earth.” -Steiner,  from his book ‘Theosophy’.

April 18thy Mercury and Venus aspect Uranus, while Sun square Pluto makes for quick adjustment to true goals and correction, vs feeling stuck in the mud. 

’Tis well. . . Prepare thyself, for thou wilt have to travel on alone. The teacher can but point the way. the Path is one for all, the means to reach the goal must vary with the pilgrims.’

   -HPB, from The Voice of Silence, pg 66.

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Below here Quotes to ponder in your meditation!

Remember, 3 to 7 min. a day meditation, stillness mind listening to deeper heart’s stillness of golden nuggets insight, love and truth can miraculously heal the world!

“We must eradicate from the soul
all fear and terror of what
comes towards man
out of the future.
We must acquire serenity
in all feelings and sensations
about the future.

We must look forward
with absolute equanimity
to everything that may come.
And we must think only that
whatever comes is given to us
by a world-directive
full of wisdom.

It is part of what we
must learn in this age,
namely, to live out of pure
trust, without any security
in existence.
Trust in the ever present
help of the spiritual world.

Truly, nothing else will do
if our courage is not to fail us.

And let us seek the awakening
from within ourselves,
every morning
and every evening.”

Rudolf Steiner

“Human perfection consists in the falling away of the lower soul-forces, so that only the higher forces remain behind; in future, man will no longer have the lower forces; he will, for example, no longer have the forces of procreation. John’s (teachings of the WORLD WORD in Gospel of John/Revelations, Lazurus etc) soul-power above all will raise those lower forces to the loving heart. It will send out streams of spiritual love. The heart is the most powerful organ, when Christ lives in man. The lower soul-forces are then raised from the abdominal regions to the heart.”

   ~Rudolf Steiner, ‘The Mystery of Golgotha, Dec.2, 1906 talk (thank you Rudolf Steiner Archive!)

In the case of ordinary people, only insignificant portions of the astral body, the etheric body and the physical body are transformed into Manas, Buddhi and Atma, or into Spirit Self, Life-Spirit and Spirit-Man. Jesus of Nazareth was a Chela of the third degree, and his bodies were therefore in a state of high purification.  ~Rudolf Steiner, dec 2, 1906

Christ’s deeds on earth gave man the capacity to absorb into his Manas what we designate as Buddhi.   -Steiner

“The spirit is eternal; the body is subject to life and death in accordance with the laws of the physical world; the soul-life which is subject to destiny mediates between these two (body and spirit) during life on Earth.” -Steiner, Theosophy

Each of us is One, yet in three parts; one with the Great Breath, all moving in the universe past/present/future. Another part is radical stillness, listening within the heart to the stillness within each and all, within self. And thirdly, each of us is the possible awakening mind between the moving and unmoving, the everything and the no-thing. The awakening Mind between the outer moving and inner stillness listening heart is the Nous, the Universal Mind, the Christ Consciousness, the Christos Hermes, the ‘Yogi Mind’ or ‘Mind Stream Continuum’ as mentioned in my book ‘Astrological Aspects-the Art’.  All is EnSoph, All in One, but the Oneness incarnates and manifests itself in divine destiny in a three fold fashion, in Spirit/Soul/Body, in Thinking/Feeling/Willing, in moving/stillness/awakening mind.           -robert thibodeau

“As one of the greatest reformers, an inveterate enemy of every theological dogmatism, a persecutor of bigotry, a teacher of one of the most sublime codes of ethics, Jesus is one of the grandest and most clearly defined figures on the panorama of human history….the grand figure….will reign supreme and universal only on the day when the whole of humanity recognizes but one father—-the UNKNOWN ONE above—-and one brother, the whole of mankind below.”             -H.P. Blavatsky, Isis Unveiled book II, pg 150.

“Fear and hatred are essentially one and the same. He who fears nothing will never hate, and he who hates nothing will never fear.”        -HPB, Secret Doctrine, III, pg 541

“Christ has given you one prayer of which you have made a lip-prayer and a boast, and which none but the true Occultist understands.”  -HPB, Key to Theosophy, pg. 47

(To HPB, the term ‘Occultist’ means person of inner virtue development, selfless truth and compassion as indicated in both her ‘Key’ and her Voice of the Silence. For further gleanings on her true teachings on real Christianity, see her ‘Esoteric Character of the Gospels’ or her writings on John’s Gospel and the Word. I assume this quote by HPB is direct comment about the ‘Our Father’ prayer. Elsewhere HPB mentions how true and real christians follow the teachings from the Sermon on the Mount. Both Steiner and Manly Hall have similar yet unique statements about the Sermon on the Mount.)

’Tis well. . . Prepare thyself, for thou wilt have to travel on alone. The teacher can but point the way. the Path is one for all, the means to reach the goal must vary with the pilgrims.’

   -HPB, from The Voice of Silence, pg 66.

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A new comet is coming! Comet Leonard, the astrology and metaphysica of it!

here is my sharing, my talk, on the new comet Leonard (Leo n’ART ‘D’) coming now mid nov.2021 and visible december, close to VENUS higher love Dec. 17-18th, reaching its perihelion jan. 3, 2022 when it will disappear forever (80,000 year cycle on a rare hypo paraboiic curve traveling really fast from Ursa Major , the Great Mother Bear. the spiritual vibration is going down our crown chakra from high self above into our ever renewing heart of wisdom flowering love and compassion. Should prove a wondrous time with many a miracle and amazing grace. For some a completion and new beginning, endings and new dream ideals to come. Join me here! ~~~~

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Astrology for Sept into December free talk, new Song, & Mayflower Bookshop News!

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The world is so divided and struggling for peace of mind and creative heart, that it is time for each of us to look deeper in our holy stillness heart
for a yet greater understanding and voice. Its time to learn new things, or have new thinks slap us with reality. The whole spiritual thing is to awaken out of freedom and love, Higher Truths, Higher Self, Spiritually creative becoming rooted in virtue being, wholeness being. I lack words.
    As an Astrologer , i thought to alert you to a few crazy aspects coming. The Planets are the ‘karma and dharma’ agents for creative positive spirit change. Sometimes we lose the higher minded way to be and go, lose touch with our own inner self, guardian angel, let alone the destiny making ArcAngels or Dyani Chohans. Our own higher dreams somehow turn to nightmares and we need return to higher love and truth, meditation and soul gardening, weaving. Planetary aspects can become trite, or troubling so called ‘ bad aspects,  agitators and strict time keepers, tough school masters. The Planets impel and influence, but each of us has a choice to choose out of freedom the higher way, the higher octave way to go. We can choose to be better.
    This friday moon/saturn/venus for example, is an opportunity to attune to a higher love all inclusive healing, a ‘ Oneness’ enriches rather than diverstiy, division, empovering. A higher virtue or sense of ‘ at-one-ment’ that enlivens, that lasts. A compassionate courage to change our own view, our own self, to help the bigger world around us.
    Full Moon October 20th with its Moon/Mars/Pluto is chance to let go of what we can’t fix, and behold anew a divine view activating a new sense of joy, wonder, wisdom and compassion. Awakening a right thought, feeling, action from a deeper soul spirit meditative stillness and wholeness. Otherwise this time period full of more of the same old same old nothing new, more dirty politics, reactive weather and emotions, shaky markets and supply lines, throwing money at things and inflation, deflation in parts. There may be trouble at the top influencing the ground holding the pyramid up. Its always a good time than to act wisely or hold back into deeper stillness still learning till right timing unfolds the flowering heart of insight, virtue bravado holds us all, not divides to conquer.
    Christmas eve last of 3 Saturn/Uranus squares along with dec 25th Venus/Pluto aspect calls on us to discover the real meaning of birthing the divine light and love within our own heart. The real love compassion Bodhi Mind Dharma will be ‘present’ rather than the ‘me, me, me, nothing is good enough’ along with impotent negative emotions, a chance to renew and rebirth self as cause rather than effect! Love as universal.
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AstroNews (the Astrology) of August and Sept. 2021

AstroNews and Spiritual Views 

for August into Sept. 2021

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“Without the good heart, 

it is not possible to get enlightened.”

     – Lama Zopa Rinpoche

The Planets influence the vibrations and the space. We find the mind for it all in the heart, the true inner ground and human earth, the still point at the center of the astrology chart, the circumference and all the many passing connections, but stillness is chief. The head may be superior but the heart is supreme. The planets impel, not compel. There is a higher and lower octave to planetary aspects. The stillness transcends duality. Each of us out of freedom of virtue thinking, heart, and good will, may activate the higher octave to reach to the deepest and highest good, true, and beautiful (Plato’s experiencee of Deity) peace and joy to and from the heart of the world. With the heart we can hear the World Word (see Steiner), the smallest root or movement in the garden, and the enjoy the dance of opposites still!

Overview and bigger picture~

Pluto in Capricorn gives one a feeling of an untiring climb to the top, with fear of being buried with all that won’t stop. A feeling of being burdened by the mountain of work before one, or a feeling of needing more control over one’s life and fate; or still yet, a wanting to be free of all controls or unnecessary burdens. A wish to just be part of it all, not separate or alone, but ‘all one’. (Plato’s ‘At`One’ or in music a tone, or tuning).

    Pluto in Capricorn is caught between Sagittarius far seeing wisdom arrow and eye, and Aquarian ideals of ‘the most for the many’ and one for all, all for one. Otherwise the many distractions can eat your peace of mind!

     One can get big insights into individual and collective karma when pondering Pluto’s cycle of 240 or 250 years cycles as well as its approximately 500 year Phoenix cycles (a positive and negativa, electro-magnetic, double cycle of receptive reflective vs active energetic of pluto empowerment. A poor open empty heart will inherit the world, or is is ‘Plutocracy’ and ‘plutocrats’, brats running things). 

   In such cycles’ think of the time of the Declaration of Independence. Who and what creates or allows true freedom and independence? Think of the 12 and 13th into 14th century Gothic Cathedral building by the Templars and guardians of the Holy Grail (Steiner), the birth of the Consciousness Soul and the Tarot Cards including the Fool (the ZERO or selfless one) and the 21 (two plus one, equals 3 the trinity)!? Think ‘Troubadours’ and ‘Elenor of Aquitaine’ who was queen of both England and France and promoted the arts, troubadours, grail, and mystical christianity as well as the virtues of paganism (Platonic). Think 7th Century and Steiner view of 666 AD time of over concretization of spiritual principles, as well as a premature introduction of the ZERO in Math leading to lack of rhythm and a form of mechanical occultism and spiritual materialism. But also rediscovery of Plato and more! Think 2nd and 3rd century time of Roman Imperialism and church authority (not self evident truth) taking over the very spiritual teachings of Platonism, NeoPlatonism, Hermetics, India, the far East, Chaldean/Babylonian wisdom. Think Alexander the Great’s time and the planting of Plato, Aristotle, Greek Philosophy, Ancient Wisdom, in books all over know world to be rediscovered in late 14th into 15th Century and with the dawning of the Consciousness Soul. Obviously this is a future conversation too.

     Pluto is making its natal return since the USA Declaration of Independence and as in the Bosch painting, all hell is breaking out as heaven descends upon our true hearts and mind. (See Steiner’s Foundation Stone Meditation for how our hearts join in one mindful chorus for peace and compassion/love for this planet! And Voice of Silence HPB). None the less, Pluto opposes Cancer sign reflecting the endangering of the worlds water and food supply as well as wild life and mother nature, family and friends and quality of life for most all of us. Pluto in Cap relates too to Medusa like frozen brains stuck on electronics and electro magnetic fixations. The lack of the democratization of information while appearing medusa head like to give freedom while freezing the free thinking and natural life. Here Compassion and selfless learning is healing and repair of fried nervous system and atrophied breathing lung heart rhythms. (See Science of Breath by Yogi Ramacharacka). Simple exercise and food, chewing well and silent reflection, goes well with health and longevity. Take long walks if you don’t know what to do! Be still study and read deeper minded spiritual books!

   Neptune in Pisces liberates spiritual perceptions as well as deceptions on the mass social cultural level. Danger here of over indulgence of nearly everything; also legalization of drugs, over prescribing over medicating, over doing pleasures and unnatural urge to reach escape velocity in inner or outer spaces is a bit much, very ‘luciferic’ in Steiner’s view. Neptune in Pisces can be falling asleep or unconscious in externals, other, or group. Jung called this the tragedy of modern relationship. Ideally we awaken to the divine in each other and the world sparking virtuous activities. Neptune can facilitate this spiritual group and individual with world (the Word, the OM, or Christos identity).

    Uranus in Capricorn is urge to be independent with money and things. Free of weight or burden. Yet finding new ways to weave with earth and her monthly and yearly cycles is key. Having heart is inner earth and landing, rooting, grounding. ‘Heart’ spells ‘EARth. The heart is the inner ear. Many reconnecting to such hearty earth, others feel disconnected from wholeness and higher self.      Spiritual practice and weaving breath tween head and heart is helpful. In that light, read HPB’s ‘Voice of Silence’ and Steiner’s ‘Foundation Stone Meditation’. Yes! 

    Uranus wants to always say yes to new thinks and things. One needs Saturn’s ‘No’ or Not Now, be patient, to balance. Perhaps this is key to Uranus/Saturn triple square, the knowing and gnosis of ‘yes and no’, light and dark, the heart’s middle way and balance tween heaven and earth, self and other. The ‘Unknowing’ or spiritual retreat can be helpful. Its a question of balancing the scales between heaven and earth, ideal and practical.

   Saturn in Aquarius. Is it big plans with no practical foundation? Big block buster foundations and ‘matters’, but no higher awareness, higher consciousness, spiritual insight nor higher vision and virtue? Difficulty seeing what’s right in front of you as your artistic and spiritual opportunity and work, art? 

     Jupiter retrograde into Aquarius from Pisces is reawakening from the dream and trying to figure out what’s good for the planet this moment. Pisces can be love of solitude, private garden, cuddling and staying in safe secure or very nature oriented realms. Relating to plants and serene environs good, but can be lazy or lax, belittling or flowing with the sleepy over enjoying. Very kind though and compassionate. Jupiter in Aquarius now returning for a spell is strong social thinking, creative ideals, new friends, unique everything, busyness and spontaneousness, ever creative new arisings, new goings and comings, new connections, love of the new.

    In 2022 Jupiter will trine USA Venus and then for real, happier times come, free of much of today’s worry.

    The last quick ‘bigger view’ astrological aspect i want to mention is the next Election for President in 2024. As you may well know, i had used astrology to Predict Mr. Trump’s first victory and election to President, as well as his loss on second run. I now predict the distinct possibility of his victory in 2024. Whether he’s re-running, or more likely his ‘victory’ in supporting another running such as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis who also has very good aspects to possibly win, or be on the winning side. President Biden has very tough aspects for winning in 2024, and either he miraculously chooses to activate higher octaves of his planetary configurations to amaze us with success, or President Biden may drop out or choose not to run and leave it to a new contender. More on this possibility later. 

As stated in my book, Astrology is the science art of possibility, probability, and potential event, experience, and realization. The science is in the calculation of the chart, the art is in interpreting the possibilities of the chart. Each out of freedom and higher love can activate the virtues of the planets. The Hermetic NeoPlatonists thought this way.

    With Venus in Virgo/Libra/Scorpio next two months, sensitive feelings awaken higher and deeper values of the heart. Mahayana principles of helping others to make good karma is important. Virgo is unconscious friends, working fellows; Libra is more conscious friends. Scorpio is making choices and investment of time to get results. Working on self, sharing with others, finding deeper commitments to renewal and selfless workings to benefit greater sense of humanity. Here indecision is overcome by pulling weeds, not planting anew. Yet its also true; by creating the new, the old is composted.

    With Mars in Virgo and Libra next two months, over critiquing or deconstructive energetics work to undo oneself from true calling and positive futures. Mars in Libra wants to work more co-equally and cooperatively for better results for one and all. Tidiness and cleanliness so to create space for new arrivals or insights is good. Also good to create space for ever emerging creative renewal, no obsessiveness and crazy fixations, but a breath of fresh air is called for. Virgo can be too clinging to false security, Libra can give way to easy to what’s outside oneself. The key here is service to the higher self, higher virtue, and helping others to help themselves.

AstroNews for August into September 2021~

Aug 1st Sun conjunct Mercury in Leo , Mercury oppose Saturn. A sense of right mind on long term wisdom goals is called for here. A sense of spiritual presence in heart and mind. On the flip side possible obstacles, stormy parts of the world, extremes and intensification in weather or nature phenomena; or is it all saturnine quiet and thoughtful? Meditation and yoga?

     A Sense of ‘hard thinking’ needing play in the inner and outer sun to clear thinking and the heart’s way. Personal values work to meet world work demands/needs. A call for individual and collective wisdom. Positively, a wisdom that comes through time creating better times. Break throughs into new renewed thinking Aug. 3rd, 6th, and 9th.

Aug 2nd Sun oppose Saturn, Venus in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus Aug 3rd; with Aug 6th Sun square Uranus , New Moon on Aug. 8th; little big turning points for events setting up better end of the year into next year! Esoterically the Sun Spark Angel heart is working with karma to learn through time, the art of wisdom and loving kindness. Good aspects for inner work as well as outer arts, beautifying, making music. On simple level good for cleaning and fixing up things (Venus in Virgo). 

    Uranus is like a Uriel Angel attempting to make lemonade out of lemons, art out of refuse, With all these planetary energies in fixed signs, difficulties letting go, freeing one’s self from fixations and stuck points. Positive is slow steady growth, perseverance in the art of being human and angelic. Simple gardening, walks, yoga, gentle sports exercise. No expectations, no let downs. Aug 6 to 8th shifts in direction from new insights gives more positive direction to those needing it. The ‘Negative’ turns to ‘Creativa’ and ‘illumination’ in weeks to come.

Aug 8th New Moon 16 Leo.

Aug. 9th Venus oppose Neptune, Aug. 10 mercury oppose Jupiter, Aug. 11th Venus trine Pluto. 

Aug 18th Mercury conjunct Mars in Virgo, Aug 19 Sun oppose Jupiter, Aug. 20 Mercury trine Uranus

Aug 19th Uranus goes Retrograde in fixed sign of Taurus making, for some, sharp reversals. Uranus is progress and change and its 3 times square affects the thinking, feeling, and willing (oft in reverse order) during its 3 times square. With Uranus comes upgrades and transformation, with Saturn and fixed signs comes wanting things to continue the way it was, or a clinging to what gives one a sense of continuance or security. Together uranus/saturn (rulers of Aquarius/Capricorn) calls for positive change in home, work, social relationships, and personal appearance. Uranus calls for new or renewed friendships; more creativity, less possessiveness or clinging, higher love over loss or fear (overcoming Scorpio); a better relationship that frees one from being obsessed over possessions or money (overcoming Taurus), yet using such matters to free or make more intelligent; and new ways of being creative artistic and healthy in play, playing, having fun (overcoming Leo). In the Rites of Mithras (ancient persian mysteries), the to be initiated pilgrim soul had to (like Odyseus, Hercules, Ulysses, and more, had to go through the trials and ‘soul tortures’ , the shadow side of life (health, estrangement, lack of wise social life or healing good nature) of the 12 signs of the zodiac. The 12 fold dodecahedron of Steiner’s spiritualizing the world with what was once the 9 muses and the trinity of Zeus and company, now becomes the Dionysian 9 spiritual Hierarchies and the Holy Trinity of ‘Father (Oneness), Sun Christ (Universal right Mind) and the Holy Spirit (Holy Mother, Goddess Action Hero Divine Sophia wisdom love, and the Mary Madeline (the new Hecate/Istar/Inanna/Persephone). The 12 trials of Mithras through the 12 signs of the Zodiac is metaphor and myth reality of one’s  overcoming one’s animal nature and lower mind, to enter into a 7 fold planetary virtue ladder through mediation, or through death and rebirth soul traveling through the planetary spheres (See Steiner’s ‘From Death to Rebirth’ or HPB’s pamphlet ‘States after Death’, online or at The 7 virtues awakening the higher side of the theosophical rosicrucian 7 roses or planetary evolutions, is what was once called ‘Homer’s Ladder. Homer’s ladder of the gods’ connects heaven and earth by 7 virtue steps or rungs (See Rudolf Steiner’s book on virtues opening and protecting the chakras in his ‘Knowledge of the Higher Worlds, and its Attainment’, or H.P.Blavatsky little meditation manual delineating the 7 virtues ‘The Voice of the Silence’. I have several talks attempting to awaken such heart intelligence, such ‘heart sutra and mind mantra’ on my youtube channel.

Here’s one, check em all out and share with friends  ~ 

Astrology continues~

Aug. 22 Full Moon 29 Aquarius, with Mars in Virgo  trine Uranus in Taurus. Creative Change holds the wisdom of the past as impulses of will work toward a more creatively free future. Over critical or non constructive thinking is metamorph’d into positive futures. A sense of constructive continuance prevails with ‘right action’ (one of Buddha’s 8 fold path seeking octave over 7 

(click pic for little talk!)

virtues). Look to the good, true, beautiful, more eternal, in every situation and encounter.

Aug. 23 Venus in Libra trine Saturn in Aquarius, air signs. Here a sense of fairness and balance calm the mind and nourish the soul to transcend contesting opposites and dualities. Practicality and art meet.

Aug 24 Mercury in critical or healing virgo oppose Neptune in spacey but universally compassionate ‘Bodhi Mind’ Pisces. Critical discursive mind challenged by oceanic tides of social cultural necessity and change. Art and culture either help or hinder clear thinking or healing. Have you seen Dr. Tom Cowan’s take on present world health situation. Much to debate or share, think about, eh? Healing is to me made whole, at one, with inner and outer big world.

Aug 26 Mercury in virgo trine Pluto in capricorn works to make practical and good for everyone decisions. Details and pieces of the puzzle integrate with bigger picture or world conception holding all of us. 

“When there is no anger inside, there is no enemy outside.”

   ~Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Sept. 2 Mars Virgo oppose Neptune Pisces. Active imaginations sparks ideals to quest new experience, vaster spaces, and new art, culture, social life. Danger of wanting something for nothing, wanting without having to work or earn. Moodiness if energies can’t find right creative or healing activity. Good for long walks or gentle yoga, mediation. Danger of imbalance in biochemistry through wrong use of meds, drugs, drink, or diet. Good time to simplify to beautify, here less is more. Mars/Neptune is notorious for misuse, mis calculation, misfortune, lack of clarity, toxic envious or ingestion, wrong or difficult diagnosis. Simplifying, clarifying, purifying, called for. Positively, a heck of a lot of energy is invoked. Opposite is lack of energy or ‘what to do’. Good time, if feeling lost or down, to read and study various teachings available with Manly Hall, Tibetan Buddhism, NeoPlatonism and Hermetics (Kybalion anyone?), H.P. Blavatsky’s Isis Unveiled or her Key to Theosophy, Rudolf Steiner Archive and Audio!?! 

    On flip side mars/neptune is waste and decadent craziness lacking healthy garden and good earth values. Things find healthy mothering of inner heart baby spiritual self, or seem to get lost in fantasy or illusion, maya, delusion, and lack of simple earthy clarity. A need to understand ‘dharma’ as all teachings leading to freedom, insight, illumination, higher self, virtue and social cultural art and spiritual science, co-creative happiness in work and play.

“The circumstantial, temporary absence of war is not real peace. Real Peace comes only from the heart.”

      ~Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Sept 4th Mercury trine Saturn. Keeping to the true, tried, reliable, and what is in harmony with ‘the best for the rest, just enough for me’ mentality of what i call ‘YogaMind’ in my book ‘Astrological Aspects, the Art’.

“How do we fill up the emptiness of our heart?

The answer is meditation.”    ~Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Sept 5 Venus in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn. Here ‘patience over pressure’, ‘art over farts’, ‘balance in challenge’, and learning to ‘listen rather than blistering miserableness’ over happenings to self and world. A sense of reincarnation and karma balanced with personal view and needs can be very helpful to find one’s place in bigger World Conception and future holds all of us. See Rudolf Steiner’s ‘Outline of Occult Science’ for glimpses of what is a World Conception. Also see his Reincarnation and Karma talks, as well as HPB’s ‘Key to Theosophy’.

“If you don’t remember death, you don’t remember the Dharma.”

   ~Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Sept. 6th New Moon at 14 Virgo. This day, Mars in Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn, Venus in Libra trines Jupiter in Aquarius, Sun in Virgo trines Uranus in Taurus. Lots of practical forward motion here. Matters at hand seem practical and clear cut. The Virgo/Libra axis puts work and others in the light. Selfless service to the higher self in all furthers progress. 

Sept 14 Sun in Virgo oppose Neptune in Pisces, here again the light of clear thinking, dharma mindfulness, needs bridge active imagination and high ideals, projections, or quest. Urges to travel or escape feelings of being too little in one’s view or heart.

Sept 16 Sun trine Pluto in Capricorn. Right Work and livelihood frees the mind of worry and stress

Sept 17 Venus square Saturn. A sense of self worth willing to work on self, ever rebirthing a new day and another way to love and heal the world. Avoid all work and no play. Try stretching or doing bit of yoga, walking in nature, as well as sitting up still listening with one’s heart to one’s deeper stillness holding and beholding all.

Sept 20 Full Moon 28 Pisces, Mercury trine Jupiter in air signs. A sense of joy and camaraderie. mutual views of ideal worlds create working friendships and spiritual sharing. 

“Live with compassion, work with compassion, die with compassion, meditate with compassion, enjoy with compassion. When problems come, experience them with compassion.”

  `Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Sept 22 Equinox sun into Libra, mercury square pluto. A sense of World Destiny and higher calling vs a sense of stuck with a jack in the box, or fated circumstances needing higher ArchAngelic intelligence and humbler Christian Rosencruetz surrender to collective wisdom and karma to re-incarnate or renew the mystery of life. In the old egyptian hermetic myth reality, when one dies or does proper stillness meditation or YogaMind, one’s heart is weighed against a feather. The heart must be lighter than a feather to arise and ascend in higher consciousness. In Goethe’s Faust, at the end, Faust is redeemed by his good heart, the ‘devil’ or duality of the world can’t find him in his head nor belly. The higher angels and divine feminine Sophia save him from destruction through the Heart and its identification and alchemical (Chymical) wedding of Spiritual and Material ethics, virtues, awakening the mind stream continuum and resurrection body of the Spirit Self, the Spiritual Soul, in and from the altar of the Heart. See the story of ‘Psyche and Eros’ in my book ‘Astrological Aspects, the Art’.  

    Thus Libra configures and reflects the heart holding the balance between thinking and willing. The Heart awakening the YogiMind of mind stream continuum, being the key to the true rosicrucian hermetic alchemy of both the christian mystic and modern pagan materialist, whether Tibetan Buddhist, Om Mani, Platonic, Aristotle’d, Egyptian Hermetic, or even modern good witch.

“Everything depends on what you do with your mind.”

     ~Lama Zopa

    Mercury square to Pluto reflects the need for more research, compassion, and universal concern, right contemplation and mediation of the virtues. Here negativity is its old reward, it can make one sick. But so is higher spiritual revelation and workings, works’; it can make you well, star, and human again!

sept 23 venus oppose uranus. A tendency to reach beyond oneself, an over reach forcing one to return to start as to feelings and affections. Urge to art, love, knead, weave, garden, beautify. Urge to erratic thrusts of creativity with no lasting effect. On the other hand, need to find new intelligence to go with creative outbursts of feeling.

sept 25 Mars trine Saturn. Arousal of energies to overcome difficulties or obstructions. Working hard or hardly working? Making it one’s job to find what Buddha called right work. Finding one’s true inner and outer work to marry or meet and agree.

sept 29 venus trine neptune, sun trine saturn. A dreamy sensitivity as to artistic and practical futures before one. 

sept 30 venus square jupiter. Happiness making others happy vs. self indulgent laziness. Happiness with others, or working with others.

“In every second of this human life you have the freedom to choose between hell and enlightenment, samsara and liberation.”

   ~Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Dec. 24 Third Saturn square Uranus of Christmas Eve. A sense of willing and thinking derived from the outer structure and inner energetic of a world both in crisis opportunity and materialistic genius or even an idiot savant override coupled with a complex animal and vegetative appetite, as well as a mechanicalization and over concretizing of spiritual potentials and ideals as to what one thinks, makes one happy. Such aspects work and play for structural change of work and home, self and relationship. But also here one can react to changes and feelings forced into ill fitting structures and patterns of world and self, work and play, day to day.  Such aspect also indicate an ever changing view of what is ‘money’, currency, real current event. Its use, its reality, its sense of security or play is ever changing. What is currency or the experience of being present, current, alive to life. Is it not related to the greatest sense of cosmos as well as stillness listening heart? And how to find healthy spiritual rhythms between highest ideals and practical and physically real day to day, etheric month to month, astral 7 day periods or rhythms, and ego (self and/or other) yearly cycles!?! Spirit Soul has to do with the whole of one’s life, and lifetimes. (See Rudolf Steiner’s ‘Mystery of the Universe’ at mayflower or ‘Steiner Archives’.

    Here the question arises, do you drive or does it drive you? But also, can you let your higher self drive sometimes? Your Stillness land things?!

Stresses and pressures call for new ways to release creativity in both work and play. Silent reflective mediation and meditation may help!

   At one level, Saturn represents being 30 or 60 or 90 and having wisdom that can only prove itself in time. Christ as ‘Lord of Karma’, Steiner would say. Buddha as lord of dharma.

    Uranus then represents the energies of being 21 years old (Uranus square), 42 (Uranus opposition), 63 (Uranus waning square) and 84 (Uranus return) revealing new freedoms and genius (Angelic) insights into self, life, and world urging one to freedom, renewed thinking, and reaching for the stars of higher love/compassion and truth (Neptune Pluto); thus in anthroposophical terminology, the redemption of the fallen light, chemical, and life ether by way of higher truth, love, and selfless learning and compassion for ALL of LIFE! But beware, Uranus can be at lower octave a sense of going through changes but nothing really changes.

   Perhaps Sat/Uranus can be a few days of personal disappointment, karmically urging one to greater participation with those less fortunate as well as a gaining of a bigger picture, a bigger dream to aspire to. A love and respect for the collective urge for peace and compassion is golden key..

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The little big secret of the Bhagavad Gita

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Astrology Predictions, Steiner’s Foundation Stone, Spiritual Insights~ July into August 2021

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July into August 2021

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“Truth is what holds us all, love is what roots us; wisdom is working them together for a garden of friends and happy tomorrow.”

                               ~trebore tau bodhi


Jupiter just went retrograde and was almost trine Venus and Jupiter in USA astrology chart! Many of us felt almost there! Like beautiful summer was on the way, but Jupiter went retro and doesn’t come back to make exact trine till January 2022 when love and beauty, right good relations, will work well on a mass level. Not that some of that summertime love isn’t here now, but darn!

   Next year will be big new wave for happiness for many.

With the USA Pluto nearing its 240 some year return, everything that’s wrong, or perceived wrong, with anything and everything is pinching our powers of peace and love, good true beautiful.

    With N.Node (moon’s node) coming to conjunct USA’s natal Uranus, a huge wave of new creativity and higher consciousness is on the way as well as more upsets and surprises, turn arounds, and reversals.

    There aren’t aliens out there, they’re here on earth! We need to once again re-evaluate and renew what it means to be human with a divine spark sparking our heart mind soul.Much new creative insight coming, but also more one sided genius throwing things further out of balance. Its more important than ever that we find balance and peaceful center each day. Each day try to find 3 to 7 minutes to be radically still while listening to the heart of the world.

     It doesn’t help to have transit of Neptune square to USA Mars while opposing Neptune/Midheaven in Virgo (Sage Sagittarius rising chart)  This is a notorious aspect for wrong diagnosis of events and symptoms. Such Neptune aspects trigger hyper active imagination, fantasy and conspiracy, fear and paranoia as well as mis-spent energy and restless mind and sleep. Also problem of grand standing and ego inflation/deflation. Weird weather and pollution, expressions extreme for or against. Unconscious inner struggles of ideal vs reality, as well as ahrimanic/luciform astral dualism. Condemnation rather than elucidation and healing realization. The danger of Neptune is living in projections, scapegoating (pluto), shame/blame cycles, and dreamy pictures and ideals that can’t really become real. A need for new healing techniques for subtle bodies and not just symptom shooting physical. A real need for new art and music, new dreams and ideals that can be loved and truth’d into reality. Danger of inflation followed by deflation. Gardening, healthier food, exercise, working on oneself good; but without true spiritual realization holding us all in long view, poor results to follow.

     Positively its a deep quiet healing force arising in the heart and circulations of the world due to arrive as we enter fall late summer fall into next year. Positively its the USA deeply within awakening a Great Mother Compassion and loving kindness once again. Once we were the ‘bread basket of the world’, we need to do this now again, but with great mother love and wisdom compassion unending. We now need a ‘re-imagination of the World’ in peace and harmony with mutually beneficial kindness and  helpfulness.  Many of the ideals and dreams, hopes and wishes we have now will dream come true next year. This summer its making little things work and avoiding negativities that fragment us and trip us from wholeness.

Everywhere is a good place to start,

a difficult place to end.

Stillness still knows it all,

past. present. future

here now!.

Be still and know the way of TAO,


~robert of mayflower

July 1st Mars oppose Saturn. Mars is courage and wisdom to go forward in one’s positive spirit in spite of past karma and world situation. Even in a storm, the flower is a flower, the stone is a stone, the spirit is not bothered nor fears being alone. None-the-less, this is hard work needing a good break to catch up to oneself. Fixed signs feel the pressure the most and need patience and wisdom to maneuver. Mars/Saturn can be ahrimanic materialistic mechanical mischief, or it can be a Jesus on the Cross mantra, ‘Father forgive them, they know not what they do’. Harp not on the cross, look to the good true beautiful allows more an ascent to higher consciousness. Also such aspect may indicate too much going on at the same time and a division of decision needing more time to enfold for wisdom to unfold. Mars is cars, accidents, fights, excess bravado and pushing things to the limit; its tough politics and hard to get ahead. Its good side is the spiritual hero, the wisdom sun of arch angel Michael (Mikael) and with Venus (one the 6th, the healing ArchAngel Rapheal) the fresh breath of spring and new things, possibilities for new work and play arising.

July 6th Venus oppose Saturn. Patience in love and patience for the things you love. Tendency to wish for or fight conservativeness. Let wisdom and love for the long run, not fear nor acting out of separatist action motivate you. Here Venus is more Artemis and her mysterious healing powers, persistent  wisdom weaving and flowering, right aim for spiritual equality. Patience of the Great Mother, not little one, may here be needed.

May all beings find true belonging and good work heals, not wounds, the soul. Feeling tired of the past or stuck in patterns. My old friend Matthew Fox told me that ‘tiredness’ comes from not being one’s self. Perhaps not seeing or being true to one’s higher self, one’s stillness infinite potential self blocks the infinite energy to be and become, yet at still point? Here thinking clear and feeling at peace need meet in mindfulness and creative art.

July 8 Venus opp Uranus, Creativity and novelty jump out of limitation’s box and request freedom from and freedom to, freedom to be. In creating the new, the old is composted. Venus is the inner mirror of reality, the inner waters of feelings , here being jolted by Uranus the lightening quick flashes of genius and smarts. Take a few deep breaths when thinks and things move to fast. Look to the heart soul breath and stillness to reveal the true way of wholeness. Possible sudden upsets and new directions. These days may trigger unusual destiny and karmic meetings leading into July 13th or more Venus/Mars aspect. Many feel a need for relationships more creative toward better futurity. Relationships that feel stuck in same old, same old, tire one out.

July 9th New Moon 18 degree Cancer. New impulses start setting the stage for better home and garden, better diet and mood for good, true, beautiful. New moons bring out the inner moods and one needs stay practical and inwardly listening for 3 days for voice of silence to wisdom speak. June 9th to 12th a holy time to listen in to the higher self. Here the inner and outer, the light and dark meet in the heart soul birthing better futures.

July 13th Venus conjunct Mars in Leo is a heavenly call to the Spiritual big Heart to interact with the world. Breath to the Heart, Heart to the World, may all beings find happiness and the true causes of long lasting happiness and creativity. Otherwise, venus/mars is cats and dogs fighting, ego over rather than learning through experience. Venus is inner planet to earth and mars outer one. Push and Pull and tug of war? Internalizing feelings and experience struggle with externalizing one’s experience or needs? When in right harmony and tuning, Athena and Hermes work together to ascend and grow anew in heavenly estate.

July 17th Sun Oppose Pluto. Home concerns vs work concerns, personal vs big world concerns challenge one to find higher octaves and peaceful means to the goal. Divining the divine in ‘self’ and ‘other’ first before challenging the status quo may prove wise. Good for cleaning and throwing unneeded past out. In creating the new, the old is composted into fertilizer for the future. Here individual concerns clash with worldly concerns. The Sun is ‘the Woman clothed with the Sun, the divine wisdom Sophia attempting to heal and make whole, stirring an uprising in consciousness. Watch out for emotions to over run rationality. World problems come to clearer light.

July 22 Sun enters Leo and Venus opposes Jupiter. Inner light and spark of the Sun reveal new ways to go. Avoid overdoing, excess, or escapism; yet, yes, this is good time to party or socialize. Avoid over spending, but yes… may be time for updating and making things new.

Compassion for less fortunate over flows to flower more wisdom take on thins. Unusually creative new rapport and relationships arise from ruins of past years. Avoid the ‘Pride’ or arrogance always right attitude triggering one into the backseat for a break or downtime.

July 23rd Full Moon 1 degree Aquarius brings out the colors and artsy future fantastic displays of hearty good times. Ego inflation leading to deflation should be avoided but yes, its a good time. Full moon tends to manifest external form of soul. Beware of reflections of self in waters of maya illusion. Good for upbuilding positive spirit.

July 24th Mercury trine Neptune with July 25th Mercury oppose Pluto may be a magical time for making spiritual discovery and good intellectual research. Difficult time for rough debate. Merc/Nep in water signs wants wonderful soft flowing feelings, Merc/Pluto is money struggles and wish to be free of negativity. Good time to read/study/meditate on a more transcendental/universal truth big enough to envision the whole world making it to peace and enlightenment, starting with this little moment here, here now. Mercury can be the trickster, but more often its a message of the gods on how to flow, flower and go, for good luck and cheers, good fortune not misfortune, way of dharma over karma, breath and blessing.

July 25th Mercury oppose Pluto. Tough decisions in need of going a more positive path rather than always fighting needed here. Otherwise a healing or spiritual retreat?!

Aug 2nd Sun oppose Saturn and Aug 6th Sun square Uranus , New Moon on Aug. 8th; big turning points for events setting up better end of the year into next year! Esoterically the Sun Spark Angel heart is working with karma to learn through time, wisdom and loving kindness. Uranus is like a Uriel Angel attempting to make lemonade out of lemons, art out of refuse, With all these planetary energies in fixed signs, difficulties letting go, freeing one’s self from fixations and stuck points. Positive is slow steady growth, perseverance in the art of being human and angelic.

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Theosophy and Anthroposophy, H.P.Blavatsky and Rudolf Steiner heart meeting!


Astrology News with Robert of Mayflower May June 2021

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This coming Full Moon May 26th is thought my many to be the Holy Grail Moon. From May 11th to 26th is a magical etheric time of springing forth from within ourselves to find that which will heal our separation from the earth, that which will nourish us in our heart and soul for the further quest of the Grail, freedom and enlightenment, lasting happiness. To a very real degree, this starts from within, but overflows and flowers to the whole of the world, friends and foe alike, as a healing force of peace and love, wholeness.

    Yet, we live in a time of huge deception as to what really matters when its all done, start to finish, its truth and love. This is a higher reality, a higher consciousness we must all individually learn to live up to, root down to, strive to make conscious.

   Truth is no longer a priority. Truth is what holds us all heart and soul. Fact is, we don’t love the earth and invest in healthy rhythms of life, self and each other. All addictions and hardening habits block our divine spiritual powers and virtue capacities from coming out. Without inner creativity, inner flowering, inner richness, outer wealth only buries us, blocks us from rising in Higher Consciousness.

    There is no religion, politics, psychology, philosophy, ego or money, higher than truth. Truth in this world starts with a deep silent selflessly learning awareness of how we could be loving each other, life, rather than pirating and plundering each other and all the world’s resources for short term pleasure and profit. Often we unconsciously steal from our individual and collective future rather renewing here now. Rather than putting things to right use for self and other, for good of us all, we build our castle walls, living in head pictures and unfinished emotions awaiting the art of the heart to recompose and divinely play, work, relate to the real world We need to put ‘God’, the ‘Goddess’, the sense of the sacred and holy, back into self, other, and the spaces between and all around us, mother nature. All needs (kneads) become sacred once again, in this ‘once upon a time’. There may be many lifetimes, but there is only this once, this one moment and life, in this form, to redeem past karma and create a better future, and the time is now. The present is the child of the past, the mother and father of the future, the ‘be here now’ and ‘power of the now’ is the Spirit of creativity, freedom, love and truth. Be yourself now!

   In my mind, all the worlds’ guns got to go, or be turned into garden tools for all the world! Medicines and drugs, food, is here so we can co-create better times. Its not about escaping the world, or hardening ourselves. Without higher consciousness, wisdom and ‘right suffering’ as Buddha taught, right healing compassion, YES we need good police! But we need ‘police’ ourselves from negative thinking and unruly unconscious emotions.

    Metaphysical and virtue mind training books should be part of the curriculum in every school and house hold. Read Isis Unveiled by HPB, or Osho’s Book of Secrets, or Manly Hall’s Secret Teachings of all Ages. Get a spiritually conscious life. Read Steiner’s books on gardening and spiritual science! Learn don’t burn. Bless and be blessed.

   How do we now find a science of breath, mindfulness, hearty embrace understanding of each others past and future, each other’s dreams and necessities? How rid self and other of unnecessary suffering which does not bring peace and wisdom understanding, beneficial results? How can this long short life make sense without right understanding of reincarnation and karma? What is social justice without an understanding and appreciation of the last and next seven generations?

    The last Jupiter/Saturn conjunct in Aquarius in the 12th century triggered sacred get togethers, sacred gathering places like cathedrals and sacred spaces. Much came from Grail holders, the  templars, troubadors, spiritual romantics. Much loving wisdom came into play, and now again is at play. Here is where Plato and Aristotle both had a say, where pagan (nature) and modern religions (inner calling), where heaven and earth in our collective grail heart meet and can agree to better futures. The time is now to both be still in meditative prayer, moving in outer work and service to Higher Self, Universal Virtue. Here now is where the dream of peace on earth had its best bet. Here where Pagan and Christian, all religions can meet to share virtue minds and creative ‘forget me nots’. Such gatherings inward and outward can honor  both  earthy rhythms pagan and the spirit of the sun heart spark Christology. om inner sun heros.

     This last december jupiter/saturn in Aquarius triggered the slow but sure beginning of the new Aquarian Age to be fully incorporated starting materially in a few hundred years according to the precession of the equinox, but spiritually already starting late 1800’s according to Yogananda, Steiner, Blavatsky, and more. I say its now if we let it!

    The question is , do we discover each other as one big family on earth, all spiritually minded brothers and sisters? Or do we face Big Brother authoritative policing lock down of freedom of speech, even thought?!

    We are at a breaking point with the triple Saturn waning square Uranus this year, indicating last struggles to hang on to our projections of false freedom and insecurity rather than a search and discovery for higher truth and universal love holds us all, educates us all. Educates or flowers, leads out, higher purpose, love, healing earth energies. All God’s creations, rhythms, and rhymes calls for a new peace, a new world, built on inner freedom and love to start. A love for self, other, and all mother nature, inner spirit soul nature. All equally rediscovering God, or a unifying sense of ONENESS underlying and permeating all life’s diversities, forms, intelligences.

   This year, as you may know, there are 3 Saturn/Uranus squares. The Civil War in the USA began with a similar Saturn/Uranus waning square and ended at the time of the trine.

    Here now the Past and Future collide as to how to move into the future. Serious questions of ‘what is security’, ‘what is freedom’, ‘what is love’, ‘what is truth’? are struggled with by us all.

   Much patience and mutual understanding, compassionate wisdom and heart listening is called for. I will post soon a talk more about our planetary aspects soon on my youtube channel. We certainly seem in a psychic and monetary tug of war.

   Astrologically i’d think the economy good , though perhaps too hot, through the year into next year, but more coming in my talk.

    With Jupiter having just transited (conjuncted) the USA natal Moon in Aquarius, inflation and higher prices for homes, food, many items needed day to day is on the rise. Printing more and more money without always having real work to represent the money is also contributing to inflationary impulses. Jupiter is coming to trine USA venus (almost) in june, but due to jupiter retrograde won’t come back to do it again till early next year. This good inceptor of higher love showing up for many, most.

    I wonder if folks will be kicking into high gear concerning having babies, intensified social life and more fun pleasurable time.

    But again times are rough with USA Pluto return and more. During the civil war , Neptune transit was in Pisces opposing the USA midheaven. Neptune is there now in Pisces and we in the USA need to clean up the soil, air and water everywhere, cut use of plastic, and attempt to arouse a ‘higher angel of compassionate smarts’ to renew our relationship to earth, gardening, and a more natural way of healing, finding wholeness.  (i use the Sagittarius Rising Chart, but other USA charts can work too).

See Rudolf Steiner books and talks on agriculture, gardening, honey bees, and healthy social life. Another great book on truth and falsities in religion, philosophy, science is the HPB book Isis Unveiled. Steiner praises this book which he well read and actually said CRC wrote the book though HPB! Dig it. We need to unite not divide our common spiritual initiatives and futures!

   Yes! We need a ‘Mother Love’ song in our hearts and minds to reawaken a real new age of love and respect sparking the good, true, beautiful in ourselves and other. See my ‘Mother Love’ song on my youtube channel.

    Its also a question of rediscovering what truth and lasting friendship is! Something that heals the present into the future, rather than continuing past negative karma? Awakens co-creative impulse  toward a positive future three fold collective social value of wholeness, selfless learning, truth and love one and all, sharing and caring for each other, back yard gardening;  without killing the heart, earth, and bees with pesticides and ‘over kill mentality’. See Steiner’s Three fold Social plans and ideas for further sparks of creative political moral imagination.

   There is no religion higher than a truth holds us ALL rather than separates us all. There is no science greater than a love that holds us all sacred, together, as family and friend. We need a love and don’t destroy another’s right to a back yard of healthy freedom, freedom to grow and learn, experience, grow unique in contribution and insight.

   There is no science other than learning to know the self as ONE with all life, the self alone with inner divinity and connection, inner light. Sacred Aloneness, yet still at ONE with the universal Soul all around us. Unity is diversity! One for All, All for One is a spiritual principle and higher philosophy.

   There is no art greater than being human, holding the smallest life and greatest life together in our hearts and minds. Art of being human and divine, spiritual and material is a good way, in a the creative free way, self and other.

    There is no good news other than learning how to grow together good, true, beautiful, mutually creative.

AstroNews for May into June 2021 by robert of mayflower~

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May 6 Venus trine Pluto. (affecting week before and after) Make love work no matter. Plan for a love lasts forever. Find ‘forever friends’ to hold you into next life time. Those who feel alone with this aspect need to stop serving your little elf and other little self. Time to find big love, and to help those less fortunate. Good for flowers and flowering good times, friends, love. With debris of Halley’s Comet lighting up the sky in quick flashes this week, there is a sense of clutching to the old true and false tried ways, a seeking of solid anything even if a bit foolish or atavistic. Love attempts to see its way clear this week before and after May 6. Don’t let the past trash you, foresee your way clear into tomorrow today.

May 8th Venus square Jupiter, here one can feel overflowing with creativity and love, with appreciation of good friends and wanting to grow in new wondrous ways. A sense of reaching out for the better….Avoid overdoing, but yes….luck and love abounds.

May 11 New Moon 21 degree Taurus. Magic two weeks here where things start to root, ground, grow, flower. Time to garden soil and souls. Don’t just dream, put your hands into it. Days around this time, and coming weeks, good for flowers, gardens, friends, earthy endeavors of the body heart mind. Beautifying time, good for exercise, outdoors, touch and being touched, hugs and good will. Much practical planning, fixing up, renewing, rooting and growing with mercury trine saturn of 12th.

May 12 Mercury trine Saturn with Moon conjunct Venus helps us appreciate things and people who have supported us along the way. Good for catching up to things, planning solid futures, staying grounded, thinking a bit deeper. Solid love connections, ties, conversation. For some its rethinking what could make you happy in the long run as well as the short run. Flowers and poems, beautifying and bringing graceful presence good move.

May 17-19th Sun trine Pluto and venus trine Saturn, with Sun square Jupiter on friday the 21st. Work 7 plans for the future today. Be sure to meditate in stillness for 7 minutes too. Great time to get lots work done, do good job, make money, secure oneself with others, lock into goals, grow and know more what to do. Take care not to party too much on coming weekend but good for good times then if one doesn’t over indulge.

May 19 Venus trine Saturn makes for shift from egotism, yours or others, transforming into getting some work done, catching up, grounding, finding practical ground, solid touch, long lasting connection. Avoid taking one for granted, let them know you love and appreciate them. Love term love and appreciation aspect, who is friend or not, long term beautification aspect. Good practical workings.

May 20, Sun enters Gemini encouraging us this coming month to seek understanding and a more airy wakeful mindful relationship with each and all. Networking and reaching out, going places and finding faces is in.

May 22 with Mercury square Neptune good for mystical affinities to infinities but one needs to avoid fake news, and those under the spell of escaping or over indulging in dreams and fantasies unreal. Good for the arts, music, and future planning. Take care around details and the small print. Difficult aspect for discerning what is exactly true or not.

May 26th Full Moon eclipse 5 degree Sagittarius. Weed out things in your life that don’t really make you happy. Time to inwardly tune into the secrets of life. Read Osho’s ‘Book of Secrets’ yet?!! Its at Mayflower! Need for putting our mind in check, need to be still to know, to hold the eternal truths deeper in our soul and not just splash bout with desire and fears, projections and rude shut ups or over the top antics going nowhere. Now is the time to create a mind heart holds all of us into a future holds all of us, into a world heals and blesses, awakens, all of us. A great time to learn not burn with what life offers. This full moon opposes last Neptune/Pluto conjunction in late 1800’s in early Gemini. Thus this week coming up to full moon may be filled with huge spiritual insights and realizations. Great time to get the best mayflower bookshop has to offer for further enlightenment, freedom and good times. But also, such aspect reveals the huge shadows modern science and materialism has left us with. Anything and everything wrong with the world and this time in history is making itself known, calling upon each of us to offer our wisdom, love, and good will to correct and heal, to wizen and enlightenment, awaken good, true, beautiful in thought, word, and deed.

     Eclipses good for pulling weeds, cutting things out that interfere with higher free minded spiritual activities.

May 27th, Venus square Neptune, as well as Comet Winneke at perihelion this day (once every 6 years) making this comet impel one to boredom and same old same old routine. Avoid dumb sex, seek the eternally divine in each other. Look to Comet Leonard in December, a 70.000 year come around, if you want more excitement in novelty, creative new impulses, and deep messages from the universe to connect and vibe.  Venus square Neptune here on the 27th influencing 3-4 days before and after with nostalgia and trivial pursuit; or are creative artists and shaman mystics afoot with joy and over the top learning and attunement. Learn to Love no matter what, love any way you can, garden trees people! Try locking to what lasts forever, ‘forever friends’ and a theosophy of the seven fold soul, 7 earths, 7 levels of consciousness.. (see Steiner and HPB’s Isis Unveiled! beware though of fake love, glamour and external rank and fortune, looks and appearance over inner lasting virtues and values. Good time for the arts and to follow what your deepest heart enlivens. Some feel lost and need to read Foundations of Esotericism by Steiner. Or perhaps Marion Woodman books, i.e.. ‘The Pregnant Virgin’. Difficulties with women or the mother. Need to ‘Mother Love’, to mother and love the little ones as well as the lost one, the earth, stars, hearts, self and other! Yet too, need to love in a way matters to the soul and spirit, as well as the body. High ideals hard to realize and incarnate without good meditation practice, yoga, exercise (gardening), the mindful spiritual knowledge of theosophy, Steiner, Manly Hall, tibetan buddhism, grail christianity, jewish mysticism kabala, neoplatonism, hermetics, wicca, and magical mind.  Good for the arts and mystic dreamers. Weather can go in extremes here and there.

May 28th- 29th Mercury conjunct Venus. A mind for true love and communications with forever friends appears again. An appreciation of the arts, harmony of mind and heart, thinking and feeling. Higher ideals that find words to communicate well to others. Otherwise a stillness speaks what words can’t say. Connecting through love, awakening higher consciousness through feelings of joy. Making right connection, or suffering lack of such. being sweet in the face of bitter, transforming the beast into something beautiful, artistic.

May 30th, Venus inconjunct Pluto and Moon square Uranus and conjunct Saturn. Possible friction when it comes to love, security, structure, food issues, money, security. Keep track of your purse and valuables but dare to look outside your fear and paranoid fantasies.  Late Cardinal signs affected the most. Important aspect for correcting mistakes and cleaning things up, purifying, shifting into higher gears. Avoid knee jerk reactions and hasty moves causing accident or mishap.

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May 31 Mars trine Neptune. Strong ideals motivate to future you as well as make present unfold. Dreams move us into the future. For some, dashing into a foolish future, a mindless lazy projection, necessitating in the future a rude correction. For the others, the quest of the holy grail, what nourishes and is good for us all appears. The quest for the real inner gold. Intelligence and superior nobility, virtue, easy going ness that brings fruition. Danger of going unconscious or being too comfortable causing one to lose track or lose self foolishly, laziness or wrong imagination. Positive for virtuous deeds and brave love, ideals realized.

   None-the-less this is good aspect for travel or planning such, music and the arts, playing in nature or voyaging into spiritually mystical experience.

By June i will hone in and rewrite update the following, but here is cliff’s notes of what to come in June.

June 5 Mars oppose Pluto. Weed and cut out wrong habits of eating and thinking. Bad ‘shit happens’ and this may be one of those times. Negative emotions screw things up. Let not fear void you. This aspect brings out the need for good police and military to keep the law and support what is right, good, socially just. Otherwise this is an aspect where some feel abused, or abuse. Good aspect for research and representing truth. Need to support what is right, truth, lasting love, a sense of eternity and ever deep love wish for enlightenment as many levels,many life times. For some its a time to be really stupid about one’s own soul life and spiritual failures coming in the future, if not now. Avoid others who go overboard with negativity and projecting evil without giving inner work to transform self to change the world. Avoid crowds and travel with such aspect unless very well planned. Take care not to use force, but wisdom, to try for change. Weird tensions of opposites at this time. Stormy blistering fighting spirit. Sense of the enemy. Much wisdom and love needed here, as well as right action and defense. Weird weather and times for next few weeks.

June 10 New Moon Solar Eclipse 19 Gemini, Sun conjunct Mercury. Now a you that lives forever talks. Love and truth light reveals shadows of what needs work on, weeding, composting, and being patient for. Some need strong change. Demon Lovers are what we do that thwart and diminish us. Angel lovers are the virtues noble that make us big enough to handle anything with truth and love and creative interacting. For some its a time period coming that will cut them off from freedom. For others its a time to heal and pull themselves back into healing, re-uniting mind and heart, feeling deep spiritual soul weaving capable of creating family, friends, social life, and renewing the world mindfully. Hard facts emerge forcing tough quick decisions now and in coming weeks. Much good can happen when real TRUTH emerges and heart wisdom compassion, head smarts prevail. Sun Mercury makes for strong truth to emerge which enlightens and raises consciousness, or burns in a way because one wasn’t in the past listening well with one’s heart. None-the-less new beginnings which will better things is at hand.

June 13 Sun square Neptune. Some run and escape, others show up for the dream. Here fools rush in or  angels come at last moment to help. Can’t always trust angels to immediately appear so beware, be careful, be alert, be still with wisdom love peace and heart. Don’t fall apart, take heart and listen deep to what the whole of your life is teaching you. Here some plot and plan and project good or bad, others pull back and dream anew. Beware of lies to yourself which blind you to lies of others. Beware of not loving self which attracts others to not love you. For some , soul weaving and mating at higher level. For others, time to plan better futures. If inspired, this is good aspect. For some its draining and one has to not do things that vampirize nor drain energy of self or other.

June 14th Saturn square Uranus. Ex President Donald Trump’s Birthday… he’s part of this tough Sat/Uran struggle for what is perceived as security vs what is freedom. Truth holds all of us makes us free, an inner stillness and inbreathe to the heart holds all of us gives true security. May love and truth find us all not fool.

   Tough real issues emerge. Sense of good and evil , right and wrong, black and white. Need to heal and reconcile past, but also need to move into a future includes us all. This is the second of three squares of saturn/uranus. Securing freedom, and freeing what is stuck. Grounding the wildest genius to matter, mattering to resound the highest genius. The past and future conflict. Freedom versus lack of.  Wisdom and genius combine for some to create a new self, a new world. In the news lots of quarreling without much wisdom and loving way. Saturn wants to control and Uranus in Taurus wants to create a new ground, a new space, and new currency or current of current affairs; a new conversation more pliant to future needs, future worlds, future heart. Need for security and freedom search for harmonious solutions. Old out worn structures cracking.

June 20th Summer Solstice, Sun enters Cancer; Jupiter goes retrograde. Here one can discern what Angels know, truth and love is now abundant. Yet many can’t handle the light and avoid being seen. Whew! May truth free, love conjoin deepen renew, may art renew and save the world. Some try to turn back the clock, attempting to find the wisdom of the past, the true insights rising from our past mistakes, trying to rediscover the true friend, as we move into the unsure future. The days now get shorter and yes, enjoy summer but fall is coming. If good fruition, seeds for future forming; no worry of falling,  back to ground of truth, love, emptiness practice, will hold you into fall. A sense of inner self whispering secrets of the ‘way to go’.

June 21st Venus trine Neptune. Imagine the future with you in it! Be the holy one you idealize ! High ideals of art, movies/pics, kisses and imaginations of melting into higher unity, spiritual love motivates one now to dream the impossible dream, scheme the incredible yet to be, free what you true believe to be you, true, divining self with others that co-creatively renew your sense of belonging, satisfying your longing. For some its feeling lost enough to look again, imagine again, what could be if only…..we could love ourselves rightly, be still long enough to grow in new ways.

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