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Astrology News and Views — October 2017

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Astrological and Psychic Intuitive Predictions for 2018. Readings for some in audience

Astro News:

Oct. 1st Mars trine Pluto gives one a positive focus and force of conviction to get results and accomplish goals. Can be renewing and invigorating experiences. Strong love or investment urges in coming days. For some strong urge to run away from something.

Tom Petty of the Heart Breakers, appears to have had a major cardiac arrest, his heart stopped. Tom’s current transit of Uranus opposing his natal Sun in Libra often is reflection of heart troubles. Uranus, discovered when electricity was discovered, rules such trouble. As for the Vegas Country Music Festival violence, possible astrological indications in USA chart is long lasting transiting Neptune in Pisces T squares to both USA ascendent in Sagittarius and USA Uranus/Mars in Gemini. This could indicate Opiad and anti depressant addictions, suicidal ideations identified with many of the prescribed psycho drugs. Also indicative of confusing issues in politics, economics, war, oil, wall street computers, spy computers, as well as psychic inflationary and deflationary affairs, lies and deceit, propaganda and hard to figure facts, fake news. Neptune rules hollywood and weird porn sex stuff. In the hustle of the time, Playboy Hugh Hefner died. More weirdness and strange events into middle of month when Mars conjuncts Neptune. Hopefully it will be a more positive spiritual experience. Comets have a funny way of bringing new things in and taking some out. Lots of interesting changes as Comet ‘Asas Sn’ makes perihelion Oct. 14th but visible in morning sky now. Mark Twain born on passing comet and predicted he would go when Halley’s Comet returned, and he did. Tom Petty seems to be going on this one, along with a few others. See Oct. 14th for more comet info. Comets on positive note, light your electrolytes and can help create new ways of thinking, acting, feeling, opportunities and more. Get a reading if you want your own personal chart brought into the timing and possibility. More on this at my talks.

“All Planets and Aspects have a higher and lower octave of possibility and event. It is up to each of us to reach for the miracle at the higher octave of possibility and event horizon.”
-robert of mayflower

“A liar can only lie to a liar, truth can only be known by truth.”
-old philosophy axiom, Trebore Tau Bodhi

Oct. 3rd, Moon eclipses Neptune, Venus trine Pluto while later in day Moon opposes Venus and Mars which last two conjunct Full Moon coming up on Oct. 5th. Full, and for some ‘Fool’, Moon. For some, escapades of romance and future dreams, plans. For others, foolish escapades lasting only a week or more. A very idealistic time and possibly romantic, nostalgic, futuristic. Keep practicality going and ‘get it in writing’ if important issue or promises to be kept. Compassion and practical workings for future good here. Don’t make promises you can’t keep.

Talk tonight on 3rd on TAROT CARDS and READING and getting a reading. See above.

“If you want to know everything wrong about marriage, get married; but then its too late.”

Oct. 5th Full Moon at 12 Aries, Venus conjunct Mars in critical Virgo, love arguments or kinky sex? Good aspect for learning who the other is, like it or not. Having said that, such aspect creates intense feelings positive or negative. Can be cat and dog, or intellect vs. feelings conflicting. On positive note, if love works, it can be the best. The Virgo angle to it is the ‘Virgin Whore’ complex. Yet such aspect can bring together heaven and earth for a spell. Be sure it’s not heaven and hell if you can. Avoid being over-critical. Use constructive criticism. If you want something done well, do it yourself. Good for cleaning and rearranging for clarity, happiness, and success. Avoid use of force.

“Anytime you’re deflecting love, you’re deflecting miracles.”
-Marianne Williamson

“Real love lasts; if it doesn’t last, get real.”

Oct. 8th Venus square Saturn, Sun conjunct Mercury. Sudden realizations of what isn’t working when it comes to love. Feelings of being on a hold button. Slow but sure realizations and wisdoms of how to go, proceed, what to let go of, and what still needs work. The Sun conjunct Mercury in Libra brings much needed clarity of mind to situations at hand and in the world around. For some, strong use of force to get one’s way. Patience and smarts, wisdom, goes far here to mending broken connections. Over-assertive can bring added conflict and stress.

“Where there is love, there is no fear; one grasps a greater wholeness and sense of ‘Oneness’. Where there is fear, one grasps things, people, situations that are perishable and fleeting. The fear comes from some part of our self that knows it’s not working. Fear freezes, hate hardens, only love frees and flows, flowers one Soul Mind Stream to togetherness.”
-robert of mayflower

Oct. 9th Sun/Mercury square Pluto. Hopefully no more violence and shootings in America, or anywhere! More hard facts come out about many disturbing things. Debate about guns, drugs, prescriptions, money and war. Hard decisions and possible dangerous actions abound. Ultimatums or drawing line in sand not to be crossed. Feelings of being crossed. Need to eliminate what doesn’t work. Cutting out decayed or retarded things, forces, situations, so to proceed without sticky icky psychodrama. Much need for wisdom, compassion, patience, and generously offering self time to figure things out.

“The Tibetans think the only desire worth keeping this side of Nirvana, is the desire to become free and enlightened this life.”

Oct. 10th Jupiter enters Scorpio. Last 13 months get condensed into what worked and what didn’t, what to keep and what to free or let go of. Strong need to rid oneself of past burdens or people or situations that won’t grow with you. Further, a need to change self to change the world around you. Both needed, inner and outer renewal and positive change. Scorpio brings passion to larger tasks, goals, ideals. A real sense of which important priorities need to happen. Next 3 months critical to rejuvenate one’s self and aims in life, not degenerate and retard forward motion. This all gets really intellectually clear Oct. 17-18th when Mercury conjuncts Jupiter. Many clear messages arrive by then as to the path to take or not take. A determination to make things better for self and others in coming year. For some, more paranoia and feelings of dread or fear.

“The reward of good work is more good work; as for negativity, it is its own reward as well. Love to find Love.”

Oct. 11th Mars square Saturn. The rule of thumb here is ‘Discipline yourself or be disciplined’. Run-in with the ‘authorities’ or ‘karma’. Need to accomplish work or task at hand. Avoid procrastination or delaying inevitable. Good aspect for good honest work. Keep it simple stupid, works here. Simplicity and clearness beats out over produced.

Oct. 14th Comet ‘Asas Sn’ or called ‘Comet C/2017 01’ reaches closest point to Sun (perihelion) just outside the orbit of Mars. In the last few weeks, this comet rose to be near Perseus Constellation. Perseus is mythological hero story of conquering Medusa who could turn one into stone. In other words, there is an energetic prevalent to be ‘stoned’ or frozen in front of TV or dead thoughts. This is a time for spiritual renewal and inner reflection; a time to cut out the many things not going anywhere. I will be speaking more on this at my talks, and at Mayflower Bookshop. Comets like this come with deep space messages profoundly transforming collective consciousness. Such Comets too are ‘Comet Cleansers’ coming to purify the earth of negative astral vibrations. This Comet may portend more violence on one hand, more ultimatums and show of muscle, aggressiveness and testosterone; on the other hand, with Sun in Libra, true heroes of peace, the arts, reconciliation, forgiveness and/or conversion to the good/true/beautiful arise. Given the world’s weird violent outbursts, let’s hope the guys who name comets can leave words sounding like ‘Assassin’ and find more positive mythological names invoking virtuous deeds. Or so I think. Here at same time, Venus enters sign of Libra giving healthy hearty balance of heart and feelings to hard-headed intellect. Renewing artistic sense of beauty and grace, balance and heavenly poise. Another comet of major significance is coming and already showing its influence. Its perihelion is in 2022. 

Oct. 15th Mercury oppose Uranus may bring unexpected news or sudden change of event. Good aspect for intellectual breakthrough. For some, shock or surprise information or critical shift in event horizon.

Oct. 17th Moon conjunct Mars and Venus encourages love trysts, romance, magical endeavor. Favors those less critical and in artistic beautiful harmony mood or mode. Avoid negative warts and ‘put down’ people.

Oct. 18th Mercury conjunct Jupiter give positive spirit to day. For some lucky in work, word, touch, and lips. For some, sudden opportunity, for others, opportunity missed.

Oct. 19th New Moon in late Libra with Sun/Moon oppose Uranus. Next couple weeks lots of upsets, changes in plans, sudden surprises, break offs, or is it a leaving, parting, or sudden meeting. Need to go to higher level of action or face consequences for poor planning, vision, or securement. Look for sudden changes in Washington, but elsewhere too. Sudden hirings, sudden firings, sudden breakups, sudden get togethers, connections. Lots of ups and downs, rollercoaster-like ride of emotions and events. Quick changes and sudden surprise changes.

Oct. 22nd Mars enters sign of Libra open enemies or just excited exercise freaks/friends. The next month and a half or more gets clearer about who is the enemy and who is not. Or who does one work with, play with, love with, adjust to? Or not! Not a good time for aggressive action or response unless one really knows exactly what to do. Avoid rash action, think things out before acting.

Oct. 24th Mercury trine Neptune good for planning, dreaming the future, repairing the past, mapping things out, creating and co-creating. Adventure, the arts, travel, communications of love and friendship.

Oct. 26th Sun conjunct Jupiter makes for great day to share, travel, voyage, meet and play, get intimate with one’s needs, plans, mind/heart.

Oct. 27th Venus square Pluto, Mercury sextile Pluto. Good for deep connection and intimacy when compassion, mindfulness, sensitive sharing, giving and receiving. Tough aspect when people take things too personally, feel personally insulted. Avoid jealousy or loving someone for what one desires of them. For some, deeper connection; for others, feelings of rejection or need to work on self not other. Good for actions renewing and rejuvenating body, feelings, mind. Really good time to read Osho’s ‘Book of Secrets,’ tells how to transform everything into freedom, happiness, and enlightenment.

Oct. 30th Moon occults (eclipses Neptune) can give one new dreams and sense of future. For some, it’s getting lost in false dreams, undigested experience from the past coloring vision and clarity of present. Crazy aspect for wild halloween play and mask-making, pretend, hollywood type masquerade or play. Again, Neptune is lies, deception, illusions and delusions if not careful. Otherwise, it’s the arts, soul weaving and making.

November 3rd Sun trine Neptune, Venus sextile Saturn. The ideal and practical, work and play, can find harmony and balance here. Follow your star, keeping your feet on the ground. Saturn square Chiron during this time brings awareness of what needs healing or is in process for slow but sure learning of lessons. Clash between practical down-to-earth common-sense and far away feelings disconnected from every day what is right before you.

Nov. 4th Full Moon 11 degrees Taurus, Venus oppose Uranus. Creative upsets in love, sudden shift in likes and dislikes, sudden shift of direction. Love links of seldom duration.

Nov. 13th Venus conjunct Jupiter, Mercury square Neptune. Meaningful feelings and longings of love. Danger of lack of logical or practicality in affairs of the heart. Nonetheless, good aspect for dreaming, playing, flirting, kissing, and other artistic flings of the heart. Travel plans.

Nov. 16th Venus trine Neptune good for arts, poetics, higher love, dreams meaningful.

Nov. 18th New Moon late Scorpio square Saturn/Uranus midpoint. Dangerous days here for weather, politics, business and important decisions, knowing what and who is real or not. Stay square, honest and upright in all your dealings.

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