October 2016

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Kim Kardashian’s Astrology Chart reveals life crisis and suffering personal violence. News reports her being tied up and robbed in Paris of millions Euros worth jewelry. Astrologically tough transits for Kim now. Transiting planets in the sky hit her natal planets hard with Uranus oppose her Pluto making for shocking surprises and upsets. Feeling stripped naked of possessions and ego. Ebertin’s transit book states, “Life crisis, suffering under acts of violence or force major, heavy losses, being placed in a serious dilemma, great agitation”. Kim also has Mars in sky square her Saturn indicating ‘tendency to estrangement, separation, grief, illness’ according to Ebertin’s transit analysis. Uranus in sky continues to haunt Kim especially now into full moon October 16th and full moon November 14th. Hopefully, Kim back on track with healing harmonies by December 13th full moon which will trine her natal Pluto (that Uranus is now opposing). Look for many more revelations what up and insights into changes now into coming full moons soon.

Astrology Predictions for October 2016
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October 1st – Venus in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces, dreams of love, futuristic artistic impulses, ideals and higher imaginations, psychic perceptions. Need stay grounded and practical to fully manifest the good true beautiful. Good time for voyaging into the future, making future travel goal plans, attempting the impossible dream come true; a giving and receiving time. Be sure to get a good hug or three. Musical, artistic, higher love and spiritual romance time for sure. For some the future knocks on the door, for others the future comes like a storm.

October 5th – Mars square Jupiter. Wonderful aspect for positive spirit and joyful relations. Danger of going over board with too much talk, energy, over doing, over spending, going big. Yet, yes, this is a time to go a bit overboard and be a big person! Great aspect for having lots of energy to accomplish tasks, take on big projects. Highly energetic. Mars in Capricorn can get too pushy or controlling at times. Jupiter in Libra can be too nice, perhaps give too much without right return, or feel used. Take a deep breath and try to enjoy life, bless everyone with your golden godly presence. Good aspect for working together and/or making compromise to facilitate or push plans. Not good for fighting or quarreling, being too assertive. Anger can precipitate accidents, or strong reactions. Whatever happens, happens in a big way. Individuals at times thrown into bigger social cultural shift, for some, big need to change some things. Upsets due to not big enough view, and/or not taking care enough of others, of the little ones.

October 6, Thursday, 7 pm; Talk by Robert of Mayflower on the art and practice of writing poetry, romantic notes, song lyrics, spiritual insights. How Yoga Mind, Dharma Mind, Meditative Awareness, can awaken spirituality, intuitive insights and revelations in creative writing. $29, at Birmingham Community House, 7-9pm. Call (248) 547-8227 in more info needed. Call (248) 644-5832 to secure your seat.

Oct. 7th – Mercury enters Libra, Sun square Pluto. Mercury Hermes or mind, wants equality or equal share, give and take. Time for finding two way street or compromise. Pluto can be uncompromising. New light on old problems emerges. Need for clear light of thinking and right action to resolve troubles, conflicts, warring elements these days and week. Sun Pluto can be devastating events or storms for some, nature chaos. Danger time for uptick in quakes, volcanoes, storms, next 3 days to 15, then 19-20th. Very crazy days for politics, feisty debate argument, crazy accusations or negative projections. Very important time now and coming to stay alert, aware, patient, and wisely insightful compassionate.

Oct. 11th – Mercury conjunct Jupiter. Good aspect for jolting insights, new mind, for how to work things out, begin new projects, job. Breakthrough or break down in communications, travel, relationships. Strange storms these days around world, strong forces of nature show their face. Shocking or very insightful insights.

Oct. 13th – Mercury in Libra square Mars in Capricorn, Moon occults Neptune. Wisdom and gentle persuasion needed to overcome opposition, open new doors, appease the animals in your life. Sweet talk meets assertive need for action. Avoid strong reactions. Love wins over anger here. Beware of control freaks. Interesting new partnerships begin to appear.

Oct. 15th into 16th- Sun oppose Uranus, Mercury square Pluto, Moon conjunct Uranus on eve of Full Moon in Aries Oct. 16th. Major aspect for psycho dramatists. Sudden shift of direction, upset, change of mind, plan, or game conclusion. Need to keep in check negative critical moon, along with need to work on self to better world. Dangerous aspect for maniacs and ego inflated woundologists. Brilliant perhaps time for many an artist, speaker, truth seeker, and metaphysical student. Bad time to experiment with irrational or dangerous types, foods, medicines, or drugs. Sudden change or shift in circumstances. Avoid stress on heart or brain. Sudden departures, and arrivals. Since Oct. 7th, intensified need to make peace not love, need for more compassion and learning, not war and violence. Need to communicate better and cooperate more with patience, wisdom love.

Oct. 18th Venus enters Sagittarius giving a good boot kick to rid oneself of no goods, or open new doors to travel and adventure, get attention, or jump on a new pony and ride. Avoid rash decisions, seek higher wisdom if impulsive or delirious.

Oct. 19th Mars conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. Interesting endings, for some new beginnings. Take care not to anger yourself or other. Need to have compassion, not take things personally. Serious shock of mischief and mayhem, jealousy anger negative emotion. Need for greater wisdom and compassion to solve ongoing problems and troubles. Need to ponder wisely any strong moves, words, or actions. Think first. Those who act hasty may get wasted on the response. This is one of those nasty aspects that gave and give psychologists and police officers jobs. This is good aspect for healing and cleaning, but a really tough one when it comes to negative emotions, violence, storm and war.

Oct. 20th Mercury oppose Uranus. Sudden new insights rearranging or changing plans or directions. A sudden rise or fall. Quick unfolding events. Need to consider or love the other as thyself. Also need to know when to say ‘No’. Tendency for truth to blurt out, but also impatient craziness.

Oct. 22 Sun enters Scorpio giving more serious mood to coming back to oneself. Life and death matters considered anew. Month of inwardly feeling intense and determined. Avoid scapegoating and blaming others. Work on self to bring more positive change. A sense for need to end somethings and begin particular new ways to inwardly flower. For some, sweet passion enkindles, for others its a cold slap.

October 24th Mercury enters Scorpio, also Orionids meteor showers. A feeling of coming to the ground or need to get grounded. Good time for Miso Soup with seaweed. Get it at Mayflower Bookshop! Many revelations and secrets revealed this coming few weeks. Things get down and dirty, as well as tasty nasty, creative and sexy. Take care to love. Take care to find truth, not just negative chaotic facts. Truth is what holds us all, facts hold a wee bit of time.

Oct. 25 Venus square Neptune. Failed love, lies deceit, make up and dreaming into the future. Need to face the facts, or need to keep making art. False ideals of love or for future, or are you one to something great and futuristic. For some its highly romantic, perhaps fantasy or costumed, nostalgic, past and future mumbling together in jumble and play. Need to not get fooled or tricked though. Otherwise could be romantic and fun loving artistic time. There is here a need to dream, to love, to beautify, to not live in the imagination alone, but to move to manifest higher destiny in this still moment before, within, you. A need to dream, not melt and scream due to lack of preparation or honest facts, truth.

October 27th 7pm Robert of Mayflower Talk – The Tarot Cards, A Path to Awaken Spirit Soul and Psychic Intuitive Insight concerning love, money, calling and good fortune. Birmingham Community House, 7 pm, $29. Call (248) 547-8227 in more info needed.

Oct. 27 Sun conjunct Mercury in Scorpio. Need to stay real, practical, sincere, and passionate about one’s friends and goals. Strange nature events and news from around world. Possible storm/quake/volcano uptick, as well as shock of selfish something or somebody wrecking the day.

Oct. 29th Mars in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries, Venus conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius. Drive safe, take care around machines and angry crazy people. Tendency to push others too hard, or be pushed around. Tendency to use too much, or not enough, force or energy, in getting things accomplished, done. Be patient, we have all eternity; but stay awake and be aware, there is not a second to spare. This is accident or warlike aspect where impatience and sudden anger or hurt feelings further the suffering rather than heal the hurt. Make love not war. Sudden mishap, accident, storm, fight; good for making new rules for growth and long term investment, peace, and higher love.

October 30 New Moon in Scorpio, Mercury trine Neptune. Idealistic time for fun, fantasy, love communications, play, dreaming the great ideal and trying to move forward with goals.

November 1st All Saints Day, Sun trine Neptune. An old Celtic festival indicating that all souls at the end make it to enlightenment, happiness, and heaven, devachan, nirvana.

“Never an illness, nor the absence of grandeur, no, nothing is able to kill the best in us, that kindness, dear sir, we are afflicted with: beautiful is the flower of man, his conduct, and every door opens on the beautiful truth and never hides treacherous whispers. I always gained something from making myself better, better than I am, better than I was, that most subtle citation: to recover some lost petal of the sadness I inherited: to search once more for the light that sings inside of me, the unwavering light.”
~ Pablo Neruda.

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