October 2015

Talk by Robert:
“Love and Death – The Secret of Success and Happiness”
Friday, October 2, 2015, Theosophical Society, Woodward Avenue

Doors open at 6.30 p.m. Lecture begins promptly at 7.00 p.m.
From 6.30 to 6.55 is time for socializing, browsing through the bookstore and library, and enjoying light refreshments.

1. First 10 days of October tell the story of more fully fleshing out what happened on secret or inner levels during 2 Eclipses in September. Mercury goes direct on 9th helping bring positive note to passing changes, some shocking or stormy, turn of events. October 9th into New Moon Monday the 12th things straighten out, get figured out, reconfigured and made positive.

2. October 6th Sun square Pluto and Mars oppose Neptune is funny mixture of exposure of facts mixed with lies and cosmetic make over. Weird weather and emotions here. Some feel rejected, others intimately paired; some feel abandoned, others that they just found god or goddess and goodness; some may feel deeply offended, others at fun having sensuous play. It may prove a rainbow of dark and light emotions and aftermath hindsight wisdoms. Sense of endings and futuristic new beginnings. Power drives get confused with pleasure rides. Dangerous days to take risk or chances. Nonetheless, stranger that fiction facts in news, politics, weather weirdness, and alien tendencies, coupled with angels in disguise events and insights.

3. October 8th Venus enters Virgo till November 8th, Leo king/Queen love turns into Virgo healing love. Good for finding new virgin possibilities, pure intentions and motives, to seek higher ways in work and relating to others in more compassionate healing ways.

4. October 9th Mercury goes direct, break throughs in understanding and communication in coming 8 days. Sense of relief in knowing path taken.

5. October 10th, Venus square Saturn, don’t take it personally other than trying to manifest your own higher self. Be love first before seeking it elsewhere. Good for cleaning, catching up, taking it easy, renewing with exercise and right foods. Sense of taking responsibility for self, or feeling others are not taking enough responsibility.

6. October 11th, Jupiter trine Pluto (but in effect all month, especially 15th with Mars trine Pluto, and 17th with Mars conjunct Jupiter; Moon conjunct Pluto of 19th could be trigger too for events). Sense of big money or no money. Making moves to prosper and grow in new ways. New connections and alliances. Strengthening of bonds of friendship. Also on 11th, Sun oppose Uranus, expect sudden jolts, separations or sudden coming togethers, turn arounds, reversals, upsets or sudden unitings. Sudden shock or turn of events, sudden wake up call, shake up/quake/storm or something rattles the nerves, a call, or need, of more compassionate social response or action. Strong power plays. Collective strategies for change.

7. October 12 New Moon in Libra pushes the need for right relations or need for change. Tension in world political scenes continue.

8. October 16 Venus oppose Neptune, nostalgic idealistic other worldly romantic or creative urge. Peculiar artistic or musical sense. Need to be practical and grounded when it comes to love and money.

9. October 15th Mars trine Plutocratic Pluto, and October 17th Mars conjunct Jupiter, the Nineteenth Moon conjunct Pluto … all this indicates strong forward push or motion to grow, accumulate or amass power, money, virtue with increasing intensity. Many world events in the news this month. Strong corporate and political moves. Intense news from the war fronts creep into 22nd when Mercury squares Pluto. Renewed need to create peaceful alliances. Difficult thinking or communications. Need for patience and thourough thinking through. Although such aspects can be food for healing, restoring foundations, fixing things; it’s also aspect where so called ‘good guys and bad guys’ fight and quarrel, or ‘debate’.

10. October 23 Sun enter Scorpio and Venus trine Pluto. Balanced intellect subsides or turns into, transforms into, passionate moods, intenseness, sensuality, and boldness right into coming full Moon 27th in earthyTaurus.

11. October 25th Venus conjunct Jupiter and Mercury oppose Uranus. Fund days to play, socialize, frolic, or make gains in social, monetary, or political arenas.

12. October 27th Full Moon , grounded sense of happiness and good friends. For some a sense of turn around.

13. October 30 Sun trine Neptune into Halloween. Good of creative spirited imagination, fantasy and fun.

14. November 4th, Venus conjunct Mars in Virgo, notorious for no love, pure love, or very kinky thoughtful or naughty love. Here where love works, it’s the best; for others … ships passing in the night. Good for creative arts, music, play.

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