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‘Where there is a Will, there is a Way.’

Love is in the air first half of November up to 18th, many new and renewed trysts in love and business. When it comes to fight or flight, the first half of the month is flight and the second half is fight. On December 2nd and 3rd, the flight and fight are simultaneous, but mostly flight. Wild times. Some experience ships passing in the dark. For others, love flashes, love demiurge of the heart, lightening and thunder, ecstatic rendezvous, opportunities for higher angelic and mystical experience. Second half of November filled with political intrigue, warring, conflicts of interest, accusations and infighting. All this leads to interesting Full Moon on December 3rd when bubbles pop, outworn modes of fashion shift, the past is discarded for new dreams and possibilities before us. For some, it’s a hard wake-up call. For some others, a much needed break from whatever is holding one back. For yet others, strong working practical bonds of work, love, livelihood, and mutually agreed futures. Surely a magical time is at hand, and much is possible for the honest, good, and true of heart and mind.

“Music, as far as I have seen in the world so far, is the only real magic that I know. There is something really honest and clean and pure and it touches you in your heart.”

-Tom Petty

For flowing is the secret of things and no wonder the children love masks, and to trick themselves in endless costumes, and be a horse, a soldier, a parson, or a bear; and, older, delight in theatricals; as, in nature, the egg is passing to a grub, the grub to a fly, and the vegetable eye to a bud, the bud to a leaf, a stem, a flower, a fruit; the children have only the instinct of their race, the instinct of the Universe, in which, Becoming somewhat else is the whole game of nature, & death the penalty of standing still.

“’Tis not less in thought. I cannot conceive of any good in a thought which confines & stagnates. Liberty means the power to flow. To continue is to flow. Life is increasing parturition.”


The Stars impel, not compel. Each astrological aspect is a stellar influence of both event and feeling, a soul urge if you will. It is up to each of us to follow our highest star, our guiding spirit and higher self, so to reach the greatest level of human experience in both love and truth, life and light, compassion and joy, freedom and right working.

November 3rd Sun trine Neptune, Venus sextile Saturn. Mysterious dreams that heal or explain past, for some futuristic prophetic dreams come. Good time to get creative, plan the future, idealize love. The ideal and practical can work and play here, finding new harmonies and balance. Time to follow your highest star, but be sure to keep your feet on the ground with sound common-sense. Mystical states, talking to the dead, strange psychic phenomena, fog and weather in parts. Saturn square Chiron during this time brings up past wounds needing healing or past experience needing review and rewrite. Some in slow process of learning or even re-learning of lessons. Clash between practical down-to-earth common-sense and what’s right before you at odds with the far away feelings or spirit, disconnected from every day what is.

“I know the spirit, — by its victorious tone.”


Nov. 4th Full Moon 11 degrees Taurus, Venus oppose Uranus. Creative uplifts and sudden arousal of spirit. For some, upsets in love, sudden shift in likes and dislikes, sudden change of direction. Sudden love links but lasting of duration. For some an amazing ability to make love or peace no matter what. For others, shocking revelations or exposure. A Very Creative aspect that can suddenly release tension. Fluctuating markets? Weather?

“O day of days, when we can read! The reader and the book. Either without the other is naught.”

-Emerson, Ralph Waldo

Nov. 11th Saturn trine Uranus influencing the whole month with attempt to balance needs for security and need for freedom, rootedness and ability to fly. In fiery signs Sagittarius and Aries, a sense of wanting completion, place to land, rest, renew, feel safe. Wanting relationships in love and money that have lasting value but also awakening freeing aspect and expression.

Nov. 13th Venus conjunct Jupiter, Mercury square Neptune. Meaningful feelings and longings for love. Danger of lack of logical or practicality in affairs of the heart. Nonetheless, good aspect for dreaming, playing, flirting, kissing, and other artistic flings of the heart. Travel plans. Beware of liars or promises that can’t be kept. Read the small print. Fun and frolic, light heartedness. Need to avoid getting too high or drinking too much, over-doing it. Spiritual research, stretching beyond limits, psychic experience. Strange weather and psychic experience time.

“The avaricious man seeks to add to the number of his toys, the scientific man to find new relations.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Nov. 16th Venus trine Neptune good for arts, poetics, higher love, dreams meaningful. This is Soul Weaving, Soul Mate type aspect. Great for feeling the future now. Love and play escapades, plans for future. Ideal situations arise, great imaginations, feel for life.

“The greatest wit, the most space. It is the little wit that is always in extremes & sees no alternative but revelry or daggers. Hurry is for slaves.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson, Selected Journals, Vol. 2

Nov. 18th New Moon late Scorpio square Saturn/Uranus midpoint. Dangerous days here for weather, politics, business and important decisions, knowing what and who is real or not. Stay square, honest and upright in all your dealings. Ideals and practical realities, spiritual and material needs and realities harmonize and work together. Security and need for freedom, work and play try for new creative balance next few weeks. For some, sudden reality and shift to reality hits ‘em in the face. Possibly fluctuating vicissitudes in markets, weather, relations next two weeks. Heavy politics and white house drama perhaps too. When it comes to fight or flight, this is an aspect where most people fight. The first half of the month was the flight.

“No man quarrels with his shadow, nor will he with his miniature when the sun was the painter.”


Nov 19 Mars square Pluto can be disappointment and spoilage, weird weather or faulty decisions/actions causing problems. Power plays, big giants eat little ones, Corporate take overs, aggressive financial moves. This is dangerous aspect where hate and anger often run havoc and create chaotic situations, violence etc. Time to take extra precaution around this date. Need for police/military protection.Tough time perhaps for travel. Avoid over assertion or aggressive behaviour. Good for research and rethink. Good for ridding self of unwanted, unneeded items. Good time to lighten the load, eat simpler healthy food, yoga and meditation. Rejuvenate and regenerate or degenerate aspect. Dangerous time of ultimatums. Usually harsh news and tough decisions. Such aspect often associated with military action, good guy bad guy stuff. Again, all astrological aspects have higher and lower octave potential. It is up to each of us to reach for the higher octave, higher resonance of virtue, love, truth, honesty, compassion. This aspect also related to dangers of over prescribing and medicating, drug and med abuse, and the crisis of pollution/crime/poverty/ecology/feminine issues/ economic disparity. Mars can be hero or courageous acts. Pluto oft associated with Compassion and in-depth spiritual psychology, but also indicative of Plutocrats or those who rule by money/power/authority, and their rise and/or fall. This aspect may portend of more heavy infighting and white house drama. The rapid fall or rise of strong or famous individuals. Intense emotions, weather, research, revelation. A definite time of accusation and strong defense. World leaders may quiver. For sure a good time for honesty and courageous daring to right wrongs.

“Use what language you will,” he said, “you can never say anything but what you are.”

-Emerson, Journals

Nov. 21 Sun enters Sagittarius. An onion, a strawberry, carrot, apple tree, and weed all grow on the same soil. Each of us has the same Spirit, Universal Oneness within, it’s the mind and its willingness to learn, dare, and do that determines our fate or fortune, destiny calling. Train the mind in the heart if you want flowering, dare selfless love for all for the fruit. Sun in sage Sa’g calls for bigger mind and heart to embrace the universe, a truer aim for higher things.

“The fame of the scholar reaches farther than the credit of the banker.”


Nov. 22 Neptune direct, some start to dream of the future letting go of the past; others over intrigued by the mirror of self, trip themselves others up a bit. Many now sense the big future and the next few years coming up fast.

“Genius unsettles everything.” 

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Nov. 25 Mercury trine Uranus. Opportunities for enterprise, making connections, putting pieces together making greater sense of things. A sense of pervasive rightness, direction, wholeness. Breakthroughs, zany creative thinking, a thrust to do something new, wanting to think out of the box, the big shooter, lots of plans and talk. A sense of figuring things out, at least for a day or three.

To Perfection.

To a perfect foot no place is slippery.
To a perfect fool every place is slippery.

To a perfect fop every act is foppery.

To a perfect union every act is unifying.


Nov 28 Mercury conjunct Saturn, cold or the reverse, extremes in weather, very cold or weirdly warmer in parts. Strong sense of reality, road blocks, realism, down-to-earth thinking. Don’t gamble here, take the true and tried. Play it safe. Some free stuck and need to study, research, prepare for better times. Others are in the ‘Check Mate’ move, win or lose. Major legal dilemma or hard line reality check.

“In the morning — solitude,” said Pythagoras. By all means, give the youth solitude, that nature may speak to his imagination, as it does never in company; and, for the like reason, give him a chamber alone; and that was the best thing I found in College.”


December 2nd, Jupiter trine Neptune. A very strong aspect for being swept off your feet, madly in love with something, naively projecting and flying into fantasy or highly idealistic situations. Future planning, travel, space/oceanic/or astral voyages, arrangements of the Spirit, extraordinary spiritual insights and experiences. Escape artist maneuvers and moves to legalize marijuana. Positioning oneself for better futures. For some displacement from present by hauntings of past and yet to be future possibilities. Although great aspect for love and the arts, music and the muse, need to keep practical ground as to not over do, abuse, burn out, or fall from the sky and crash. Strong sense of the supernatural and mystic, higher love and spiritual relation. Tendency to float out rather than manifest destiny or bring to earthen form the ideal.

Dec. 3rd Full Moon in Gemini, Sun in Sagittarius oppose Jupiter/Pluto midpoint, markets and weather may go to extremes; emotions too. For some breakthroughs, for others breakdowns. Deep sense of intimacy, or lack of such despoils time.

“We blind believe in God and stars on high so not to question too closely the fallen god in our own heart; or is it some who sink and wish there sleep than climb oneself step by step to awaken, rise, from such deeps.”

-robert of mayflower

“I wish to know the nomenclature of botany & astronomy. But these are soulless both, as we know them; vocabularies both. Add astrology to astronomy, & ’tis somewhat. Add medicine & magic to botany, and that is something.”


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“But the English believe that by mountains of facts they can climb into the heaven of thought and truth: so the builders of Babel believed. But the method of truth is quite other, and heaven descends, when it will, to the prepared soul. We must hold our science as mere convenience, expectant of a higher method from the mind itself.”


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