November 2016

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Robert Thibodeau talk at Birmingham Community House
Nov. 10th 7pm to 9.
The Art of Meditation. How to meditate for happiness, good fortune, love and romance, calling and career. Techniques of quieting the mind and visualizing success, use of mantra or prayer. $29.

Nov. 17th Thurs. from 7 to 9 pm; Astrology Now and 2017, Sun Sign Predictions and More!
What’s happening in the stars future wise. Foreseeing times good or challenging. Should prove fun. World, celebrities, and more.
At the Theosophical Society on west side of woodward ave in Berkley between 11 mile and Catalpa.
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Note on Elections—
With probable newly discovered time of birth for Hillary Clinton, she might just win! New time gives her mid Virgo Ascendent or Rising Sign which Pluto is now in good trine to. With a strange assortment of other aspects in Hillary’s natal chart, it is unlikely but remotely possible, she feels swindled or upset with results. Or is it bad leftovers everyone has to eat? Health or scandal or legal problems coming after words? At any rate, as predicted, Donald Trump will make it to the end and may on a thread upset the cart. No doubt either way, the country is experiencing quite a diverse and divided vote. Seems like a psychic civil war don’t it. Time to raise ourselves up to higher level of consciousness enabling peace in the world and creative cooperation for better times. This election may lead to stronger third and fourth party in the future. How did we get to Presidential Elections where no matter who wins, we all feel we lost?!? Yet many get richer and more powerful while more many suffer growth pains and lack intelligence enough to even read any so called ‘free trade’ agreements to see what up. Even congressmen confess this.

“May higher learning and spiritual ethical consciousness find us all ready and able. Without a higher love, a universal truth, all intuitions go astray.” ~rt.

Astrology News and Spiritual Views by robert of mayflower

Nov. 1st, 2016- Sun in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces; water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) completely feel they know what’s going on, what’s coming off they are not sure of. Mysterious times when conspiracy theories all have sure footing till. Make a wish and dream true.

“Love isn’t a gift or piece of luck, its a reward for finding right working relationship to yourself and the whole of the world inside and all around you. Love is the byproduct, not the goal.” ~robert thibodeau

Nov. 5 Venus trine Uranus, Moon conjunct Pluto, Moon square Uranus. Be the love you desire, live the truth you aspire. Good time to share or give without attachment to results. Love and share your truth for its own sake. Take nothing personal other than the occasional glimpse of your own higher self working to manifest destiny. Be selfless seeking higher dreams, ideals; be open that opportunity will find you. Knock on doors. Every block is a door you haven’t found the handle to. Every block, the work still needed to accomplish, tasks from last life wishing fulfillment. One’s own purpose is truth, see others as opportunities to love or compassion or co-create in new ways. Help others to help themselves. Can’t make others love, be the example self free. Be higher truth at the bottom or top. Help others lift up to see for themselves. None-the-less, this aspect good for making creative changes to upgrade one’s presentation, look, ability or know how. All things being equal, take the new way to the mountain or garden. Make new friends, keep the golden old ones. There is freedom from suffering or something, and there is free to; to be, do, become, learn and grow!

“Here there is a sense of finally getting it and now letting go of trying.” ~robert of mayflower

Nov. 9th Mars enters Aquarius, Moon occults Neptune. Seems everyone is puzzled what’s gonna happen next?! Things fly off the handle, people are high, fizzled out, dizzed out, stangely spaced, or crazy aggressive. Wear your best clothes because Elvis and Jesus are coming back. Perhaps high genius is at work with far away things coming near, and what was once up close just flew through the ceiling or got lost at the neighbors. Yes, its that crazy. Strange aftermath and conspiracy theories abound. Time to stay practical and grounded. Miso Soup, seaweed, and grains anyone? A good long walk might help bring clarity. The future seems stuck and lack of clarity. Or is it hitting you in the face with reality. Some feel in suspended animation. Some give up the world for a moment and seek truth within, or just in the back yard or with that special friend. Some seek escape. Some voyage within, space the last frontier, one’s own inner holy, rarified heart listening for the whole of it. Conspiracy theories and rumors wild amuck. Good time for art, music, learning to love in a new way. Things lost at sea are now gone. Flying through the air too fast or too high may give momentary vision and new sight, but beware of false signs.

From Nov. 9th to the Super Moon on 14th…….be careful of losing your cloths of value and your mind. Keep to the creative and kind to all beasts of burden, geniuses to the certainty that we are all ‘gods in the becoming’ but it may take a few more lifetimes to prove the kiss. Strange natural phenomena and weather, happenings. Dreams may be chaotic or highly prophetic.

“Nobody is ready for the Full Moon.” -Trungpa

“Nobody is really ready to full receive the Sun, the Light? I wonder….” -rt

Nov. 14th Full Moon Super Moon in sensuous earthy Taurus. Ten shades of green emerald holy grail Taurus may now reveal new secrets of what really matters to yourself and other. One’s true passions, desires, and needs emerge. Secret super sensuous feelings work for both future and more immediate practical result, success. Earthy practical notions and common sense arouse super-sensible perceptions and new renewed energies for love, romance, futurism. For some, this week awakens seeds and ground for many possibilities for future. encounters, events, new or renewed acquaintances, other worldly possibilities, and hopes. Some doors close, others open in next few weeks for earth sign planets and houses, giving renewed hope for those of weakened will.

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears. I say that when the student is ready, the teacher and the teaching is everywhere.” ~robert of mayflower bookshop

Nov. 18th Mercury in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces, time to let go of what didn’t work and fall back to the original dream. Or are new dreams making their way to you. Straight shooting intelligence works to awaken higher view and new light, smart insight, into others. Honesty up front can awaken once too dreamy passive lethargic inertia or wrong views. New insight and sparks of reality provoke some to wake up. Use common sense and smarts to weave through deceptive clouds and mischief. Best advice unless you ready to leap, get back to where you once belonged, rid yourself of non working elements and stay strong within. If i have to be under illusion, i want to have the illusion everybody is becoming a Buddha, or a Christ, a hero flowering in ultimate heart and intelligence participant with all. This is true divination, divining the divine in all things, people, places and spaces. ~robert of mayflower

Nov. 19 Neptune goes direct from its retrograde motion. Waking up or is it new dream futures coming? New and renewed energies to heal and better self. Insights into past and future emerge. In weeks ahead, all ahead go with future plans ready or not. Dream come true beginning to work; especially with Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces planets and houses; check your chart where! Higher Truths key to clear headedness now. In the U.S.A. chart with Sagittarius Rising, at this time transiting Jupiter conjuncts natal USA Saturn giving a sense of good endings and new beginnings. Sense of balance and planning to better future, work, travel, life style. Libra, Aquarius, Gemini planets and houses especially reap positive benefits and good luck for next several months. Good time for dream security planning. Lots of ideal or spiritual love this coming week. Deeply real but slightly dreamy emotional times. Be still and inwardly aware, meditate and chew food well, in breath and bless. Real wealth is our ability to love through it all, our ability to be co-creative, participant, two way making one, wholeness. Real wealth is inner awakening, mindfulness, dharma, realization of every potential future here now. ~rt

Nov. 24 Jupiter square Pluto, Moon conjunct Jupiter. Important time for patience, compassion, and taking care that you don’t feel over done, over used, taken advantage of by your own false dreams and attachments. Good time to let go and let god. Yet also good time to work hard to achieve goals, play hard to awaken Spirit Soul. Create sacred space for self and others. Avoid over indulging, over doing, weakening one’s vitality and good will. Decadence or over doing can bring quick bad luck, over indulging at this time brings ill effects and troubles. Shaky stock markets? Weird storms days before or after? Some start to break free of debt, others in over their head. Gamble not at this time. Many try to go big, but many more make mistakes or lose their shirt. Big Guy, corporate, moves, mergers, buy outs, large economic moves. In USA Chart progressed Moon opposes USA Uranus; heavy changes and shake ups as reaction to recent elections. Sudden shifts in social cultural likes and dislikes, sudden rise to power or sudden celebrity status for some. For others …, loss of celebrity status, money, power, name or fame or claim. If you are ready for a change, here it comes in coming weeks. If you are fighting change, well….you are fighting instead of flowing and flowering. Sudden shifts in economic conditions and directions. Cardinal Signs, houses, planets (Capricorn, Libra, Cancer, Aries) beware to not over do or take dangerous risks or chance, gamble, at this time. Power in knowing what not to do or what to pull out of. Much could be loss or gain at this time, extremes in behaviour and weather. Good time for sharing, creating family, friends, and community at this time. Wise investment time for self and money. Danger of excess for all signs, but great time to share and care, hold and behold, hug and smile. Beware this week of those always trying to manipulate outcome. Seek freedom from and freedom to ….do. Collective sharing or sense of loss or growth around this time. Strange deaths in news. With Mars in sky mid pointing Neptune/Pluto, these days could be very frightening crazy, violent, destructive, stormy, nature wildness and chaotic events, nutty….and may remain kind of crazy chaotic through to end of month. But also, for some, deep bonding and commitment to bettering situations. Promises for the future are tricky, some real and some fake. Stock Markets jittery, sudden rise and falls; some get richer (hopefully not just the already rich). Although for some, this could be the wild moment you’ve been waiting for to leap over the moon and deep in the sea of feeling; for most its a dangerous time to take chances or to travel.

“Jealousy is when we love someone for who we want them to be, not who they are. Jealousy is not love. Love is wishing another to be happy, blessing. Love makes us selfless, truth discovers the self that is unchanging though always here for the first time.” ~robert of mayflower

Nov. 25 Venus conjunct Pluto, Venus square Jupiter. Here is the aspect where sex crimes or sexual healing can take place. The redemption of the dark feminine or the re-wounding god forsaking. Serious aspect for protecting loved ones, creating new loved ones, or healing the past. Love and death meet eye to eye here. What really matters should here make it self known. Some deepen their love and commitment; for others its the bitter endless end, the blues. Good aspect for serious poetry and song writing, deep feelings and heroic journey. For others its trouble. Love troubles, money troubles, family and job troubles. Jealousies, emotional disagreements, arrogance and over the top energetic. Good time to talk less and let your patient good will actions speak for itself. For others its an endless confession of love and need. Deep commitment or experiences of intimacy for some, for others vanity and pride, taking things personally too much, wounded feelings of rejection, jealousy, attachment. Negative emotions can mar the soul’s free flow, learning, growing, process. Knowing what not to do, and what not, clears way further growth. Less is more here perhaps. Beware of going to extremes or those who do. Deep love and willingness to invest vs unconscious impulses and immediate needs or addictions at expense of future. Avoid making new enemies.

“First thought, best thought; if that doesn’t surprise you with wonder and insight, be still and watch, listen with your heart for another first thought.” ~rt.

Nov. 29th New Moon 7 degree Sagittarius , Venus square Uranus. A wanting to come home to oneself, change or work on oneself rather than the other. For some, sudden shifts, changes, of likes and dislikes, culture. For some, sudden shift to higher level in love life, money, aim. For some, the floor drops out, and a quick need to fly to some new place, or fly in some new way emerges. Some feel need for new direction in life, love, money, or wants. All depends on one’s karma and willingness to learn. Take care not to get run over by those strongly bent, warped, or ill fashioned for true futures. Boil all your troubles into self cherishing and refusal to learn anew. Are you yourself not over, under, or able to go around, and too demanding of self or others? Try stillness meditation and another good read or Osho, Steiner, Blavatsky, Manly Hall, tibetan buddhism for real..…like Dalai Lama or Gelek Rinpoche, Trungpa or Kalu Rinpoce! Great time for sudden bursts of creativity, art, music, writing, doing something new, free, exciting.

“How we live votes for the future we share.” -rt

“Work to make dreams come true, otherwise wake up.” ~robert of mayflower

Nov. 30 Sun square Neptune brings new light on ways of attaining goals and dreams, new dreams of future, and new ways of interpreting the past to strengthen our present into future. Or is it a light revealing more clearly our poor and mistaken dreams, illusions, mistakes, misgivings? Some feel lost or adrift without a clue of what happening, what direction to go. Others mystically dream into futures with too many plans do no one good. Mutable signs, planets, houses (Pisces, Sagittarius, Gemini) affected the most. Don’t give yourself away, share and pray; meditate and listen to each other’s heart listening. Find the rest of you there, listening to who’s listening.

“We are love, truth witnesses that.” ~robert of mayflower

Dec. 1st Mars trine Jupiter gives lots of new energy and forward motion for what works into the future. Air signs prosper here and are lucky. Check your planets and houses for where your booster rocket of luck is.

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“How we live our life votes for the future we share.” -rt

“A small part of the fifth root-race will forestall the course of evolution, it will spiritualise Manas and unfold the Spirit-Self. The majority, however, will reach the summit of selfishness. Only this nucleus of humanity, that develops the Spirit-Self, will become the seed of the sixth root-race, and the most advanced of these, the Masters, as we call them, (masters of wisdom and compassion, harmony of thinking and feeling) who have grown out of mankind, will then be the spiritual leaders of humanity. The movement for spiritual knowledge, anthroposophy or theosophy, strives towards this goal.” -Steiner, Adept School of the Past