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May 5th Saturday.’Robert of Mayflower with Bob Monteleone performs live! Songs’ new and good old

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President Trump, like em or not, is about to pull off major international economic and peace making genius, and other lucky maneuvers as Uranus trines his Rising Sign. The planetary transit and Astrological geometry has Uranus in approach to his 9th house of international and higher minded affairs now trine his ascending rising sign bring happy go lucky results and genius chess moves with economics and politics, new technology and political breakthrough. Watch his popularity barometer rise next few months. Progressed Venus conjunct his natal Jupiter will give him some love. He may need to take care with who since his wife Melania has Uranus conjunct Sun coming in next months. She moving? Separating? or just rising to the next higher level as First Lady Super Smart and Daring Creative!?

Meanwhile you addicts for politics and those lost in personal avenger infinity wars; keep your eye on the real Wonder Woman Taylor Swift! Swift has Uranus in sky transit in good aspect trine to her Ascending Rising Sign and Uranus so get ready for another shape shift new face same brain and heart goddess to riff new hit recording come May June July straight into Christmas (speaking astrology wise). Taylor Swift don’t quit at the top, she makes new tops! She’s a record machine! With Jupiter con joining her Mars end of year, she may actually find a new lover that lasts. Her Capricorn rising sign gives her lasting power.

Astrology for May and June 2018;

planetary geometry, aspects.

Astrology is the art science of possibilities, tendencies, probability ~~

May 6-7th Mercury square Pluto, and Venus square Neptune. Much talk and concert about what to do about violence, greed, selfishness, drugs, over medicated, who to trust, and what other scary things will the future bring. Danger of tricksters and con artists, promises with no future, and lost adventures. Possible over indulgence of negative thinking, escapism. On positive side, deep researching, reviewing, rewriting, rethinking, and the making of artistic, travel, or future plans. For some the melting of false dreams, for others a letting go and sailing or flying onwards. Tendency to be unsure or not well thought out as to plans and outcome. Need to be smart, to the point, practical yet artistic or beautiful in one’s presentation.

May 8th Sun oppose Jupiter. Tendency to overdue, over indulge, misspend, misappropriate, take risk, moral vs immoral activities, serving greater whole and benefiting others or egotistical or selfish indulgence at cost of others. Many go overboard or get thrown overboard. Others enjoy the peeks knowing too the valleys, keeping a golden mean or balance, middle way, in all things. Could be fun time. Danger of loss if one wrongly invested. Deflation follows inflation.

May 10th, Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces, idealistic, not practical concerns. Dreamy creative day. Estrangement for those not rooted in practicality.

May 11th Sun trine Pluto, a sense of bringing light to dark places, a sense of sureness of position or path, taking long term view with immediate concern or active result. Manifestation of little things that matter, strengthening inner connections and brining to light inner feelings and matters of concern so to strengthen foundation for future.

May 12 Mercury in Aries square Mars in Capricorn. Immediate needs or wants/desires and long term goals or aims either work together for both individual and collective goals to achieve, or clash. Need to act in the present for sake of the future, not steal from the future for sake of present desire or appetite. Mind and body at odds, conflict between one’s thinking and actions. Avoid arguments going nowhere.

May 13th Mercury/Moon conjunct Uranus. Mercury enters Taurus. A sparkling of mind and feelings with novelty or need for the new; yet greater need arising for security, trustworthiness, lasting quality or value, practical grounded planning. Sudden breaking news for good or ill or both. Grounded plans start to emerge now but sure at end of month for both economic and political maturing. Mercury in Taurus wants talk to matter, actions to prove words, words to be worthy of right action.

May 15th New Moon at 24 degree Taurus. Many plans in coming weeks for prosperity, long term investment, desire to prosper or be enriched in someway. Uranus enters Taurus for several years now. Next seven years could bring about big changes in banking, money systems, monetary workings, possible planetary currency starting in 2020, and shake ups on structure of Wall Street and how we gamble with our investments, how we lose investments in gambling. Creative change in values, clothes, style, and how we think about love and commitment. Many feel sudden urge to be free, others wish more commitment. Uranus wants to lighten the burden of feeling tied down or rooted. Look for wild rides in the stock market, quick money and quick losses. Also wild confrontations and risk in political economics, with possible break throughs or break ups. Taurus wants security and steady predictable, Uranus want freedom and is radical rebellious or unpredictable. Hard to find balance right off. In coming months many get off the fence or feelings of being straddled between this and that, here and there. Many step back or rise above warring opposites or tensions arising from conflicting view and contrary positions either self or other holds. Here premature action or hasty decisions or investment can lead to failure and loss, avoid putting all your eggs in one basket; diversify and/or stay practical. Uranus in Aries is fired up to fight and struggle for freedom and dream or ideal at any cost. Here Uranus moving into Taurus reconsiders the cost and starts to realize long term views, outcomes, possibilities greater than immediate here now. Last time Uranus in Taurus was during Great Depression, Start of WW2, and Abdication of King Edward VIII (possible shift in Monarchy in UK, along with other crazy changes). Mars enters Aquarius May 15th too today in square to Uranus next day. Last time was Election day 2016! President Trump stuff could be up and down and up. This Mars Square Uranus will happen two more times come August and then September 2016 due to Mars retrograde so some new events may take that long to unwind their total picture. Some events are wham bam dunk now. Wow, expect shocking sudden shifts and changes, dislodging of old guard as days, weeks, months, and seven years to come ride on. Taurus and Aquarius are fixed signs and Uranus urges updates, quickening and rising to next level up. Mars can be forceful and brutally frank, so sharp words and conflicts may flare up here last few days or week and in day to come. Those with planets around zero degree fixed signs, Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo (will feel it bolt and zolt of electrical shock or lightening change). Strongest affected are those born around Jan. 20-21st, April 20-21st, July 22-23rd, and Oct. 23-34. Need to change or be changed, need to cut something out that isn’t going anywhere, need to change self rather than wait for other to make change that may or may not truly please you. Need to avoid rash hasty premature action. Patience and slow but sure will avoid accident or mishap. Take care around machinery. In some parts, difficult or dangerous time to travel. Danger of precipitating anger or conflicts. On the up side courageous or heroic acts, revelations or news forcing change for the better in long run, sudden energizing connections or hook ups, or the opposite….sudden breakdowns and loss of energy.

May 16th Mars square Uranus with Mars entering aquarius. Extraordinary arousal of energy to accomplish task or deed. Deed to leave others free to decide, think, act for themselves. Hastiness or premature action, anger or egotistic force may backfire, cause accident, blow up in one’s face. Danger of explosive situations, rash words or deeds. Rugged individualism clashes with state of the art or established view. Will to free or be free. Electrical difficulties, or storms, sudden shifts or crashes. Difficulties in travel, mishaps. For others breakthroughs rather than breakdowns.

May 17th Moon conjunct Venus in Gemini; love yourself and the other, other and self, the space allows duality to exist simultaneously, love that, bring harmony to the space in and around all beings and things. Sensual touchy feelings abound, good time to hug and converse. Sacred conversing and inner connection is revealed outwardly. Good purchases, making things beautiful, beautifying the mind and heart.

May 18th Mercury trine Saturn May 19th Venus enters Cancer.

Steady thinking practical and grounded lead the way to future progress sure. Venus in Cancer urge to mother or be mothered, or need for such. Beautifying the home and yard, good food and friends.

May 20th Sun enters Gemini offering diverse novel inventive expressions, but too much going on perhaps. Be discerning, discriminate as to priority and what of immediate importance.

May 23 Mercury oppose Jupiter, Sun trine Mars. Tendency to over talk, blow the cover, expose or loosen lips, overspend, or is it something you just can’t pass up? Good time to fix up, clean up early on, play later. Avoid goofing off at work and getting in trouble.Here loose lips may dance hips and loose a kiss, or lose one. Too much information.

May 25th Jupiter trine Neptune, Mercury trine Pluto. Those in airy fairy worlds may have fun day. For sure good for spiritual mystical experience, spiritual healing, love that includes others blessing the world, high romantic grail experience and relations. Avoid over doing or going over the top. Many beautiful fantasies as play here leaving many feeling like they are in a movie. For some this last month and into next full of wonder, surprise, futurity, magic, inner connection, divine intuitions, meaningful or prophetic dreams, spiritualism, and even talking to the dead even if they are still alive (but act like they are dead for all practical purposes). Danger of escapism but beautiful aspect for pleasing times and summery weather in most parts.

The Mercury/Pluto good for new discovery, planning, researching, completing, accomplishing, requesting promotion, further learning and growth.

May 25th into 26th Venus oppose Saturn reveals where love is real or not, where one is delusional and projecting, left alone and wanting, or where one is in need. Time to help less fortunate and attempt to heal rifts and splits. Here reality sets in for those who had their heads in the clouds and feet off the ground. Good for long-term love perhaps for some.

May 27th Moon conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio may indicate completion of something, and new beginning. Good time making connections, planning future, cleaning home, fixing things up, meeting with friends, enjoying outdoors, social life, family, catching up to oneself.

May 29th Full Moon 8 degree Sagittarius. Lots of frank honest yet jovial conversations this last week peeking out and overflowing overflowering into long weekend here. Lots of big and little journeys, meetings, conversing.

June 1st-2nd-3rd Mercury trine Mars, Venus trine Jupiter, and Venus trine Neptune vibe. Great days for creative play, writing, communicating, befriending, envisioning and planning one’s highest self, goals,greatest adventure; time to be the love and truth you want to see in the world. Sense of fulfilling one’s destiny or linking up to good, true, beautiful.

June 5th Sun conjunct Mercury in Gemini reveals things needing real honest assessing and evaluating, Venus in Cancer oppose Pluto in Capricorn brings out the crazy addicts, bad shoppers, mad lovers obsessed and kinky, weird control freaks, and lack of security. Love can go south here. Feelings of loss or rejection abound. Secrets get revealed. All isn’t what it was made out to be. On positive note, sense of protecting valuables, honor, home, little ones. For some sense of ending, completion, death. For others birth, loving anew.

June 6 Mercury square Neptune. Emotions may fall short of logic. Tell the truth, assume the other may be hiding something? Creative imagination needs outlet. Avoid distractions to main goal to achieve. Read the fine print, avoid gambles or taking unwarranted chance. Perhaps good for artistic or future planning.

June 7th Sun square Neptune, dream but know you are dreaming, fantasize but know you are. Good for flowers, art, poetics, dreamy idealistic romance. Otherwise, little work gets done, temptation to play hooky. Mystical feelings of union and communion or loss of common sense and rational mind? Psychic insights are to be had, but keep your common sense.

June 12 Astrology the Psychic Intuitive Art and ScienceTalk by robert of mayflower at Birmingham Community House. 7 to 9 pm, $30.

June 13 New Moon 22 Gemini, lots of things to do, try to get everything done at home and work so to be free in days to come.

June 14th, Venus square Uranus; upsets in feelings or love, or is it new insights and shifts of how to care for loved ones.

June 21 Venus in Leo oppose Mars in Aquarius. Summer Solstice. Some shine, others get a shiner. Lovers fight argue mishap, behave like dogs and cats, or have a wild good time. Ego desire may clash greater need of whole. Freedom vs security or control irritate the auric field and day. Lots of energy if one knows how to use it.

June 23 Mercury oppose Pluto makes for difficult communication unless much compassion and wisdom used to facilitate.

June 25th Venus square Jupiter. Love abounds, take care not to over do it. Watch needless expenditure, yet some things are worth shooting for the stars?!

June 27 Sun oppose Saturn tends to force reality and long term effects onto airy fairy dreamy sweet nothings. Doors close on some, certain events reach climax or ending or strong turn, perhaps return.

June 30th Mercury square Uranus. Tough communications, avoid beating your point to death. Patience and loving kindness needed here. Need to tweak or make technical adjustment. Actions need to back up words, words need activate work, work needs to be smart not hasty.

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