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“Look truth in the face, love heart to heart,
friendship with one’s presence divine.” ~robert of mayflower

May 3rd into May 10th a series of sweet nice aspects take place ready to melt the heart and soul into happiness and bliss with friends, career, calling, nature, love and money. May 3rd Sun trine Jupiter, May 6th New Moon aligned with grand trine in earth signs; Sun/Moon in Taurus trine to Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn. Special connections, good work, heart to heart interactions. Earth signs (houses/planets) give this time a practical, down to earth sensuality and embodied joyful spirit of good will and prosperity, or sharing of such. On the 10th May Jupiter goes direct from retrograde. Venus trines Jupiter on 10th, Mercury trines Pluto on 12th, and Venus trines Pluto on 13th with Mercury conjunct Venus then too! All this goes to say that many people will find right relations, destiny, right calling, right love, right hook up job wise. Yes its going to be fun in the sun for many and nice weather in many parts for sure in heart/mind/body. May 15th Moon conjunct Jupiter giving first half of month a beautiful positive spring send off, and here a turning point. Good for magically romantic and positive spirit relations this first half of May. Earth Signs Capricorn/Virgo/Taurus and such Houses and Planets in your chart particularly benefit. All practical earthy plans and actions prosper.

May is a turn around for Bernie Sanders who just recently went through Saturn in sky transit square to his natal Sun dampening his spirit, hard on his health, and Clinton beaten in few states. Now first week of May, Jupiter goes direct and will conjunct his Sun bringing back a few weeks of success and joy, wins. But end of May , Mars oppose his natal Uranus bringing near ends with a bang; or is it sudden shift and new beginnings? June is a wing dinger for Bernie when Uranus conjuncts his natal Mars; that could for sure throw him out or bring challenges, perhaps health, and need to avoid stress, anger, accidents. For sure June will bring many more surprises and jolts or shocking shifts, changes. Could Hillary ask him to be VP?
Poor Prince aspects continue to plague the purple artist with the purple haze of misuse of medications and possible drug use to boot as predicted on my Facebook page, where i posted friend’s song ‘Alcohol and Pills’ all about famous rock stars who died from such. Check it out. Song by Fred Eaglesmith.

“Its good to get ahead, but its heart that roots friends.”
~robert of mayflower

May 5th may trigger or forewarn of difficult times to come? Changes to come? Chaotic or stormy, quake, events coming Mid May On, when then it gets bewilderingly crazy, possibly even chaotic or scary for some. Whatever screws can come loose, do. Korea has crazy aspects as does their leader who is always threatening neighboring countries with war like tirades. All geo political hotspots, and stormy weather with up ticks of quakes, volcanoes, storms, and emotions over riding the banks occur second half of month but also pay attention to (day before or after) May 5th, 9th, 18th, Full Moon 21st, 22nd, 24th, 25th, and May 26th. Also critical dates June 3rd and 4th, 13th (June 13th being another crazy aspected day for political and geo-economic hotspots such as Korea and their leader, or Putin, or whoever else is hot shot too hot to handle).  Strong political jangling, and testy markets. Mars Direct June 29th into 30th should help fix things up that need fixing.Then its July 7th and 16th next quake/storm uptick, or shaky market aspect. Look for many an ups and down in celebrities, political contestants, economics and political turmoil during all these stormy aspects just listed starting with May 5th, 9th, 18th, etc.

“Love can prepare one for truth, nothing prepares one for love;
so come unprepared.”
~robert of mayflower

New Moon May 6th and days around such really good for new projects and futures, a deepening of one’s commitment to enlightenment, happiness, creative projects, happy social love life, friends family workmates.

May 8th is Mother’s Day and the Moon in Gemini skirts between the future (neptune) dream, the ‘be here now’ ‘power of now presence’, and the shaky past as yet undigested or redeemed for some. Jupiter, and the past haunts and hungry ghosts of ‘what could of been’ still seems to hold some back Saturn like. Possibly good time for healing old wounds or revisiting imprisoned memories in hopes for new escapes?

“Experience is the best teacher, good books can unfold such flowering of the soul.” ~RT

May 9th Jupiter goes direct in Virgo giving push for healthier or wealthier job and diet, healing relations and interactions. The Sun conjunct Mercury on 9th (an occultation of mercury eclipse of Sun, rather rare) brings acute awareness of what needs to be put in action or gotten rid of. Such Mercury Sun aspect can trigger sudden shocking realizations or news,  Quakes, sudden stormy emotions or weather, strong turning points, precipitating quick changes in behaviour or direction. Burning realizations or sudden change in desires or needs. Jupiter in Virgo is beauty in simplicity for some, for others decadent overdoing. Here too much good is spoiling or crippling of clear action and virtue truth. Keep it simple is key. Everything in moderation as Pythagorus taught. Jupiter is in Virgo till early September when it enters peacemaking artistically creative harmonizing beauty making Libra.

May 16th Moon in Libra 1:33 pm est after Sun and Moon in earth signs trine in the morning. Should be harmonious sweet day or easily relating to self and other. Good day to envision the future and the best paths to take to get there. Good clear, fun, conversing, meeting, connecting, feeling.

“When the sea is calm, all the boats look good.”
~robert of mayflower

“Love is the key, now if i could just find the right door….”

Full Moon time 20-21-22nd of May conjuncts Mars retrograde! Crash Bang Boom if not careful. Days around full moon full of sudden shifts, changes, rearrangements, arguments or feisty exchanges, danger of accidents, difficult travel, warring, explosive, and thwarting circumstances. Avoid risk taking or gambling with anyone or anything. Avoid anger and negative emotions rocking one’s center and stability of behaviour. Drive safe and watch out for too much quickening or velocity or fast talk. Unless you really thought it out, avoid rash decision making. Be patient and compassionate for others having tough time. This is aspect dangerous to sports injury or playing rough house. Yet Mars is bravery, bravado, assertive actions, heroic demonstration, martial arts.

“The older the acoustic guitar, the better the strum, tone, resonance, and tune; so it is with some of us young elder musical cathedrals of self.” ~robert of mayflower

May 22 Mercury goes direct with Moon conjunct Saturn giving serious pondering to the most practical down to earth concerns, money, investment, physical relations, what matters most. Decisions have to made this week influencing next 4 years perhaps. Ask yourself this, ‘Where is the fun and joy, the aliveness and good sensed values of heart and soul?’ Where the wisdom, love, truth? Go there if you can. Plato taught ‘God’ to be whatever makes us good, true, and feeling beautiful about ourselves and others.

May 24th Venus in Gemini oppose Mars in Sagittarius wild for going to extremes in love and passion. Opposite is to be avoided, upsets due to contrary disposition, disagreement, dog and cat fights, estrangement and possible separation ensuing. It is important here to make peace not war, and to be careful of accidentally offending another. Compassion and patience is key.

May 26th Jupiter in Virgo square Saturn in Sagittarius makes many wish for long term financial security or fears of lacking such. For many its downsizing and contracting into something more easily secured and taken care of. A move or change more fitting to present and future financial realization. For some others its plotting and seizing big plans for the future. Wise in waning square to aim at 2020 timing for the really big plan or exercise of will, perhaps fructification of working plans already in action. Important here to rid oneself of the non essentials and unnecessary burdens or belabored or heavy unneeded tasks set upon oneself. In other words, lighten the load, soul to fly.

May 27th Mars retrograde goes back into Scorpio until Mars goes direct June 29th. Mars in Scorpio is regeneration or degenerative actions. Important to not take things too personally and have knee jerk reactions inwardly or outwardly that intensify conflict. Mars is assertive action and when retrograde, strong forward motion is blocked or frustrated. Thus good for yoga, meditation, inward reflection, introspection, counseling or seeking wisdom spiritual insight, study, passionate pursuit of creative arts, music, study, research.

June 26th Jupiter trines Pluto making for powerful success and long term benefits, security. An aspect for meeting up with significant positive people and situations. Positive life time experiences and people who make such happen. Aspect influencing last month or two setting up destiny making great moments and situations flower into future. Prosperous joyous encounters. Good for rising in the ranks and digging in deeper. Earth signs, houses, and planets treasured and pleasured the most here; Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. Check your chart for where the action is.

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