May 2014

“Without Love this world is haunted,
Without Truth this world is alone.”
-robert of mayflower

Are we going to have a cold spring into summer as predicted in December 10th’s Om Cafe talk (see youtube mayflowerbookshop channel)? Then really hot late June into July? Will food and energy prices go up?!

For those making plans: tough aspect days are May 10th, 11th, Full Moon May 14th, 18th/19th, 28th. Good days for positive aspects include May 3rd, 4th Moon/Jupiter/Saturn give future insights, 12th, 15th for some, 18th for some, 24th especially good when Jupiter trines Saturn, 25th, and 31st for some. May 22nd to 24th Moon/Jupiter/Saturn grand trine melts minds and hearts into allegiances for lasting good true beautiful friendships, callings, and happiness.

“A billion stars go spinning through the night, glittering above your head, But in you is the presence that will be when all the stars are dead.”-Rilke

May 2nd evening, Mercury oppose Saturn creates obstacles to truth or fixed ideas, negative thinking, or opposition to such. War rhetoric and shaky markets? Or just cold shoulders and weird reality stares into space? Venus goes into Aries while Mars in Libra, both are in each other’s ruling sign. Men become sensitive and over-feeling? Women over-aggressive? Or is it time for women to take more leading roles? Is it just a time in next 3 weeks when (especially May 11th to 15th the worst) many relationships hit the wall. Intense feelings and passions may find cold or indifferent resistance. Extremes in behaviour, jealousy, envy, and just simply being at odds may cause many a split. On the other hand, the middle of the month could be a wild passionate free-for-all for some. Venus now triggers the grand cross, need to internalise outer events, digest experience, be patient to act. Internal feelings and passions now play into the configuration of work and play, politics and economics. Weather continues to go to extremes, but as predicted December 10th at OM Cafe talk, some areas experiencing cooler weather (eastern half of USA for sure).

“Love is the key, truth is the lock.” -robert of mayflower

May 3rd evening and into 4th, the Moon in Cancer Sign conjuncts Jupiter and trines Saturn. Good days here (Sat. May 3rd into the 4th) to make persuasive moves for long-term goals, commitments, friendships, business, future. Good for trying to make peace these next weeks, laying groundwork for long-term prosperity rather than short-lived.

“Because we want something beyond ourselves, we seek another.”
-robert of mayflower

May 5th to 10th Black Moon Lilith triggered by conjunction of Moon (night of 5th), inconjunct to Neptune (night/8th), and Venus trines Lilith (night/9th). Watch out for the wild woman in you to come out. Tendency to pull the rug out from under your own (or other’s) feet. Good if you’re falling to the floor to kiss, bad if undoing or tripping oneself or another. Tendency to want to make your own rules, bucking authority. Good to have passion, better to have compassion and wisdom to boot. Danger of booting the wrong one out. Danger of personal feelings getting the best of one’s rational judgement.

“Life is like a beautiful melody, only the lyrics are messed up.”
-Hans Christian Anderson

May 7th Mercury enters Gemini with Moon in Leo, Leadership communications, hearty connections. Two and half weeks of too much new news, breakthroughs in communications and networking with Mercury in Gemini.Climacteric weather, inner and outer, tensions increase as we near May 10th aspects.

“There are no classes in life for beginners;
right away you are always asked
to deal with what is most difficult.” -Rilke

May 10th and 11th, Sun oppose Saturn, Venus oppose Mars, Mercury square Neptune. Wisdom and patience called for here to avoid anger and hatred, mistaken views and erring imaginations. Warring energies and mistaken views? Conflict with authorities? Weird weather doesn’t help moods. Good and evil seem to conflict. Heavy reality check. Going to extremes dangerous here. Threats and counter threats. Difficult weather, inwardly or outwardly. Sad news, dog and cat fights, strange sightings, lipstick and lies, peculiar states of mind. Avoid misuse of meds, drugs, alcohol. Avoid negative states of mind and emotions if possible. Good day for yoga, disciplined diet and exercise, imaginative creative endeavours. Can be a rough 5 days coming for storm and change. Security needs fight with excitement stimulation needs.

May 12th Mercury trine Mars, breakthroughs in communications, relationships, partnerships, business connections, networking.

“Everything terrible is something that needs our love.” -Rilke

May 14th Full Moon in Scorpio, Venus square Pluto makes for intense passion and intimacy, spending oneself wildly, or feeling split between ideal and practical. Could be a need for more security measures and compassionate loving kindness, patience and unconditional love. Otherwise jealousy and obsession, negative emotions overrun with chaotic outcomes. A need to finalise something, take it in deeper or rid oneself of unwanted or unneeded restriction or weighty heavy situations. Reversals in weather, perhaps stocks, relations. Worries about money or security. Need for deeper love and commitment to oneself, one’s higher self and future goals. A sense of rejection or need to remove, cleanse. Ridding self of unnecessary baggage, repeat offenders, and negatives. A sense of knowing what to cut out to make room for what to let in. A sense of planting new seeds, freeing the past, or continuing to feel stuck or fixated. Need for renewal or one feels sunk by negativity or poor habits. A sense of death and rebirth. When love works with this aspect it can be quite healing. Jupiter trines Chiron on 14th but influences all month really; making for a wanting to mother others’ happiness, positive change for the better when it comes to diet, exercise, yoga, work out, body work. Good for healing family problems or troubles, but also good for making a magic garden and sacred centre away from the hustle and bustle and noise. Unusual meetings, healings, or re-woundings and strange affairs. Aim for the higher octave of these planets. Then even the Venus/Pluto becomes in depth love and commitment to renewing to spirit ennobling relationships.

“To love is so startling it leaves little time for anything else.”
-Emily Dickinson

May 15th evening, Venus conjunct Uranus; Wild colours, sudden urges, new forms of release and creativity, love urges. Sudden coming together or parting, wanting a change or a rearrange. Sudden change in plans or direction. A wild kiss. An either/or conundrum or ultimatum. Fast as it comes, fast as it goes. Lightening and windy storm aspects these last days. Mercury squares Chiron May 16th into 17th, expect wild minded ideas and talk, maverick new insights or crazy wild play or tricks. Sudden arousal of the creative urge, urge to do something new, expect the unexpected.

“For some, greater things defeat the ego that separates us from the wild greater spirit life of the wilderness, creativity and genius offer.”
-robert of mayflower

May 17th Saturday night here may play wildly into Sunday next day 18th. Need for long-term view on both play and promises.

May 18th, Moon in Capricorn, Venus square Jupiter. Do what you love but keep the fort down kind of aspect. Disciplined play? Or running out of bounds and crossing new thresholds. Some have disciplined sorrow, others unimaginable joys. Much wisdom arises now for those who listen with their heart and bone. Willingness to be alone, even in a crowd, opens the door to being alone with one’s higher self and other.

“If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow” -Rilke

May 19th Mars goes Direct to trigger off the Uranus/Pluto square mid June coming. Venus opposes Ceres. Shades of Grand Cross April! The return of the Mummy and Vampire? Just more geopolitical tempers flaring and bad weather. Around mid June Full Moon in Sagittarius Mars will hit the Uranus/Pluto square and more stressful craziness such as during April’s Grand Cross may return; also possible tough time for farming, money, and love life. None-the-less, around May 19th look for some strong shifts of weather and mood, windy zaniness, forward moving political outlook and economic zoom. Also the Venus/Ceres makes for the need to be mothered or mother, with many a big baby running around complaining over spilt or spoiled milk. Next few days rush forward into the future, ready or not here it comes.

“If we surrendered to earth’s intelligence we could rise up rooted, like trees.”

May 24th Jupiter trine Saturn for third time in last two years. Good for long-term investment, economic stability, emotional security, and friendship futurity. This aspect stabilises the crazy Uranus/Pluto volatility and high pressure weather, politics, eco and economy. Such aspect offers solutions to problems, not pollution, disillusion and dissolution of challenges. What started earlier in month reaches important turning point or continuance with long-lasting ramifications and results.

“The future enters into us, in order to transform itself in us, long before it happens.” -Rilke

May 28th New Moon in Gemini, Sun square Neptune. Lots of talk going nowhere these next few days, or is the future going off without us? People tend to want more peace and quiet and voters may be becoming annoyed with noisemakers and worry warts. Tendency to get lost, ramble on, lose oneself in words and thoughts. Possible genius creativity in the arts, music, imagination. Higher love vs. lost in the shuffle aspect.

‘Upon hearing true melody, one awakens the inevitability of something eternal within us, a song, dancing all along within us, awaiting to re-member, connect, bridge, remind us that we are part of everything, everyone, and the world.’
-robert of mayflower

“We need the Moon so we don’t perish in the Sun, we need dark so we don’t perish in the light, we need love so we don’t perish in truth, we need art so we don’t waste away from news.”
-robert of mayflower

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Further note from Steiner. Mayflower Bookshop began in my imagination when I saw ‘The Secret Doctrine’ glowing on a bookshelf in Circle Books, Ann Arbor, long ago. Blavatsky’s books are important to have for your expanding mind, imagination, and library. Start with ‘Isis Unveiled’ and enjoy.

“At the beginning of the Theosophical movement a woman stands, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. It is a strange circumstance that precisely here we have the unprecedented experience, that here we have a woman with the most all-embracing mind, with the most penetrating force and energy of mind who has written works compared to which all the spirituality which our culture (Geisteskultur) has otherwise produced is but a trifle.
Now, perhaps you believe nothing of the so-called occult teachings, the so-called insights into the spiritual world that are contained in Blavatsky’s ‘Isis Unveiled’ or the ‘Secret Doctrine’ — perhaps you believe nothing of this; but take a look at these books some time and ask yourself: ‘How many thinkers of today have known more penetratingly about so many things as Blavatsky?’
The two enormous volumes of The Secret Doctrine give information on almost all areas of spiritual life, ancient culture, ancient religion; on all possible branches of natural science, social life, astronomy and physiology.”
-Rudolf Steiner, ‘Women, Sexuality and Society’, Nov. 17, 1906, Ga54.

“Hence it seems clear that in every human being, if we wish to consider him as a totality, we have a phenomenon before us with two parts — one revealed and material, and one hidden and spiritual. And only a man who is capable of combining an external masculinity with a beautiful internal feminine character is a complete human being. And it is precisely this that the greatest spirits, namely, those of a mystical nature, have always felt in the spiritual life of the past.
This is an important point. Men have played a greater part because materialism impels itself towards an external culture. This external culture is a masculine culture because it was meant to be a material culture. But we must also be aware that in the development of world history one cultural epoch gives way to another, and that this one-sided masculine culture must find its completion through what lives in every human being. One senses this precisely in the age of this masculine culture. That is why, when the mystics spoke from the innermost depths of their souls, they defined this soul as something feminine. And it is from this that you find everywhere the comparison of the soul, receptive as it is to the world, with the feminine; and on this is based Goethe’s saying in the ‘Chorus mysticus’:
Everything transient
Is but illusion;
The inadequate —
Here becomes reality;
The indescribable —
Here is achieved;
The Eternal-feminine
Bears us aloft.”
…For this reason it should not surprise us that, in an age that has given birth to a masculine culture, the spiritual culture which has begun in the Theosophical movement had to be given birth by a woman. Thus this Theosophical or spiritual-scientific movement will prove itself to be eminently practical. It will lead humanity to overcome gender in and to rise to the level where Spirit-Man or Atman stands, which is beyond gender, beyond the personal — to rise to the purely human.”

-Rudolf Steiner, GA 54;