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“Old friends pass away, new friends appear. It is just like the days. An old day passes, a new day arrives. The important thing is to make it meaningful: a meaningful friend – or a meaningful day.”
~Dalai Lama

“Heaven above, heaven below;
stars above, stars below;
all that is above, thus also below;
understand this and be blessed.”
– Kircher, Prodrom. Copt., pp 193 and 275.

“Venus as evening star, guides the night life by the heart this month, March 30th Venus as morning star will bring new light to day giving morning honey bee flavors to those seeking unity and divinity. The divine in all matters comes to light but so does what still needing work, transformation, and a further alchemy of love.”

Note – Many aspects are in play from new or full moon before, as well as till new of full moon following exact date of aspect. All planets have a higher and lower octave of event possibility within and/or without. It is up to each of us to resonate and educate ourselves to the higher octave response. Planetary aspects and geo-cosmic geometry impel, not compel; influencing events and persons, not controlling. There is freedom and that freedom is within our own hearts and minds.

March 1st, Sun conjunct Neptune. Higher ideals and faraway places inspire creativity and success in little steps. Otherwise delusion and illusion, false dreams and fake thoughts or feelings lead one astray. Higher love and insight vie with escapism and avoidance of truth, true self, and real meetings of heart and mind. Mutable signs are either mystified and deluded, or newly inspired with new horizons.

March 2nd robert of mayflower facilitates drumming circle and story, thoughts on rhythm along with mythic tale of wonder, at Articipate Art Studio at 3833 12 Mile Road in Berkley, Michigan, donation.

March 2nd, Jupiter oppose Uranus. This is second of three Jupiter/Uranus oppositions. Here there is tension and a wish to be free of certain pressures, people and things. Need for freedom, travel, novelty, creative co-creative play. Tensions arise strongly where there is lack of creative freedom, play, wit and insight, smarts and horse not behind the cart. Horsing around and wild antics may upset the apple cart and cause unnecessary mishap, accident, or estrangement. Markets erratic and diverse in extremes. Truth and Money debate. Upsets in relations. Strong good friends stay sound. Cardinal Signs and Houses struggle for new creativity that ignites new connections and future possibilities for growth, better relations, new pathways.

March 4th, Venus goes retrograde till April 15th. Venus retrogrades in Aries going back into Pisces. Those affected the most are born between March 15 to April 3, between June 16th to July 5th, between Sept. 18 to Oct 7th, and between Dec.18th to Jan. 7th. Need to not be aggressive and ego insistent assertive. Need to sense with heart what others suffer, struggle and strive for. Time for reassessing what one wants or doesn’t want concerning love and what what deems valuable. A sense of going back for something missing contests with need to go forward in some new way. Also happening March 4th is Mercury conjuncts Neptune in Pisces, more fake news and projected illusions, delusions, attacks coming up in weeks to come? Will it be divine intervention and a return to love? Strange fears or realizations in politics and markets. Venus is what we put our love into, what we appreciate or depreciate. Some things suddenly depreciate while others rise in appreciation. Plato’s Good, True, and Beautiful wasn’t an ideal, it was the experience of what we call ‘God’, the universal oneness, harmony and grace. Look within to go boldly without.

March 5th Mars trine Saturn makes for good solid practical long-term gains or striding, striving. Keep to the true and tried, the reliable and responsible, grounded yet eye on a star. Good for catching up with rest, paper work, reading, research, and a bit of good exercise. Here it is better to act with common sense, giving it your best, than to not act at all. Mars is courage, Saturn wisdom comes through time. Mars/Saturn is a want of control on situations at hand. Fire Signs and houses benefit the most here, that is Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.

March 6th Sun conjunct Mercury. This aspect brings hot news, clarity, strong shake ups and decisions, as well as vivid debate, drawing of lines in the sand, yet new clarity to problems and challenges. Can bring sudden stormy weather in parts. may take to the Full Moon March 12th with its Mercury square Saturn aspect to get a good head on the problem, challenge, or trouble. Avoid hot headedness, being too smart where others not up to your speed and reacting. Avoid egotistical or smart ass moves causing strong reactions. Good for listening and gaining new insights. Keep straight to the point, honest and clear. Now is time for honesty and reality or face consequences. Good for truth seeking and divining the divine in all things. Here Mutable signs and houses either crash with reality and facts, or get obstructed in passage or growth opportunity. Avoid over indulging, now the time for disciplined patience and learning. For some a time to root deeper. Could be strange weather, extremes.

March 8th Mercury sextile Pluto. Heavy realities and truths emerge for long distance journey and goals. Serious reality helps make serious decisions. Ideals of love and humanity wrestle with serious world problems. Little positive deeds wishes and feelings help push larger agendas. Avoid being run over by negative people or selfish concerns. Make art, write in journal, tell someone far away or lost that you love them. Go on anyway no matter what.

March 9th 7 to 9pm — Robert of Mayflower talk at Birmingham Community House: The creative art of writing songs, poems, lyrics, love letters, and more.

March 9th Mars enters Taurus. Strong urge to find good work, simplify matters, make honest efforts to go forward, grounding dreams in reality. As Mars goes through Taurus, some may feel not smart enough to deal with the crazy world around them antics. Here honesty, cleanliness, holiness of intention and act, go far. Fools are found out and good endeavors start to make way, progress. Earth Signs and houses find solid ground to proceed with projects. Practicality and common sense win here and in coming weeks.

March 12th Full Moon in Virgo, Mercury square Saturn. Here a feeling that things can’t go on this way begins to appear. Now to March 17th Sun square Saturn, into the 18th’s Mercury conjunct Venus, a serious tone sets the law and order of the day. On 18th things lighten up a bit with kindness and more understanding. Till then time may bring more clarity on what the problem is, what the obstruction in you or other is, and what needs be done for the good of everyone, starting with one’s self. Be concise, be clear, don’t ramble on like me; be true, kind, helpful, and wise for the future. Constructive criticism only here, and that may not work. Avoid negatives that can’t fix problem, trouble, or challenge. Live the life to come to know further secrets of growing, knowing, sowing, and flowing flowering.

March 14th Moon conjuncts Jupiter, opposes Uranus and squares Pluto. The moon is capable of triggering event. What happened at beginning of month around 2nd is playing out creatively or crazily now. Lots of quick news, fast moving day, too much to do, need to cut out a few things to make room for more good, true, beautiful. This is a day where Jesus may appear out of nowhere, or Buddha whispers silent sweet nothings and notings of wisdom in the inner ear of your heart. Here Elvis can show up trying to make you sing, or Zoroaster may come to shed new light. Take care to avoid those only wanting negative psycho drama with no consolation prize for losing. Now is the time to make those changes your higher self calls on you to do, don’t wait for others to hang up on you. Now that i said all that wild stuff, let me tell you this. If you know what you are doing, do it; otherwise sit back, hide, keep safe, and watch the world movie around you play musical chairs. All the time acting surprised at the turn of events planned previous lifetime. Cardinal Signs and Houses intensify workings for both change and deeper long-term root and base.

March 17th Sun square Saturn, Bring light, new and old, to unresolved problems or blocks, obstacles, projects. Good time to do what makes you feel sunny, rejuvenated, renewed, researching higher notions and oceans of smart wit, wisdom, and whatever adds to ‘the rest of the story’.

March 18th Mercury conjunct Venus. Keep bright hot thoughts, words, ideas on the positive cool side. Avoid over intensity unless you sure to score. Tendency for passive aggressive, or aggressive passive play. Urge to strongly move forward, but do it with heart of listening, compassion, flow, flowering, keeping to the co-creative.

“Isn’t it time…that we tenderly loosed ourselves
from the loved one, and, unsteadily, survived:
the way the arrow, suddenly all vector, survives the string
to be more than itself.” ~Rilke, D.E.

March 20th Vernal Equinox, day and night equal length, Sun enters Aries, Moon conjunct Saturn puts chill on it, or some sense of the long journey or work of it. Some places go extreme, hot under the collar, others way cool to the touch.

March 22nd Moon conjunct Pluto. Serious day needing slow unwinding, compassionate feelings for everyone’s struggle. Innocent creative or novel play, non attachment imperative. Avoid getting dragged down by simplifying diet, getting more sleep, exercise, outdoors. Here Compassionate listening opens doors. No expectations, no let down kind of day. Avoid projections of guilt or emotional manipulation, ultimatums, or negative stickiness. Good for cleaning, ridding of unwanted or dead weight. Good for the logic of the soul, Psyche Logos, Light of the Soul, rather than the logic of the dark, unconscious, or weird lost in me, mine, my…

March 23rd 7 to 9 pm The Secret of Hermes, Hermetics, NeoPlatonism, and finding the Holy You! How to maintain day to day mindfulness, selfless love and wit, wisdom and happiness. Robert of Mayflower talk at Birmingham Community House, $29.

March 23rd Mercury square Pluto. Good for fact finding, fact checking, truth finding, and research of any kind. But be aware that weird news and disturbing facts and events portending of need for further change and spiritual growth needed. Some want to nail the evil bad they see outside themselves without any kind of inner realization. Jesus said, “Love your enemies”. Some kind of higher consciousness is needed to heal opposition rather than beat the war drum, inflate the intensity of conflict. Thus, good day to have compassion for the struggle of every soul seeking wholeness, healing, awareness, awakened state.

March 24th Mercury oppose Jupiter. Focus on most important things to get done, avoid too much talk and over think. Otherwise fun communicative day. Good for getting a thousand things done with fun and wit, charm and unbroken, unlimited joy.

March 25th Sun conjunct Venus retrograde. This weekend may prove one of the best of love and light, truth and virtue, good work and play. Hug and earth sign for good luck. The light of insight and love comes easy now. Easy interactions with friendly people and circumstance. Gentle persuasion now wins, works, champion’s causes. For some, lovers of the past may reappear, but remember Venus is going backwards. For some, the inner being lost or forgot long ago reappears, and magic happens. Good time to reassess what you love or not. Good time to call on a higher power, a grand ideal or virtue to invoke a new crucial moment of transcendency, growth, virtuous heroism, and historic merit. Here the future calls for an inner shift redirecting realignment to one’s own pole star, higher self, higher calling. Do what you love, the rest will follow or not, is the injunction at the moment. That does not mean exclude others. Include all you can, but go go go. Here love speaks by thought, feeling, and action. Extra point for all three these daze!

March 26th Moon conjunct Neptune, Mercury conjunct Uranus. Ideas need to become ideals, ideals need to work into actions, entering our everyday life. This is how the Soul is enlivened with Spirits of love and truth. Be honest, share ideals, accept divine in self and others, fight for right but don’t hurt no one. Come to realize outer person can lose inner attuning so easily. Strive to attune to virtuous divine ideals. Work for all, all for one. Here feelings need clear alignment with clear thinking. Align with highest virtue feel while mind is works to be crystal clear practical real. If you don’t have a quartz crystal, get to the Mayflower Bookshop soon as you can. Perhaps it can be a magical aid.

March 27th New Moon in Leo, Moon conjunct Venus. Don your best clothes and/or mindset. Voyage out to the new world imagined for yourself, and/or others. This next two weeks love and wonder, future and redemption, is in the air and moisture of a good heart. Finally class and wonder, creativity and sharing have a say and play! Earth and Fire Signs and Houses up for more good, true, beautiful ways to work and play.

March 29th Moon conjunct Uranus and Mercury possibly triggering fast moving news. Mercury trine Saturn adds to the facts of the ongoing story and reality of world events. Good day for working out details, straightening out misunderstandings, paving new roads furthering success and flowering all in the arts of life. Be steady though, go steady and sure, yet light up for new insights. Inspiring energetic response and positive natures. Be ready for new truths as well as old wisdom insights reinsuring and re-inspiring hope for the future.

March 30th Jupiter square Pluto, Moon conjunct Mars. Oh oh! Now it gets mean, elsewhere ever so real or extreme. With this aspect some get rich, others broke, big sell outs and big mergers. Politics, Economics, Religion all intensely at play, and quarrel. Dangerous time for risk. Some cut off or get cut off; others reconnected. Can be do or die time for some. Sad news. social unrest, feeling of being beat or having to beat the rug to fly. Good time to be honest as hell, sure as heaven. Some get rich inwardly with realization, while others feel drained of mind, pocket, and energy. Good aspect for doing anything to regenerate the situation, you, the other, family and friend. Notorious aspect for death or rebirth, celebrating new queen bee possibility. Possible need to rid past of decadence, waste, pollution. Ecological challenges inward and out. Power struggles. Need to renew and let go of egotistical ‘me first’ ideas. Ecological needs, over kill, smother mother, or cold indifference. Social unrest and uncertainty. Pomp and circumstance struggle with collective need for equality, fraternity, freedom, new emergence. Did I say England going through changes? Money matters shifting gears. Need to improve the social identity. Many parts of the world dangerously close to another French Revolution, or did that just happen? Ok, here it is: we need social equality, justice, inner rights not just outer ones, and a sense of one earth, one humanity, one God or universal mind that honors and respects all living things. Otherwise, it’s bad karma.

April 6th Saturn goes retrograde on Galactic Center and Justin Timberlake’s Neptune/Moon conjunction while training his Ascendent. Oh oh! Hope you are making right holy time for the kid and sweet lady, otherwise trouble in the crib is coming slow but sure. Or is it wisdom arriving of the universal planetary situation? With Pluto in sky coming conjunct Timberlake’s Venus before 2020, it may be time to duck out and hide, grow a new garden, have another kid, and learn to love in ever deeper ways. Otherwise, listen again to ‘This is the End’ by Jim Morrison. Also, Trungpa,had Mars within 10 degrees giving forward motion energetic of spiritual impulse (near Mercury with Yogananda, universal laws), connected to this. So, it’s either yoga and meditation, or it’s weird need to control or fear of control. Let Higher Self guide …

April 11th Full Moon in Libra opposing Sun/Uranus. Quake? Volcano? Sudden need to act? React? Sense of death and rebirth, new throne of possibility and continuance? Powerful events shape shift the future for better or worse. Karma from long historical mistakes or ignorance resurface in new ways. Great time to make positive changes that heal, not fracture; bless, not curse; join not divide. Challenging few days for some, lots of quick quirky upsetting or rearranging changes. Good time to make changes if that is the aim. Take care to avoid premature actions and hasty decisions leading to accident or mistake. Can be stormy, lightening, electrical, danger around machines, travel or more.

April 14th Sun conjunct Uranus. Amazing moments of light and insight pervade the time. Situations out of control of moment. Karma working quickly to help many grow now. Forced new beginnings for some. For others, lots of new insights and revelations. Cardinal Signs and Houses electrify and jolt things to grow or change. For some there is rising to next higher level of work and play, for others sudden downfall.

April 15th Venus goes direct from retrograde helping what we love to grow in new ways. Those affected the most are born between March 15 to April 3, between June 16th to July 5th, between Sept. 18 to Oct 7th, and between Dec.18th to Jan. 7th. Now things get clearer about who and what you love, and who and what loves you. New dreams for future propel renewed or new actions. Love is the great mover.

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