March 2018

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for March 2018
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Each of us is a stained glass window
memory’d insights from many lives,
each of us an invisible light,
thought divine, an altar of the heart,
a universe, woven in joy and woe,
a cathedral within which we shine
love to the world
and lessons wrought in gold.
~ robert of mayflower


“The future enters into us,
in order to transform itself in us,
long before it happens.”








Astrology is the karma dharma and science art of possibility, probability, tendency. – rt







March 1st-2nd Venus/Mercury trine Jupiter, Full Moon on 1st in Virgo oppose Neptune. Feelings and mind attempt to join hands in making relationships work but greater forces of the world may throw funny cogs in the wheel for still yet bigger things to come. Many wear rose-colored glasses and may take a bit of time to come to practical realities. Yet the Virgin possibility and pure intent meets chaotic craziness of the world bringing possible storms to the inner and outer life. The best liar lies to self. Honesty’s door is true nature of self. Some over idealistic ‘i can do it all’ dreaming into one’s own projections, and wispy amours. Critical mass breaking melting point meets attempt to try it anyway. Many delays in full discovery and honest attainment. Much is possible but stay practical. Many travel or future plans being made now and in next couple weeks..Love communications, networking, connectivity feelings, heart and mind coördinate, unite in common goal, communions, future states, healing of past, hooking up to right vibe. Danger of over doing good thing or taking risk perhaps but over all good days to make positive things happen. This idealistic expansive mode carries into Sunday’s Sun conjunct Neptune, Venus conjoined Mercury, into Wednesday March 7th Moon conjunct Jupiter. My talk on divining the divine Thurs March 8th at Birmingham Community House, 7 to 9 pm. Call em to reserve yr seat.

March 4th Sun conjunct Neptune may spin yr head or spin you ahead. Liars lie, mystics mystic, dreamers dream, few remember to forget it when it comes to things that don’t work. Truth will out, but it takes time, few have faith or mind to divine the divine. Fathom what works and direct yourself to it. Many a fake or illusionary path appears, few materialize dreams. Most float away…..Don’t trust the news or facts when Sun/Neptune appears; yet much magic and mystical happenings abound. Truth is what really works, what lands the mind to heart, hearts the divine in all.
Good time to write, journal, make plans, avoid locking into things that won’t really happen in time. On the other hand, good time to dream on if you have nothing else. See Osho’s Book of Secrets, or Steiner’s Path to Self Knowledge, or Manly Hall’s Journey to Truth, or Gelek Rimpoche’s anything, or Plotinus, Swami Yogananda, or Initiation into Hermetics by Bardon, or Self Healing Cookbook by Turner. So many happy roads! Why pick poor ones?

“Love is such a priceless treasure that you can buy the whole world with it, and redeem not only your own but other people’s sins. Go, and do not be afraid.” – Dostoyevsky

March 8th Jupiter goes retrograde till July 10th, then jupiter goes direct mid Scorpio at mid degrees This is where Pluto made Perihelion in 1989 and is the midpoint of Galactic and Super Galactic Center. in ‘89 the Berlin Wall fell down. Will the Mexico/USA Wall fall then or come out of dream projection to really be built? Many of us trying to build or take down walls, eh? Also two days later in July Solar Eclipse in Cancer throwing USA in the lime light as world leader or world loser (depending on honest virtue upfront doings both individually and collectively, or lack of it. Many a love retards growth in this period, expect reversals, or backtracking to fix, new leaks and problems esp in time of retro and direct. Confusions or changes in taxes, banking rules/procedures, interest rates, markets, investments. A sense of wanting security in insecure situations, feeling insecure in midst of security. A reviewing sense of what one really desires or fears and how that affects one’s health and wealth, happiness and destiny, future.

“Above all, don’t lie to yourself. The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point that he cannot distinguish the truth within him, or around him, and so loses all respect for himself and for others. And having no respect he ceases to love.”
– Dostoevsky, The Brothers Karamazov

March 10th-11th Mercury square Saturn Good for accounting, figuring out patiently the facts or having to face the facts of how things really work or not. This aspect can be stressful if one doesn’t have true view or if one lacks honest self assessment and position in life. It can also make one uptight or angry or control freaking. When we can’t control or make right judgement of self, we do it to others avoiding self work and self-realization. Impotent perceptions abound. Mars trine Uranus on the other hand wants truth and breakthrough events even if at the expense of breakdown or running over others with our own selfish interest. Here too is a sense of wanting to let go of the past and risk the future. Tues. 13th’s Venus square Saturn may knock common sense into some holding a the longer view at heart, perhaps. Need for good bottom line and concentration of work at hand. Many in getting over concerned with what others are up to, miss seeing the need to clean up their own house and self. Still there is a sense of spring in the air of the heart for more warmth and love, joy. All work and no creative play may stifle some during this time. Others play too much and are blind to their own karma in the making.

“What is hell? I maintain that it is the suffering of being unable to love.”
– Dostoyevsky
What is love, i say painting in imagination and will, a world includes us all! – robert of mayflower

March 13th Venus square Saturn, Love the one you’re with, even if they don’t love you? Challenging times of love. Looking for lasting goodness and appreciation. Patience to attain or manifest sense of higher value and virtue. Need to Love and have compassion for the little ones, everyone. Jesus and Buddha never said you had to like ‘em, just love ‘em, unconditionally and with wisdom and compassion! Seek the infinite and art the finite. Learn to see the eternal in the passing moment, the passing moment atuning to the more eternal. Love all things, everything yearns to flower, universalize. Find divine purpose in part conversing to whole, whole to part. For creativity, study the fabric of your boredom. Nothing in nature is bored or jobless other than a human being at times. Some lost their cosmic connection. These are some ways to rethink Venus/Saturn vibes. Go for the long run, be here now, be still and know, have patience or be a patient, make virtue mind training and Mayflower Bookshop books the spiritual soul gardening doctor. For some getting hit by this aspect, love comes late but with much wisdom and appreciation. For others love come too early, quick and fast, suffers quick cooling off at this time. Venus/Saturn can find truth, beauty, love, and wisdom that lasts through time touching eternity divine. Find that. Let go of the small stuff, look for the big sky behind every situation, heart and mind soul. Otherwise, patience, patience, patience. Either we are the spiritual medicine doctor or the patient needing patience. Sun trine Jupiter gives a feeling for deeper or more vast love needing practical realistic day to day approach rather than forever waiting. It’s a community builder identifying with larger collective picture, wanting everyone to be happy.

“The more stupid one is, the closer one is to reality. The more stupid one is, the clearer one is. Stupidity is brief and artless, while intelligence squirms and hides itself. Intelligence is unprincipled, but stupidity is honest and straightforward.” – Dostoyevsky.

New Moon March 17th with Mars entering Capricorn makes demands for immediate results and pushes others to take a stand. Avoid force here but many feel such. Such aspect demands high perfection and exactness. High ideals want or demand assertive and more aggressive approach to manifesting results, not dreams. A need here to get real dropping false dreams and hopes for impossible or fruitless futures. For some a need to retreat or contemplate, meditate, before taking strong action. Passive aggressive and aggressive passive weird moves may mar the rest of the month if one is not carefully clear and precise with word and deed. Need to make practical ideals and dreams, projections and expectations. Here, no expectations, no let downs. If you are full of expectations and needs for others to do this and that for you, watch out! The balloon may pop, deflate. Mars in Capricorn can be greedy selfish forceful. But can also push others to succeed! If other planets don’t support endeavors and adventures, investments, we enter rough time till mid may when Mars enters Aquarius, where events and doings will seem more fair or positive in result for all concerned. Well, what’s new? Positive side is that some find deeper roots to root in, higher truths, love, holds us all.

“Life is paradise, and we are all in paradise, but we refuse to see it.”
– Dostoyevsky

Nirvana and Samsara, heaven and hell, are at the same time, place and space; it’s a question of the mind to see such! . -rt.

March 18th to 20th Venus and mercury unite giving spiritual loving mindful tone to time of the spring equinox on 20th; influencing perhaps next 3 months. Heart and Mind seek balance to awaken Spirit Soul, Wisdom Compassion, Love and Wit, to join up as force for good true beautiful. Many positive plans result during this time when mindful hearts flower spirit wise. Many suffer or pleasure Spring Fever here.

“I can see the sun, but even if I cannot see the sun, I know that it exists. And to know that the sun is there – that is living.” – Dostoyevsky

March 22 Mercury goes retrograde in mid Aries (going backwards in the astrological zodiac to early Aries) to New Moon April 15th squaring Saturn along the way. Some too head strong, forcing others into coldness. Some give you (or themselves) a headache. Some intellectually carry boulders and heavy loads unbearable up hill only to keep rolling back. Others garden where they are not projecting on others, make headway. Need for deeper clear thinking, practicality in the face things, more patience allowing space for and self and other to be true to present situations. For some a sense of continual grinding and struggle to achieve. Here an alchemy of power, intellect, and force grind the wheels of time. Some feel stuck, blocked, or welded to karma. Wisdom and compassion for others brings bigger picture into view. Caring for the little ones and small things in immediate environ is key to moving through this Mercury retrograde. Take special care and clear thinking around paper work, taxes, accounting, contracts, speculative investments, and more. Aries is ruled by mars, ruler of cars and guns. Cars, Guns, rockets, projections, futures, all continue to have a very serious rethink, review and hard analysis. Aries can negatively overpower head forces, thoughts, bringing heartless speech or action. With Mercury retrograde, let go of your breath and slowly breathe deeper. Take heart to ponder more harmonious ways of working with self and other integrating day to day with long term goals.


“You will burn and you will burn out; you will be healed and come back again.” – Dostoyevsky

“They have succeeded in accumulating a greater mass of objects, but the joy in the world has grown less.” -Dostoyevsky


March 23rd Venus square Pluto. Tough or dreary weather rest of month? Scandals in high places, lack of integrity and ethics top down? Corporatocratics and plutocrats lack of wisdom and selfish greed making you feel sick? Time to pull weeds, clean house, out with what doesn’t efficiently work or prove results? Pluto can give feeling of rejecting or being rejected, need to part, feelings of stuck. Avoid power plays and tricks to get desires wished. Call for patience to others suffering, loss, departing, separations. Tough time to die. Many difficult lessons being learned at this time.Tendency to be so sweet it spoils one’s bite for life. Or is it, things are not sweet enough and way to bitter to take? Need to see struggle and striving of each soul for enlightenment and happiness that lasts. Deeper sense of connection for those attuned to a theosophy of life.

March 24th Sun square Mars. Gun issues and violence is again forefront. Assertive energy good or bad to get one’s way or make one’s point. Forced realizations. Those who love and those who hate clash. Women’s rights, ecology, good and ‘evi’l’ clash. Danger of accident and precipitation of anger and hate with this aspect. Yet also an aspect of heroics and courage for truth and love and the higher american way of universal peace and love, freedom. Issues of ecology, feminine rights, equality, little ones, prevail.

“The world stands on absurdities, and without them perhaps nothing at all would happen.” -Dostoyevsky

March 26 to 28th Venus/Uranus conjunct. Sudden surge of creative force or love instinct. Revelations sudden facts emerge. Such aspect quickens and sparks higher genius at times, but also can stir quick reactions and opposition, protest. Influences quick jolting actions and play, a quickening of head strong instinct. Sudden plans or rearrangements. Ultimate aspect for ‘As fast as they come/fast as they go’. Upsurges of creative energetic for whatever will fly your boat and give wings to the moment. For some, sudden upsets; for others magical moments. Venus/Uranus is a love protest, a protest for love, and wild adventures reaching beyond limits of self. Perhaps danger here of taking things too far, pushing to hard.

Prayer is talking to God, meditation is listening. Spiritual Practice is letting life come to you just as it is, raw and real; responding with initial primordial stillness, listening and then thinking, speaking, acting the stillness listening again. The past comes at us, the future awakens within. Inner stillness is darkness not yet come to light, infinite potential and grounding insight. Listen now, be present; the future and past are changing as we look!
– robert of mayflower

When fear and hate shift into learning, life and higher love, wisdom and compassion, arise from the heart. The lack of true understanding of karma and reincarnation in spirit, soul, and body holds up one’s individual and collective karma. Either one is thrown into the present situation for learning. or one volunteered and is on cosmic spiritual mission. Choose! Healing, education, midwifing revolution of consciousness is before you here now!
– Trebore Tau Bodhi

March 29th Sun square Saturn. We are either uniting everyone we know weaving higher virtue and self into community or family, friend; or we are separating everyone in a conscious or unconscious move of ego to divide and conquer. steal the sugar into a corner. Few see the future being created with each thought, feeling, act. Saturn makes for wisdom that comes through time, securing base and foundation; or it leaves one isolated alone and cold. For some a cold splash awakens. Some hit with sudden reality shake up. For others still, is it oil on the fire and new old flare ups? Hot temper, poor conduct, impatient weird power plays? Sudden light on dark places? Need for law and order and courtly procedure? Important to stick to true and tried and obey the laws of the land with this aspect. Good time for yoga and meditation, reflection and contemplation for sure. Kind of a hospice time for the soul. For some a need to discipline or control something out of hand or unwieldly. Compassion needed for those forlorn and broken. Patience and perseverance when it comes to what’s true to one’s heart or good for us all.
March 31st Full Moon in Libra square Saturn/Mars. Need to hold tension of opposites till conflicting views resolve. Possible lack of fatherly wisdom and protection of little ones and less fortunate. Need to honor hard working ones holding the bottom. Need for wisdom and true love for all at the top. Light of wisdom and encrusted authority, true love/compassion vs greed/egotism/selfishness at odds here. Many have strong strong view, authoritative take on things, not allowing others to have their own view or freedom of expression that they themselves demand. Give the freedom you want, give the love you want, give the workability and space you want.

When we raise ourselves through meditation to what unites us
with the spirit, we quicken something within us that is eternal
and unlimited by birth and death. Once we have experienced
this eternal part in us we can no longer doubt its existence. We need to directly experience the divine, the infinite possibility of self and other. Meditation is this way of knowing and beholding directly
the eternal indestructible, essential center of the universe in each other.
– Trebore Tau Bodhi

March 31 Big Full Moon after Equinox on March 20th portends of many an ending and new beginning, many an enchantment and many a cooling off or conclusion, completion perhaps. For some, a spanking new sparkling and turn of events. For some, a return to cool calm common sense reality.

“Be not forgetful of prayer. Every time you pray, if your prayer is sincere, there will be new feeling and new meaning in it, which will give you fresh courage, and you will understand that prayer is an education.” -Dostoyevsky

April 1st Sun conjunct Mercury. Sudden wakefulness and awareness of what is true or not for self or other. Quake or stormy days last week and coming week in many parts of world. Testing times. Sudden realizations, mental alertness. Solemn changes, deaths and rebirths last weeks and weeks to come.Hopefully mid April changes for the more positive and spring like love joy rising weather. Look to the intelligence of the heart and deeper intuitions to guide you when the head is overwhelmed. Avoid anger and impatience which only exacerbates difficult situations. Give healthy space to tense moments and practice your prayers and mantra. Attune the mind to universal truth, hermetic wisdom, the mayflower bookshop! Live your highest dream today.

“Its not God that I don’t accept, Alyosha, only I most respectfully return him the ticket.”
-Dostoyevsky, The Brothers Karamazov

I know that I am intelligent, because I know that I know nothing.
– Socrates

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“We don’t understand that life is heaven, for we hove only to understand that and it will at once be fulfilled in all its beauty, we shall embrace each other and weep.”

Once we put God back into every body, every piece of earth and heart, peace will come to the whole world instantly like a miracle. – robert thibodeau

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