March 2016

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Presidential Update

By the end of March, Bernie Sanders has transiting Jupiter conjunct natal Sun along with transiting Uranus conjunct Natal Moon, indicating attempt to toss him out, or an amazing victory come-back enough to keep him in the game, at the last moment. Will he be happy to go home with a smile on his face? No. Could there be an independent run? Very likely (which could happen yet to Trump too by convention time!?). In Mid June Bernie Sanders has transit of Uranus on his Mars, and Jupiter again conjunct Sun. This is another crazy aspect of an attempt to eliminate him as he gains in mass votes and money. Super Delegates (do you know what that is?) are not always voting for who or what the people want. This political thing is complicated. Astrology gives a sense of timing and possible tendencies as to how things go. As stated for Trump when he first ran for office, “This guy is not going away, and could make it to the very end!” Funny strange what ‘antagonistic complementaries’ Bernie and Donald are. Makes Hillary appear like the middle way don’t it? Hmmmm.

During the Democratic Convention in July, Hillary Clinton has transiting Uranus square her progressed Ascendent. Does a third party enter her love life, her political life, her personal affairs? This is a wild aspect demanding new genius and creative wit to keep the pizazz and sparkle in her life. A ride-the-bronco type aspect or rollercoaster ride with many vicissitudes and strange twists and turns, surprises and upset. With Jupiter conjunct Clinton’s Neptune near election, very strange happenings and confusing events may occur that cloud truth and reality. November 17th, Jupiter conjuncts her Progressed Moon, this is a winning aspect in itself. With tough aspects right before inauguration of Saturn square Moon and Saturn opposed progressed Uranus, this is no easy garden picnic. Or did she lose?! January 21st North Node conjunct Hillary’s Midheaven is an event made in heaven, a marriage or attuning to one’s higher self. Hmm, this should prove interesting. By the way, I am not predicting here, I am just reporting aspects.

Donald Trump has the press all over and after him, digging up and elaborating any dirt they can find and making it up if they can’t. And hey, he is an easy and loud target for sure. March 3rd, Uranus opposes his progressed ascendent, if he can ride that one out, he is as good as gold. First half of March Trump will have to avoid recklessness and brash harsh words, possibly having a bumpy ride here. His craving for contest and excitement and his knee jerk reactions to others may get the best of him. He may in his private moments reassess his actions and goals, even reassess why exactly he is running!? He may be considering what further options he may still have to avoid enemies. If by April he quits, he very well may thank the American public for allowing him to learn so much about himself. He will have to avoid legal battles and mud slinging, scandal and waste of resources as Pluto squares his natal Jupiter. How is that going to happen!? His bravado, smile, and smirk has him in high velocity forward motion. Does Mr.Trump break off from the Republican Party? Does he gain more popularity when he rants and raves?! Does he indeed represent the consciousness of money and the American dream of success!? April 24th, Nov. 16th, and next Feb 8th, Uranus in the sky trines Donald Trumps natal Moon; this is an aspect for success, emotional exhilaration, happiness with others, even victory. For sure, ladies and gentlemen, Donald Trump is going to win whether he wins the Presidential Election or not. For he is, mistake it not, for many, the American Way. All the presidential candidates reflect, as in a magic mirror, our personal and collective desires and fears, and our collective and personal conscious and unconscious will and wish. With Progressed Moon conjunct Trump’s Progressed Midheaven late October, this boy can smell success beyond his wildest dreams right around the corner. With Progressed Moon conjunct Natal Venus on January 20th, I wonder … does he win!? Does Hillary’s Jupiter/Neptune aspect represent a dream and illusion she eventually wakes up from? Is Trump a reincarnation of Alexander the Great? Bernie a reincarnation of a Canterbury Monk? Hillary Clinton a reincarnation of General Patton? Or Macbeth in Shakespeare’s play? Another Margaret Thatcher? Could she be a Queen Bee of Political savvy?

After the inauguration, Donald Trump has Jupiter trine Sun (January 25th and February 17th 2017). Did he win and is on to triumphant success as President? Or is he just super happy partying with Bill Clinton on the side lines up close. Gosh, it’s exciting entertainment this political season, or is it?!

Strong Uranus aspects to both the Federal Reserve and the New York Stock Exchange mid March into Full Moon on 23rd may indicate a very volatile shaky Wall Street stock market perhaps taking a dive or two before reascending. Although there may well be some big waves and dips, there are always surfers ready to ride. In August, Jupiter conjunct USA Midheaven should realize a high point in market and economy. Usually as Jupiter leaves a sign, in this case Virgo, many solutions to that’s sign will be realized; i.e. more jobs, health care, environment, rights of workers, education. We will see.

In the USA Chart, a transit of Mars just squared natal Moon and is about to — in April but feeling it now — conjunct USA Ascendent Rising Sign while opposing USA Uranus! This could be trouble. May make many in USA want to be assertive/aggressive strong in expression. Is it militaristic? Mars can also be a great new car, plane, outer space vehicle —it’s showing muscle. Presidential Candidates and those in the news are loud and vocal for sure, many over-react. Antagonistic complementaries abound. Now it’s more ‘passive aggressive,’ but then it will be ‘aggressive passive’ behavior in politics and world/country. In April, a tendency for aggressive, warlike, drum-beating, argumentative discursive speech, crazy crashes/accidents/mishaps/storms/quake. One will need to be more cautious and less incendiary. Many may have contradictory behavior and sudden reversals in behaviour considered both ‘good and bad’. Take care not to over-react. Lots of surprises and intense releases. Assertive urges to be right at any cost. Tendency to fight for one’s beliefs. Whew! Compassion and patience needed all month. Let hope new ways of peace and co-creative harmony prevails.

There is no religion higher than truth, no science deeper than love; no greater work between me and you than holding sacred each other’s heart and dream true for better futures. ~robert of mayflower

ASTROLOGY ASPECTS for March 2016 —

March 2nd into 4th Moon conjunct Saturn then Moon/Pluto casts an ominous authoritative serious poise, posture, and dull pallor on world events and personal striving, aim, choices, and work. Some are bored, others hard pressed. Sun in Pisces wants to psychically feel and intuit one’s way through the days and nights. Moon in Sagittarius/Capricorn wants control, exactness, good aim, far seeing, clear view, wishing too for better futures, better planning, traveling and landing with exactness, sureness. Feelings and intellect clash or challenge each other to grow in new ways.

“I got that we are all children of God, the problem is not enough adults! We need mature minds/hearts/souls to be co-creative with highest good, truth, beauty, the future, destiny, a healthy earth, all humanity. There are too many big babies and not enough mature adult moms and dads.” ~robert of mayflower

March 4th into 5th Mercury squares Mars, Mercury enters Pisces. Mars enters Sagittarius till end of May when Mars retrogrades back into Scorpio. Emotional squabbles or disagreements, frustrations, disputes, and contesting which later seem mistaken or thoughtlessly unwise in light of new insight and higher view attained. More compassionate and far-seeing view is needed to progress. A call for larger view and much needed right action to be taken to mend or progress aims and goals. A need or call for higher angels (virtues) to come to assist and aid. If in turmoil or confusion, simpler diet, exercise, yoga, meditation, hot slow sea salt bath will help settle down into more wise approach to matters. Light a candle in your soul and listen to the silence till a higher sense of things arises. Avoid flying off the handle and exaggerating circumstances.

March 6th Sun square Saturn along with Jupiter quincunx Uranus. Some are dead serious, others are ready to jump for new freedoms and joys. Some contract, disappear, leave, find more happiness when alone. A sense of repairing past, catching up, finding rest or solitude, retreat, meditative contemplation, wisdom arising through work and the process of time. Avoid hasty quick conclusions and false jump starts. Some need to try something new, wake up one’s mind and heartfelt values. A need for new ways of working but also a need for quality sureness in work performed; breakthroughs for some, breakdowns for others. Breathtaking for some, loss of breath for others. Possible major events this month that reshape the ever-changing future perspectives. Extremes in the weather (increased quake/volcano/storm/pollution continue to challenge world view. If confused, try reading Rudolf Steiner’s ‘Apocalypse’ lectures or his ‘Outline of Occult Science,’ or even yet Blavatsky’s ‘Isis Unveiled’ book written in late 1800s.

“Meditation is finding your peace with every other piece, finding your rest in the rest of the world, in every other without exception, as well as in silence, stillness; it is arising to the occasion when need be, holding the tension of opposites with a willingness to learn something new, something beyond oneself yet including this moment and every other. There is a space makes all time one meaningfulness. It includes all time in the moment, it is the mind of the heart. This thought rests in the heart. It is in the moment right before sleep, and right before awakening. It is in the space between looking in and out for yourself. It holds the tension between this life and all of your lives. It is the the moment before the sun rises or sets. Seated in the heart, look with your single eye; then let go of your breath and look again from the heart.” ~robert of mayflower

‘Heads can contest and differ, but hearts may remain the same in harmony, peace, unity. Brother and sister to all, heaven and earth unite and find peace in creative joyful hearts compassionate in truth.’ -Trebore Tau Bodhi

March 8th New Moon Solar Eclipse at 18 degree Pisces (influencing 5th to 14th). Also, Sun/Saturn on 6th and Sun/Jupiter on 8th precursive to Jupiter square Saturn on Lunar Full Moon Eclipse March 23rd, makes for bigger-than-life events to occur thru next few weeks. The sky is falling and the earth is shaking? Rising? One thing is for sure, if you take a good look around, in and about yourself, everything is changing and rearranging and rushing to change and new conclusions. Here it’s easy to be critical, difficult to cause real change unless forced into it. Wisdom and loving insight needed here for sure. Most obvious is everything needing fixing or updating. Not fun to see all that is wrong with life. Important to see what’s right and divine, the inner spirit of the times, the future. A need to see qualities, values, and virtues in each other. This month we clearly see what needs to be worked on and how far we have yet to go economically, politically, personally, spiritually, and practically. Long slow gradual patient work and achievement struggle with impatient need for immediate results; and, ‘I want it now’ mentality of immediate gratification. Collective consensus clashes with denying authority. With Jupiter retrograde in Virgo till May, there is much social unrest, unhappiness, unfulfilled promises or hopes, disquiet among family members, friends. Disputes and unhappiness with jobs and health issues, needs of elderly and young. Need for less negative criticism and more constructive insights, good work, and creative adventures. Many major events may take place now and in coming weeks that change the face of the future. Strange storms, earth changes, passings, and new arrivals.

An Eclipse often brings sudden cut offs and sharp changes, sudden rise or fall of power. Stormy weather and natural or man-made disaster more likely; but, on the other hand, higher consciousness makes miracles possible at this time, divine intervention, and high deeds of valor and virtue. There is freedom and a higher octave to all this astrology stuff. Yet true, people and situations may get eclipsed or cut off. Sudden rise or loss of power, position and status.Those with planets, Sun, Moon, Ascendent or Midheaven in mutable signs of Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius, Gemini and at mid degrees, are the most affected. A sense of urgency for change for the better. Later in month with Full Moon eclipse, early degree cardinal signs of Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, Libra most affected for positive or negative changes. Change can be what we make it if we are intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually prepared. From the Spiritual point of view, our higher self neither waxes nor wanes, only gently guides and takes all in as higher learning. And yes, there are rare spiritual storms and lightening bolts thrown by Zeus. This month may be one of those stormy Zeus monster change times. Could just be good for movies and big talk, we’ll see. Our bodies and forms of expression wax and wane, rise and fall, and rise again to try again. Spirit is constant, as the north star. Our souls are forever learning, growing, grasping and then letting go, grasping again, looking again, growing no matter what. The soul is the mind stream continuum traveling between spirit and matter, this lifetime and many lifetimes; seeking to both attain freedom, truth, love and enlightenment. The Soul Spirit loves to share, shine, give and receive both experience, consciousness, and joy. Significant deaths and births, many feel reborn, renewed, this next few weeks. Notable personalities rise and fall, moan and groan, struggle and grow. A sense and need for spiritual and material concerns and matters to meet and agree, co-creatively work for greater results for self and other. These days, it’s hard to feel happy and fulfilled. It may take till the next Jupiter conjunct Saturn in 2020.

By 2020 we may attain 20/20 vision and be more prepared to enter the new age of Aquarius making adjustments and personal growth, learning, to make peace with ourselves and the world. A more prosperous time of peace may come then.

March 10th Moon conjunct Uranus brings sudden emotional shifts and readjustments, jolts and new awareness. For others, it’s emotional unsureness or disquieting news.

‘The truth of who we are doesn’t always fit the facts; it takes time to grow up, sometimes lifetimes.’ -Trebore Tau Bodhi

March 11th Mercury conjunct Neptune. A struggle to attain truth and manifest the ideal. A time to strive for future goals but not be fanatical nor perfectionist to critical fault and hardening cold bite. If confused, keep to the practical and down to earth. Need to discern false from true, what is fleeting and what is long-lasting. Past and future haunt and dislodge immediate present moments of importance and spiritual power. Good for creative imagining and lucid dreaming; good aspect for music, the arts, romancing, dancing through the storm and waves of life.

‘Never give yourself naked away, leave something up to the imagination and freedom of the other. Always invest in your own enlightenment and learning if you wish to invest in another’s. Whenever in doubt, try blunt truth and naked mind of acceptance.’ ~robert of mayflower

March 12 Venus enters Pisces. Love wants to melt, flow, make it easier for self and other. Time for simple play, music or art to mend one’s way through time. Romantic notions through this month into April. A wish to open closed doors, take down walls that separate or wage war. Urge for peace and intimacy with both friend and foe. Danger of naïve sentiment not based on reality. Yet also as sense of higher love, making magic and miracles of renewal and contact with spiritual self.

March 13th Moon in Gemini oppose Mars in Sagittarius, too much talk without real action. Too much rash hasty action without thought and wisdom foresight. A tendency to overdo it, over the top actions, brash words, rash frankness. Harsh contesting and excessive gamble, sport. Possible bravery but danger of injury or insult. Avoid unnecessary travel talk anger or over reacting, fighting, excessive debate. In effect next few days into Tuesday the 15th.

March 16th Jupiter trine Pluto. Major business deals, both behind the scenes and above table. Major political and corporate moves. Breakthroughs and breakdowns create new sense of empire building and solid state of affairs. Investments and divestments with long-term results. Powerful shift of direction for many. A sense of the winner, victory, resolution, practical yet socially festive agreeable solutions.Collective uprisings or joyous gatherings and collective consensus. Large social gatherings or vast mass agreement. Persuasive group dynamic or action. Sense of positive results in future undertakings. Negatively, a sense of ill gotten futures, fated inevitable turn of events. For the most part, this is a good aspect for mutual striving and working together toward higher achievement and goals. Earth signs, planets, houses of Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn grow inwardly and outwardly now toward positive good results and attainment.

March 20th Spring Equinox. Day and night, dark and light, equal length now as the Sun enters Aries. A sense of inner and outer heavenly earth harmony. Also, Venus conjunct Neptune brings love from higher places and sacred spheres, spaces. Spiritual dreams come into focus revealing secrets of the future of romance and money. Feelings and desire to call on the angel of the Higher Self. Wish or plans for travel, future voyage, business and romance. Now time to make plans, fall in love, make art, music, heavenly states become common matter here. Soul mating, platonic love, spiritual meetings, all possible these days. Great for studying spiritual esoteric metaphysical subjects. Flowers and poems, love letters and notes, go far here. Reach out and touch someone’s soul, magic can happen.

March 23 Full Moon Eclipse at 3 degrees in Libra, Jupiter square Saturn, Sun conjunct Mercury. Long-term goals meet immediate needs? Or is some tweaking and adjustment needed to continue in drive? Sense and need for co-creative partnership, meeting oneself and other halfway, need for peace and harmony with others, planning better futures working together rather than apart called for. Need for balance between social artistic spiritual activity and everyday necessities, practical work, bills, outer and inner needs, responsibilities. Sense of being wide awake and painfully aware of what needs to happen. A burning sense of responsibility. Frustration with wrong doors open and others wanted closed. Possible opportunities arising to clarify work in progress and goals to be achieved. New awarenesses bring clarity to future.

March 24th Mercury in Aries trine Mars in Sagittarius, impulse for creative thinking to take action. Genius quick thinking here needs to act appropriately and not over assertively. Avoid knee jerk reactions to others’ prods. Think for oneself, yet listen clearly and gently to what others trying to convey. Think smart, act wise. The bird flying high may go in straight lines, but the wise fertilizing river runs in curves, vortexing dance and laughter in wisdom’s only coming in due time. Cue: if debate or conversation increases in velocity without any smiles or laughter, one can be sure a wall or cliff is quick approaching.

March 25th Saturn goes retrograde till August in Sage Sagittarius, Venus opposes Jupiter, Venus square Saturn.Love wants others to be happy; compassion wants others to not suffer, and also to find happiness, wholeness. Greatest of all is the wish for others to find enlightenment, permanent peace, joy, co-creativity with all life. Freedom and truth needs universal love to protect it. Love and truth work together to birth higher consciousness. Responsiveness to this creates true responsibility for life. A great joy comes to those who know this heart and mind as mother and father of the child of enlightenment. Ok, that may be too esoteric for you or me. Saturn retrograde is need for long-term love wisdom manifested in practical workings for day-to-day results. Those acting on authority alone without self evident truth and compassion for all, lack long-term wisdom. Those acting with love alone without long-term wisdom fall short of sustaining action and true aim, goals. Smarts and love need be backed up by actions and wisdom of experience. Lack of wisdom may now suffer negative karmic result, doubt, confusion, obstruction, and need to further reflect, retreat, rethink, renew one’s inner spark and higher self devotion, universal love and respect for spiritual law and higher order of things. This Saturn retrograde aspect could be good for a return to oneself or to one’s roots. It can also indicate a need to see beyond oneself in such a way that one’s thinking and actions work for future lives, future times, for others to help or continue in work and art. Here love has both immediate and long term future results. A sense of knowing past and future here now and tomorrow.

March 26th Sun trine Mars, Venus sextile Pluto. Good energies for connecting up with others, intimate feelings/conversations, travel, decision making, conversing, or just staying home and fixing up things, renewing, catching up. With Moon in Scorpio all weekend here, sense of regenerating or degenerating, intensifying feelings and thought.

March 27th Easter Sunday. The Christian festival of Easter (Ishtar, Astarte, EA stir) is at the least, a festival culminating in all the ancient mystery school wisdom of death and rebirth, transcending and rising above the crashing waves and storms, ascension and transcendentalism, cosmic consciousness, and the return of the Christ in the etheric motif, mythos reality.

March 29th Moon conjunct Saturn, and Mercury trine Saturn. Good solid long-term clear thinking and action. Saying and doing what you mean. Letting others know what you think and what you need. Listening with heart, mind and ear to others clearly. A sense of being presented with facts, truth, reality, common sense, and/or what next to do to move ahead, have a garden, friends, and longer term sense of things. Coming to earth or practical reality.

March 30th Mercury square Pluto, a need to finish or complete mental projects, paper work. A sense of what and who pleases, or displeases. Need to get to the bottom of something, rid oneself of worry or fret over things one can’t fix. Need to accept what is necessary to learning and growing from. Good for research, revealing facts, or hiding away for a better day to come.

March 31st Mercury conjunct Uranus. Quick witted, smart and to the point. Genius flashes of insight vs. misfiring and misjudging in hasty short sighted disjointed fractures of reality. Good for letting go of self limitation and attempting to see beyond oneself. Great aspect for a new book from Mayflower Bookshop!

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Love makes us alive, Truth makes us holy;
Selflessness and sitting, meditating, in our inner
pure space watching who watches, listening to who listens,
keeps us alive and learning through lifetimes. Until
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