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Robert of Mayflower Presents Psychic Fun Night

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Friday June 16th, 7 to 9 pm, $20

at the Theosophical Society

on Woodward in Berkley, Mi. (next to Vinsetta Garage)

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Astrology News —-

June 1st Venus trine Saturn. Slow and sure many a long-term plan taking action. Family, friends, nature, love and positive growth happenings. Love roots the soul when grounded in good working relationships, gardening the soil, exercise and healthy food. Now is the time to renew one’s spirit vision of wholeness composting the past into the presence of the future now. More reliable experience and feeling insights available this coming month. Avoid being lazy, yet good time to catch up with rest. Seize the many opportunities to grow this month. Clear space for new arrivals and insights. Sometimes this is simple cleaning and clearing the mind of things going nowhere. A graceful last pondering and digestion of the past to carry anew wisdoms into futures, and/or has something returned to you that was near forgotten? Know thyself to know the world, know the world to engage love.

June 3rd Venus conjunct Uranus/ Sun trine Jupiter/ Moon conjunct Jupiter. Fast as love comes, it goes; so slow it up if you want the experience or person in your life to last. Reach for the sky and root deep. Sudden creative, love, urge. Strong feelings of happiness, family, friends, birth, new plans positive thrust forward. Sense of belonging to a larger body of work, community, social, sense of identity, love, friends. For some, a need to break away, be free. A testing of one’s wings, need to find escape velocity or levity to further, transcend, free. One either takes off with luck and guts, or comes to near crash. Great aspect for new and renewed social artistic flair, color, renewed life, the arts, music, sudden arousal of love urge, creativity and sharing.

Until June 4th Mercury/Venus/Mars are sensually entangled in love adventure and spiritual nomenclature. Mercury is in Taurus ruled by Venus, Venus is in Aries ruled by Mars, Mars is in Gemini ruled by Mercury. Interesting love triangles, business triangles, and higher communication of spirit/soul/body. A festive networking in thinking feeling willing with others. Jupiter in Libra ruled by love minded Venus gets accentuated and sensuously awoken this month to ever higher notes and music. Watch for Venus going into Taurus the ruler of Venus on June 6th through month of June, beauty, friendship, loving grace rule!

ASTRO WATCH for June 9th Full Moon to show all the cards under the table and in other hands, Full Moon time will reveal secrets and insights of last 5 months and year to come when Jupiter goes direct. By end of month many will find strengthened bonds, friendships, new connections progressing aims and vocations in both work, and play growing. For some others not in the ‘learn-to-grow and grow-to-learn’ mode, ‘love to learn’ and ‘learn to love’ current, end of June may prove to be fated and forlorn. By end of June, some new found relations will continue to reach some peak or completion, or abruptly end early July into August. Many a projection occurring now; Zings and flings, affairs, or escapades, as well as magical events and meetings. Air and Earth signs favored to win, succeed, grow, and glow in new light. Check your full astrology chart for what planets and houses are aglow in fire and air signs of Sagittarius, Aries, Leo, Gemini, Aquarius, Libra..

But also June 4th is Sun square Neptune, and Mars enters Cancer. Danger of violence, accident, over doing things. harsh words/actions. Frustration over misdirected energies, waste of energies, false projections, or over shooting goal, trying to do too much; wrong attitude/feeling/thinking thwart true growth or forward motion. Ill deeds and false inspirations or false gods. Virtue and Good Works path to holiness here. Compassion and Truth/Wisdom as way of life. If inspired rightly, wings to fly appear. If projecting false illusions or delusions, mishap, misfiring, wrong turns, lost in space or waters of imagination and such. A wanting to know or do all things must be preceded by practical learning and work. Futurity shines into present for some. This aspect carries into June 8th Moon square Neptune and Full Moon on 9th.

“Theosophy is the most serious movement of this age; and one, moreover, which threaten the very life of most of the time-honored humbugs, prejudices, and social evils of the day.”

-The Key to Theosophy by HPB.

June 9th Jupiter goes Direct (relations make more sense), Full Moon in Sagittarius (Joint successes in Spirit and Soul, group encounters), Venus sextile Mars (passionate impulses to love and grow in knowing others). Full Moon has hot sensors for sensuous love and travel or future, big plans unfold or get redirected. Sense of wanting to do lots, perhaps too much. Need to stay on point, focused on goal, true aim and needs.

June 13th Mercury trine Jupiter makes for positive communications and good will, good news and renewed or new connection to life. Trouble is Mercury squares Neptune making for misleading info, lies, deception, make believe, or trying for too much, miscalculating outcomes. Dangerous time to gamble. Weird twists of fate. Much ado about nothing? Or are sweet nothings driving you crazy good? Imaginative adventures need practical footing, good down-to-earth reality. Temper oneself from going to extremes or over the top blitz craziness. Adventure and love nature, yes. Music and arts, yes. Gamble or chance, no.

June 15 Sun oppose Saturn. New information turns one around or back to practical fact. Patience, persistence, endurance, tenacity, and more patient wisdom wins here. Wisdom and patience needed to succeed. New light on history or the past possible. Antiques and Art interests. Avoid authoritative dictates. Look for self evident truth and common-sense to hold you, or to continue.

June 16th, Robert of Mayflower Presents Psychic Fun Night

Astrology and Tarot Readings: How to do them and show-and-tell readings for those present

Friday June 16th, 7 to 9 pm, $20

at the Theosophical Society

on Woodward in Berkley, Mi. (next to Vinsetta Garage)

Call if need more info, (248) 547-82227

June 16 Moon conjuncts Neptune as Neptune goes Retrograde. Some wake up from false dreams and projections; others dive right in to deception and dreamy ideals. Some leap into the future, others fall back to the past. Few stay present. Neptune is delusion and illusion, lies and cheats. Here some fall under the spell, others are brought to light. The positive vibe is getting lost in the arts, loving the world, finding and seeking higher truths, conjoining with the ideal.

June 21 Sun conjunct Mercury as Sun enters Cancer, official first day of summer. The longest day and shortest night. Many intellectually feel more awake, lifted up or inspired to see bigger picture. Past/present/future collide in new insights. Some places have sweet harmonious weather, other spots quake, shake, blow, rattle and roll. A sense of inevitability prevails. Envision Peace, the Good/True/Beautiful; choose Love.

June 23rd New Moon followed by 24th Venus trine Pluto, Moon conjunct Mercury/Mars making for strong impulses to love, achieve, get one’s way, assert, command or demand. from 24th to 29th a fast series of aspects play out. Mars square Jupiter,, Mars trine Neptune, Mercury square Jupiter and trine Neptune, Mercury conjunct Mars (on 28th), and Mercury oppose Pluto on 29th leading then on to Mars oppose Pluto July 2nd. World News comes fast and furious. Early thunderings perhaps of what could happen during August Double Eclipse. Will President be eclipsed in August, or is he going to eclipse others in the way of his dream work? Danger of man-made or nature made major storm or mishap? War drums beat louder for sure and surely a dangerous time if mistaken in action and view. Good time to eclipse, transmute, or cut out negative attitudes, habits, views, and situations going nowhere. Great time for comedy if one doesn’t lose their head or true heart. Stock markets could be shaky and go to extremes in certain markets, rise and/or fall. June 29th to July 2nd kind of tells the story and reveals more who is who and what is what, for real like it or not. Dangerous time to overplay oneself or take risk or gamble. Good time to connect and reconnect with loved ones if no psycho drama present.

July 1st and 2nd Mars opposes Pluto. Dangerous times in geo-political hot spots, aggressive economic moves, shake ups, use of force, weird exposures and dirty experience. War drums and political back room fighting breaking out on the streets and news. Bad time for anger, jealousy, projecting, negative emotions, things get out of control. Mars is aggression and Pluto is big bad scary guys, things, forces, power plays. On positive note, here and there heroes arise, indefatigable willpower to accomplish task, complete deed or work. Happiness when alone, gardening, weeding, cleaning, fixing things up, cooking healthy wise, yoga meditation, researching. Unhappy if having to fight and wrangle with others.

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