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“Let joy be your habit building. What we think, we become; everything is dependent, that is buddha’s wisdom. Watch your mind.”
-Gelek Rinpoche

Astrological Timing for June 2016
Note: Date of Aspect noted when exact but may influence days,
even few weeks, before or after date given. Further note below.

Error sinks into the abyss of forgetfulness, Truth alone swims over the vast extent of ages.” -Thomas Taylor, Platonist.

June 1st into month, Sun squares Neptune, Mutable Signs and Houses, Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo most affected. Weird fears? Funny strange symptoms? Prophetic dreams or intuitions? Or is it a day one needs to take a break and reimagine, re-inspirie the situation. Neptune in ancient times ruled gods of water, oceans. Sun was Apollo. Perhaps this and later in month’s Neptune/Saturn aspect weird flooding central Europe and in Texas and elsewhere. Very hot and dry in other parts. Neptune wants to dream, aspire, float; Sun wants clear light and sharp focus. Neptune can be illusions or spiritual inspirations, so take a breath and re-attune the psychic soul to universal good, the universal to the every day little things. Attempt to get clear light or thinking on difficult subjects. Inspiration and creative imagination toward the future or secret things; otherwise false imaginings and lack of clarity, impressionability, loss, waste of energy. The planets each have a higher and lower octave of event possibility and inner perception or experience. To the properly attuned by both virtue and moral, spiritual and practical development, or good karma, the best possible outcome is achieved. (See Key to Theosophy by HPB, or right tibetan buddhist mind training book, or Steiner’s Knowledge of the Higher Worlds, or Manly Hall’s Secret Teachings of All Ages, for further spiritual mind training methods). Around June 1st, danger of extremes in weather and behaviour, foolhardiness and accident, weird storm or nature force, pollution troubles, disillusionment and wishful thinking, futurism but off in details. June 2nd is earthy sensuous with Moon in Taurus.

“…All things are suspended from the Gods, the Virtues. And different natures are illuminated by different Gods: every divine series extending as far as to the last of things. And some things indeed are suspended from the Gods immediately, but others through a greater or less number of media. But all things are full of the Gods (VIRTUES!). And whatever any thing naturally possesses, it derives from the Gods.”
-Proclus, Elements of Theology and robert of mayflower

“I am the time of flowers.”
-Krishna, Bhagavad Gita (Judge edition at Mayflower Bookshop)

June 3rd to June 6th astro events may indicate possible shifts in likes and dislikes, social cultural icons, rise and fall in popularity, who is in or out, who or what’ one loves, what one desires. Changes in popularity or fortune. Sudden shifts in social mood. Events causing strong change in public opinion. Lots of strange news and gossip about both the dead and the alive. By Monday June 6th, Love and Light and Hope lifts us ever higher in holy virtuous aspirations. June 1st, 3rd and 4th difficult aspects for those with love or health problems; but spring is intensely in the air. Possible sense of loss and frustrated love. Others feel and shine the love. At every level, a sense of heavy karma at work. Lessons to learn that take years, perhaps lifetimes, to learn. Problems concerning right methodology in dealing with certain health issues. Life and death issues, need to renew or take new course. Need to act and not just talk. Need to be very patient and take a few days to carefully ponder course and action to take. Dangerous time to act hastily or prematurely. Love and work or practicality clash. Difficult news. June 4th into 6th promotes new ways of appreciating, loving, working, living, healing, rejuvenating. Avoid negative states of consciousness, yet try to deal with problems straight up.

“Who controls your mind? Only You.” -Gelek Rinpoche

June 4th New Moon in Gemini. Next days good for setting right action and new healthier habits into place. New beginnings, letting go of past. Important decisions concerning love, lovers, little ones, family, major purchases, beautifying, things and people to let go or take in and receive being made now and in coming weeks.

June 6th Sun conjunct Venus. Strong drive to do what you love and love what you do. Slight conflict of spiritual/moral values vs materialistic, technological values. Important time for finding what is truly of value within self and other. The light of love is everywhere for those with eyes and ears, heart and soul, to perceive, witness, experience. One thing for sure, during these times, try to do the things you love!

On Fear.
The age of intellectualism dulled the sight of what lay in man’s inner being, but it was unable to do away with the fear. Thus it came about that man was and still is influenced by this unconscious fear to the degree of saying, “There is nothing at all in the human being that transcends birth and death.” He is afraid of penetrating deeper than this life of memory, this ordinary life of thought which maintains its course, after all, only between birth and death. He is afraid to look down into that which is eternal in the human soul, and from out of this fear he postulates the doctrine that there is nothing at all outside this life between birth and death. Modern materialism has arisen out of fear, without men having the slightest idea of this. The modern materialistic world-conception is a product of fear and anxiety (Angst).
~ Rudolf Steiner.

June 9th Mercury in Taurus opposes Mars in Scorpio. Practical thinking and inner passion work together for daring and courageous feats of joy, success, and well being. Manipulating external affairs out of jealousy and attachment, desire and fear, back fires and causes further problems, troubles. Difficult time for some. Taurus is stubborn and fixed, often honest to a fault; true blue for what works, traditional values. Scorpio is fixed sign too, but with deep inner emotional intensity, secrecy, paranoia, conspiracy theories, and often more manipulative. Mercury opposed Mars can be head fighting heart, thinking in conflict with emotions or feelings. Good for debate, news, strong speech. Avoid anger and fighting, shouting matches, and more. Conflicts over money, health issues, travel, speech mannerisms. It may not be what you say, but how you say it; so be peaceful, wise, patient.

June 11th Moon in Virgo conjunct Jupiter. Good day to fix up, clean, make clear, and relax and enjoy. Work and play find balance. Avoid blaming others, work on oneself. Avoid others who are over critical, take joy in the good things of life, in the happiness of others. Bless and be blessed.

June 12th evening Mercury enters Gemini till 29th. A very talkative sharing conversing time, strategizing and negotiating, networking and thinking rethinking.

“Falling happens; but if you fall, get up, that is intelligence.”
-Gelek Rinpoche

June 13th Neptune goes retrograde on W.B.Yeats the poet, and Basil Rathbone the early Sherlock Holmes birthday. Neptune retrograde till November 19th; by which time we will finally figure out what is going on with the elections. It may take that long. Good time for retraining the soul in poetics, arts, music, compassion, and the higher arts of spiritual love and wisdom. False ideals and love put more in check with impulses of reality and true freedom. Love necessitates freedom, freedom needs love to stay grounded, real, on earth. Love and freedom or truth, are the heart and head of it. Neptune retrograde will give us time to realize what efforts, works, thinking, will really help ourself and others to grow. Good time for invoking Artemis and the muse of the healing arts.

‘The idea of the good is the greatest discipline.”
-Socrates, The Republic

Woven out of Dreams.
We can speak in a spiritual-scientific sense if we say with the poet that the whole world is woven out of dreams. It is certainly not woven out of the play of atoms, which is a dream of the scientists, but out of what I have described as the “chaos” of the Greeks, out of the weaving of our dreams and of our conscious Imagination. I have called it both subjective and objective, for the world is not woven purely subjectively; but we have to explain certain aspects of the world as being woven out of dreams.
~ Rudolf Steiner. (Thank you Chris Manvell for pointing this out).

June 17th Saturn square Neptune. Are more walls being built separating people for better or worse? Or more walls coming down like in Berlin in 1989 when Saturn last conjuncted Neptune, and the internet connection was dialing in the masses to sharing information. Do you remember what you were doing in 1989? Lots of endings and new beginnings? Finally getting to reality by losing false realities? Getting to real security by losing false security? Saturn wants control and security, sure connection. Neptune wants all pervasive feeling and knowing, universal love, to be or to receive, mothering. Saturn denies or contracts. Neptune dissolves or universalizes. Its like a rock saturn and water neptune. Oscar Wilde, Bob Marley, Eric Clapton, Marilyn Monroe, Chuck Berry, all had Saturn square Neptune. Novel artistic and spiritual perceptions overcoming difficult or tragic circumstances. Trying to bring heaven and earth together. Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II, Catherine the Great, Susan B. Anthony, and Douglas Fairbanks had it too. Some see the Saturn as control and Neptune as the ‘Media’, thus….a struggle about who controls the media or movies of the mind. Saturn squares Neptune 3rd time in Sept.

“If an oriental sage of early times, who had been initiated into the Mysteries of the ancient East, were to turn his glance towards modern Western civilisation, he might perhaps say to its representatives: ‘You are living entirely in fear; your whole mood of soul is governed by fear. All that you do, as well as all that you feel, is saturated with fear and it reverberates in the most important moments of your life. Since fear is closely related to hatred, hatred plays a great part in the whole of civilisation”.
~ Rudolf Steiner.

This is second of three Saturn/Neptune squares plays into
Full Moon on 20th June when Mercury square Neptune and oppose Saturn.
These aspects affect June 17th into 20th, and onto 25th (when moon conjuncts neptune) may help many see more clearly exactly what is wrong needing fixing in self and world. Such aspect for others may stir confusion and disillusionment, false wanderings of heart and mind. Neptune is god of the seas and oceanic spirit soul. It is the universal love/compassion, universal mother archetype; but at lower end of things, it is pollution, weird toxic weather, lies and deceit, false gambling and investments of self, affairs or relations leading nowhere. It represents the struggle to balance the karmic books of spiritual and material concerns. Universal love over fear, truth over unconscious meanderings. See ‘Key to Theosophy’ by Blavatsky, or Steiner’s ‘Theosophy’ book.

“There are divine dances; in the first place, that of the Gods; in the second place, that of divine souls; in the third place, the revolution of the celestial divinities, viz. of the seven planets, and the inertia sphere, is called a dance; in the fourth place, those who are initiated in the mysteries perform a certain dance. and in the last place, the whole life of a philosopher is a dance. Terpischore (Mother of the Sirens and one of the 9 Muses,the goddess of dance), is the inspective guardian of all dancing. Who then are those that honor the goddess in the dance? Not those who dance well, but those who live well through the whole of the present existence, elegantly arranging their life, and dancing in symphony with the universe.
-Hermeas on the Phaedrus (Ancient Greek Philosophy)

June 20th Full Moon at 29 degree Sagittarius. Sun enters Cancer, Summer Solstice. This is when days start to get shorter and nights longer; even though summer’s heat is coming on strong. Good time to reawaken inner heart mind soul for truth and what matters to the whole of your life, the whole of your world. This is important time to see the universal good, true, and beautiful in all. Time to celebrate divine spark in each and every heart and our intimate connection to all life. Also time to selflessly look within to the future without. See Rudolf Steiner’s talks on World Pentecost and future spiritual communities , World Spirit, Plato’s World Soul.

“To divine the divine in each other, sparks fan into flame,
heroic virtues and deeds, new discoveries are made,
gods are revised, one becomes whole and makes the whole viable, trustworthy, and wise; Love learns to speak for itself.
~robert of mayflower

June 26th Jupiter trine Pluto. This is part of a 13 year cycle and is very positive for business, friends, making plans, connecting with important people and situations. Here a vibrational sense of what is important to do if one wants to win, be successful, find happiness, right relations. A possible passing on of the torch time as well as the Bride’s Reception, so to speak, when heaven descends to earth and earth rises. A very good aspect of good fortune and right relations if one is properly attunes. The redemption or alchemical transformation is possibly at hand. Next similar aspect in 2024, and the last one was last March Spring Equinox time. Very good prosperous lucky social loving time, especially for earth signs, planets, houses. (check your chart for where).

“When man dwells within the musical element, he lives in a reflection of his spiritual home. This is why even the most humble soul is so deeply affected by music. Each time he listens to music man senses, “Yes, I am from another world!” -rudolf steiner

June 27th Venus trine Neptune. Higher love, future love, ideal love. Future planning, beautification, aiming higher, flowering, coming to fruition. Beautiful aspect for poets, flowers, imagineers of the future, musicians, beautifiers, lovers of the divine in all God’s creation.

June 28th-29th, Moon square pluto, moon conjunct Uranus, and on 29th Mars goes direct from retrograde in Scorpio.
This could be dangerous time as many feel frustrated with goals and whoever deemed opposing forward motion. Volatile in politics, weather, and geopolitical hotspots. May influence some days to come. Bad news day. Positively good time to do something to regenerate or heal up self. Good time to make new habits to replace old habits. Bad time to take a fall, so if you do, get up right away. Keep your mind and heart high, virtuous, and on the supreme goal of freedom, love, and enlightenment for all!

“Universally all desire of things good, and all that longing after happiness, which is in every individual of human kind, is the mighty Deity of Love, who by secret ways and stratagems subdues and governs the hearts of all. -Plato, The Symposium

June 30th Venus oppose Pluto. Don’t take things personally, avoid gossip and jealousy, clean up your mess, and don’t complain, learn! This can be quite the psycho drama aspect. Important to be polite and not over critical of self or others unless constructive, true and kind. Possible need to let go of something, so to create space for right thing to come in. Need for compassion, not sympathy; empathy, not sentimentality. Need to clean up one’s own mess before attempting to clean up others. Don’t let others disappoint you. Clear the clutter, be the mother of one’s own destiny and future.

July 3rd Sun trine Neptune. Dreamy, artistic, outdoors, musical day? Sun brings light and clarity to dreams and ideals, future promptings. Meaningful adventures, quests, dreams, perceptions.

July 4th New Moon 12 Cancer, moon conjunct venus. Important year for USA, lots of new impulses to love, make peace, find true happiness, and make a good economy for each and all! A sense of falling in love anew with future prospects, adventures, goals, and home, close ones. Discovering who and what matters most to inner spiritual soul life. Attempting to live the life.

July 6th Venus trine Mars, Sun conjunct Mercury. Great day to make deals, plan, exchange, give and take, join up, meet and agree, become more consciously aware of everything makes us grow good. Harmony in working with opposition. New awareness and light illumines way.

“Let joy be your habit building. What we think, we become; everything is dependent, that is buddha’s wisdom. Watch your mind.” -Gelek Rinpoche

July 7th Venus square Uranus, Sun oppose Pluto. Watch out for negative emotions and difficult people and situations. Good day to stay home or quiet within oneself and work on long term goals, inner development, weeding and rooting. Sudden love urge or conflict of values. Power struggle or sense of new light and working.

July 9th Moon occults or eclipses Jupiter. Learn to trust your inner learning and feelings, not ‘jump over the moon’ promises. Learn to invest in the future but live and be here now. Good for intimate experiences with special friend or friends. Not good for making demands on others. Good for some sensitives and psychics, spiritually endowed. A need to let go of false identification with forms one’s life has taken or lodged in. Internal re-evaluation or integration of experience. Forming more meaningful associations for the good, true, beautiful (or lack of such).

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Note: Date of Aspects when exact, may influence days or two weeks before or after. Jupiter/Pluto is a 13 year cycle of influence and denotes a teenage approach to things. When adult, Jupiter/Pluto aspects make for ‘teen age pissed off’ attitude, strong like and dislike influencing behaviour, letting emotions rather than rational thought and wisdom rule behaviour, a sense of puberty or change in what attracts/distracts/retracts/attacks. Saturn/Neptune is about a 36 year cycle and denotes a challenge to reconcile one’s ideals and future imaginings with common sense, down to earth practical reality. It can be inklings of the first mid-life crisis; the others being around 42 years of age, 52/56 years of age, 84, and 102. One’s identity gets stuck and its painful or difficult to grow in new ways, pleasing ways, creative ways. 35 or 36 years old is also time where one attempts to establish one’s life time work, ethic, habits, rituals, base, home, and sense of ‘I AM ness’.
To what shall I compare

The spectacles of a philosopher?
To a clear dream by Jupiter,
Circularly borne along in all directions;
In which, indeed, the body does not move,
But the soul travels round the whole earth,
From earth ascends to heaven,
Passes over every sea,
Flies through every region of the air,
Runs in conjunction with the sun,
Revolves with the moon,
Is carried round with the choir of the other stars,
And nearly governs and arranges the universe,
In conjunction with Jupiter!
O blessed journey, beautiful visions,
And true dreams!
Maximus of Tyre, Dissertation VI

In the middle system, which embraces the breathing and the circulation of the blood, spiritual activity and material substance work into each other. The spiritual activity, flowing through the movement of our breathing and the beating of our heart, is always accompanied to some extent by substantiality. And, in the same way, the substantiality of earthly existence, inasmuch as oxygen streams into the breathing, is to some extent accompanied by earthly activity. So you see that in the middle man, in man’s second system, everything flows together — heavenly substance and activity flow in here; earthly activity and substance flow in there. By this means we are made receptive both to the activity of the middle world and to its substantiality.
So in this middle man there is a great deal of intermingling and for this reason we need our wonderfully perfect rhythmical system — the rhythm of the heart, the rhythm of the lungs in breathing. All the intermingling of activity and substance is balanced, harmonised, melodised, through these rhythms, and this can happen because man is organised for it.
~ Rudolf Steiner.

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