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“Whoever makes himself freer and more human in his own existence is doing his part towards peace.”
~ Rainer Maria Rilke.

July Astrology Aspects, possibilities, influences, tendencies –

July 2nd; Uranus in sky square to Mercury in USA Sagittarius Rising Chart of July 4th, 1776 (influencing whole months of July/August, to April 2017). USA’s Mercury in Leo represents a certainty and pride in genius, intellectuality, self-worth, with bright positive enthusiasm to boot. Uranus in hard aspect to Mercury in USA 8th house can bring further genius and discover but can also bring disagreements, discursive thinking, argument, hard debate, controversy, sharp critique, sarcasm, negativity; with a feisty fighting spirit to the forefront of entertainment, sports, politics, and wall street. On the higher octave, look for many a new genius, adventurous risky speculation, new discovery and unearthed facts. Discoveries in both science and ancient past, revelations of secret facts about everything abound in coming months. In a sense, a flurry of over-information and perhaps some new knowledge of how the world and universe works is upon us.

“Live the life to know its wisdom truths. Stand up for all life, flow and flower in heart and soul. Whatever you idealize, do! If you are not a virtue god or truth hero, a spark of the divine flame of love and truth, re-imagine yourself!”
~robert of mayflower

July 4th New Moon conjunct USA Sun. In USA expect a sense of new beginning and a higher more spiritual redirecting of world purpose and aim. A strong sense of ending old patterns and beginning of new patterns of behaviour and living a more virtuous and loving life. A renewed search for happiness, family, land and friendship. Concerns over what is good food, healing food, healthy environment, air and water. Question: Why is blowing off tons of fireworks a sign of freedom and summer time fun? Isn’t it violent, polluting, abrasive noise to bird/fish/animal/human, and a bit insane, quite the opposite of flowers and gardens, kisses and friends?

July 6th Venus trine Mars offers persuasive love urges and longings for playful pleasures and joys. A seeking harmony between opposites.

July 7th Mercury/Sun opposing Pluto with Venus square Uranus gives strong energetic to rid oneself of negativity and those people and things opposing true growth, truth, virtue, love, and positive living, success. A possible need to purify or separate from harmful influences. Negative doings, results, contesting, quarreling, gruesome events and mishaps. Such difficult aspects and danger of violence or negative event (positively challenging times to grow in new ways, overcome obstacles, raise oneself up to higher level of virtuous activity, or take a fall) also take place July 11, 14,15, 16, 18, 19, 28, 29. These days challenge us to rise to higher levels of virtue, knowing, growing, renewing; or danger of fall back, challenge to status quo.

July 11 Mercury square Uranus, surprise news, turn arounds, reversals, surprises, upsets. Need to find new ways to accomplish tasks and work without undue stress and taxing of one’s energies. Need for more musical harmony in thought word deed.

July 14th Moon conjunct Mars influences next few weeks as Mars transits USA Neptune/Pluto midpoint possibly triggering violence, storms, natural catastrophe, anger, disputes, danger. Same aspect at higher octave level is intense renewal and regeneration, co-creatively making new circumstances and environment. A need to deal with problems or challenges head on while maintaining in one’s heart soul the highest ideals of God, virtue, honesty, courage, and pure motivation for the good true beautiful.

“Friendship creates a community of interest between us in everything. We have neither success nor setbacks as individuals; our lives have a common end. No one can lead a happy life if he thinks only of himself and turns everything to his own purposes. You should live for the other person if you wish to live for yourself.”
— Seneca, Letter XLVII (thank you David Fideler for this one)

July 19 Full Moon in exact aspect to USA Pluto calls for great wisdom, compassion, courage for what is right and good for one and all. Pluto can be redemption and healing for ill parts of ourselves, but it also can be very testing to one’s mind and soul. Whatever is ‘wrong’ with self and the world may make itself known. Such aspect may make for a couple weeks of strange events and power plays. Avoid or beware of any thing or anybody going to extremes, overreacting, over sensitive, taking things too personal. This could be a very selfish or self indulgent time. Avoid dangerous impulsive instinctive actions and emotional reactions or upset. Eat more greens, drink more water, and take long walks to avoid intense overwhelming emotional/feelings. Beware of strong weird attractions and repulsions, upheavals and shocks, over assertive or aggressive pursuit of aims and goals without regard of other people. Need to protect or mother oneself or other from unnecessary frictions and stress. Perhaps a need to retreat or go into spiritual retreat and conversation with God remembering all that is holy good true blue. Pluto makes for tough decisions, hard decisions, tough choices, or feelings of no choice, forlorn and alone. A sense of world dilemma and world challenges make for sombre sense of things. Positive side is sense of renewal and healing vs. degeneration and degradation, loss, separation or partings. Power plays for sure. Pluto rules plutocrats of power over, rather than power through. Working in harmony with others and having lots of patience and compassion, wisdom and wit, is key. Good for gardeners ground up. Good for meditators top down.

July 24th Mars square USA Moon (Sag. Rising Chart) makes for intense emotions, unconscious instinctive actions or reactions, quarrels, accidents, marital difficulties (all month for that last one). A sense of frank speech and feeling laid out open for all to see. Good for honest frank sharing, bad for anger or over assertive aggressive behaviour.

July 28 Moon oppose Mars may trigger events preceding to July 29 when Mercury square Mars, also Uranus goes retrograde till Dec. 29th New Moon. Again this is dangerous time for outlandish assertive speech and actions coming more from fear and reckless projection as well as the animalistic instinctive unconscious and non virtuous part of ‘man-un-kind’. Avoid rash hasty, unthought-out, actions. Sudden outbursts, reactions, accidents, hurtful words. Positive side is courage for truth and justice and the highly virtuous transcendental philosophy of Emerson, Buddha, Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, King, Christ, and more. Harsh realities and certain small truths wrangle for position here. Some fall back to rethink position and goals. A Bifurcation aspect for sure. Good for yoga and meditation, as well as a hearty vegetarian meal wherein one chews well both the food and times.

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Our hearts are rivers winding round and through every heart and flower, every star and passing hour. We are alone with it all, and yet mysteriously connected. There is no yes, only the poor flower orphan humanity we are, hovering above, rooted in the heart of awe, wonder, learning, surrender, awareness. Everyone is gardener of the invisible inner love and hope for the world to awaken. All are friends co-creative with the universe. It is immanent and transcendent, within and without, intrinsic and right at hand. Unless one learns to directly experience universal love and truth, how is one to share? Until the world is enlightened, may we be co-creative students of the mysteries and secrets life, love, and the light of spiritual teachings of all ages offer.
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