July 2014

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“Meditate to stop thinking and being stuck in sense bound head, then spiritual imagination will awaken. Stop imagining and new inspirations arises. Stop being inspired and intuitions come. Stop self cherishing and ego grasping, acting out of separateness, and the world will arrive on the door step of your awakened heart.”
-Trebore Tau Bodhi

July 1st Mercury in Gemini goes direct since going retrograde on June 7th. Much mental clarity and sureness in forward motion, direction, or coming actions and work come now, and in coming few weeks. Much quick wisdom in thinking and planning rush us to event and landing ideas practically as Mercury enters Cancer on 13th and Venus enters Cancer on 18th. Either one is at odds with self and other with thinking and feeling in conflict, or a new harmony between body/mind, thinking and feeling emerges to free the soul to be more creative and forthright, progressive and on-goingly blushed and flushed into the future. A renewed harmony and coordination of head and heart, beauty and truth/reality in personal and collective family/community expression.

July 4th Sun oppose Pluto. Danger of extremes in emotions and heat, weather, taking things too personally and reacting; jealousy, emotional obsessions, feeling overwhelms, or its opposite of just running over things to get things done. Take care to keep the quality of noble endeavour, virtuous mind expression. Avoid negative or going to extremes in emotions or talk. Be patient and mindful of self and other. Compassion is to see the divine in self and other, then to be patient with outer frustrations in disharmony with divine spark and sparkles. Good time to work on the self while attempting to see the pure nature in the other that is buried perhaps deeper than the outer circumstance displays. Avoid ultimatums or direct conflict. Avoid manipulating others through guilt, shame, blame, or projection. Boil all your troubles into two, self cherishing and lack of wisdom insight to change it for the better yet. Accept things as they are if you can’t change the situation, then turn up your loving kindness and patience. Work on self to change other. July 4th to 7th may be difficult time to travel or make your sharp points. Explosive emotions or repressed anger and depression? Good time for yoga, grains and greens, miso soup and OM CAFE, and long walks in mother nature. Very hot in some places. Moon occulting conjunct Mars on 6th good for physical work out, exercise, engaging others, but have extra patience and compassion for those stressed out and/or too forceful in expression or feelings of victimisation. Tough as it is, we all need to ponder karma, and the dharma that could free us. The assumption that the higher self has set this all up for our learning experience and growth makes life way more interesting and personally engaging, free.

The Earth makes its Aphelion on July 3-4th when the Earth is at its furthest point away from the Sun for the year. Earth now comes ever closer to Sun reaching perihelion closest distance on January 3rd. Do you feel you’ve gone too far out and now need to turn back into yourself a bit?!? Needless to say, since June Solstice when days longest and now start getting shorter in light, and now this point of Earth turning closer to Sun for next 6 months; one should take care not to be over-extended, over-doing, over-outgoing. One can with John the Baptist, sort of lose one’s head in the heart of summer and the heat of the moment. It may be time to take a breath after letting the last breath and events of past go. Let go and let God as they say. Do take notice of nature, the trees and green, they know this subtle nuance of cyclic life is turning inwards as we voyage out.

July 4th to July 8th the Sun in the sky triggers the parting Uranus/Pluto square revealing to many what changes are in store for our future, and how to interpret the past in such a way as to give wisdom to this time. We start to see what exactly is wrong and right about our own personal life and the life of the world around us; and what to do! Such aspect gives us more perspective on past and soon coming future, so take notes while objectively observing your own inner and outer worlds. Uranus is truth or new reality, urge to free; Pluto is urge to root, secure, find place, renew/regenerate. Negatively, it’s fights for rights, animal instincts and plutocratic manoeuvres. Many urged by new found freedoms or loss of such freedom or health, money or power. Urge to seek more long-term goals of security or freeing oneself from what has one’s light and love captured or overburdened, weighed down, or darkened. Sense of striving and struggling, working to express one’s best. For some, this time is a feeling of struggle, attempting to continually hold something together that keeps trying to fall apart. One is fighting to hold it together, or to let it go, part, or separate. Where there is Truth and compassionate understanding and awareness, there is always sure ground to hold and grow you, meditate and mediate a higher fuller expression of the divine. A healthy split is a knowledge of the seven principles of self as delineated in Blavatsky’s ‘Key to Theosophy’ or her ‘Voice of Silence’, just back in at Mayflower Bookshop. Also see Rudolf Steiner’s ‘Road to Self Knowledge’ or his book ‘Rosicrucian Wisdom’. I too go into it in my book ‘Astrological Aspects, the Art’.

Get good nourishment, exercise, fresh air, and sound sleep (or get good work done without over doing or taxing one’s self) especially the nights of July 7th-8th. Saturn aspects demand catching up or securing ground. Don’t burn out by pressing self or other too hard or negatively. Go slow and sure like the turtle to win merit here. Try yoga, meditation, tea, soup, massage, a trip to Mayflower Bookshop in Berkley Michigan, or the Om Cafe in Traverse City or Ferndale.

July 8th Sun square Uranus just after noon with Sun trine Saturn later in evening. Good day for surprise beginnings and peaceful endings, in days to come new beginnings. Evening good to lay back and chill, get bigger long-term view and plan better futures for tomorrow.

July 12 Full Moon (Full Moon at 7:25 a.m., so Friday June 11th is the full Moon night energetic as well as Sat.). With Mercury at its greatest elongation now, there is much sharing of minds and reaching out far to make someone happy or make something happen. Or is it just blowing in the wind, idle talk, jocular motion, and out of bounds outrageous play. Moon in Capricorn till 11:07pm est when Moon enters Aquarius, for some that will mark when it gets extra wild, insightful, or ‘crazy-go-nuts’ jiggle like bunnies or something. Long-term security or authoritative ‘always right’ sense of control works day with Capricorn Moon. Night rivals the status quo with animistic urge for freedom, spontaneous combustion, wild abandon, and a peculiar scientific mind and animal instinct meet. Or is it just great friendships going beyond one’s own fears or boundaries, and meetings of mind and heart dancing a new tangle. Experiences this week end (and this month for that matter) not usually in simultaneous occurrence and such synchronicity. The hunter and the gardener, lion and lamb, meet and agree for a spell? Letting go of what doesn’t work to ponder what could possibly work seems in the air.

July 13th, Venus in Gemini trines Mars and North Node in Libra (Mars/Node conjunct). Possibility of great team work, union of mind and heart, higher aspirations and noble endeavour. Passionate pursuit, lively feelings, artistic creativity, magnetic personalities subdue chaos and make fluid the situation. Otherwise cross currents and opposing desires/fears dominate situations making for troublesome times for some. Sexual attractions and interesting allurements at play. Spirit is trying to harmonise diverse worlds and moods. Danger of being too frank or honest causing upset or emotional reactions in others. Others may jiggle your patience and nerves. Good time for love and play though with mind and heart in harmony and balance.

July 16th Jupiter enters Leo for just over a year. Fire signs Leo, Sagittarius, Aries in general prosper, grow, expand, get lucky, feel overflowing in grace or kindness, in ability to give and take, share. Jupiter in Leo brings out new leaders or emulation models that colourfully shine, wine and dine us, and take charge of new futures. In general people will come out more in new splashes of fashion, colour, flowing and flowering in each their own unique quality and high style definition. Leo when feeling good is love and light, fun and expanding pleasures, self assurance and self confidence. Positive assertiveness takes the place of paranoia and inner reserve. Aristocratic or spiritual receptiveness, feelings, healthy belonging and attachment, friends and family all illuminate each other. If you have Leo planets, ascendent or midheaven, look for positive uptick in your ability to shine and grow.

“Love conquers all things, so we too shall yield to love. Amor vincit omnia, et nos cedamus amori.” -Virgil

July 18th, Venus enters sign of Cancer, a sense of musical chairs where the music stops and one needs to find good chair to weather the storm or craziness. Looking for the hug that holds you, or the nourishment for inner being. In next few days, Venus makes a Venus return to the USA Chart of July 4th, 1776. Things happen that remind us of our higher love and love for all living beings and things. There is a renewed sense of home, family and friends, and what counts most to our inner life flowering in peace and beauty, higher truth and joy.

July 19th Sun square Mars triggers lots of physical energy to do things, fix things, go places, challenge status quo, or manifest one’s dream or ideal. Danger of rash actions, hasty decisions or tongue leading to accident. Avoid taking things personally stirring emotional or negative reactions

July 20th Censorship increases round the world as freedom of expression is repressed. It’s a fine line if freedom goes too far in expressing animal instincts of fear and desire and mindless entertainment while the world really struggles for peace and harmony, healthy air and water. Many healthy and spiritual lifestyles don’t have the money to compete for advertisements. The mis-use of freedom has saturnian reactions. Conservative and authoritative Saturn goes direct at 16 Scorpio while July 21st-22nd freedom loving Uranus goes retrograde in Aries. Inhibition or reluctance meets agitation, and push may come to shove here. Freedom and human equality, healthy air and water, good education for all clash with totalitarian states of mind and plutocracies. A sudden strong sense of what works and what doesn’t emerges. Sudden shifts, shafts, firing and hiring, sudden strong decisions and big plans in the political, economic, and corporate arenas of google, amazon, telecommunications, face book, energies, gold. Funny times for electrical or computer glitches, miscommunications of feelings and thoughts. Feelings of estrangement vs. intense intimacies. Sudden stops or dead ends while in other places an ‘all ahead go’ push. Sudden deep transformations of feelings and thoughts, deep inner stirrings suddenly move one from seriousness to ascendent play, freedom, frolic and letting go; or one is moved in the opposite direction from spontaneous free play to extreme egotism and survival, sudden deep seriousness or long-term work or commitment, strategy. Sudden rise and/or fall of leaders, the famous, those on top. Some on bottom, rise. Reversals at play. Those born the 4th to 11th of any particular month affected strongly. Fire signs feel hot and lucky. Libra and Aquarius take extra care around hot heads or idiots of knee jerk or chaotic actions. Taurus, be patient but avoid feeling stuck with others or some situation that will change in time. Find inner freedoms and insights to open new roads of action and possibility. This is a time itching for renewed feminine wisdom and spirit soul calls for renewed action and wisdom compassion in politics and all human affairs. With Saturn going direct, authority and powers that be move forward with long-term plans. Uranus retrograde sparks those who don’t have their feet on the ground to come back down to the ground or chance crashing back to reality. Or is it just slow and sure outward plodding ahead and inward sudden awakening, sudden zolts of new intelligence and spirit knowledge quickening your way?!

July 22nd Mercury opposes Pluto while the Sun enters sign of Leo. Serious thought and provocative events force strong decisions and actions with long-term consequence. Strength of conviction and persuasive argument push agenda or direction. Strong words or thoughts stirs reaction for better or worse. A need to let go of worry, do your best, and let go and let God, Goddess

July 24th Venus trine Neptune love dreams/wishes, Sun conjunct Jupiter goes big/expands light/love, Mercury squares Uranus and trines SATurn intellectually awakens, revolts, and seeks practical knowledge. Power forces of Love and Good Will wrestle with larger issues and problems working for a more holistic all encompassing solution for community/family/planetary good. Much luck or sudden change in luck for better or worse comes to those who dare truth and love, reaching for higher ideal.

July 25th Mars enters Scorpio giving one a sense that ‘This can’t keep going on!’ — whatever ‘this’ or that is for each of us. Mars/Scorpio wants to get to the point, get it over with, complete or retreat, cut out anything not necessary or to achieve needed goal/desire. A sense of immediacy and immanent danger or endeavour, adventure.

July 26th New Moon in Leo near Jupiter in sky. For many, next weeks bring a sense of positive growth and expansion of individual goals concerning travel, business, spiritual aspirations, calling, work, money, friendships, community, family. Strong sense of group or team identity. Need for universal compassion and reverance for all. Need to avoid over-doing, over-indulging or eating/drinking. Ego can get carried away with these aspects but otherwise a really good time to feel that one both participates and belongs to a greater sense of spirit and adventure. Fun times of sharing, giving, caring, receiving.

July 28th (27th to 29th influence) Venus oppose Pluto. Fanatic or intensified attraction or repulsion. If you chase it, it runs. If it chases you, you run. Need to take a breath and relax in the heart of silent contemplation, compassion, and insight. Exchanging self for other and pondering what others go through helps give compassionate wise perspective. Inner compulsions and frantic fanatic affairs of the heart and mind. Mad lovers. Fierce attractions or repulsions. Intensification of feelings. Important aspect to avoid jealousy or taking things too personally, too seriously, and/or feeling hurt over another’s action or words. Good time to engage another artistically or lovingly, but also good time to work on oneself, clean up one’s own act, change oneself to affect the other. Rid self of clutter or unwanted things blocking your psychic path to better futures. Empty self to renew vision, meditate on oneness with all life and truth that all things are interdependent on each other. Everything around you mothers your experience, thus everything is your mother. How your inner self responds it the father of the future. Make love not war here means embrace whatever is happening with silent awareness and learning.

August 1st-2nd-3rd wild weekend with renewed sense of love, old and new friends, travel, visits, cars and cafes, fun conversing, play, interactions. Try to get a good night’s sleep Sunday August 3rd because come Monday’s Moon occult conjunct Saturn at 6:29 a.m., somebody’s gonna be really tired and not quite ready for a hard work day. First two weekends of August wild with aspects of fun and adventure, but avoid recklessness and going too far beyond safe boundaries. Blessings and joy!

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