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Astrology News

Per Astrological Prediction Talk at Winter Solstice at the Theosophical Society, indeed bitter cold came in, Bitcoin dropped in price, and more. That talk is available for $20. Includes a second talk on the ‘Esoteric Side of Christmas a yearly Spiritual Event,’ as well. Talk sent to your email when paid. As then mentioned in talk, Pluto transit will oppose UK  natal Moon bringing much severe weather and social debate/unrest over Brexit, major social, economic, political and world view changes here. Hopefully a new sense of world compassion and working together for common goals for the good of one and all, and no further conflicts will arise! Such UK aspect will last the year. Could indicate a collective renewal of will and purpose, purification of environment and ideals. Could also be major scandal and revelations of corruption, divorce, loss. All astrological aspects have a higher and lower octave of possible expression leaving us free, yet feeling such planetary cosmic vibration and influence. Uranus enters Taurus in May. The last time in Taurus 1935-42 was Depression and WW2, and when King Edward abdicated the Throne. In March/April transit of Uranus T-squares Detroit Michigan’s Natal Chart Sun in Capricorn and Moon in Cancer (Jan. 18th, 1802) making for earth quaking changes and sudden revelations and breakthroughs. Huge positive growth changes and opportunities international and movie making possible then on into coming years! Major new vibe and direction coming (astrology wise).

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“In the Sixth Sense of the Heart, Truth is a Higher Loving that includes us all. Look there, listen there, here now is a most sublime reasoning.”

-robert of mayflower

January 1st Full Moon ‘Supermoon’ brings feeling of peak out experience, perhaps feeling that Thanksgiving to Christmas and New Year’s in last hip hip hop hurray! Starting of major turning point of change and transformation for many during January.

“A heretic is a man who sees with his own eyes.”

-Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

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Jan. 2nd Uranus goes direct in Aries heading for entry into Taurus. Uranus energy wants to take things up to the next higher level. Stubbornness conflicts with strong sudden outbursts of energy. Fanatical zeal and knee-jerk reaction. Sudden shift of policy, sudden revelations or news; sparks of dissent, protest, and intensified feelings and mind for change. International hotspots intensified. Urge to make changes, but short-lived unless good Saturn aspects in the individual or business chart. Coming two weeks could prove challenging to certain stocks or investments, Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies for instance may be challenged again. World Tensions and severe weather possibly increased, but also desire to find peaceful creative solutions.

“Finding each other spiritually is an assent to ascend in awareness and descend in patience, and a willingness to take time to remember the future.” 

-robert of mayflower

Jan. 6th Mercury trine Uranus in fire signs, with Scorpio Mars conjunct Jupiter. Lots of new ideas and new connections, desire for something new or more enlivening to enter into one’s day to day. Strong urge to share, play, make connections, jump for joy, emerge and emerge, free wheeling energetic. This aspect plays into January 9th aspect of Sun/Venus/Pluto in Capricorn. Break though with automotive and tech likely here into mid January.

“The work of sight is done, do heart work now.”

-Rilke, ‘Turning’

Jan. 9th Sun/Venus/Pluto conjunct. This is a most peculiar aspect giving some divine inclinations toward form, affection, destiny, and super sensual affections. One has to be careful of unconscious proclivities and attractions causing serious strains and stresses on one’s, or another’s, life. Thus this can be a tragic love or superhuman love or business affair. Capricorn is time honored and thinks the long distance plan, Scorpio which Pluto rules intensifies the situation, inwardly compulsive or compelling in feeling and mood. Capricorn and Scorpio can lean toward selfishness or selflessness depending on evolutionary maturation. Certainly an intense time for meetings, agreements, coming together or breaking apart. We may well see both happy and sad events in world especially with those couples in the limelight in USA and UK. Danger of conflicts or weather, emotions, escalating out of control. Tendency for some to be jealous, loving another for who you want then to be rather than who they are. Psycho drama and negative emotions are to be avoided. Many a hard luck story with these aspects. Love break downs for some, others turn up the heat of the heart. Otherwise very strong stirring emotions and feelings work to progress and further one’s ‘business of love and war’. Strong planetary alignments work to resolve international conflicts to be more business like and in peaceful alignment. North Korea aspects troublingly tense, need for peaceful resolution. Even Mr. Putin has tough aspects through January. Many tough decisions for long-term future being made. Much tension in world, I feel, is due to spiritual preparation for events that will take place in 2020.

“It is a basic esoteric tenant that ‘evil’, whatever its aspect, is always a secondary, derivative phenom, never a primary one. To ascribe to it an objective reality is a fundamental occult mistake. Evil is something good that is out of place, time, or emphasis” 

-Rudolf Steiner

Jan 13, 14th, 15th, 16th, Mercury conjunct Saturn, Venus square Uranus (13th), Here reality sets in, what one can and cannot do, limits of growth. Those who break the rules pay. Tendency with Venus/Uranus to act or speak without thinking it out wisely. Shake ups in the weather, politics, fluctuating monies or stocks. Sun squares Uranus on 14th bringing jolts, surprises, solar sparks, possible sudden quake or storm, sudden shift in weather for better or worse. Jan. 15th Jupiter sextiles Pluto making for big windfall successes or failures this month but especially round now, week before and after. Tendency to go big, taking risk. For some, big plans unfold. Sense of wanting renewal. Some unburden self of dead weight. Many feel need to lock into long-term goals sure. Tax Reform debate continues, as does Election interference and rumbles of enforced peace or war drama. With Jan. 16th new moon square Uranus… (13th to 16th influencing next few weeks in effect). A wish to make everything new, need to renew, turn over new leaf, show a new face and renewed sense of it all. For some this could be quite transformative change or rearrangement, jilting, shake rattle and roll, trippy for quick changes and rearrangement of both the dance and the musical chairs of posturing and security. Strengthening of changes previously initiated, or further changes inculcated. Capricorns, Aries, Libra, Cancer signs, houses, planets most affected. For many, a breaking point is reached. Sudden break offs of affairs.

Coronal Mass Ejections or Solar Flares during this time? Fires or electrical equipment failures. Tough time to travel perhaps. Next few weeks offer strong planetary energetics for ‘change or be changed’ atmospherics. From Wall Street to Politics, to international intrigue and the white house; change is astir. Strong need for clarity, honesty, clearly defined goals, strength of character and follow through on promises with constant eye and sure action on positive long term goals, aims. Possible challenge to markets, wall street, till end of end of January, mid Feb.

All true magic and miracles begins with a sense of selfless toward truth and love. Otherwise everything seems trauma.

        ~Robert of Mayflower

Jan. 23 Moon conjunct Uranus may reverberate into Mid Jan. Uranus aspects. Sense of freedom and lust for playing outside boundaries or limitations. Thirst for new ideas. Time to visit the Mayflower Bookshop?

“The race of mankind would perish did they cease to aid each other. We cannot exist without mutual help. All therefore that need aid have a right to ask it from their fellow-men; and no one who has the power of granting can refuse it without guilt.”

-Sir Walter Scott

Jan. 24th Mercury conjunct Pluto. Difficult communications and/or travel, difficult planning or decisions. In depth research, ultimate findings, psychological approach. Avoid being too hard or cold in social situations, keep a warm heart, loving kindness and compassion first and noble.

Love created us, we can return the favor or not.

       -Trebore Tau Bodhi

Jan. 26th Mars enters Sagittarius till mid March. Frank upfront conversations, wishes and drive for expansive, extravagant, adventure and thrill. Possible speaking without fully thinking it out. Love of creative play and sportful daring.

Jan. 28th Mercury in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries. An attempt to control changes, causing change in systematic thought out steps vs. breaks in the continuity.

“If you go too far you may become a cosmic monster.”

            ~C. Trungpa

Jan. 31 New Moon Eclipse in Leo, especially affecting Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, and Scorpio. A need to cut off negative habits and attachments, relations, things holding one back from growth. A sense of renewed self worth. For some a need to re-imagine holiness and inner spirit self. A wanting to put one’s best foot forward. A sense of playfulness and pure hearted ness. Danger of egotism or selfishness not allowing right view of others, compassion for others suffering and striving aspirations. Coming two weeks awaken deeper sense of connection to others, or opposite, a falling away in misunderstanding. Choose love, be still and know, listen for higher truths in each and all.

Real knowledge is knowledge of the SELF co-creative with past, present, future; a virtue of both being and becoming at one with all life.

Feb. 15th Solar Eclipse in late Aquarius followed by Mars square Neptune Feb. 17th. Here one aspires to the highest good true beautiful or faces the consequences of feeling lost in the shuffle. Times are weirdly strange and frustrated by possible lack of truth or true direction. Perhaps times chaotic in some cosmic karma adjusting ways leading to spiritual preparation for the novel 2020 when Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius and a real attempt toward world peace and social justice, creativity and spiritual community arises anew. Mutable and Fixed Signs, planets, houses most affected.

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