January 2016

AstroNews and Spiritual Views for January 2016
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‘YOGA and LOVE’ 11th January, 7 to 9 pm

Learn to divine the divine (true divination) and Higher Consciousness in Self and Others.
Wisdom from the Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras, Buddhism, and Ancient Mystery School wisdoms offer us secrets awakening higher love and truth.
‘The TAROT CARDS, A Path of Awakening Spirit Soul’
28th January, 7 to 9 pm.

Learn ancient wisdom of the Tarot as a path of learning wholeness. Also practical approach on reading the cards.
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Astrology for January—

Jan. 4th, Mars enters Scorpio leaving Libra. Serious decision making and bottom-line. Attack and defense mentality. An obsessive focus or ‘stick-to-itiveness’ ‘come hell or high water’ in conversations, politics and the news. Intensified energies need to avoid use of force or acting destructively. A sense of anger/hate or unconscious willful thrusts of energy need to find sense of compassion for one’s own sense of not knowing, or incapacity to do, complete, finish. Need for wise mutual understanding. A sense of death and rebirth, degenerative energies or regenerative renewing energies.

Jan. 5th Mercury goes retrograde at zero degree Aquarius backing up into Capricorn till Jan. 25th. Take care and extra caution when starting new projects, signing papers, making important purchases. Aquarius’s progressive, novel, radical, or rebellious ideas and actions take a step back into more ‘steady as you go’ controlled, cautionary, and ambitiously concentrated ways more secured. Those poised and about to leap into the air suddenly dive for cover and safer sure ground. On the same day, Venus squares Neptune; making many question what is up and where are things going. Some re-examine state of affairs, or have second thoughts about job, money, or love life. For yet others, dreams of better futures, dreams of future escapades or travels prevail. Sun square Pluto later in night of 5th good for catching up, renewal, finding rest. Avoid psycho drama and projection of shame or blame, guilt or name calling. For some its mistaken emotional attachment, negative emotions, and crazy negative irrational behaviour. For others it’s a serious talk or thought about reality. Need to avoid projection or idle dreaming, wrong habits or behaviours undermining success. With Mercury squaring Mars in sky, right till the New Moon on 9th take care to pick your battles rightly. Feisty arguments abound with ‘one-up-man-ship’ tongue wagging. Debate and disagreement as to what to do about many a stormy or sticky problem. Intensified weather and earth changes this first week of January here.

Jan. 7th Sun square Uranus. Quick changes and redirections. Events forcing change. Conscious jump on whatever happening. Electrical mishaps or outages. Sudden breakthroughs or breakdowns. Jupiter going retrograde later in night brings for some shocking insights, changes, readjustments, and sudden realizations necessitating quick changes. Sudden conceptions, births, deaths, and shifts of directions. Avoid negative critical projections causing negative reactions. Constructive criticism and patience called for. Strange weather, sudden storm or quake uptick around this date. Extremes or sudden shifts in weather and behaviour, all possible around these daze. For some, it’s a leap of faith; for others it’s a letting go and falling into a greater sense of oneness or sense of family, friends, love, calling. A sense of genius or idiot savant here. Rash unconscious actions bring negative result.

Jan. 8th Venus conjunct Saturn brings some lovers and money dreamers crashing down to the ground. For others, long-term security seems better than beating the bush or chasing rainbows. Good for yoga, meditation, long-term projects, and deep love. Strong ideals of love need practical way of manifesting, completing, grounding. Some opt to move, change, travel, migrate. Feelings of deep love, compassion, divine melancholy, or depression depending on one’s capacities and qualities. A sense of longing for the past or relics, tokens, something meaningful from the past.

Jan. 9th New Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto, serious time, dangerous time, erotic time, compassionate time. Feelings and emotions run deep for next two weeks. Avoid taking things too seriously and over-reacting. Balance a sense of lack of freedom or depressed moods with a good massage, meditation, reading positive inspirational metaphysical book from mayflower, take a long walk and empty your head while opening your heart to the bigger love holds us all. New Moon night on to the 9th may bring many good luck and all ahead go; a wanting at this time to be with the right person or persons. Work on making yourself that right person. Worries and concerns over one’s suffering, passions, or others sufferings and long slow changes, growth. Good for underground or inner growth, research and learning.

Jan. 11th, Robert of Mayflower gives talk at 7 pm on YogaMind and Higher Love. See above for information.

Jan 13th Sun trine Jupiter. Conscious decision making and solution resolution. Happy go lucky day? Or is it dumber and dumber unconscious indulgence. Good day for making connections well grounded and future ordained. Shining one’s truth and sharing.

Jan. 14 Sun conjunct Mercury, Mercury trine Jupiter. For some severe weather, storms or quake up tick, shake ups, new information rearranging the chairs of one’s mind. For some, more sunshine, beautiful fair weather, new and good o’friends come round. Coming into being with new or renewed awareness and brightness, smarts.

Jan. 18th Mars trine Neptune. Idealistic push to reach ideals, persuasive emotions and feelings to reach and push for success and greater sense of wholeness. Imaginative passion and electro-magnetic urges to go beyond oneself. Dangerous if one takes high risk of fool hardy darings. Important to stay practical yet visionary experience, psychic experience and dreams strong around these days.

Jan. 20th Sun enters Aquarius, Mercury retrograde square Uranus. Weird computer glitches or electrical black outs, outages. Mis communications and crazy talk. Avoid major decision or contracts here until Mercury goes direct, unless you really know what you are dong! Mercury is conjunct Pluto too causing serious worry and concern in the news and with secret private affairs. Many concerned over troubling times in world, ecology, changing weather, economics, and more. Conspiracy theories thrive on negative projections at this time. Venus conjuncts Pluto Feb 4th; those with planets mid Cardinal Signs Capricorn, Cancer, Libra, Aries, may feel the pinch. Try to tune oneself to more eternal virtues and values and not take things personally. “They know not what they do.” -Jesus says from the cross. Ignorance and delusion abound. Good time to read and study sacred literature. Good time to acquire right knowledge to lift your Soul and Mind to higher virtues, vision, and thinking. Good for research and not taking things personally other than new opportunity to grow. No shame or blame, just learning to attune to one’s Higher Self. See Key to Theosophy by Blavatsky and Rudolf Steiner’s Path to Self Knowledge for more insight into one’s Higher Self or Christos. More creative insights and perhaps breakthroughs on 31st when Mercury squares uranus; conspiracy theories and crazy world events, fears and scary stuff, abound. Moody time good for research and long hot sea salt bath with good book from mayflower bookshop.

Jan. 22nd Mercury conjunct Pluto. Negative criticism. For some strong urge to make change come hell or high water. Intensification of smarts and deep mind. For others, a loss of clear thinking due to over indulgence, negative attachment, emotional conflict, selfish obsession, negative habit. Such aspect can also expose once secret facts. Good for research and probing minds. See Jan. 20th for more.

Jan 23rd. Full Moon in Leo, Venus enters Capricorn. Expressions of the heart, serious sense of love and long term goals. Avoid jealousy or too much control of self or others. Control can kill creativity. Discipline means opens to higher qualities, values.

Jan. 28th. Robert of Mayflower gives talk at 7pm on the genius of TAROT. Learn to unlock your own psychic spiritual perceptions. See above for details.

Jan 31st Mercury square Uranus, flashes of genius and creative money making, play, and career callings. Breakthroughs with knowledge, research, high tech; or break downs. Here the Mind tries to go beyond its own limits attaining new insights for further positive change and growth. Sudden shifts in perceptions. New news shifts thinking.

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